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Ron Patton | May 24, 2018
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The theory of a holographic universe was first introduced by physicist Juan Maldacena in 1997. He theorized that gravity arises from thin, vibrating strings that exist in nine dimensions of space and another of time, whereas real life exists in a universe without gravity. The comparison to the hologram is frequently made because of the way a hologram is created; it’s a three-dimensional image coded onto a two-dimensional surface.

The theory suggests that the universe is built in a similar fashion; the higher dimensional part coded onto a flatter, lower dimensional part. So, on a hologram, only one part is tangible — the lower dimensional surface onto which the hologram is coded. The holographic image, though, merely looks three-dimensional. You can’t, for example, touch it with your fingers.

It is that nebulous area where it is theorized that the darker mirror image resides.

Robert Anton Wilson once said that we have created this safety net we call reality and every once in a while we are reminded that a very real existential world exists and that the spooky actions we see are all part of some quantum theory that is not easily explained.

There have been many occasions where we have been told the universe we live in is a construct, a safe haven that we have developed to hide away from the various demons and bogey man that plague our nightmares.

I have dabbled in the occult and studied all of the strangeness and peculiarities of this world and with my Fortean goggles I see the world as a playground of fascinating coincidences.

I can also be a very dangerous and terrifying place as we are constantly reminded of an area that lurks just outside of the so-called reality we tend to hang out in.

Every once in a while, our reality and the darker reality overlap and many of our hidden dark archetypes appear to us and remind us of how vulnerable we can be.

In my business I have learned there are many things that lurk in the shadows. For most people, shadowy figures appear just in the corner of the eye, which leaves you with the idea that you must be seeing things. We have all had some sort of fleeting encounter with shadowy figures hiding just outside the normal field of vision; familiar shapes typically seen lurking in the dead of night in the corner of a room, peering from behind a tree or around a corner.

On the supernatural side of the argument, we can assume that these shadowy figures are spirits, miasmas, or even shadow people. However, there is yet another area of study where the shadowy figures are not always wispy entities playing hide and go seek with your mind.

The study of monsters and crypto creatures has always been downplayed as a field where investigators are out to find a creature that might exist. There are experts who also investigate the possibility that some of these creatures are supernatural in nature or are the product of some rogue manifestation.

There is always the possibility we can stumble upon an animal or a creature that we never knew existed, or creature like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster or the Chupacabra that are thrust out of their mythological status, and are upgraded to that of a specimen that can be analyzed by scientists.

As a matter of fact, a global team of scientist’s plans to explore the icy depths of Loch Ness next month using environmental DNA in an experiment that may discover whether Nessie really does, or did, exist.


The use of eDNA sampling is already well-established as a tool for monitoring marine life like whales and sharks.

Whenever a creature moves through its environment, it leaves behind tiny fragments of DNA from skin, scales, feathers, fur, feces and urine.

This DNA can be captured, sequenced and then used to identify that creature by comparing the sequence obtained to large databases of known genetic sequences from hundreds of thousands of different organisms.

The first written record of a monster relates to the Irish monk, St. Columba, who is said to have banished a “water beast” to the depths of the River Ness in the 6th century.

Nessie actually is a collective term for one or more marine animals that have entered the lake. One of the stories that feeds the Nessie myth is of something large and looking like a crocodile that was observed on its way up the river in the 1930s.

For all we know, Nessie could be a very big sturgeon.

The rest is all legend and mythology and tales of a sea monster that swims in the icy loch, peering through the water and then disappearing.

Many have given the creature some supernatural label, but when scientist figure out that some type of sea lion, fish or whale hybrid is discovered what will the consensus opinion be?

Scientists recently discovered that the Yeti are real creatures. In fact, while the idea of the creature being a giant ape man similar to Sasquatch has captured are imaginations of investigators for centuries – the Yeti are in reality an as of yet unknown species of bear that live in the Himalayas.

What is most interesting is that we probably know less about these very unusual bears than we “know” about the Yeti.

Scientists from the University at Buffalo figured out that Himalayan brown bears split off from the rest of the regional bear population several thousand years ago, which is why they’re so genetically distinct from most other brown bears. Living in geographic isolation for so long has separated them from other Asian brown bears, and even from their relatives on the nearby Tibetan plateau.

They even look different.

In fact, they are claiming that the bear itself is a hybrid species that would appear quite massive if it was seen standing on its hind legs.

Some may even look like giant wolves.

These creatures may be responsible for some of the werewolf, dogman and Skinwalker legends.

However, this is where we jump off into the occult legends of shape-shifters and men who eventually become beasts.

Legends and myths of human transformation into wolves, one of the most feared of all animals, are thousands of years old. Werewolf sightings and encounters continue into modern times, and mingle with reports of other mysterious creatures such as Bigfoot, Chupacabras, Dogmen, Skinwalker and the Skunk Ape.

A story recently broke out of Denton, Montana about a creature that looked like a hybrid animal resembling a big dog or a bear.

A Denton ranch family was terrified when they spotted a wolf-like animal in a pasture with their livestock.


The landowner shot and killed the creature.


Results from the state laboratory on the type of animal killed won’t be available until officials send in a DNA sample for testing. The incident happened south of Denton – there was no loss of any livestock during the incident.


Accounts of the animal and a photograph reminded me of the Skinwalker Ranch case out of the Uinta Basin in Utah.

In 1995, when Ground Zero first started airing in Salt Lake City, our first big paranormal story was kind of in our own back yard. Mildred Beasley, who was the chairwoman of the Utah chapter of MUFON, and UFO investigator Ryan Layton had given me a news tip about a ranch off the beaten path in the Uintah Basin that was being attacked by forces that could not be explained. The story was at first a UFO story. That was just a small part of it, however.

There were also a number of reports that the ranch was also being plagued with poltergeist activity werewolf encounters, and other encounters that were unheard of in any paranormal circle.

This ranch, owned by Terry Sherman and his wife Gwen, was literally a ranch of terror with stories that would make the ‘Amityville Horror’ sound like a children’s Halloween Party.

At the time, Sherman talked to very few reporters and wanted to get rid of the ranch without any attention from the press, but word traveled fast in the small community near Fort Duchesne, Utah and soon reporters and paranormal investigators settled in at the overlook near the mesa where the strange activity was occurring.

Very little information was released about the ranch in 1995, only that a strange force was playing games with the Sherman’s. There were strange, shadowy figures inside the house, objects would move on their own, disembodied voices could be heard speaking in unintelligible languages and many head of cattle were found mutilated on the ranch.

The mutilated cattle were linked to a story of a large wolf creature that was much larger than most wolves that are seen in the area.

The local Indian tribe in the area said that the large wolf creature was quite possibly a Skinwalker.

Many Navajos believe firmly in the existence of Skinwalkers and refuse to discuss them publicly for fear of retribution. They believe skinwalkers walk freely among the tribe and secretly transform under the cover of night. According to Navajo legend, a Skinwalker is a medicine man or witch who has attained the highest level of priesthood in the tribe, but chose to use his or her power for evil by taking the form of an animal to inflict pain and suffering on others.
To become a Skinwalker requires rituals and even human sacrifice in some cases. Those who summon immense supernatural power, fund that they have the ability to transform into animals and other people.


According to the Navajo Skinwalker legend, Skinwalkers are typically seen in the form of a coyote, owl, crow or wolf, although they do have the ability to turn into any animal they choose.

In 1995, the Skinwalker Ranch came to the attention of NIDS, the National Institute for Discovery Science based in Las Vegas and owned by millionaire Robert Bigelow. NIDS bought the property and began an unprecedented scientific study of all of these paranormal claims. Observation platforms were built with CCTV cameras. The ranch was under heavy guard with personnel and former lawmen were on the property 24/7 for 8 years.

Not much is known about the ranch thanks to the successful sanitizing of the story on many talk shows. However, when Ground Zero first got the news from then Deseret News reporter Zack Van Eyk about the ranch, the story sounded as if it were ripped out of the ‘Poltergeist’ movies. At the time, I was in contact with Rene Barnett who is a top television and documentary producer. Barnett, who has been producer for shows such as ‘Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura’, the acclaimed mysterious investigation into Rennes le Chateau in the movie ‘Bloodline’, and the television show ‘Strange Universe’. The story of the Sherman Ranch was a difficult story to get on the air because it was in such a remote area and, with it being under heavy guard like Area 51, people were afraid to get near it.

George Knapp of KLAS-TV in Las Vegas is now the go-to person on the matters of Skinwalker Ranch. He once commented during a Reddit Ask Me Anything outing that there have been sightings of Dogmen around the ranch since the initial reports of the huge wolf that was sighted in 1995 by the Shermans.

Stories of purported dog-headed men go back well into history. Mostly referred to as the “Cynocephali”, which derives from the ancient Greek words “cyno,” meaning dog, and “cephaly,” meaning a disease of the head, these were typically described as essentially humans with the head of a dog, and they feature heavily in stories going across cultures throughout the world, from ancient Egypt, to ancient Greek, to medieval Europe and Africa, as well as in Christian mythology.

Indeed, over the centuries many conquerors, missionaries, and adventurers reported coming across these bizarre, somewhat savage creatures. In later times, Roman author, naturalist and philosopher Pliny the Elder listed them among various other mysterious types of human, called “the monstrous races,” ranging from cannibals to more surreal humans with no heads, in his work Natural History. They were described as having long claws and chasing down prey.

The Cynocephali became part of Christian lore after the famed St. Augustine wrote about them, along with other monsters, in the 5th century A.D. He saw them as the inheritors of Cain’s curse and the descendants of Noah’s disobedient offspring. White wrote: “Thanks to Augustine, the Cynocephali were seen to be a part of the economy of salvation, albeit a fallen or exiled part; and so it was that they became widely allegorized and moralized as a quarrelsome, morally dumb, or even demonic race that was nevertheless redeemable.”

Throughout the Bible we are warned to stay far from men who come in sheep’s clothing but are ravenous wolves under the skin.

There were spies who reported to Moses that the area of Hebron near Canaan was a vile place where giant man wolves and man cats lived. They were giants who, when they talked, sounded like panthers. They were large, ate human flesh, and had bones made of “iron”. They were also reported to have double rows of teeth, and to be seen eating animals women and children.

There is also the story of Nebuchadnezzar where in the Book of Daniel where it was reported that eventually, he ate grass like an ox and his hair grew as long as eagle’s feathers, his nails were like bird’s claws.

During the Spring of 1983, numerous lambs were allegedly slaughtered by an unknown predator at a farm in Exmoor, U.K.

At the same time, local framers reports sighting a large dog, or wolf rising up on its hind legs attacking flocks. Others claimed that what they saw was a large animal that was a cross between a bear, cat and dog. The attacks weren’t the only thing that terrified farmers — the claw marks that the monster left behind appeared to have seared the flesh of the lambs.

There was also a report of a large black dog materializing in front of the Blythburg church. The dog ferociously attacked the congregation killing two people and severely burning many more.

Many of these stories sound like they are from a horror movie, however I have never heard of these dog attacks leaving behind burnt claw marks. It is like witnesses are describing hounds form hell.

People fear what they cannot see. With further study and understanding, we may be able to curb those fears with rational investigations.

The very monsters in our nightmares create anxious thoughts of pending evil, largely due to misconceptions brought about by the entertainment industry.

Stories don’t need to be crazy for a creature to be placed in the crytpozoology file. They can seem spectacular if we aren’t used to seeing them.

That is why I believe that they are serious and unfinished business.

Written by Ron Patton

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