If you pay close attention to things going on in the world in a very general way without getting caught up in political agendas, you begin to notice patterns that reflect something peculiar going on under the surface of it all.

We appear to be part of a grand drama with a script that features a consistent narrative which tells us that the earth is doomed and that the climax is due and the way to defend ourselves is to await implementation of an agenda of socialism provide by the United Nations.

I don’t know if you are aware, but the big push in the media is to remind us all that Climate Change was a big deal and anyone who wasn’t fully onboard was dangerous.

The big push arguably began when Bill Nye the Science Guy appeared on John Oliver’s last week tonight and threw out F-bombs stating that “the earth was “f**king on fire.”

It was a shocking and very effective way of shouting from the rafters that the climate-global warming–disruption fight is going to take a lot of money and that there is no free ride.

What is odd is that as the extended winter is evident this year the idea of dropping F-bombs about a burning planet are funny in the moment but hollow as time goes on.

Denver, Colorado has officially received 3.4 inches of snow. That’s the most snow measured this late in the season since May 29, 1975, when 5.6 inches hit the city.

In addition to the snow, Denver tied the record low temperature for May 21 when the official thermometer for the city dropped to 31 degrees. It was previously 31 degrees on this date in 2001 when 1 inch of snow fell.

What I find odd is that the majority of people do not see the irony.

Even more disconcerting is that it was reported that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who stated that the earth only had twelve years left before it succumbs to climate disruption, was only joking when she made the statement.

The 12-year doomsday statement was used as the call to arms for students that walked out of their schools to bring attention to Climate Change.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated that “People who believe the suggestion that the world will end in 12 years have the intelligence of a “sea sponge.” Ocasio-Cortez suggested that Republicans too often mischaracterize her dry humor and “fact check” her jokes, claiming that they take them too literally.

Well a group of kids called the “Sunrise Movement” also took her comments literally when they visited Diane Feinstein’s office rebuffing her over their fears that the world would end in 12 years because of Climate Change – the children were there to sell Feinstein on Green New Deal.

Guess what kids – you were victims of dry humor.

This is sad really but of course, this is excusable – there is always an excuse for all of the BS we have to dig through to make it clear that while concerns about the weather are real and those who are in positions of power don’t even take what they say seriously.

The most interesting thing is that Cortez has not officially apologized for her actions – for her it is all a joke – and we should all be sorry for not getting it.

Meanwhile, the states of Missouri and Oklahoma have declared a State of Emergency because of heavy rains and tornadoes that are continuing to pound those who live in tornado alley into submission.

If you can bear with me, I have to confess that I am at the moment obsessed with climate engineering and intentional geoengineering and weather control. After the show we had with Jim Lee – I was sent a document that I feel needed to be shared with the public while the severe weather is still happening across the country.

U.S. Code Title 15 Commerce and Trade Chapter 9 A is titled: WEATHER MODIFICATION ACTIVITIES OR ATTEMPTS; REPORTING REQUIREMENT. This document outlines penalties for failure to report weather modification operations in the United States.

[Section 1]. That this Act may be cited as the National Weather Modification Policy Act of 1976.

“Sec. 2. Declaration of Policy.

“(a) Findings.—The Congress finds and declares the following:

“(1) Weather-related disasters and hazards, including drought, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, lightning, fog, floods, and frost, result in substantial human suffering and loss of life, billions of dollars of annual economic losses to owners of crops and other property, and substantial financial loss to the United States Treasury;

“(2) Weather modification technology has significant potential for preventing, diverting, moderating, or ameliorating the adverse effects of such disasters and hazards and enhancing crop production and the availability of water;

“(3) The interstate nature of climatic and related phenomena, the severe economic hardships experienced as the result of occasional drought and other adverse meteorological conditions, and the existing role and responsibilities of the Federal Government with respect to disaster relief, require appropriate Federal action to prevent or alleviate such disasters and hazards; and

“(4) Weather modification programs may have long-range and unexpected effects on existing climatic patterns which are not confined by national boundaries.

“(b) Purpose—It is therefore declared to be the purpose of the Congress in this Act to develop a comprehensive and coordinated national weather modification policy and a national program of weather modification research and development—

“(1) to determine the means by which deliberate weather modification can be used at the present time to decrease the adverse impact of weather on agriculture, economic growth, and the general public welfare, and to determine the potential for weather modification;

“(2) to conduct research into those scientific areas considered most likely to lead to practical techniques for drought prevention or alleviation and other forms of deliberate weather modification;

“(3) to develop practical methods and devices for weather modification;

“(4) to make weather modification research findings available to interested parties;

“(5) to assess the economic, social, environmental, and legal impact of an operational weather modification program;

“(6) to develop both national and international mechanisms designed to minimize conflicts which may arise with respect to the peaceful uses of weather modification; and

“(7) to integrate the results of existing experience and studies in weather modification activities into model codes and agreements for regulation of domestic and international weather modification activities.

The code is in placed obviously because weather modification is a very real and serious subject – not something that is the butt of dry gallows humor. I am sure that even bringing it to the public’s attention en masse is pretty risky considering that fact that so much has been invested in programming people into believing that the majority of us are all contributing to our own destruction with Co2 emissions.

It is honest to say that the weather and climate vary significantly throughout North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. It is quite normal to see mid-latitude and seasonal incursions of hot and cold air dominating northern growing areas and a combination of mid-latitude storms, tropical disturbances, and generally mild to hot air governing southern agricultural areas.

Local variables such as latitude, elevation, and proximity to water also have a significant influence on the weather and climate at individual locations. Given the broad spatial extent and widely varying terrain in the region, farmers are exposed to a diverse range of weather and climate phenomena, many of which often take the form of extreme episodic events. Such anomalies include droughts, floods, hurricanes, heat waves, freezes, severe convective storms, blizzards, and wildfires.

However, those who push Climate Change want us to believe that anomalies and rare events are a result of man-made changes to the climate but climate analysis takes years to tackle and the model provided by the IPCC is strictly based on potential – it is becoming apparent that what is being called the “new normal” seems a bit manufactured and the result is what I call agriculture jamming.

In order to add evidence to my claim, we have to go back in history to the 1970s.

In 1973, the Council on Foreign Relations embarked upon a massive, nation changing project it named “Project 1980s.” This project had at its core, the policy of “controlled disintegration” of the world economy in order to reconstruct a socialist government based on the Chinese model.

Several key policies of “Project 1980s,” were major issues that dealt with the now hugely propagandized ecology and climate “problems” and the task of population reduction. Controlled disintegration of the economy would force the world into a new kind of socialism.

Not surprisingly, many American watchdogs were already speaking of the new “threats” to the world that would have to be presented to the public as an urgent issue and excuse to suspend the constitution and revisit the possibility of a unified government policy that all governments could be happy with using and enforcing.

We have discussed the policies and ideas provided in the Report from Iron Mountain which was quite simply a blueprint of proposed manufactured crises that the government could employ during peacetime in order to keep the war and military busy and the people demanding for protection from threats.

The report claimed that a gradual implementation of such crises would guarantee the need for basic social controls. There are those who believe that the proposals in the report have been employed for over 50 years conditioning the American people for acceptance.

The report states:

An effective political substitute for war would require “alternate enemies,” some of which might seem equally far- fetched in the context of the current war system. It may be, for instance, that gross pollution of the environment can eventually replace the possibility of mass destruction by nuclear weapons as the principal apparent threat to the survival of the species.

Poisoning of the air and of the principal sources of food and water supply, is already well advanced, and at first glance would seem promising in this respect; it constitutes a threat that can be dealt with only through social organization and political power.

But from present indications it will be a generation to a generation and a half before environmental pollution, however severe, will be sufficiently menacing, on a global scale, to offer a possible basis for a solution.”

The first domino was toppled and socialist solutions were being proposed in order to provide “sustainability” solutions. However, this would mean that people would have to give up some of their American consumption of resources.

On Dec. 10, 1974, the U.S. National Security Council under Henry Kissinger completed a classified 200-page study, “National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests.”

The study falsely claimed that population growth in the so-called Lesser Developed Countries was a grave threat to U.S. national security. Adopted as official policy in November 1975 by President Gerald Ford, National Security Study Memorandum outlined a covert plan to reduce population growth in those countries through birth control, and also, implicitly, war and famine.

Brent Scowcroft, who had by then replaced Kissinger as National Security Adviser (the same post-Scowcroft was to hold in the Bush administration), was put in charge of implementing the plan.

CIA Director George H.W. (New World Order) Bush was ordered to assist Scowcroft, as were the secretaries of state, treasury, defense, and agriculture.

National Security Study Memorandum 200 similarly concluded that the United States was threatened by population growth and that measure had to be taken to lessen the population of the United States or that we would be forced to regulate vital resources like food and water.

There were several measures that Kissinger advocated to deal with this alleged threat, most prominently, birth control and related population-reduction programs. He also warned that “population growth rates are likely to increase appreciably before they begin to decline,” even if such measures were adopted.

A second measure was curtailing food supplies to targeted states, in part to force compliance with birth control policies: he stated that “There is also some established precedent for taking account of family planning performance in appraisal of assistance requirements by AID U.S. Agency for International Development and consultative groups.

He stated that population growth is a major determinant of increases in food demand.

“Mandatory programs may be needed and we should be considering these possibilities now,” the document continued, adding, “Would food be considered an instrument of national power? … Is the U.S. prepared to accept food rationing to help people who can’t/won’t control their population growth?”

Kissinger also predicted a return of famines could make exclusive reliance on birth control programs unnecessary. In other words, it would be advantageous to create famine in order to curtail birth and thus reduce the population.

Kissinger was clearly advocating starving people in the United States.

He clearly stated that the resource depletion would have to appear to be natural and quite possibly connected to an environmental impact on agricultural yields.

Now pay attention how things have to appear to be natural occurrences, meaning that perhaps agricultural jamming could be the product of subterfuge due to possible climate engineering – that was already being carried out and covered up for decades.

For most of human history, weather control has been under the strict purview of sky gods and science fiction.

But today, as superstorms ravage coastal cities and pollution blankets entire countries, and the desperate issue of averting climate catastrophe has become a serious foreign-policy issue.

That is why the responsibility of creating climate detours are falling on the shoulders of geoengineers to game out strategies for deliberate, large-scale intervention or the science can be used for large scale incursion and subterfuge.

The methods are not just limited to Stratospheric Aerosol Injections. Everything from dumping iron slurry into the ocean in order to create massive CO2-sucking algae blooms to bombarding the skies with Chemical Ice Nucleation elements which are a core component of global geoengineering programs. Chemical Ice Nucleation creates cold air masses that render the jet stream unstable.

I contend that much of these anomalies in weather are part of a clandestine weather war program to force scarcity and tank the economy in an effort to carry out the Hegelian Problem-Action-Solution agendas where the solution, of course, is abiding by climate treaties provided by the United Nations to procure their global government goal in the year 2030.

Here in the United States, farmers are facing an uphill battle because of the anomalous weather. After storms battering their fields reduced the planting pace for corn to the slowest on record for this time of year. While the wet weather has pushed up prices of the grain in Chicago to the highest level in a year, that doesn’t mean there will necessarily be a rush of sowing as the sky clears.

To recover lost potential, production must run the table with near-perfect conditions the rest of the growing season. Otherwise, a smaller crop could wipe out much of the surplus USDA forecasts for the coming year.

The farmers risk missing deadlines specified in crop-insurance policies that pay them in the event of a drop in prices or crop failure. Delayed planting can also cut yields as key grain development phases are pushed into peak summer heat. There’s an old adage that states farmers lose a bushel of corn a day when planting after mid-May.

While the slow start doesn’t doom the crop, the unusual political and economic environment could make recovery more difficult than in other years with major delays.

U.S farmers have long depended on foreign buyers for some of their corn, soybeans, pork and other products. And federal officials have used some agricultural commodities as tools of diplomacy for decades.

But as the Trump administration has pursued hard-line moves with major trading partners, especially China, farmers have found themselves with huge surpluses and on the receiving end of government aid.

Farmers appear to be doomed and if the farms go, so does our ability to eat. Collateral damage is exactly what many U.S. farmers feel like right now.

The destructive weather has not helped either.

The Mississippi River, which runs nearly 2,350 miles from Minnesota’s Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico, is a main conduit of shipping everything from agriculture products and construction material to petroleum and coal.

This year, though, there’s not much barge traffic over there. Historic spring flooding that swamped and tainted farmland, also left parts of the Mississippi closed for business.

The interruption again is hitting the agriculture industry hard.

The interruption in river traffic has a domino effect on other industries, particularly in transportation. The National Waterways Foundation estimates that one 15-barge tow on the Mississippi River can ship as much as six locomotives pulling 216 railcars, or as much as 1,050 large semitrailers. It also costs less to ship via the river, because barges can hold so much more and be moved using less fuel.

Regardless of one’s personal or political views, there is no doubt that extreme weather can have profound effects on local, state and national economies.

He clearly stated that the resource depletion would have to appear to be natural and quite possibly connected to an environmental impact on agricultural yields.

It is said that if the extreme weather continues it will cost the U.S. government $112 billion per year, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office. Between 2007 and 2017, it cost more than $350 billion.

They will pass that bill on you and me.

The airline industry will be affected next. Extreme weather affects the jet stream. In 2019, an ice storm in Canada combined with a heat wave in Florida made the jet stream speed up. It sent a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787 hurtling across Pennsylvania at a record 801 mph. As the jet stream destabilizes, it could cause airline crashes.

The good news is that humans have an admirable ability to adapt. It’s what makes it one of the few species that can live anywhere on earth. But this same ability means people are likely to forget that the weather they are experiencing today is actually extreme. They tend to forget that extreme weather has repercussions including paying higher prices for food and other services.

That is why the time to prepare for the coming scarcity now — do what you can to ensure that you adapt to the coming disruptions.


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