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Clyde Lewis | May 26, 2020
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The Memorial Day weekend was a very busy weekend for me and my staff. We had to prepare for prerecorded shows as we had a special project we were working. I have extracurricular programs that I record including a short podcast called, “How The World Will End.” It is basically a take on how we could accidentally or by some act of God meet our own extinction.

The topic I chose to speak about was about dystopia and how in the aftermath of COVID-19 there are many writers and op-ed pundits that are saying that it will be a Brave New World.

All I can say is “let’s hope so.”

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is about to be made into a TV show for a streaming network and those who have not picked up a book will know of how bizarre of a vision Huxley had for the future of mankind.

Dystopian stories have one thing in common – the characters suffer so you don’t have to. That means that we do not have to suffer in a dystopia by choice. We have been warned. Genetic Engineering, scarcity, order and security at the cost of liberty – these stories were written and the suffering was there in hopes that it would stay there and not leap out of the page into our reality.

As many US states struggle to roll-back their highly damaging lockdown policies, various complex technocratic ‘gating’ systems are now being devised by public health officials – all of them presumable designed to prevent a theoretical “second wave” of coronavirus infections and deaths.

Officials keep talking about “the second wave” of COVID-19 as if it is a foregone conclusion and with all of the money being invested in “covid proofing” businesses and the mass testing and contact tracing being planned someone is sending the message that the power grab is not over – at least not in the foreseeable future.

Some states are relenting by starting Phase 1 of their reopening plans. But there are many preconditions to this task and many people are still reluctant to get on with their lives even with all of the precautions and preconditions in play.

One such precondition is the call for “mass testing and contact tracing” for COVID-19. This is being proposed as a requirement for the lifting lockdown restrictions, supposedly until a vaccine or effective treatments arrive which are meant to rescue the public from the alleged unprecedented ever continuing global pandemic.

Most Americans have yet to question what this system of medical martial law really means in terms of basic rights and civil liberties. This issue may be coming to a head now.

As we have reported earlier, there are authorities who are saying that there will be a second deadlier wave of this virus coming to us soon. Many are calling this the Dark Winter scenario as a table top exercise was already planned and executed as far back as June of 2001.

Many lawmakers are saying that they will not go into lock down again.

Mental health officials are saying that another lockdown in the second wave could be detrimental to mental health, leading to suicide and violence.

Yesterday I was reading the Los Angeles Times and there was a headline that caught my eye that read, “Little sense of shared grief as coronavirus deaths near 100,000.”

I had to read it because I knew what was being implied and I knew that the opinions expressed in the article would be nothing more than stanzas of virtue signaling and how Americans have not grieved or suffered enough through COVID-19 to have special “moments of silence” or “tolling bells” or some other moment where we recognize and remember that nearly 100,000 people have died because of a virus that has become a political football and an excuse for power grabs and treating people like they are serfs.

The New York Times was equally gratuitous by printing the names of the dead on their front page over the weekend.

This indicates even more that a media that claims to be about facts more than fear focuses on the deaths of these individuals and somehow compares them to the people who died after the attacks of 9/11 or the deaths of the astronauts in the Space shuttles.

While the lives lost are tragic – the idea of making them akin to war dead is absolutely the lowest form of sensationalism.

Many people really have no idea why we celebrate Memorial Day. We use the day to honor our dead but mostly we reflect back on those men and women who fought valiantly to ensure that their posterity would be able to have the rights and freedoms that are unique to Americans.

Americans have shared undeniable hardships in the 5 months they have been on lockdown. More than 38 million people have been forced to file for unemployment, and tens of millions have been forced to hunker down to avoid the spread of the contagion.

As Americans, we realized that there would be a burden on the hospitals and the health care system and so we complied with the orders in order to flatten the curve.

Then the deal was altered to more than just flattening a curve—it became a power grab, an edict to follow arbitrary guidelines that were enforced as law as the police and others got into the act of restricting people from having their autonomy.

The media became a critical parent – flashing death tolls on the screen acting surprised when people were quarantine fatigued, and continued to give doomsday projections that began to tire the American people.

Some people still complied out of self-preservation and respect for others. However the need for human dignity and autonomy has always prevailed – but apparently some local governments will not have it.

What started out as an apparent effort to prevent a novel coronavirus from sickening the nation has become yet another means by which government can expand its power abuse its authority, and further oppress its constituents.

Until now, the police state has been more circumspect in its power grabs, but this latest state of emergency has brought the beast out of the shadows.

We are on a slippery slope to outright despotism.

This road we are traveling is paved with lockdowns, SWAT team raids, mass surveillance and forced vaccinations. It is littered with the debris of our First and Fourth Amendment freedoms.

We are on a slippery slope to outright despotism. From there we have dystopia and from there we have the final solution.

You have heard that term before it was what Hitler had planned for the Jews.

It was also uttered by Bill Gates on Late Night with Stephen Colbert. Gates talked about innovating testing and tracking of people during the COVID-19 outbreak. He then said that the “Final Solution” is the vaccines.

Colbert awkwardly joked: “Just to head off the conspiracy theories, maybe we shouldn’t call the vaccine “the final solution.”

Gates said “Good Point” and then laughed maniacally.

As I have said before activities such as what we are seeing now lead to pogroms—they lead to singling out certain individuals. Taking them away to jail, or internment camps where they could end up dying.

The historical record shows that crises including wars, famines, food scandals – as well as pandemics – change institutions and can have long-lasting impacts on affected societies.

We will find ourselves over the next few months and years in the middle of a natural experiment for sustainability. It will be an experiment in how we survive without falling into what is known as apocalypse etiquette. Where we are forced to decide what is appropriate to keep your family fed and healthy.

The question is: After a disaster of epic proportions do morals change? Are we in such a dire situation that there will be looting, stealing, and perhaps civil upheaval in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Now we are learning that some areas are preparing for Phase II of the reopening of areas around the country. However there are other areas that preparing for Round II quite possibly an indication of what has been called Dark Winter.

In Washington State, which has been called Ground Zero for the COVID-19 outbreak in the states leaders are preparing for a second round of infections with Isolation camps being set up near correctional facilities and even a remote location in Goldendale, Washington.

Recently, KIRO Channel 7 news in Seattle ran a report on a facility that was being set up near the Maple lane Correctional Facility in Thurston County which is about 22 miles from Olympia the Capital of Washington state.

On a tip from Washington Representative Mathew Shea we were told that in a remote area of Washington called Goldendale there was a similar facility which certainly was quite out of the way. Goldendale is a two hour drive from Portland, Oregon and a four hour drive from Seattle, Washington.

An isolation facility is there under lock and key. A huge gate blocks a road that leads to rows of trailers that are available to house those with COVID-19. While many isolation facilities in Washington are either on or near hospitals and correctional facilities this site is remote with a small airstrip to the east that can be used to fly in the infected.

While this facility is not considered secret, it is one of the lesser known facilities in Washington and many people suspect it may house those who do not wish to comply with any lockdown rules for round II of the pandemic that many authorities are saying could happen now that areas are opening up.

Washington Governor Inslee, has been in control of the state and has dictated the right to go to a business, and that businesses must record your personal information and turn it into the government. This contact tracing is supposed to somehow stave off the pandemic.

Some believe that the remote facility in Goldendale will be for combatants that do not wish to comply.

The Klickitat County Emergency Operations Center says that the facility is for first responders, health care workers, wildland firefighters, Klickitat County residents, and non-county residents temporarily working in the county. They claim that the service will be completely voluntary.

However with no “services” for miles, no cell phone service, an perhaps no cable TV the question is why anyone would want to be housed at the facility that consists of RV’s in a virtual no man’s land.

What is most disconcerting is that there are probably more of these camps that were first constructed for such military containment camp programs such as REX-84, Cable Splicer, and Garden Plot.

The details of Cable Splicer and its sister Projects called Red Light and Deep Shield have been simultaneously being implemented for mass containment if needed in the middle of a state emergency.

Garden Plot was actually the classified portion of the Cable Splicer Program where not only would combatants be detained, but there was also provisions for using chemical and silent and directed energy weapons in order to shut down entire areas for control.

If any civil disturbance by a resistance group, religious organization, or other persons considered to be non-conformist takes place, under Appendix 3 to Annex B of Plan 55-2 hereby gives all Federal forces total power over the situation if local and state authorities cannot put down said dissenters.

Annex A, section B of Operation Garden Plot defines tax protesters, militia groups, religious cults, and general anti-government dissenters as Disruptive Elements. This calls for the deadly force to be used against any extremist or dissident perpetrating any and all forms of civil disorder.

Under section D, a Presidential Executive Order will authorize and direct the Secretary of Defense to use the Armed Forces of the United States to restore order by any means necessary.

During a press conference on May 12th, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee revealed his radical agenda for rolling out his statewide contact tracing program, saying that his initiative “is robust, it is vigorous and it is comprehensive, and it needs to be all three to be successful,” Inslee said. “If we do not succeed in this second stage of our efforts, this virus could come bright back and bite us.”

Again, Inslee is predicating his entire state strategy on the theory of a “second wave” of coronavirus ravaging the population if lockdown is lifted. However, this theory has been widely contested by other countries and epidemiological experts.

The other practical consideration is what good will mass testing do when it’s now well known that the overwhelming majority of COVID-19 victims are above the age of 75 with multiple comorbidities, and that most carriers in other age groups are asymptomatic and will never require any medical care after being infected with the virus. What is the point of tracking, tracing and quarantining the healthy in large numbers if the virus poses no significant threat to the wider population?

Inslee’s aggressive approach to medical surveillance is similar to that of California governor Gavin Newsom’s 20,000 strong “Army of Contact Tracers“, and also echos calls by Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who is advocating for large-scale contact tracing as a condition of ‘return to normalcy’.

How practical or necessary a mass contact tracing regime would be in order to contain a respiratory virus in its late stages – remains highly debatable.

What happens to those wish do not wish to comply with these draconian methods of surveillance –what happens when people decide enough is enough? Will there be forces called up to move combatants into detainment camps that are selectively placed in remote areas of the state?

This is what we have to look forward to in the months and years to come unless we can find some way to regain control over our runaway government.

The government has made no secret of its plans.

It’s chilling to think about, but it’s not surprising.

In many ways, this is just more of the same heavy-handed tactics we’ve been seeing in recent years but with one major difference: this COVID-19 state of emergency has invested government officials and those who view their lives as more valuable than ours with a sanctimonious, self-righteous, arrogant, Big Brother Knows Best approach to top-down governing, and the fall-out can be seen far and wide.

It’s an ugly, self-serving mindset that views the needs, lives and rights of “we the people” as insignificant when compared to those in power.

It is sad to think that if you want to defend your rights there is a makeshift camp waiting to be used.

At the moment, there is a row of RV’s kept at a remote area of Washington State. Nearby is a secret airstrip which is perfect for transferring the sick and those who do not wish to participate in the new normal.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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