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Ron Patton | May 28, 2019
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The ways of looking at the world are rarely wholly right or wrong; they are more or less useful, depending on the questions they conjure.

We see that in this time of history, many are questioning what it will be like five or 10 years from now, probably because we do not like the here and now and have given up on what to do with it. If we would have heeded the warnings of despotism in works, we would have understood that the threat within – is too occupied to look at the threat that is outside the confines of the so-called protected state.

Thomas Jefferson warned us when he said:

“The time to guard against corruption and tyranny is before they shall have gotten hold of us. It is better to keep the wolf out of the fold than to trust to drawing his teeth and talons after he shall have entered.”

That time is now here.

In the face of Western governments’ coordinated efforts to criminalize journalism and to weaponize social platforms, we begin to see the suffocation of democracy. If there is no one to warn us that a strategic plan is being implemented to rob us of our freedoms then we face a famine of knowledge which will lead to our enslavement.

At the end of this month, the Bilderberg group will be hosting their 67th annual meeting since their formation in 1954. There will be a total of 130 participants from 23 different countries coming together in Montreux, Switzerland to discuss policies, depopulation, populism, and their secretive agendas behind closed doors.

The Bilderbergs are a collective of elite North American and European politicians, business leaders, financiers, and academics. They are quite simply the world planners with the money and clout that is capable of changing the direction of the world.

The group has attracted a good deal of suspicion over the last half-century and for good reason. Its members are certainly globalists that are pursuing strategies and agendas that most certainly put American sovereignty in jeopardy.

The key topics for discussion this year are:

A Stable Strategic Order
What Next for Europe?
Climate Change and Sustainability
The Future of Capitalism
The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
The Weaponization of Social Media
The Importance of Space
Cyber Threats

If you take a look at social models and history, you can always see that extreme nationalism and socialism is always used as a tool to motivate people in times of economic crisis, and the greater the hardships on a people the more we see nationalist, socialist and state socialist movements become violent and cancerous. Leaders in history have used Hegelian methods to ensure that the people move into accepting philosophies and ideas they first thought were deplorable.

Globalization, since the Brexit and Trump shocks of 2016, has been shaped by a tug of war between economic fundamentals and policy threats. But predictions that globalization would collapse under a wave of economic nationalism have not been proven to be accurate.

I often hear new age hopefuls spokespeople say that the Globalists are losing the battle – that the New World Order is finished, I contend that this type of attitude sends a message that there is an all-out effort to sabotage it.

I question who the saboteurs are.

The message gets out that the globalists are making plans for us but most people write it off as tin foil hat conspiracy theory.

Speaking up against the socialist philosophies labels you a fascist – and the only alternative is being a communist and for vocal minimum, this is enough for nationwide contention.

How is it that this is the case? I will never understand.

It seems everyone is a fascist these days. It doesn’t matter who and it doesn’t matter why – they are fascists. We have all been stuck speaking with some self-proclaimed expert who finds everyone who disagrees with them to be worthy of the name.

Of course, lots of people really were fascists once; and they killed millions. The constant use of the term in our political discourse as a pejorative does a disservice. It is also detrimental to political discourse.

You’ve heard of the boy who cried wolf; imagine the fate of the boy who cried “Fascism”.

Fascism is anti-liberal, it is anti-conservative, it is anti-rational, and it is anti-American.

In theory, fascism has no bias in support by class. In principle, fascism should appeal to all classes equally. Both Italian Fascism and German Nazism made strong rhetorical gestures to all classes. The same could be said of support by gender, though the tendency to emphasize militarism and physical courage could be considered an appeal to chauvinism—now we see that the media has taken the helm of making appeals to misandrism creating a victim mindset among women dividing the genders.

People claim it is divisive but it is worse than that it is destructive. It is an age-old strategic order that breeds fragmentation.

It is also part of what can be considered the identity war.

We live in an era of identity wars. On both sides of the Atlantic, old partisan loyalties are being reshuffled as a new national populist right battles over immigration with an open-borders, multicultural left. Beyond the West, the most dynamic leaders are seeking to root their legitimacy in historic national and religious traditions.

There is a worldwide project being carried out and discussed by the Bilderberg group where the strategic plan for globalism is to create chaos with a countrywide identity crisis.

Many countries today are not sure how they want to be identified.

We are now seeing it all over the world. We see it in Russian Orthodoxy and Eurasianism in Putin’s Russia, Hindu nationalism in Modi’s India, Chinese nationalism in Xi’s China, and post-secular Islamic Turkish nationalism in Erdoğan’s Turkey. The most extreme form of identity politics is that of the Islamic State that has risen from the wreckage of Iraq and Syria. Its adherents seek to recreate a version of the early Muslim caliphate.

The global eruption of identity politics has left many intellectuals in commentariat, surprised and baffled. That is only to be expected.

From the days of the French Revolution and the Communist Manifesto to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the great intellectual-political debates were about how to organize the state, not about who belonged to the nation.

When the Bilderbergs plan to create a strategic order – they do not care about nations they care about organizing a global government and they use identity politics as a tool to create a destructive divide.

Until relatively recently, the politics of national identity were quite different on the two sides of the Atlantic. But that old distinction is breaking down.

It has a purpose – its purpose is to create a controlled demolition of a country due to its instability and incongruence.

This is why the future of capitalism is also a focus by the Bilderberg group. They see an opportunity to replace traditional capitalism with the new form of capitalism on a leash being held hostage by communist ideologies.

It is not by chance that we are told that there is an ever-present crisis looming at the center of the capitalist system. The strategy is to exploit its flaws and glitches so that it can be sold as old and tired.

The goal of Bilderberg group is to use propaganda to show that capitalism is the root cause of peoples’ current problems and exploit the concealment and silencing of the manufactured crisis.

The goal is to put into question the “theoretical” foundations of capitalism and its advocates.

The way to exploit much of the chinks in the armor is to create a sense of scarcity and a lack of transparency. This can be done very easily as it is now easy to point out that the recent spate of extreme weather is part of Climate Change and not Climate Engineering.


There are many people who have accepted the “Global Warming” agenda as a harmless agenda that is meant to conserve energy and open the doors to the idea of alternative fuels. While that part of the “green” philosophy is great for the conservation of resources, there are hidden directives that when illustrated can have you understand that “Global Sustainability” is the goal of “Climate Change “policies.

Imagine a place in time where global warming, pandemics, international terrorism, financial collapse, economic and trade depression, even alien contacts are looming and become a threat to the managing of the nation-state.

The Bilderberg group is addressing all of these so-called bogeymen including the advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

The Bilderbergs all serve to show that such crises are beyond the capacity of any one nation-state to cope with, all part of the darkness before the new dawn and thus “justify” the need for world government from different angles and for different reasons. It would seem that in today’s world, all geopolitical roads and PsyWar highways irrevocably lead to a world government centered on Rome, London, New York, Washington, and Jerusalem.

It is unfortunate that these meetings have brought together those who can move people en masse to become identity prone to various destructible notions that will certainly destroy our way of life.

A few generations back most people were defined by their church, their trade union, their political leaning and whether they saw themselves as rich or poor. Today, churchgoers and trade union members are minorities, the major parties between them command only about 70 percent support and the standard of living is so high that it is unusual not to have a car, a couple of TVs and an annual holiday.

With increasing wealth and the decline of institutions, the values that bound society together have largely disappeared and without them, society has fragmented. No one can count the number of identity groups, interest groups, pressure groups, lobby groups and the like representing particular interests. Social media has given everybody a voice.

This is why there is a plan to further weaponize social media.

It will continue to promote the identity war. It is there to compartmentalize and create cliques within the collectives—that wish to create scapegoats.

“Scapegoats” are invented to explain why things are so chaotic – when we see that the destructive behaviors come from minor organizations that wish the whole world thought like them.

It is not difficult for people to find themselves attracted to those organizations that share their concerns. That, in itself, is not a problem.

It becomes a problem when people begin to define themselves primarily by a particular interest or identity and when that interest is bent on gaining advantage from the community at large. Any sense of national interest or common good is overtaken by special interests as they vote for their identity grouping first.

It is good to have a cause but when the cause turns caustic and it becomes a militant effort to suppress other viewpoints – it goes from being divisive to destructive.

We the people who favor improvements for a more perfect union see the prospect sicken and it is the “we” that becomes “us and them.”

It requires someone or something to oppose or worse something or someone to hate.

It thrives on competitive victimhood. Groupthink replaces the reality that we are equal, individual human beings, capable of seeing the bigger picture of the overall good – it blinds us to the organizers of globalist conspiracy, literally those who are waiting to employ their strategy of control.

Bilderberg is hoping that world leaders focus on narrow causes and disagreements that define identity politics – if an identity war intensifies, we will begin to see the destruction of what we are together as a nation – we fight against each other instead of fighting against those who wish to destroy us and replace us with drones that do their bidding.

They will do better to fracture the fabric of nations that see themselves as sovereign and free.

The cause now is to just divorce ourselves of an identity-based in politics – it is time to stop the politicking of weather, human interest, reproductive health, skin color, sexual preference, and even religion.

Identity politics is in many ways the lowest form of politics. Why? Because most people who identify themselves as a “type” eventually become a stereotype and myopically obsess over their own and other people’s victimization.

All so-called rights and terminologies then become trivial.

We hearken back to the boy who cries wolf and the identity warrior crying fascist as he is guarding his flock.

It is like whoever guards the victims decides to shout down any unwelcome visitor that wants a piece of the action.

It is like a cult leader who keeps his subjects away from their families and the real world. There is anger and mistrust – not only do people take different opinions personally, they take them politically.

So people’s personal and private behavior is of political importance, in the same way that their actions in public life are. This means that people’s private behavior becomes a legitimate target for public scrutiny and political criticism.

How anyone can’t see this as a destructive dynamic is beyond me.

With the identity war, there is no forgiveness for an off the cuff inappropriate remark, or off-color joke. There is no forgiveness for past behaviors that are seen as offensive.

The identity warrior is notorious for regarding past sins as a legitimate target for political condemnation. Even if you are dead and there are statues erected to you, someone may find an indiscretion that will condemn you and your memory and so any honorarium is asked to be withdrawn. This is similar to what Stalin did to his political enemies.

In the United States, there are a growing number of political operatives who specialize in digging up the youthful indiscretions of public figures. Many ambitious politicians are reviewing their school yearbooks and their old social-media profiles in order to contain any potential risk to their reputation.

People’s entire lives can be turned upside down when the personal becomes political. The mere allegation of personal impropriety can have devastating consequences for the individual concerned.

The plan for the strategic order of Bilderberg is to continue to stoke the fires of identity warfare.

Far too many politicians are embracing and legitimizing the politics of identity and they see it as something positive but it isn’t. It is a tool that destroys morale and breeds sectarianism.

Identity activists constantly claim to be fighting for justice, but in truth, they devote most of their energy to the cause of gaining greater and greater cultural authority.

Has anyone noticed how the fight against racism has turned into the marginalizing of white America? Has anyone stopped to think that the #metoo movement has gone from being a movement to bring awareness to the abuse of women to a movement that marginalizes men?

Winning women’s equality has been now been displaced by a campaign against masculinity.

This does nothing for justice – it thwarts due process and divides us in many ways.

For identity politics to triumph, it needs to delegitimize and isolate the values traditionally associated with the Enlightenment outlook. It is not an accident that identity ideologues despise the idea of moral autonomy, regard freedom of speech as dangerous, and continually downsize the importance of tolerance — it is because they stand in opposition to Enlightenment values and improvement.

It is more important to say that the system has betrayed them rather than changing it for the better.

The system is under attack – it is flawed weak and fat so it is easily considered prey. However, the infighting between Americans does nothing to protect us from the real enemies to freedom and that is unseen powers who make their plans against us and our way of life.

You may feel pain, you may be angry but haven’t you noticed that we all are?

Can’t you see that it is all by design?

The bottom line is that the Bilderbergs want us to dehumanize one another. If it is not actively challenged then we will all become Lemmings in the identity war.

Written by Ron Patton

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