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Clyde Lewis | May 14, 2021
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Last night, Walter Bosley and I had a discussion about alien technology and whether or not aliens had a hand in pushing us forward with advanced tech. He argued that what is now aerospace technology had been devised and worked on at the end of the 19th century and that while we may think that much of the advanced technology came from Roswell – he believed that ancient aliens were little by little handing over technologies for thousands of years.

He also mentioned the German technology called Die Glocke or the Bell. This artifact has been rumored to be alien technology that was given to Nazi scientists from aliens that call themselves the Vrill. While Bosley does not believe that the Germans had saucer technology – I asked the question about when the monkey touched the monolith.Die Glocke The Bell WWII Nazi Miracle Weapon or Wunderwaffe 1/48 Scale Model Kit Die Glocke The Bell WWII Nazi Miracle Weapon or Wunderwaffe 1/48 Scale Model Kit [18SLU75] - $29.99 :

I wanted to know when the finger of the monkey touched alien technology and what was it that pushed us closer to the advancements that we are seeing now.

I wanted to know what technology that is and so last night I was obsessed with finding what may be the alien tech that may be our forbidden fruit.

We have all heard that Elon Musk once said that A.I. is the demon –and you can even say that the metaphoric apple is the very computer we use – but what is that technological elixir that fuels the continued interest in the growth of technology.

I cannot see a time where we will put down our phones or even walk away form the bathing glow of the screen because there is something deeper – maybe even darker magic that is afoot here and who knows – it may be an alien gif that has become a monster is scope.

In 1920 a film was released in Germany called ALGOL: Tragedy of Power. The plot dealt with an evil alien creature named ALGOL. ALGOL was a visitor from the demon star of the same name. He appears to a poor miner and gives him superior technology.The Tragedy of Power | Bleader

It was a free energy device that had indescribable power. ALGOL told the man that anyone who possessed it could become master of the world.

The film was released two years after World War I. The story was the first of its kind anywhere. It was probably the first time a story about alien intervention and secret technologies had ever graced the screen. It was considered at the time to be a remarkable film dealing with the occult. The very idea of an industrialist with a secret technology used to enslave a people was an ominous foreshadowing of things to come.

ALGOL was one of the first science fiction films I wrote about in a little Fanzine I created in the 90’s called B-Lame.

I originally wrote about it and made comparisons to Hitler back in the day and eventually connected the dots to the idea that Hitler may have received the technology from the aliens to create the Nazi Saucers.

I thought it was probably the first science fiction film that created a bit of predictive programming.

Iran stems from Perseus the one who hides the secrets of Algol the winking eye of the demon star.

Many occult historians have written that the film was actually part of an “open conspiracy” to promote an occult socialist order.

However, after many years of not talking about this little gem of a silent film — the story and the technology that the alien visitor shared could have been the transistor, or night vision or something else that has been written about in Colonel Corso’s book “The Day After Roswell.”

Who knows– the likes of Steven Greer and others believe that aliens want to share with us technology that will help us — we have been encouraged to understand that the aliens are not a threat — that if they give us everything we want – that is if they feed us with information that they want us to hear then they certainly are not a threat—right?

The ALGOL story about alien technology being handed over to man from an alien – may be a metaphor that needs to be heeded now.

ALGOL 60 (short for Algorithmic Language 1960) is a member of the ALGOL family of computer programming languages. It followed on from ALGOL 58 which had introduced code blocks and the begin and end pairs for delimiting them, representing a key advance in the rise of structured programming.ALGOL 60 | The past of the future

ALGOL 60 was the first language implementing nested function definitions with lexical scope. It gave rise to many other programming languages. Practically every computer of the era had a systems programming language based on ALGOL 60 concepts.

It is a very chilling coincidence that algorithms were named after the technology that was given from an alien to a man in old science fiction movie.

Artificial Intelligence is now taking over the world. It is not about to, it is not going to, it is not waiting to – it is doing it now. Artificial Intelligence is now morphing into a tool for augmenting reality and bots that function without human permission are now speaking to us in social media, the media parrots what it reads, and humans accept it as reality, and it may not even be reality. The algorithm is the new authority — and its pervasiveness is the new evil.

So much so that what we are seeing around us is almost surreal – it is becoming harder to define reality – it is harder to detect what is reality and what is forgery and people are allowing themselves to be misled by clever bots, and Artificial Intelligence assistance.

Little-by-little, we have been shown the future and if you pay attention, you notice that, line upon line, we have been shown through many mediums how the future may be approximated and what awaits us.

Symbolism plays a role in decoding what is hidden in the shadows. What is found are many synchronicities to consider.

In the constellation Perseus there is a moderately bright star that is called Algol. It is remarkable in that every 68.75 hours its light dims rather suddenly for several hours before returning just as quickly to its former brightness. This change in brightness is sufficiently large to be apparent even to the naked eye. Very careful observation also indicates a small dip in light output halfway in between the large dips, and detailed inspection of the spectrum indicates that Algol is a spectroscopic binary.

Algol is called the Winking Demon Star because of its light variation and because Perseus is according to mythology holding the severed head of the Gorgon or demon and rode the white horse Pegasus.Algol is the Demon Star | Astronomy Essentials | EarthSky

Batman fans may remember a villain named   Ra’s al Ghul he was played by Liam Neeson in the movie. Ra’s al Ghul or Al Gol is an Arabic phrase “rās al-ghūl“, meaning “the head of the demon“.

The Head of the gorgon or demon is Medusa. Perseus and The White horse can be seen as meaningful in many respects.

There is the obvious connection to the White Horse of the Bible.

In John’s revelation, the first horseman is on a white horse, carrying a bow, and given a crown, riding forward as a figure of Conquest, perhaps invoking Pestilence, Christ, or the Antichrist.

The ALGOL Perseus connection is even more compelling when you consider that It has always been known that the CFR is a secret wing of the Globalist Government. They work with the UN and The World Economic Forum along with other organizations to lay the foundations for a Luciferian world order. The symbol of the Organization is a one-eyed man on a white horse.

It is frightening in one sense because what he has done is cast an evil eye on the machinations of those who are now orchestrating this psychological warfare regarding the Muslims, Israel, and Americans who are devout Judeo-Christian followers and probably know nothing of occult symbolism.

It is unfortunate that The Christian religion is being distracted by eschatological doctrines and Gnostic philosophies in their entertainment and in some of their sermons that they are not aware of what is in their own bibles. They are being seduced by ecumenical and Luciferian ideas that appear to be from the bible but are far from it.

Many people are aware that an all-seeing eye can be found on a dollar bill. It is above the pyramid and is part of the great seal of the United States.

Upon the seal it states “Novus Ordo Seclorum” altered from Magnus Seclorum Ordo, a mighty order of the ages born anew. Which wants to restore both the prophetic Virgin and Saturnalian kingdoms and wants their theocratic and so-called divine monarchy to return. They expect a new progeny to be brought forth from the heavens. They favor the arrival of the Moonchild to lead. In some circles he is secretly named, chaste Lucino, the boy soon to be born in whom the iron age shall come to an end, and the golden one shall arise again in the whole earth.

It is an esoteric thought that has been spoken of anciently and that is some of us have spiritual blindness and that it is important that we see beyond our conscious self and understand that the veil can be lifted from our physical eyes if we learn to see with our inner or spiritual eyes and hear with our inner or spiritual ears. However, one can be mislead and can also be blinded by greed or power and soon a spiritual myopia occurs. We only can have limited site and we only see things through a jaundiced or single eye.

Many modern groups, though not related, claim to be offshoots of the original so-called Mystery Religion. They all carry the same symbols, such as the All-Seeing Eye, and believe in the same so-called Secret Doctrine.

The symbol may represent a god, but it is not the God of the Bible. It is a human eye indicating that man is god. This concept is Luciferian and is associated with the symbolism of the “one eye” opened to secret knowledge.

The one eye is symbolic of the trickster and that when the one eye winks it is the devils eye that needs to be acknowledged.

The earliest known evidence for belief in the evil eye goes back to ancient Greece and Rome. There, it was believed that the evil eye was the largest threat to anyone who had been praised too much, or received admiration beyond what they truly deserved. The praised person would become so swollen with pride that he or she would bring about his or her own doom via the evil eye, which was believed to be able to cause physical and mental illness. In fact, any disease which did not have an immediate, obvious cause was thought to be caused by the evil eye.

It was thought that the gods and goddesses were punishing those who had become too proud of their achievements and destroyed them with the power of the evil eye to restore them to the level of mere mortals.

A belief in the evil eye is widespread on every continent. The Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Central America all fear the evil eye. In Shahih Muslim Book 26, the prophet Muhammad warns about the dangers of the evil eye and says that one must take a bath in order to counteract the effects of the evil eye’s power.

The word Dajall is a Muslim term meaning “he who is a liar” “a fraud.” He is a shape shifter and can transform into a snake. He is believed to have two eyes but one eye is closed it winks indicating that the Dajall is up to know good.Secrets about Dajjal that you never heard of !! | Ancient books, Symbols, Truth

He is the Muslim equivalent of the antichrist. Dajjal’s strength is the left eye, the worldly eye – the sinister eye of ras-al-gul.

In the Book of Zecharia in the bible there is also a warning given that any Shepherd that leaves a flock unattended, that shepherd shall loose an arm and his right eye will darken leaving the sinister eye to be seen. “Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.”–Zechariah 11:17

The White Horse of Prophecy and the one-eyed man that is considered the liar is prominent in the Perseus tale and is also an occult doctrine in many religious faiths and secret schools.

Algol the one eyed rider of the white horse. is seen as a soldier of death, the symbol of battle. He is also seen as a savior or new messiah chosen to lead.

He is said to create miracles from technology, fire from heaven and is great at the art of mesmerism and manufacturing consent with his charisma.

The technocratic new age is upon us where we are being encouraged to plug into the Internet of Things. We are told that in the future technology will do everything for us. The way it will be done is through the algorithms.

The noose is dangling gently around our necks. Every day, they cinch it tighter. By the time we realize it’s strangling us, it will be too late. The algorithm is beginning to make our choices for us. The internet is a great tool but so many people are unaware how their decisions and much of what they think are being encouraged by algorithmic coercion.,

Those who – gradually and gleefully – sacrifice their freedoms, their autonomy, their individuality, their livelihoods, and their relationships for what is being fed to them

through algorithmic manipulation are not aware that this is the pattern followed by every totalitarian regime in history.

The movie, Algol, some say, was the forestructuring of how Nazism began—with one man who had the power to rule the world with high tech given to him by an alien Prometheus that he used to build a war machine can manipulate his followers.

Hitler also used a punch card system that predated the computer to exterminate the Jews. The system was created by IBM.

George Orwell wrote,

As far as the mass of the people go, the extraordinary swings of opinion which occur nowadays, the emotions which can be turned on and off like a tap, are the result of newspaper and radio hypnosis.”

He may not have known about the algorithms but in 1984 the people of the dystopia were mesmerized by telescreens that told them what the party wanted and what information they were allowed to view.

Can you imagine what master propagandist Edward Bernays would have done with access to today’s mainstream media conglomerate combined with the global surveillance infrastructure of Big Tech? And you really think that’s not happening now—with another century of psychological, neurological, and technological research under their belts?

The present ability to curate reality and coerce obedience is unprecedented, far beyond what Orwell envisioned in 1984, Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451, and Huxley in Brave New World.

The current tsunami of worldwide hysteria is the latest and potentially most threatening example of mass control in history.

And the algorithms keep feeding it.

They feed upon anger, envy, and, most importantly, fear, escalating emotions to a boil so as to short-circuit our faculties of reason and logic.

They tell us what they want us to hear.

Algorithms cultivate and wield our cognitive biases—especially ingroup bias, conformity bias, and authority bias—against us in a comprehensive divide-and-conquer policy that keeps us too busy squabbling amongst each other to recognize and unite against those corralling us into a Matrix-like collective delusion that enables the powerful to extract our resources for their own gain.

This ideological mass psychosis is some bad religion- it is a cult dynamic much like what was created with Jim Jones or more appropriately The Heaven’s Gate Cult.What Was Heaven's Gate? True Story of the 'Cult of Cults' Featured in HBO Max Docuseries

Think about Heavens Gate for a moment – they were the first real Internet cult. Three members of the Heaven’s Gate “away team” worked for Advanced Development Group (ADG), Inc., a company that developed computer-based instruction for the US Army.  ADG later became ManTech Advanced Development Group; these organizations have connections to the First Earth Battalion, a Psy-op group that was formed in the U.S. Military to allegedly handle Military extra-terrestrial affairs such as abductions, contact through telepathy Remote Viewing and ESP, and possible simulated extra-terrestrial war game “drills” using holographic technology.

They were also tasked with creating and programming advanced computer systems for space-based war scenarios.

All of this can’t be mere coincidence.

The next time you are watching the news, reading a social media post, listening to a friend repeat a scripted talking point, pay attention. Learn to identify the earmarks of algorithmic brainwashing.

When you do wink at them symbolically and send notice that those who wish to control us have made it such because disunited lemmings are easier to steer than independent, critical thinkers.

It is the human thing to do.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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