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Clyde Lewis | May 21, 2021
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People are rationalizing that the world around us is changing rapidly and previously held truths are actually not as factual as we once thought, so why wouldn’t it be possible for the supernatural to be real, too? I have been thinking about this now that the whole UFO disclosure event is coming.

People want to equate UFO’s to demons and other supernatural entities and while I do not like to blend the two topics, it  can be argued that the supernatural and demonic forces can be or could be linked to aliens and UFOs.

For the moment, I don’t like my peas touching my potatoes.

However, as someone who loves great Fortean stories, I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you some chilling tales — that I haphazardly brought up to the crowd during an On Beyond Zero Podcast.

I was talking to a listener who was bringing up all sorts of topics ranging from UFO’s to areas on the planet where there are time warps. Areas where people have disappeared or have wound up in unfamiliar places — that they believe are from another time.

I brought up a short version of a story of four young women in Utah that drove their car into a time warp– as story that has become a bit of a legend,

Most people feel safe in their cars but on the open road at night or even in the day time motorists have had encounters or have seen things while driving that have terrified them.

The road is an open public space that literally anyone can access. It’s mandatory to use if you want to get from point A to point B which means that you’re probably going to see some interesting things outside your window or right in front of you.

Perhaps you have seen something in a rear-view mirror where everything is closer than it appears. Maybe you have stopped to help a car accident victim but can’t find a car anywhere and then when you look away for just a moment, the victim disappears.

There are stories about people who taken a wrong turn somewhere and have gotten lost – some have taken the wrong turn into a time vortex.

This allegedly happened near the ghost town of Modena located in Gadianton Canyon, Utah in 1972.Living amongst ghosts in Modena

Four girls came from a rodeo in Pioche, Nevada back to their dorm in Cedar City, which is part of Southern Utah University. They came through Highway 56 at about 10 p.m.

The region is known to be haunted by phantoms that do not resemble anything of this earth. There are weird tales of demonic-looking beings that appear to be like animals. They have been mostly described as “lion people” or wolves. Some say that they may be Native American Shaman that disguise themselves and change the surroundings in order to harass anyone in the area.

While driving, the black asphalt with the white center line instantly turned into bright cement.

While trying to figure out what happened, the scenery suddenly changed. The original red canyon walls were opening up to an entirely new environment. “Instead of moonlit desert, they saw grainfields on the right and Ponderosa Pine, on the left.” which are said to not be common in that area of the state.

The girls then drove to a parking lot at a tavern on the side of the road. One of the girls wanted to ask for help and another was curious if any of the men were “cute.” A few men came out of the building. But as soon as they came out, the girl screamed and told the girl driving to floor it and get out as fast as she can. Soon, the girls found themselves being chased by “tri-wheeled, egg-shaped vehicles.”

It turns out that the girl screamed because she claimed what she saw was in fact not even human. The story has evolved over the years, however when I heard about it, when I was much younger, I was told that the men looked like dogs or wolfmen wearing clothing.

If these girls somehow got lost in a dimensional rift then perhaps the idea of seeing “beastly beings” may be an indication of how evolution might have been in that parallel universe. That is if you believe in such things.

I was once involved in a paranormal investigation where a woman called to tell me that when her husband slept — he would talk in his sleep. She said he would grind his teeth and she would hear this evil voice speaking in a language she didn’t understand. I asked her if she could record his voice so that I could hear it and maybe find someone who understood the language.

I happened to know someone who was a Professor of linguistics at UCLA and asked her if anyone she knew could translate or identify the language.

It turned out to be Romanian.

The words that he spoke in Romanian were “save the child” or he would say “save the blood of the child.”

I called the man’s wife and when I reported what the man was saying in his sleep his wife thought her husband needed an exorcism.

I told her that I wanted to somehow arrange a meeting with a therapist who does hypnotic regression.

We had the meeting in Vancouver ,Washington. The man and his wife drove all the way from San Francisco for the meeting.

During the regression– the man again started speaking in a guttural evil sounding voice — much of what he was saying was not something I understood– until the Romanian words stopped and in his regular voice, he cried our “save the child,” ‘the Child must live,”

The therapist asked what he was seeing.

He said he saw an altar. There was a gathering of what he described to be hooded monks with white faces standing over a child. He said that he was in a crowd that were yelling and screaming at the monks. He said that it looked like he was at a gathering in some medieval looking castle or courtyard.

The hooded monks with pale faces were taking stones out of baskets. Each stone had a different design on it. When a stone was taken from a basket — the design was shown to the crowd.

Then a child came forward with the design on his or her forehead.

They were given a drink of some foul-smelling elixir.

The child would then appear to be drunk and was placed on the altar and was sacrificed.

This was like a lottery he said and he intervened and told the pale men in hoods that he wanted to tale the place of the child — and the monks told him that he would have to make seven deals with seven demons.

He cried and said that he accepted the offer,

One of the things that was most chilling is he said that before he was at this gathering — he was fishing in the woods. He was saw a bright light appear in the middle of the day. He said it looked like an arc welders flash.

He went toward it and the next thing he knew, he was met by tall human looking beings with pale skin. He said they were standing at a gateway — it was also illuminated. He thought that he had a heart attack and died and that the beings were angels.

Obviously, they weren’t.

They were are called, psychopomps.Psychopomps: Tour Guides to the Afterlife - #FolkloreThursday

In some mythologies, psychopomps merely provide transport into the realm of the dead. One such figure is Charon, a ferryman conveying the deceased across the river Styx as they traveled into the Greek underworld.

Some religions posit that their psychopomps come to take individuals to the hereafter. A notable example is Azrael, the angel of death existing in the cosmology of the three major Abrahamic faiths.

He obviously had died or was transformed when he went to the light. He was transported from the woods where he was fishing to some other time –maybe it was hell — but he carried with him the trauma –and the demons he agreed to have posses him.

Many people are unaware that horrifying stories from road trips to the mountains or the woods are not all that rare; in fact, people have been known to file police reports on all sorts of things that appear in the shadows on the road.

Most cops will tell you they’ve seen it all. It’s the nature of the job to be exposed to virtually everything people have to offer, from the weird to the hilarious to the disturbing, however it is the disturbing that seems to be the norm.

I am sure that someone you know or perhaps you yourself have had an experience you can’t quite describe accurately as it is so bizarre it defies explanation. We have covered stories dealing with ghosts and demons and all of the things that can keep you awake at night.

People find that haunts and ghost encounters usually happened in confined spaces. They usually experience poltergeist activity in homes or in abandoned buildings but there is one particular space where people have terrifying encounters and that is on the road.

When I was a kid I remember the scary story of the vanishing hitchhiker. It was one of those stories of a friend that knew a friend that picked up some strange hitchhiker who disappears. Later, the driver finds out that the hitchhiker had died in some horrible way.

I recall that when I first heard the story — it was on a scary record that I clipped from an Alpha Bits cereal box.

There was a different story on every box and you would cut it out and then play it on the record player.

I do remember that the story began with a man saying that he was coming home from a dance out by Bridgewater when he saw a woman hitchhiking in the rain.

As a kid I had no idea that there was any significance to Bridgewater only that it sounded like any other town where scary stories happen.

About five years ago, there was a documentary that was released that was about America’s Bermuda Triangle. I just was in a documentary about the Bermuda Triangle for the Travel Channel and so it peaked my interest.

Turned out this so-called Bermuda Triangle was in a place called Bridgewater an approximately 200-square-mile region of Southeastern Massachusetts that has long been linked to the supernatural and sightings of strange creatures.

“The Bridgewater Triangle” refers to an area bordered by the points of Abington, Freetown, and Rehoboth. More than a dozen other municipalities fall within its mystical bounds.What Is Massachusetts' Bridgewater Triangle?

The name for the uncanny zone was first coined by famed cryptozoologist Loren Coleman more than 40 years ago .

Coleman, founder and director of the International Cryptozoology Museum, in Portland, Maine, said while going to school full time in the 1970s, he began investigating “creature reports” from the area.

He later mapped out where the strange activities had been reported. Eventually, he connected the dots and realized all of the alleged sightings — UFOs, birdlike creatures, large snakes, man-beasts — were entrapped by the space.

“It was very obviously a triangle,” Coleman said. “I was just putting all of the pieces of data together, and that’s why I came up with the word ‘Bridgewater Triangle,’ just to give a handle to people that want to read about it, or wanted to talk about it.”

The name later appeared more officially in his 1983 book, “Mysterious America.”

The Hockomock Swamp, part of a network of wetlands, creeks, rivers, and ponds that span thousands of acres, is perhaps the most infamous part of the triangle.

For hundreds of years, the Hockomock and surrounding areas have been a hotbed of reported supernatural events and strange sightings and experiences.

The Wampanoag people gave the swamp its name, with Hockomock meaning ”place where spirits dwell.”

”Devil’s Swamp” is what English settlers of Colonial times named it.

The Hockomock Swamp, contained within parts of Bridgewater, Easton, Norton, Raynham, Taunton, and West Bridgewater, and crossed by a number of roads (including Route 24 and Route 138) and an old railroad bed, is 6,000 acres of black rivers, marshes and ponds, thickets of cedar and maple trees, beds of brush, twisting vines, sinkholes, and quicksand, with some of it miles removed from human habitat.Hockomock Swamp, North Dighton - MA | Roadtrippers

It is rich in animal, plant, and geologic diversity. The swamp itself and the 17,000-acre ”Area of Critical Environmental Concern” (a designation granted by the state in 1990) in which the swamp sits, serve as a sponge and release valve for rain water and melting snow, thus protecting the area from flooding. The swamp and its environs represent the largest freshwater vegetated wetland system in Massachusetts.

Human artifacts discovered in the swamp have been dated at some 9,000 years old.

Over generations, many have believed the Hockomock is home to spirits, strange animals, and more. Stories abound: There are the vicious, giant dogs with red eyes seen ravenously sinking their fangs into the throats of ponies; a flying creature that resembled a pterodactyl, Native-American ghosts paddling canoes; and glowing orbs hovering above the trees. There’s also talk of a shaggy half-man, half-ape seen rampaging through the woods.

Students of the paranormal have speculated that negative and disruptive energy was created when the Native Americans of the region were so horribly persecuted, and that that energy continues to circulate in the Hockomock. There have been reports of cult and satanic rituals conducted in the swamp.

Some believe the Hockomock Swamp is cursed.

King Philip’s War from 1675-1676 , a terrible and bloody conflict between English settlers and the natives of the region, took place near the swamp.

Both sides committed crimes against women and children, and the swamp saw some of the bloodiest massacres ever to happen in America. Even after the war, there was betrayal and killing. Might won — the Wampanoag found their land taken away and most of their tribe was killed. Their traditional enemies had sided with the settlers and had gained power over them as well.

There are places of trauma that are the most haynted in the world –and some believe they create magnetic depressions or paranormal vortices.

Some believe that the Vortex over Bridgewater contributed to the inhumanity of the war between the Wampanoag and the English, and it fosters pain and evil in that area to this day.

‘Some say that the wounded and pained spirits of the Wampanoag are the reason for the paranormal in the swamp. That is part of the explanation,

I understand how perhaps a curse or a Vortex can give you an eerie feeling about a town or an area that you visit.

Back in 2001 I made a Trip to Lake Tahoe to get away from all of the sadness and pain i felt after the 911 attacks.

On my way back from Tahoe, I wound up in another weird place – at least a place that I got a weird vibe from.

As I was returning to my home in Portland, Oregon, my friends and I made a stop in the small town of Dunsmuir, California.

Dunsmuir is a small town near the Sacramento River whose claim to fame is the railroad yard where trains pass through there all the time. I was intrigued by the small town only because there was something about it that gave me a weird vibe.

It was as if an alien landing happened there or that it was like “Salem’s Lot” – a small town that was made popular by Stephen King where the people there all acted peculiar and the big secret was a vampire lived there.

It was the first time I ever got a bad vibe from a place and I really wasn’t sure as to why.

I was so overwhelmed with a chilling feeling about the place that I asked the manager of a gas station there is something terrible had happened there that I was unaware of.

She shared with me a number of stories about the town including a chemical spill that, in 30 minutes, literally destroyed the ecosystem. A train derailed there and a tanker carrying a pesticide overturned and started draining a noxious substance into the water killing fish and wildlife for 40 miles.From our archives: Cantara Loop spill was 29 years ago

The chemical was called metam-sodium. By-products of the breakdown of metam-sodium included deadly hydrogen sulfide.

Almost every living organism within 40 miles of the river was dead in 30 minutes. Many people in the town were rushed to the hospital with breathing problems many had nausea and headaches.

Everybody had the same symptoms: a metallic taste in the mouth, an inability to concentrate.

But what gave me the creeps was the story of how a number of pregnant women had miscarriages after the incident and how a number of animals, frogs, and fish never returned to the area because of the spill.

“A newborn baby born in Dunsmuir days after the spill was found to be dropping weight rapidly, and the family’s doctor told the parents they needed to move the baby out of the area.”

The railroad installed a monument as an eternal reminder of what happened there 20 years ago, and a symbol of how nature can recover given the time. Most people agree that another spill is inevitable because so many roadways and railroad tracks cross waterways. It was the first time I ever had a bad feeling about being in a town. It was a frightening feeling that the place was haunted.

I often wondered if anyone else has had this ordeal.

The idea that a Vortex or Triangle exists where paranormal things happen seems to be shown time and again to be a reality.

There have been countless stories and numerous cases where, in National Parks, children have disappeared within feet of their parents only to be found miles away sometimes even over mountain ranges with no recollection of how they got to that location.

In other cases, he has documented cases where people simply vanished leaving their cloths in a pile as if they were snatched from within their clothes. Their clothes simply simply piled where the person had been standing. In both cases dogs were unable to pick up the scent, which is strange, it was as if the person just dematerialized.

When people inquire with the National Park Services about the disappearances, they are stone walled and told the National Parks Service does not keep records of disappearances.

I suppose that it can be stated that by some quantum joke science can bait us with dimensional theories that point to the possibility that there are areas of the planet where the veil is thinner or that there is some extra-dimensional vortex where a second d genesis occurred parallel to our own.

There are locations throughout the planet that are suggested to be the most powerful due to their position on the globe or maybe because some unknown event that created triad of death.

America is a country rich in folklore, a place where cautionary tales have always been mixed into the pot and sprinkled into our collective nightmares.

These stories were able to travel faster than most internet stories and now that the internet exists, they can remain in our collective memories for a long time.

Stories that will freak you out no matter where you live.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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