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Clyde Lewis | May 18, 2020
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I was reading an interesting article over the weekend about the psychological effects on the human mind when it encounters or experiences something that the person once thought was absurd.

It is something called “The meaning and maintenance model” of the human psyche.

We spoke before about glitches in the matrix where we see things in the world that don’t make any sense – these things invade your meaning and maintenance model.

People expect that certain experiences will be associated with one another. For example, when you flip a switch in a room you expect the lights to come on. If a person sees a black swan, he or she expects it to be white.

Some people expect that good people will be rewarded in life, bad people will be punished, and that their friends will be kind to them. Sometimes, however, these expectations are violated by unusual experiences. Sometimes the lights don’t come on and sometimes friends are cruel. Sometimes tragedies befall nice people, villains prosper, or a black swan event happens that has no explanation.

The meaning maintenance model proposes that whenever these expected associations are violated by unexpected experiences, it goes against people’s shared desire to maintain meaning, or to feel that their experiences generally make sense.

Many people are feeling this now with the pandemic and so their meaning and maintenance model has been violated or invaded by an unnatural fear of a virus that is like the flu except for some various inconsistencies which create fear based reactions that people rationalize as being responsible or even following science.

The truth is many do not know what the science behind all this is – they are unaware that there is another science that they are ignoring and that is the science of psychology and that they are reacting to absurdity with equally absurd opinions and actions.

This is called “fluid compensation” where expected associations are substitutable with one another when they attempt to restore a feeling that their experiences generally make sense.

Our mental representation of the world is like a delicate web of interconnected beliefs, documenting the relations between ourselves and the people, places and objects around us. When we are confronted with an apparently inexplicable event that appears to break that framework, we feel profound uncertainty – the ‘feeling of the absurd’.

For example, a while ago we did a show where we talked about how Amy Webb, a well-known futurist appeared on a talk show discussing COVID-19.

Webb was addressing the issue of COVID-19 and how this has triggered someone’s idea of a future dystopia today. She declared that we are living in a dystopia.

The commentator compared what was happening to an alien invasion and that we have an alien invasion to contend with.

Amy Webb concurred by saying, “Futurists – when we map out scenarios, sometimes when you get to where there is no winning solution to a problem, you kind of hope for an alien invasion.”

Amy Webb said “In a way, this is our alien invasion. This virus is essentially malware, attacking the source code of humanity. This should be something that brings us all together. It’s strange to me that it’s not. This is the time, this is the cause, and this is the reason, to get Silicon Valley and Wall Street and Washington, D.C., in lockstep together.”

Remarkably coincidental is that Webb said this the day the Navy officially declassified the documents and the videos of the TIC TAC UFOs or UAP that was seen flying near our naval fleet.

What is most concerning about the declassified documents is that the encounters have been so frequent that the Navy has worried that there could be a midair collision with one of the “unknowns.”

The report also says that the Navy has received multiple UAP sightings in the recent months,” but does not say how many of those sightings resulted in sending in hazard reports.

All of these reported UFO sightings certainly is something that the brain is not used to. This is an inexplicable event that breaks the framework and so in our profound uncertainty on the matter we try to find fluid comparisons to try to explain uncommon events with common things.

Even President Trump has been sending some very confusing messages with regard to the sightings where he pretends to be oblivious and yet he send the signal that his meaning and maintenance model has been violated.

At the end of the April, Trump was confronted again in an interview with Reuters about the navy declassifying the encounter and he said “If it’s real, it is one hell of a video.”

Why is he talking in singular, when there are three videos which were part of the Department of Defense’s official statement? Which of those three is the one who impressed him so much? Or has he mistook the three for a single video? 

His actions and remarks show his awkwardness on the subject matter because it is shaking his belief system.

One would assume that the same material was part of the official briefing he had in relation with the encounters between military pilots and unknown aerial objects back in June of 2019, when he told George Papadoupolous he “didn’t particularly believe” in UFOs?

Did he forget about it? Is he changing his stance on the subject again, wouldn’t be the first time or wasn’t he shown the videos until now that they have been fully endorsed by the Pentagon? 

And if he’s so impressed with those three vids, why doesn’t he demand to be shown better material evidence, you know, the things Senator Reid keeps alluding to in his Tweets so he can stop wondering once and for all whether ‘it’ is real or not?

Is he wondering out loud if the videos themselves are real –maybe he doesn’t trust the DOD. Again, it wouldn’t be the first time or the objects depicted in the videos? The fact that he is still acting all amazed about the videos is also weird.

Trump could literally give a press conference tomorrow at the White House, saying aliens are real and he’s even talking to one of them, but who outside his loyal political base would believe him? Why do UFO believers insist on seeking an endorsement to their beliefs, from the same social institutions that are crumbling before our eyes during the greatest moment in social instability of the modern era? 

It could be because there is a lack of common fluidity in the UFO believer’s crowd.

Some even try to explain what may be absurd into further absurdity. For example many people have posted the videos of the TIC TAC objects that have been tracked by the Navy and are met with a mountain of weird explanations.

From blue chickens to Lucifer’s fallen angels, there is an explanation form someone who wants to make an opinion a fact on the matter because of common association.

There is even a few Project Blue Beam explanations that many people do not realize is just a theory and not a real program devised by the department of defense.

Meanwhile with a plague on our minds there are theories and ideas provided by science that also reach that common fluidity to explain an uncommon event.

There should be some serious concern about what can be seen as indirect disclosure of life forms from other planets and those that may hitch a ride on comets or meteors.

A former NASA director has released a new paper warning that the next killer virus may not come from China or even your neighborhood bar or restaurant.

It will be coming from space and the possibility that cross contamination could create a deadly alien invasion of sorts.

Scott Hubbard, former director of NASA Ames and current adjunct professor of aeronautics and astronautics at Stanford University coauthored a paper on the subject and it was published by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine – Hubbard warns about the dangers posed by space missions in general and Mars missions in particular, particularly those returning to Earth with samples and humans exposed to the Martian environment.

Hubbard talks about the “bioburden” of keeping Earth microbes and diseases from contaminating another planet or asteroid (called ‘forward contamination’) but his main focus is on ‘back contamination’. He describes one plan to “break the chain of contact” between the returning spacecraft and Mars rock samples with autonomous sealing and welding to create multiple levels of containment. Hubbard notes that “the Apollo astronauts from the first few moon missions were quarantined to ensure they showed no signs of illness” until NASA felt there were not harmful contaminants on the Moon. The process must be initiated again for Mars missions.

Once again we have to determine that this is an indirect admission that there is life out in space on a microbial level at least and that there are dangers of back contamination of the planet from Mars or from encounters with anything extraterrestrial.

And finally there is something that always happens in the midst of all of the absurdity that becomes even more outrageous and although it gets buried in the plague reports on the nightly news it does not change the importance of what is being witnessed by people on the planet.

Last week, mysterious lights were seen in the sky by thousands of people in Brazil and were captured in multiple videos. There are some that are unbelievably terrifying as bright lights were captured in formation with one crashing in the nearby forest in Mage, just north of Rio De Janeiro.

This led to actually having the word Mage trending on twitter when several people began sharing videos of the glowing lights in the sky. In the videos, blue, red and yellow orbs can be seen moving around the sky, and one video shows the lights arranged in a triangular formation.

Stunned residents can be heard trying identify the lights in the sky, before several of the lights appear to land nearby. Another video shows a group of five illuminated spheres in the night sky – a bizarre visual phenomenon which “many people saw”.

Others posted footage of a floating red orb, as well as strange flashing lights in the horizon.

What is most interesting is that even though the stories made the mainstream news in Brazil, it seems that many of the videos are being pulled down from social media.

Vice reported that many Reddit posts from Brazil and various videos showing remarkable movements by these UFO”s have been removed. There is also some controversy over a Google satellite shot of what appears to be a glowing object near the crash site. Google explained that what was being seen was reflection of sunlight off of the roof of a building there.

The German podcast, Was Ist Das, was able to get in touch with a witness that stated that there were armed forces that arrived in the forests of Mage to investigate what appeared to be a crashed ship. According to the caller, the military used explosives to open the ship and there were occupants inside. One was shot and two others fled into the forest.

Although the call dropped and the stream went down the caller was able to reconnect.

“I really believe that something happened–that something crashed on the ground in Magé…,” he explained. “What I talked to you about in the last call about [how] the three beings came out of this ship is only for me, from my wife, from a friend of hers who lives in Magé today… actually today… I don’t have a video of those beings–no one has a video of those beings… nor does the media or YouTube.”

“I got this information from the people who live in Magé. Okay?… It hit the ground on Wednesday night and on Thursday the Army come and the shots who people hear from the city [broken english],” he said. “They shot these explosives to open the ship and when these three beings came out one was hot in place and the other to [ran] into the forest–this was the reason for the search.”

The caller could not hear the show host but said that he will try to establish contact on a future broadcast.

It’s rumored the U.S. military is responsible for downing the craft and may have conducted retrieval operations.

A report from Daves Balthasar, a Portuguese reporter, states that he also received information about the incident that is unbelievable.

According to his website and the YouTube channel a report was sent to him from a military insider that stated:

“On April 20, 2020, military satellites in the United States detected a strong presence of unexplained aerial phenomena activities in some states in Brazil. They are: Paraná, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Amapá and Rio de Janeiro. On April 21, 2020, the United States Department of Defense – Pentagon – following protocols international standards determined by NATO, informed the Ministry of Defense of Brazil and the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces (EMCFA) so that military air patrols in the Rio de Janeiro region would be intensified, since there would be an increase in activities of this phenomenon in this region.

It was immediately determined by (EMCFA) that military air patrolling be intensified in Rio de Janeiro with the support of the FAB Air Base in Santa Cruz-RJ and the Naval Air Base of São Pedro da Aldeia RJ.

On May 1, 2020, the CINDACTA 1 radars detected strong activity from unknown aerial phenomena in Rio de Janeiro in the cities of Araruama, Cachoeiras de Macacu, Sumidouro, and in the Metropolitan Region, so the military informed COMDABRA.

On May 12, 2020, the DTCEA-PCO of Pico do Couto in Petrópolis-RJ, detected the increase of inexplicable activities in a very intense way in the region. At about 8 pm on this day, the American Military reported to Brasilia the fall of an object (UFO) in a forest region in the municipality of Magé-RJ.

The United States Department of Defense has ordered General John Raymond to deploy 20 Special Forces soldiers, 10 of whom are from the American Space Force and 10 from the Space Aggressor 26th Squadron, commanded by Captain Barnes.

In the early hours of May 13, 2020, the American Military disembarked at a Military Air Base in the State of São Paulo and traveled in FAB planes to a Military Base in Rio de Janeiro. The Operation was baptized with the code name “Organ Range” Serra do organs.

It is important to note that the Brazilian military personnel provided only logistical support. The Americans informed that the visits of these objects to Earth have been more and more frequent in the world and that when arriving at the place of the fall it was verified that there were three “Intruders” in the damaged ship.

Then, at around 7 pm, the military armed with advanced technological devices unknown to the Brazilian military, intercepted and slaughtered a humanoid character of approximately two meters in height in the region of Chácara dos Entrerios in the municipality of Guapimirim-RJ, near the river superb coordinates -22.485839, -43.018396.

The other two beings were captured alive and wounded in the Guapiaçu Region in the municipality of Cachoeiras de Macacu-RJ, coordinates -22.440373, -42.769413, and transported along with all the displacement material of the “Intruders” to the American Military Base. May 2020.

All American military personnel have already left Brazil. Only military helicopters in the country patrol the region. After this incident, there were no new expressive reports of sighting of unexplained phenomena in the region.”

A remarkable story that of true would certainly be of great importance with regard to what is happening out in space and how the United States Space Force is working with other military personnel to investigate the UFO or UAP phenomenon.
For many people, this is not a surprising occurrence. South America and Antarctica have been the focus of some remarkable anomalous activity that cannot be explained. These areas are being used as relay areas for transmissions from the moon and elsewhere by the Chinese Military.

NASA ’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) uses a giant balloon to haul delicate electronic antennas high into the cold dry air above Antarctica, where there is little or no radio noise to distort its findings.

There is a constant “wind’ of high energy particles coming from outer space – some of which are a million times more powerful than anything we can generate ourselves.

Low energy particles – neutrinos – can pass completely through the Earth, barely interacting with the substance of our planet at all. But higher energy objects are stopped by the reassuringly solid matter of the Earth.

That means that high energy particles can only be detected coming “down” from outer space. To detect a heavier particle – a tau neutrino coming “up” out of the Earth would imply that these particles are actually travelling backwards in time.

And that is exactly what the ANITA scientists have seen and cannot understand.

The truth is this, the universe is awash in extraterrestrial signals that we cannot even perceive or know about unless someone else hears them and wants to show you that they are there. SETI and METI practitioners spend a lot of time wondering how these messages are being transmitted and are hoping that they can find the source before more people pick up on the sounds that at the moment are buried in the background of earth’s own noise.

Some people are already hearing pulsing waves that are hovering above us. It is a vibrating low hum that is usually heard away from the city in forests and deserts all over the world.

Could these waves be beacon waves signaling the all clear for a possible invasion?

Meanwhile, scientists have discovered a new bacterium in Antarctica that can survive solely off of chemicals in the air. These microscopic organisms can survive off of just hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide. Taking the term “extremophile” to the next level, these microbes can survive in some of the most extreme conditions that exist on our planet. These organisms are so unique that they are opening up the potential for finding alien life because, now that we know organisms can exist off of only chemicals in the air, extraterrestrial life could exist in much wilder circumstances than previously thought.

Researchers reconstructed the genomes of 23 microbes and were able to identify two species of previously-undiscovered bacteria known as WPS-2 and AD3. Living in the soil with other species, these bacteria survive with little sunlight, no geothermal energy, and extremely limited nutrients. As mostly dormant bacteria, these are the first life forms every discovered that survive by eating air.

This discovery demonstrates how life can still exist in physically extreme and nutrient-starved environments. This opens up the possibility of atmospheric gases supporting life on other planets.

This has us wondering if all or part of these discoveries have nailed down the possibility that various signatures exist to actually warrant disclosure of alien life and possible evidence of communication with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Maybe it is time to acknowledge that our alien moment is happening now and that our meaning and maintenance model may want to find fluid commonality to explain the abstract nature of the events that are being ignored by mainstream news.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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