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Ron Patton | May 14, 2018
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The ability of intelligent life to contemplate its own existence has always fascinated the philosopher. Now we see the even more fascinating picture of the entire universe contemplating itself through the minds and eyes of the living beings evolved by the universe itself.

We live in the most amazing times and while many of us wish to dwell on the aberrant discord within the political systems of the world – there is an area of hope and intrigue that the more I read about it, the more I have to report it.

This is especially true when the subject matter deals with what is going on behind the scenes with regard to the question of whether or not extraterrestrial intelligence will be revealed on a worldwide level and what this will mean for all of us.

It is only recently that speculation about the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life has turned into serious scientific study. As recently as 40 years ago, almost all scientists, speaking ex-cathedra, or in this case, exo-cathedra, would have argued that life, if not unique to earth, was at least exceedingly rare.

The last 20 years have brought about an almost complete change of opinion. Today, a large segment of the scientific community is willing to accept the belief that life is common in the universe and indeed that many civilizations have existed and still exist in our galaxy, and that many may be more advanced than our own.

Indeed, the debate is now concerned primarily with how best to discover these civilization’s rather than with the plausibility of their existence.

This burst of interdisciplinary thought has produced an understanding of life in the universe based, for the first time, on scientific information. To be sure, the picture is incomplete; many details are missing but the broad picture is emerging.

We are living in times of confirmation, applied confirmation and in some cases, confirmation containment where even with what appears to be “proof” is dangled in front of us – the information is still sanitized and contained in order for the technocrats to concur on what is the best method of releasing the information without putting the public into a panic.

NASA wishes to have the monopoly on just what isn’t and what is truth about the cosmic imperative. It appears they are looking for life in space, they are in so many ways confirming life, but appear to want containment of all the information applying what is called the Weak Anthropic Principle. The Anthropic Principle is the philosophical consideration that observations of the universe must be compatible with the conscious and sapient life that observes it.


Some proponents of the Anthropic Principle reason that it explains why this universe has the age and the fundamental physical constants necessary to accommodate conscious life. As a result, they believe it is unremarkable that this universe has fundamental constants that happen to fall within the narrow range thought to be compatible with life.

The Weak Anthropic Principle means that our location in the universe is necessarily privileged to the extent of being compatible with our existence as observers, since an intelligent being without the special parameters of fundamental physical constants would not be able to come into existence.

The Weak Anthropic Principle states that this fine-tuning is not an accident, and the universe necessarily able to admit the creation of observers within it at some stage.” In other words, supporters of this principle believe in the inevitability of the appearance of both life and intelligence in our universe, but life of course is in the eye of the beholder – and the observers or those who are the authorities on cosmic matters have to declare it so.

In 1971, NASA asked astronomers, including Carl Sagan, to brainstorm techniques for surveying the sky for SETI signals. They came up with an ambitious plan: the construction of a giant array of 1,000 radio telescopes.

This ambitious project was called, Project Cyclops.

By the end of that decade, they hit a snag.

Bill Proxmire, a Democratic senator from Wisconsin, gave the space agency one of his made-up Golden Fleece Awards, reserved for federally funded projects he thought were useless.

Proxmire then tried to terminate SETI funding altogether, but Sagan convinced him to back down.

Since SETI research emerged in the United States in the 1960s, astronomers have targeted one particular signature of technology: communication signals, especially those that span a narrow range of radio frequencies. Astronomers suspect such narrow-band signals are produced, as they are here on Earth, by artificial means, and would stand out among the universe’s natural radio sources, which are mostly broadband. The hope is to detect radio signals broadcast by another civilization to attract the attention of cosmic neighbors, or maybe even eavesdrop on radio communications between two space faring civilizations.

Now there is yet another breakthrough in the investigation of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives recently proposed legislation for NASA’s future that includes some intriguing language. The space agency, the bill recommends, should spend $10 million on the “search for technosignatures, such as radio transmissions” per year, for the next two fiscal years.

The House bill, should it survive a vote in the House and passage in the Senate, can only make recommendations for how agencies should use federal funding.

So here now is an intriguing question: Why now, after 25 years, do lawmakers appear willing to lift SETI’s taboo status?

Can it be – and this is highly speculative – that SETI finally has detected signals that they wish to examine further and in order to do so, they need more funding?

It may have to do with how much the field of astronomy has changed in the last 25 years. Our knowledge and understanding about the cosmos has changed dramatically.

There is also a senator from Texas who is into furthering the study.

Lamar Smith, a Republican congressman from Texas is a fervent supporter of astronomy research.

There seems to be a trend where US Senators are urging the investigation into studies of extraterrestrial intelligence.

The US has enough evidence of unidentified flying objects engaging pilots both military and commercial thanks to the Pentagon’s secret UFO unit that was set up by another Senator.

Democratic Senator Harry Reid of Nevada succeeded in launching the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program in 2007 after requesting initial funding for the project.


The unit, which the Department of Defense insists was terminated in 2012, produced documents that described sightings of aircraft that travelled at extremely high speeds with no visible signs of propulsion.

Reid had told news reporters that one factor in the shutting down of AATIP was intelligence officials’ fears the findings would end up on the front page of a newspaper. He also said some officials had religious objections to the unit, saying that there were some officials that believed that aliens and the investigating of them was a satanic operation.

However, after much digging there seems to be more to this story than meets the eye.

A team of nearly 50 scientists, analysts, and investigators were assembled to work on the program. Nick Pope formerly of the U.K.’s Ministry of Defense UFO desk reported that the program was originally and very cryptically dubbed the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications (AAWSA) Program before gaining its more recent name.

After looking up the original title, we find out that not only were UFO’s a part of the investigation – but so were the revelation of Stargates, off planet military units, ships with warp drives and other top secret operations that hinted at a secret space program.

George Knapp of KLAS Channel 8 in Las Vegas reported that:

“The agreement with DIA did not mention UFOs at all. It used more generic terms such as future threats and breakthrough technologies, and specified 12 focal points including, lift, propulsion, materials, versions of stealth as well as human interface and human effects.”

According to Tyler Rogoway’ “WAR ZONE” website, it was under the AAWSA name that the organization funded at least two studies into advanced propulsion and space technology research that border on the fantastical. The first of these studies, dated March 29, 2010, deals with “advanced space propulsion” for faster-than-light travel, discussing theoretical physical constructs such as “spacetime-altered regions” and “gravity/antigravity” forces.

The second study, which the AAWSA program published on April 2, 2010, covers similar ground, but also includes discussions about “dark energy” and “extra dimensions.”

The AAWSA experts did this work under the auspices of DIA’s Defense Warning Office, which makes good sense, at least conceptually. This organization first came into being in 2002 and is “charged with identifying sources of increasing threats to U.S. interests in critical regions,” according to an official briefing.

So it appears, according to these new revelations, that America’s adversaries are rapidly advancing toward practical warp drives and other advanced propulsion and space research.

The DIA would definitely want to know the truth in order to help inform U.S. policy responses.

Now keep in mind that in this particular investigation neither report suggested that the technology they described was anywhere near practical or that any foreign government was close to achieving a relevant breakthrough.

However, it is important to remember that amateur computer hacker Gary McKinnon was arrested in March 2002 for allegedly hacking into dozens of NASA and Pentagon computers over a 13-month period from his bedroom in North London. He has admitted the security breaches but said they were unintentional and that he was looking for evidence of UFOs.”


McKinnon claimed to have found a high definition picture of a large cigar shaped object over the northern hemisphere. He said that he was so shocked by the picture that he didn’t think to immediately save it. He also said that the file size was so large that is was difficult to view it on his computer. Eventually his connection was lost, and so was the picture.

When McKinnon later hacked into classified files of U.S. Space Command (incorporated into Strategic Command on October 1, 2002 soon after McKinnon was caught), he discovered a number of naval terms such as “fleet-to-fleet transfers” concerning non-terrestrial officers. He said that he found a list of officers’ names … under the heading ‘Non-Terrestrial Officers’. He found a list of ‘fleet-to-fleet transfers’, and a list of ship names that weren’t US Navy ships. What he saw had him believing that the United States have some kind of spaceship, off-planet.”

He also said that the records revealed there were also off-planet shuttles used that could hold 300 people. In 2012, all charges were dropped against McKinnon.

Around the same time, the United States government finally declassified the OXCART program at Area 51. It seemed like a coincidence that with all of the information out of the bag, that some of what happened at Area 51 would be declassified.

Operation Oxcart was a secret operation to develop a supersonic jet that could reach speeds of Mach 3. This was eventually known as the SR-71 Blackbird project. Those who play in the world of conspiracy theory had reported this for many years before the government ever officially declassified the project.

Now there is more detail as to the reverse engineering efforts of military groups included in the reports of the AAWSA.

The full extent of the AAWSA effort, including how many similar studies it funded and at what cost, as well as the later AAITP, still remains unclear. However, it does seem to indicate That What Gary McKinnon found was not science fiction.

If nothing else, the existence of these studies supports the perception that this program went far beyond just trying to interpret and document eye-witness accounts of UFOs and trying to identify what was buzzing around in Earth’s atmosphere.

The unraveling of our own advanced secret space program and maybe even the secret space operations of Russia and China seem to be at play here.

Remember that there has been speculation for sometime as to whether or not Nazi Germany or Even Russia had the technology left behind by aliens as far back as the 1920’s.

The Roswell crash event in 1947 has also generated speculation about technology that was sent to Wright Patterson Air Force Base and was housed in an area called Hangar 18.

We have all heard of the occult side of these projects where facts are simple, we were working with Nazi scientists that surrendered at the end of World War II to produce rockets and supersonic plane technology that was abandoned at war’s end. All of the technology was allegedly given to the scientists form alleged beings channeled by supernatural means.

Most of these aircraft and the secrets that came with them were introduced into the private sector and it can be concluded that various aerospace companies, many in the Northwest were busy back engineering these exotic craft as well.

As the Alliance for Human Research Protection notes in their 2010 article, ‘Legacy of Nazis in America’: “the Justice Department finally released a report by the Office of Special Investigations about the secret safe haven US officials gave Nazi criminal scientists–in direct defiance of President Harry Truman’s policy.”

The DOJ report says, “Many of the 1,600 scientific and research specialists and their dependents brought to America under Project Paperclip had been deeply involved in Nazi society during the war.”

Many of the researchers worked in aerospace technology fields. Many were relocated to Fort Bliss in Texas, Dayton, Ohio and White Sands Proving Grounds in New Mexico.

Intelligence and histories that were once top secret are becoming well-known. The Nazis were reverse engineering aircraft that were allegedly inspired by extra-terrestrials and powerful secret societies. The same activities were being done after the war in secret facilities like Area 51. The Cold War veterans were probably never told of the secret histories of new technology. They just toiled away keeping us safe.

It’s like we are beginning to see a renaissance of UFO activity and all the fun can be in trying to figure out just what are the ones we have built and the one’s THEY have built.

It is amazing how all of these revelations are now being released or uncovered and that they are no longer taboo as Congress wants to fund various investigations whether or not it is possible to send astronauts or Lumenauts into space at the speed of light to meet up with extraterrestrials.

But before he imagination goes warp speed, it may be time to get down to Earth.

The fun ends in the debate about whether or not all of these projects deserve funding.

During a committee hearing for the proposed legislation to investigate alien communication, Eddie Bernice Johnson, a Democratic congresswoman from Texas, criticized her Republican colleagues’ for wanting to cut Earth and climate-science funding in order to search for extraterrestrials and investigate warp speed travel.

“Where does all this money go? The majority diverts it to searching for space aliens and to the president’s unexamined initiative to build an orbiting moon base, among other things,” Johnson said. “I wish I were joking.”

I wish she was joking – she may think that studying “space aliens” and “orbiting moon bases” is nothing, but ironically, so is Climate Change.

Funding Astrobiology far outweighs funding something that continues to prove itself as junk science and a cover for global sustainability efforts to create a one world order.

Astronomers have spent about 60 years searching for signs of intelligent alien life in a tiny fraction of the observable universe.

There has been no political backing during that time.

It is about time we reach to the stars, instead of fighting political climate battles on planet Earth.

Written by Ron Patton

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