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Ron Patton | May 15, 2018



Last year, the well-propagandized talking heads on TV and radio repeated over and over again how important it was to be fully vaccinated with the newest untried and unproven-for-effectiveness influenza vaccine, whose ingredients had been chosen 6 months earlier (in the Spring of 2017) by industry “experts” who were forced to guess which 3 or 4 influenza viruses from the southern hemisphere out of hundreds of potential viruses that were most likely to be circulating in the northern hemisphere by the next “flu season.”

Well, we all know how that went.

More people died from the flu than in each of the previous two seasons, and more were hospitalized than in the previous two years combined, according to data that has been released from various hospitals, clinics and health groups.

Flu is tracked from October through April. For this season and even though the flu season is officially over, there seems to be a lingering cloud of flu symptoms that are still sending people to local hospitals.

So far there have not been any significant deaths reported; however, what is interesting is the repetitive stories that have been produced where various health organizations are repeating the same press release from the CDC and they are inserting their health services name in the blanks and then also inserting the death toll where appropriate.

There is also the concern for an unusually spike in Influenza B. The uptick happened about three weeks ago and hasn’t fallen yet.

The overall scope of the season, measured in terms of hospitalizations, the amount of samples healthcare providers and public-health labs tested, and the number of patients who tested positive for flu viruses and the reported death toll is what makes this year’s flu season stand out.

Influenza never goes away entirely. Even through the summer, labs and health care facilities report at least one or two cases per week. At that frequency, the disease is considered sporadic and not contagious.

On a world-wide level, the World Health Organization says that from a global perspective, the U.S. and the United Kingdom had tough flu seasons, meanwhile, continental Europe had it easy while India is still dealing with alarming flare-ups of the H1N1 virus.

In India, it has been causing very severe illness, with death rates more than 100 to 1000 times higher than elsewhere, the WHO are claiming that what is happening there is unusual and needs further study.

I think it is important to report that even though the WHO reports that it is investigating the continued flu spread in India, they are avoiding talking about the massive inoculation process that was carried out in Mumbai last January. The vaccine was offered free of charge to over 54000 people in the area of Maharashtra India.

The World Health Organization and The Centers for Disease Control are beginning to believe their own lies about the flu and the efficacy of the vaccines they encourage people to get.

A Rice University study of 6,610 human flu sequences predicts that the fall of 2018 flu vaccine will likely have the same reduced efficacy against the dominant circulating strain of influenza as the vaccine given in 2016 and 2017 due to viral mutations related to vaccine production in eggs.

A new flu season study found in a report put out by Clinical Infectious Diseases, indicates they are seeing genetic anomalies in the Flu strains and that data gathered in the last decade is showing that mutations and anomalies in the strain have dominated in the past two flu seasons in which vaccines offered only limited protection against the most widely circulating strain of influenza.

Biochemical and Genetic Engineering spokespeople at Rice University are now saying that the vaccine has been changed for 2018-19 flu season, but unfortunately it still contains two critical mutations that arise from the egg-based vaccine production process.

Most flu vaccines are produced with a decades-old process that involves culturing viruses in hundreds of millions of chicken eggs. Because the strain of flu that infects people is often difficult to grow in eggs, vaccine producers must make compromises to produce enough egg-based vaccine in time for fall flu shots. Unintended effects of this process have reduced vaccine efficacy against H3N2 the past two years.

The worst case scenario would be the emergence of novel strain or a genetically modified/lab grown strain for which the population would not have immunity combined to an airborne transmission between humans. The global travel could allow the virus to be propagated around the world in a very small time.

There is no solution or even an inoculation that could help, and scientists are reluctant to release any new findings because potentially dangerous researches could be used by bioterrorists or lead to an accidental release from a lab.

These sorts of researches are called dual use researches because they include negative or positives applications. The US National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity has recommended that many studies about modified avian influenza virus should be censored.

They believe that the papers and case studies should be classified.

Yet experiments on modifying viruses continue in many labs across the country.

Some scientists have also expressed some concerns about these experiments on the influenza virus, arguing that the predictions of the timing, the evolution and the mutations effects on the virus were very difficult.

With all the data, worry, trial and error, and even efficacy doubts about future vaccines and the lack of efficacy of the vaccines last winter the CDC is calling their vaccination campaign for 2017-2018 a grand success.

Newly-appointed CDC director Robert R. Redfield claimed the influenza A and B vaccines were 36 percent effective over 2017-2018 flu season. He tweeted praise for all who were vaccinated because they “reduced risk of getting sick with the flu and having to go to the doctor by about one-third.”

Even though 36 percent effectiveness is meaningless for a product that promises protection against serious disease, this number is not based on absolute risk reduction Instead, the CDC bases its vaccine effectiveness numbers on something called relative risk reduction which is a vague and misleading postulation that exaggerates the vaccine’s effectiveness. Their numbers are then echoed by the mainstream media to hide the real failure of the flu va

The media was even complacent in reporting the ghoulish statistics of flu death and then it was reported that the vaccine was ineffective. The media then said that the deaths and ineffective vaccine should not discourage you from getting a flu shot.

According to Lance Johnson of Natural News, vaccine efficacy is never truly established before a vaccine comes to market. Vaccine efficacy in human populations is not rooted in clinical studies measuring its true effectiveness in the field.

Vaccines are often approved based on animal studies that show that the vaccine induces an immunological response. A vaccine can be licensed based on the assumption that the animal’s immune response will be replicated in the human body through similar pathways.

Even worse, vaccines can be licensed without even this correlation. According to the FDA’s “animal rule” the animal efficacy data of the vaccine may establish that there is a reasonable likelihood that the product would produce clinical benefit in humans, with or without any correlation at all.

This means that some vaccines are approved without any scientific conclusion, just an untested hypothesis. This means that vaccines are highly experimental, not based on any short or long term outcomes observed in human participants in clinical settings. All effectiveness rates for vaccines are mere projections and postulations, not grounded in real data. No one knows how long a vaccine’s so-called immunity really lasts or if the same immune response observed in animals actually carries over to humans.

To make matters worse, the immune response used to license vaccines is based on serology studies. This means that vaccine efficacy is determined by identifying and measuring antibodies in body fluids.

This is why adjuvants such as aluminum salts or squalene are added to vaccines, to inflame the injection site and enhance the immune response, to make the vaccine appear more clinically effective. However, the measurement of an immune response in serum is not the same as the true measurement of long term, learned immunity to pathogens of various subtypes and serotypes in the individual.

Well-known journalist, John Rappoport says that there is a scandal brewing in the vaccine world and that is the fudging of data and a lack of investigations into genetically modified viruses that are being treated with a vaccination process that hasn’t really been modified for 70 years.

Rapopport claims that for 70 years there has been an efficacy problem and that with the new super viruses either being created in the labs or mutating naturally – the vaccines are worthless and that there should be an investigation into their effectiveness.

The CDC’s vaccine effectiveness propaganda did not include any mention of the fact that most of the deaths due to flu occurred because of secondary respiratory infection, such as severe pneumonia and bronchitis, which were actually prevalent in the vaccinated.

They did not report that this season’s flu mutated into several other secondary diseases that killed people.

The flu vaccine gave people a false sense of security and it failed to protect them, and yet it was a grand success.

This type of propaganda creates as potential for further harm.

The last vaccine allegedly contributed to the weakening of the individual immune system which became mal-adapted to fight future infections in some petition’s. Also, with the vaccinated, the potential for infections to spread are greater, especially in those who are exposed to the aerosolized live virus shedding which comes from the very breath of those vaccinated with live virus strains.

This prompted speculation that this year’s flu strain was a biological warfare experiment one of many that were being planned for the 2017-2018 flu season.

The idea of a germ warfare strain of influenza being released was not been ruled out last year; however, the Centers for Disease Control have stated firmly that any talk of a mutant strain being used as an agent for germ warfare WAS purely conspiracy theory.

However, there were proposals for open air biological testing that were issued last November that were thankfully were postponed because neither were being challenged by the community.

According to a draft of the study on the Department of Homeland Security official website, the proposed tests were t be conducted in early 2018, and again in summer 2018 at the Chilocco Indian School Campus near Newkirk, Oklahoma. According to DHS officials, the study would have included low level outdoor release of inert chemical and biological stimulant materials.

The rumors were that the military and DHS were releasing a simulated flu virus. Officials said the purpose of the study was to gather data that would enhance the department’s predictive capabilities in the event of a biological agent attack.

Concerned residents were able to get the experiments stopped. It was then reported that Baltimore based John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health was putting health officials on notice that they were going to carry out the Clade X tabletop exercise today May 15th 2018.

According to Homeland Preparedness, the purpose of Clade X is to raise awareness, both among the political leaders and subject matter experts in emerging infectious diseases and healthcare preparedness.

The event happened at the Mandarin Hotel in Washington, D.C., where the “players” — former high-ranking U.S. government officials and a current United States congresswoman are to act as a team of advisors who must engage in several National Security Council meetings to resolve real-world policy issues when they learn a pandemic has struck.

The disease was listed as an unknown or Disease X from an unknown organism.


The cast of characters includes John Bellinger, former legal adviser to the U.S. State Department, who will play the head role of U.S. Secretary of State during Clade X. One player, U.S. Rep. Susan Brooks (R-IN), will role play her current position as a federal lawmaker.

Several other participants participated in role play as their previously held leadership positions: former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, former Undersecretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Tara O’Toole, and former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Julie Gerberding.

Other players include former Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, who plays the U.S. Attorney General; former U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, who acts as the U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary; former CIA General Counsel Jeff Smith, who acts as director of the CIA; and former U.S. Sen. Jim Talent (R-MO), who plays U.S. Secretary of Defense.

The Disease X and Clade X exercises have raised concerns that there is a biological event that may be in the works here in the United States.

The center has held two previous exercises like Clade X. Dark Winter, held in 2001, focused on the potential terrorist use of smallpox as a biological weapon and the Atlantic Storm exercise in 2005 again highlighted smallpox, but this time focused on its intentional global use as a bioweapon.

This is the first exercise that has used an unnamed organism that generated more mutated organisms and multiplies like an alien contagion source.

The Atlantic Storm scenario was a group of NATO countries that came together for a summit and had to tackle transatlantic joint responses to multiple releases of smallpox, deciding how and if they would share resources and vaccines, for instance. Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright played the U.S. president and the event was viewed on both the BBC and Nightline.

Clade X has not received any major coverage so far.

An invitation-only audience of nearly 150 people attended the exercise, and a livestream of the event on Facebook was available to everyone. However there does not seem to be a saved stream for replay.

Coincidentally, it was announced today that scientists are ready to test an experimental vaccine that is called the Universal Flu Shot.

If all goes according to plan, the annual flu shot protects about 60 percent of vaccinated people.

Last month Bill Gates announced his foundation will be earmarking up to $12 million to advance such work. Sen. Edward Markey (D–Mass.) introduced a bill in February that would provide $1 billion in government funding for a universal flu vaccine. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) called such research a priority and unveiled a strategic plan for it. The White House also gave a nod to the universal flu vaccine.

Once again, another vaccine will be approved without any scientific conclusion, just an untested hypothesis.

There is this underlying concern that has been talked about off and on with regard to a major viral outbreak that could be the result of an accidental release, or an intentional release that is meant to wipe out an enemy quietly and without much fanfare.

We need to understand that viruses evolve and with the help of science and the development of warfare agents we can see a contagion force multiply and be kept under glass until for some reason, it is released as a sure fire way to eliminate an enemy or to cull the herd.

It is important to point out that such weapons are aimed at the cells and that little by little, we waste away if the immune system is compromised and, like a deadly alien, invades the host and continues to destroy the cells until the host dies.

The Centers for Disease Control’s grand success is the propaganda which has successfully convinced us that we are safe when we use experimental and lethal vaccine to prevent known unknowns and that no vaccine voodoo is capable of doing anything but wearing down the population’s immune system.

Written by Ron Patton

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