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Ron Patton | May 11, 2018
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UFO headlines broke into mainstream news last year when it was revealed that the Pentagon had funded a $22 million research project known as the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP). The program had connections to aerospace entrepreneur Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace and Tom Delonge, formerly of the band, Blink 182.

It was considered to be confirmation that the government was still in the business of studying UFO’s and confirming that they are still being seen by Military and commercial pilots which of course ads to the credibility of these encounters.

The disclosure of the program and declassified UFO footage and pilot to tower recordings of the pilot encounters have renewed calls for full government disclosure of any knowledge of extraterrestrials.

There will soon be gathering of UFO Enthusiasts this summer in four places.

The first will be in McMinnville, Oregon as they are having their 19th annual UFO Fest, observing the Trent family sighting. There is Contact in the Desert in Indian Wells, California, where many of the well-known researchers will once again push the issue of E.T. Disclosure. In July there is always an event at Roswell observing the famous alleged UFO crash of 1947, and the 5D or Fifth Dimension Symposium of Quantum Consciousness and Healing.


I will be speaking at three of these events.

I know that this year, the Pentagon’s revelation and study will be a hot topic. There are many researchers that are very critical of the study because it’s very nature framed UFO’s as a possible national security threat.

I believe there is one area that will not be examined and that is the rumor as to why the pentagon program was shut down.

This week, both a prominent UFO researcher and the former head of Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program claim that such government UFO research projects have been pushed back or shut down in the U.S. and U.K. due to the religious beliefs held by the politicians and military officers overseeing this research.

In an interview with Las Vegas Now, former AATIP head Luis Elizondo says many high-ranking government officials opposed the research of UFO’s and Extra-terrestrials on religious grounds. AATIP relied on the cooperation of politicians, military leaders, and intelligence heads, some of whom felt the study veered too closely to demonic or satanic forces. Nick Pope, a former UFO investigator for the Ministry of Defense in the U.K., says he encountered similar pushback from the more religious members of the Ministry of Defense when he did his investigations.

Pope cites the biblical verse Ephesians 2:2 as a possible foundation for equating unidentified flying objects with demonic forces. The verse refers to Satan as “the prince of the power of the air,” a reference which some might possibly equate with unearthly, seemingly all-powerful aerial phenomena.

This is troubling that science and scientific investigation is being halted because of some biblical interpretation that equates aliens with demons.

This reminds me of a story I once told about the study of meteors that was shut down in the 1700’s due to religious superstition and scientific bias.

In the year 1772, a huge fireball was seen shooting across the sky over Luce, France. The fiery rock hit the ground and caused considerable damage. An investigation ensued by the Academie Francaise. The respected chemist Antoine Lavoisier said there are no such things as rocks falling from the sky because there are no rocks in the sky.

The result of his statements was that museums in 18th century Europe threw out all of their meteorite specimens because they were humiliating reminders of superstition and mythology.

The strength of Lavoisier’s conviction was such that it helped to stop the study of meteorites for over a quarter of a century.

I believe that the alien/demon relationship is an interesting theory, but people speak as if it is fact and therefore, it becomes a hindrance to those who are serious about scientific method and the confirmation and disclosure of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Many people who know me or know of me are aware that I love old science fiction films. Where I grew up there were always creature feature shows on TV and some of the worst B-Horror films were shown. They were unintentionally bad, which made them more endearing. Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Lon Cheney Jr. were always featured in these films.

There is a film that had Lon Cheney Jr. in it called, Man Made Monster where one scientist was discussing how he wanted to harness great power in order to mentally control men. The other scientist told him that he was mad. The so called mad scientist looked incredulously at the other and stated “Of Course I am mad, just like Archimedes, Galileo, Newton, Pasteur, Liszt, and all the others who dared to dream.

He then went on to point out something that I remembered to this day, fifty years ago, a man was mad to think of anesthesia. Forty years ago, the idea of operating on the brain was madness.

Today, we hold a human heart in our hands and watch it beat.

Who can tell what tomorrow’s madness may be?

I remember as a kid I thought – anesthesia is pretty scary when you consider the drug you to the pint of being near death in order to operate on you. I am sure when it was first proposed it was seen as something evil.

Brain surgery, I am sure when it was proposed, was seen as something that would kill people.

And holding a human heart – well, the idea of giving someone open heart surgery to repair it, cutting it out of the body, opening it up and operating on it and then meticulously attaching it back probably sounded horrendous and too risky when it was first proposed.

Now, it is all routine.

Back when Louis Pasteur discovered microbials, molds and bacteria that would attach itself to food, there were still others in the same field who believed that little unseen demons were attaching themselves to the foods that made people sick.

Pasteur maintained that there were no devils or demons in food only germs. However a contemporary of Pasteur named Antoine Beauchamp strongly maintained that germs would absorb any and all influences that existed in the foods surroundings. This included toxic back grounds, negative energies, and chaotic atmospheres, demonic influences. He believed that food responded negatively to loud noise and negative human emotion.

He also maintained that microorganisms could be channeled or conjured into food from dark areas. Anyone who ingested the food tainted with the demon possessed microorganism would become very sick and their bowels would be turned to water.

Well, now we know what taints food, we know that medical procedures that sound horrible are conducted every day and that they save lives.

This is not the work of demons – this is not a reason to go out and burn people like witches – this is how science and understanding changes the way we see things that were once considered supernatural or magic.

I have said many times on my show that when it comes to the paranormal and parapolitical, I am a Fortean. This means that I explore paranormal phenomena and conspiracy like Charles Fort did back at the turn of the 20th Century.


Fort populated that “belief “is something that is like a shirt or pair of pants. They change often so they don’t stick. It is hard to be rigid when dealing with the paranormal, especially when science is now looking at paranormal happenings and researching them in order to make them explainable.

Putting a logic spin on everything may be fun and exciting as science fiction becomes science fact, however there are still a great number of scientists and the common consensus that still believe in superstition and they are terrified of what is being revealed.

Now we have permission to have a free thought process that doesn’t limit your investigation and interests in the paranormal.

Exobilogy and the investigation of life in space has created a schism with those who believe and those that have an interest in the truth, and those who see it as a deception or a distraction.

There is a highly vocal minority of religious people believe that aliens or extra-terrestrials are demons.

With any anomalous phenomenon, investigators are trying to weigh in on all of the aspects of it. No one is forcing belief on anyone, but when anomalous objects or signals are being heard, or if communication is somehow being made through radio beeps, chirps and crop circles you can talk about every and all possible reasons why these anomalous things take place on this planet.

Life is space – it is a study of exobiology – it is a study of biology outside Earth. Demons are spiritual beings and are not biological in any way.

In the early doctrines of the original churches it was taught that demons were the spirits of those who lived before Adam, still inhabiting the Earth.
They were not physical beings, but chaotic spirits that fell to earth with Satan, another being that refused a physical body and became the Prince of the fallen spirits that fell with him.

When Satan fell, a third of the angels which he had supervision may have followed him in rebellion against God.

Paul in the Bible called them deceitful spirits.

Jesus casted them out of the demoniac and placed their demonic spirits into pigs.

Even in the book “Doctrine of Angels” by Dr. H. L. Willmington there are agreed interpretations that demons are spiritual in nature and not physical in the book we read:

That they are spirits of deceased wicked men. They are spirits of a pre-Adamic race. They are the spirits from the unnatural union between angels and women in Genesis 6.

In every case, the demon is a creature of spirit without flesh or blood. They can possess a body of flesh and blood –and they can manifest as a ghostly apparition that appears to have physical form.

So I am still trying to figure out how the study of biological, physical forms in space can be seen as a study of demons.

I have distanced myself from endorsing the “aliens are really demons” scenario. Simply because I think it is a lazy conclusion, where there is no conclusive biblical proof, nor is there any scientific evidence.

The “aliens are really demons” crowd is reliant on an emotional trigger of belief rather than conclusive biblical accounts that clearly point out demons are spiritual creatures that carry out spiritual warfare.

Now, in defense of the many Christians who see it as deceptive and manipulative – I believe it is at times deceiving and manipulative.

But, that doesn’t mean the entities in question are the hellish minions of the Devil.

When I bring up the fact that it appears microbial life is being examined in space or that DNA of unknown species is being sequenced on the ISS, I can’t even stomach the explanation that this is also some sort of demon or fallen angel.

In the case of everything extraterrestrial we are told by the technocrats that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and there is a logical explanation for everything, meaning we shouldn’t immediately jump to some alien hypothesis because we are unaware of things which can naturally explain why these strange things exist.

When analyzed and ripped apart, the supernatural becomes natural and the intrigue wears thin. This is why I believe the latest report about The Pentagon UFO study has people scurrying to find an explanation that fits their normalcy bias.

Well the truth is, we have just had our minds opened to a larger world and now the conversation about the “what if’s are being changed to what now.

A similar project was also shut down in the past because of religious reasons; that of course, was the remote viewing programs of the military.

Jon Ronson, a British author uncovered a new branch of psychological operations which was called the Jedi Project. In his book, Men Who Stare at Goats, Ronson revealed that a military group called the ‘First Earth Battalion’ was quite literally created as a psy-op group formed in the U.S. military to allegedly handle extra-terrestrial affairs such as abductions, contact through telepathy, remote viewing and ESP and even possible simulated extra-terrestrial “drills” using holographic technology. ‘First Earth Battalion’ eventually became the ‘Jedi Project.’

The men were taught remote viewing and in some cases they were trained in staring at goats and using psi-powers to stop their hearts.

The Army program was headquartered at Fort Meade, Maryland, and was part of the Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). Leaders included Generals Edmund Thompson and Albert Stubblebine, and Colonel John Alexander.

The military began studying the power of human thought to inflict damage on their enemies, literally using the force to bring down a target. In technical parlance it was known as Direct Mental Interaction with Living Systems or DMILS.

The military immediately saw the implications of this work. If DMILS could be harnessed by their psychic spies, they would become the perfect assassins.

News of the U.S. military’s involvement with psychic spying and the Jedi Warriors gradually leaked out. The psychic programs had always been controversial within the military. Many opposed them on religious grounds, they were seen as Satanic, while others saw them as deeply irrational and unbefitting for a modern military.

Programs within the Jedi Project like Project Stargate were reduced and eventually internalized by the CIA before being closed down.

In 1995, the Pentagon finally confirmed that they had indeed investigated paranormal phenomena “in the national interest”. They argued that because the Russians and the Chinese were using psychics, the US must investigate such phenomena too.

Again while the Russians and the Chinese were in the process of using telekinesis as a weapon, the United states shut down its program because high ranking members worried that the practice was witchcraft or satanic in nature.

There is much about the human mind, consciousness, and the true nature of reality that science has yet to explain.

There is also a need for explaining what may be out in space –and whether or not there is extraterrestrial life.

It is unnerving and surprising that some are using religious beliefs as a tool to create opposition to UFO research.

Many religions contain stories or legends of divine beings coming down from the skies to give humanity knowledge and create miracles.

Yet, they focus on the devil.

Satan is the kind of figure we’re familiar with today, both on TV and in real life: arrogant, charismatic, refusing to be subjugated to anyone, with a will bent only toward power and destruction. His rebellion is absolute–and he always seems to have just enough empathy for humans to trick them and trap them with deception.

They say that the biggest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing us he doesn’t exist.

I can’t think of a better ploy than to whisper in the ears of many Christians that he is not the devil and that he is an alien.

Written by Ron Patton

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