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Clyde Lewis | May 27, 2020
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Today as I was watching the morning news for updates on the Space X launch, there was a story about how Disney World was set to open up again after COVID-19 forced its shutdown.

Officials from the theme park, located in Orlando, Florida, announced their proposed phased reopening today during a meeting with a local economic recovery task force.

The Magic Kingdom will be back in business July 11th.

Epcot and Hollywood Studios would reopen on July 15.

Disney’s plan must be approved by the mayor of Orange County, and then Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Officials said that as they reopen, the parks will not host parades or have firework shows.

Character meet-and-greets will be paused as the park reopens, and all play areas will be temporarily closed.

All guests will need to reserve entry into the park in advance, and their temperatures, along with cast members’, will be checked, and face masks will be mandatory for everyone.

The company said they plan to enact “high-energy squads” of employees who will roam the parks checking to make sure people are wearing masks.

Disney officials said they might make “relaxation zones” where people will be allowed to remove their face masks.

Now, I ask you with what it costs to go to a Disney Park – what is the point?

Every media outlet now is scaring everybody into thinking that enjoying freedom and lifting restrictions will bring the second wave or COVID-Death.

Within days after the lifting of restrictions during the Memorial Day weekend media outlets are already saying that the grim milestone of 100,000 deaths was because of these lifts.

However, we were told that the virus incubates for at least 14 days – so the reports are nothing more than propping up more fear to discourage any lifting of restrictions and push the second wave narrative.

The media is lying again and people like me who point it out are told that we are ignorant and that we reject science.

I know many of us have our personal views on the whole COVID-19 situation. But regardless of your stance on it, regardless of how tired you are of hearing about it – there is something that I have to tell you before we all together move on to various topics that I feel are also important in the area of fringe analytics.

We have been heavily reporting COVID-19 stories and as much as it pains me to do so, I have to confess that even though the mainstream seems to be wearing out their welcome with death tolls and interviews with people in the ICU, we have to now admit that without any real protests or demands for changes in our various governments we have to live in a society that has adjusted the parameters of acceptable behavior. You don’t have to like it and it looks like no one is willing to start a storm of action that will effectively show people that are gripped in fear how hygiene and awareness can prevent disease and even then everyone can catch something that can potentially kill them.

Our lives have changed irrevocably.

So far, the threat of alien invasion and murder hornets does not seem to be enough to break the spell that has been cast on the majority of people and thus it seems to be a foregone conclusion that they powers that be are aching to crack down even more on the people as they are telling us that we will inevitably ride a second wave of the virus and of course they want to remind us all that it will be far more deadly than this one.

I need to remind everyone that no matter how well you think things are going, the power grab is so consistent that it will not roll back and if anyone objects they will certainly be attended to.

While it’s impossible to guess precisely what comes next, we can surmise from the things happening right now which way the future is headed. And we can use that information to prepare ourselves for it.

I want you to understand that what I am telling you is all about preparation and that what is being called an inconvenience now, will be more of a crisis for those who thought that this lockdown when lifted would be an easy process.

It’s no surprise that the economy is in shambles; after all, it’s been all but shut down for months. I don’t think anyone could foresee 40 million people becoming unemployed in the span of two months.

Many do not wish to return to work because they are doing well cashing their stimulus and unemployment checks – we are actually banking on all of this to continue but if we are told to ride the second wave, there will not be much left. Not to mention the fact that life is always fraught with other disasters, hardships, power failures, cyber-attacks, war and a major medical crisis.

As much as the virtue signalers will tell you that caring about the economy and your rights is selfish, eventually we will all have to answer to what has been done and soon All of the virtue signaling and the over carefulness will soon breed resentment unless preparations are met both psychologically and materially. You should also understand how vital it is to start thinking about how to prepare medially as well, meaning that there are ways you can car for yourself without having to see the doctor.

After an economic collapse, the main hurdle to getting medical care might be the inability to pay the upfront admittance costs rather than a lack of available care. I also expect the quality of care to decline in the months after an economic collapse. In other words, you might be able to find an office or hospital that will accept you if you have the admittance fee, but the care you get maybe far below current standards.

We can expect shortages of everything from medications to automotive parts to hygiene supplies in the near future due to the breakdown of the supply chain.

When Argentina suffered their economic collapse, there were people that were asked if they were able to purchase medical supplies from their Pharmacies as economic conditions dictated that those who could afford to buy their supplies should do so to avoid waiting in long lines at hospitals. Many medical supplies there that were once restricted by prescription were allowed to be bought by the public without a doctor’s approval.

There were also social workers that were in the poorer sections of the community teaching better hygiene. This was mandatory – preparation for medical emergencies that could be taken care of at home became very important. There were also teachers that would go to homes to evaluate educational needs of the children.

Of course, that will not happen in the United States.

Our public education system was early to exit from normal operations. Children are currently doing “distance learning” online with their teachers and being guided by their parents.

While a lot of parents complain, many others have enjoyed reconnecting with their children. Some parents are also realizing that the education they thought their kids were receiving isn’t all it’s been cracked up to be when they find their children are far behind the curve and the teacher never even mentioned it.

Children are not the only ones that are lacking in basic education – basic common sense has been thrown out of the equation and the media is actually pushing the second wave agenda which is destined to prolong the abnormal and draconian executive orders in this country with no end strategy.

It is obvious that there is really no desire to spark the idea of starting up the economy again and the people seem to want to go along with it all as they are depressed, confused, and angry.

You are now a selfish and uncaring person if you believe it is time to get on with life and to adapt at will.

You need to understand that if the media wishes to lie about cases of COVID-19 immediately being contracted after the holiday weekend, then you can bet that the second wave of death and disease will certainly be the next agenda as we will continue the same old fear and over reach without questioning motive.

Again preparedness is key, prevention is key, mental acuity is key. Preparing for other life disasters is also key – earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and blackouts do not stop because we are focused on a virus whose recovery rate is high and death rate is random. Seeing a big death rate on the nightly news is admittedly scary, but the breakdown of mortality paints a very important picture that shows that clearly the COVID-19 event has been exploited politically.

Which should be seen as being the last refuge of scoundrels.

Scoundrels are also pushing the illusion of scarcity. This forces the hoard mentality.

We’ve all see bare spaces on the shelves at the grocery stores. There’s a major problem getting food from the farmers to the people who need it. Our system has been designed around the centralization and processing of food.

Interestingly, this problem isn’t necessarily about actual shortages as much as it is processing and distribution.

It turns all of us into hunter gatherers for simple things like toilet paper and diapers.

In reality, a lot of the things we used to run to the store and buy simply aren’t essential. We can begin to downsize and to focus on needs instead of wants.

We can begin to be more careful with the resources we do have. How many times have we said, “It’s cheaper to just replace it than try and fix it” when tossing something in the trash? We should be living by the adage, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

It’s also a good time to begin to be more creative with our reuse of things. Can you use the fabric from an item of clothing you’ll no longer wear to make something else that you need? How can you re-purpose things? What multiple uses can you get from items? You can’t go wrong with learning new skills like making or repairing commonly used items.

Instead of making a dash to the store your first option, see how you can solve problems without buying anything.  Start looking for substitutes and make your items last as long as possible with careful cleaning and maintenance. This way of life has the added bonus of helping you to get a handle on your finances.

You should also be aware of how people are acting and how the snitch society and a dashed economy will change people – people are not behaving rationally.

As we have seen with the COVID -19 event, the biggest threat in a crisis or emergency is often not the emergency or crisis itself, but other people.

We are seeing increases in police brutality, rioting, demonstrations, robberies and assaults in places where we used to feel safe.

It is time to think long and hard about how you will defend yourself or you family if the need arises.

During the lockdowns I started noticing attitude changes, within my inner circle as well as outside my inner circles, with the sometimes surprising behaviors of neighbors, coworkers, and friends.

With Contact Tracing being employed by local authorities you will have to be circumspect as to what you say to people as you will not know if it is being recorded and reported.

As the financial catastrophe our nation is facing becomes more apparent, so will the desperation that people are feeling. And desperate people can behave irrationally and dangerously. Anyone who has ever considered the extreme measures that they would go to in order to feed or protect their children can understand that others feel exactly the same way.

Right now, during these early stages, we’re still in the “good” times. The government is doling out money hand over fist. Food banks are still operating, although supplies are very limited. A lot of people have looked at this as a “paid vacation” from their everyday lives.  Many are making more money staying home collecting unemployment than they made at work – for some it’s triple the amount.

But when that money stops coming in…when the food banks are empty…when the jobs don’t reappear…when supplies are short even for those with money…when there’s no more help?

That’s when people will begin to feel desperate.

First of all, it’s of the utmost importance that you practice good OpSec. That’s a military term that means “operational security.” Put simply, OpSec means that people outside your inner circle should be completely unaware of your supplies, your level of preparedness, and your willingness and ability to defend what’s yours.

Nobody needs to know you have extra toilet paper or canned goods. If you really want to help someone out, pick up a few things for them at the store and drop it off in the bag from the store saying, “I grabbed a few things for you while I was at the store.” Make sure they don’t think it came from your home because hungry people have very long memories.

Secondly, you need to be prepared so that you don’t feel this same desperation. We’ve been talking about preparedness on this website for almost a decade. If you haven’t put your plan into action, you are truly running out of time to do so, and quickly. Stock up and get ready because the future is going to be bumpy.

Bumpy might be an understatement – we are not seeing too much outrage now but when the weather gets better, when temperatures rise, so does outrage.

Riding the Second Wave will get choppy because of things like:
Loss of constitutional rights
Loss of freedom to move around as you want
Loss of the ability to make a living
Loss of loved ones
Loss of security
Loss of certainty about the future

We’re dealing with a scenario in which loss is rampant. One of the stages of grief is anger and we can absolutely expect this to erupt. We’ve seen some of this anger already, with protests across the country.

Minneapolis is already reeling from a police brutality case. Thousands flooded the streets in the same intersection where a police officer knelt on the neck of an African-American forgery suspect until he died.

This is only the beginning as people will not only take to the streets over racism and brutality but many other reasons.

Of course, meeting those protesters are counter-protesters – everyone has a different story so they’re viewing this situation through a different lens.

The sides are being clearly drawn here – people are being cast into the role of caring only about the economy or only about public health. Those who are outraged aren’t looking for the middle ground – they’re furious due to their loss or their fear of loss. And don’t forget, this is an election year, so the media and the political parties will be out there in full force, stirring the pot.

You may find that your situation has dramatically changed since the beginning of the year. You may have lost one income or all income. You may be depending on checks from unemployment. Your business may not be able to withstand the extended shutdown. You may find yourself unable to pay bills that were never a problem before.

Your attitude is everything. If you wallow in misery, you’re going to be miserable.

Everything has changed, but it’s still important to find reasons to be happy, grateful, and hopeful. These traits will help you find the resilience you need to survive and thrive, regardless of the challenges ahead.

It’s a whole new world out there and it is far from normal. The scenario has been forged by authorities to remind us why we need them – you don’t need them if you are prepared and aware of what is happening as we ride the second wave.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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