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Clyde Lewis | May 29, 2020
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On Memorial Day 2020, four Minneapolis police brutally murdered George Floyd. Video of the killing quickly spread around the world. On May 26, some 20,000 people marched in Minneapolis, where they were confronted with a violent police response, including rubber bullets and tear gas. The following day, the city erupted into a full-scale rebellion against the police. The mainstream media’s observations of course was all about police brutality and racism.

This of course, is an easy hook that the population can understand – watching a police officer murdering a black man in broad daylight by kneeling on his neck for 6 minutes while listening to the victim George Floyd pleading for his life as the officer calmly says stop resisting is horrifying, so horrifying in fact that psychologists went on television to tell people not to watch it.

Pleading with an officer to not suffocate you is not resisting arrest.

This blatant disregard for human life is abominable but it must be said that the racist angle is the hook as in May of 1992 we were watching Los Angeles being burned to the ground following the acquittal of the cops who beat Black motorist Rodney King. It explains the revolutionary significance and class character of these popular rebellions against racist state violence  that the media loves to exploit but can never seem to expose the attempts of insurrection that are brought on by corrupt government officials that wish to abuse their power using triggering events to bring about a fully functional police state.

Leave it to the corporate media to not get the whole story but the story that foments racial strategy of tension.

Again, what has happened has triggered racial tensions but we must also acknowledge that the majority of Americans black and white agree that what happened in Minneapolis was murder.

This has equally enraged the people. All people.

The story that is not being reported is that what has happened is that a small group of police officers may be guilty of more than just murder but of declaring war on their own city in order to incite countrywide insurrection.

A police station in Minneapolis was torched last night as looting and rioting continued in that city. There is footage going viral on the internet showing a mysterious man dressed in black, wearing a very expensive face mask, holding an umbrella. The man took the hammer to several windows of an AutoZone store in Minneapolis on Wednesday, video footage shows. That was before the store was set on fire, and before flames engulfed much of the city during the demonstrations.

Some people speculate that he was not a protester, but a police officer from neighboring St. Paul.

It has been rumored that the officer is question is Jacob Pederson, however, the St. Paul police say that he has an alibi or that he was working at the time.

Many people shared the accusation on social media, accusing Pederson of “kickstarting” the riot by being the umbrella man. Some posts contained screenshots that purportedly contained unverified text messages in which someone who knows Pederson allegedly pointed the finger of suspicion against him. Different posts characterized that person’s relationship with the cop differently.

Dylan Park, an author, shared the text message screenshots and wrote, “From a close friend in Minny. There it is.” The messages have the names of the sender and recipient blacked out. They basically purport to show a person claiming to recognize Pederson as the man in the umbrella man video, in part because of the gas mask and gloves he’s wearing. The umbrella man’s face is mostly obscured by a mask, although his eyes are visible.

Again this calls into question whether or not this is a conspiracy to trigger and all-out war between people and the police. Either way the umbrella man in an agent provocateur creating a psychological operation.

Why did the person need to call attention to himself by wearing expensive boots and a very advanced face mask? Why the umbrella?

The last time a man with an umbrella was pinned in a conspiracy was the Umbrella Man who was seen in Dealy Plaza the day President Kennedy was shot.

He was the only person seen carrying, and opening, an umbrella on that sunny day. He was also one of the closest bystanders to President John F. Kennedy when Kennedy was first struck by a bullet. As Kennedy’s limousine approached, the man opened up and lifted the umbrella high above his head, then spun or panned the umbrella from east to west (clockwise) as the president passed by him. In the aftermath of the assassination, the “umbrella man” sat down on the sidewalk next to another man before getting up and walking towards the Texas School Book Depository.

Back in 1963, it was supposed that the umbrella man” may have been acting as a signaler of some kind, opening his umbrella to signal “go ahead” and then raising it to communicate “fire a second round” to other gunmen who shot Kennedy.

Some say that the umbrella man in Minneapolis was there to spark Antifa into a rage –and that it was indeed a cop who also was involved in a conspiracy to destroy Minneapolis.

But the anger has not been kept within the confines of the Twin Cities.

The anger has spread all over the United States, fueled by the despair of what the lockdown has brought us and the blatantly racist actions that the media focused on prior to the spark that has ignited the fires of “Battlefield America.”

The plan to divide us with strategies of tension has worked and now the events in Minneapolis have tripped a response.

The President has harshly rebuked the attacks on Twitter using dog whistle terminology like thugs and using an old civil rights axiom “When the looting starts the shooting starts—a term that was first used Miami’s police chief, Walter Headley, in 1967 George Wallace who was a presidential candidate and segregationist.

Not to pass up a political opportunity, Joe Biden is now claiming that what he can do is rebuild the country if he is elected President as he along with many people are well aware that the politicians themselves with their draconian lockdowns are responsible for such and awful and devastating response to what has happened.

Now we have to wait for the ripple effect and the inevitability of continued retaliation and copycat criminality. The unfortunate thing is that because of pack journalism, it appears that the people want to substitute rule of politics for rule of law, for constitutional law and so as we can already see politics is indistinguishable from mob rule.

This is the point, and arguably that was the objective of the police officers that were involved in the murder of George Floyd.

Because let’s be honest  the people, the unarmed masses become nothing, not even human beings, when they are in the full throes of rebellion against the monstrous police and military machine that is called in the bring order. 

I have always been told that the reason that we have not had a war on U.S. Soil is because Americans have guns… and yet the riots in Los Angeles in 1992 and the riots that are becoming endemic from Minneapolis have proven that most people facing the military police machine are defenseless.

The officers behind the death of George Floyd knew this. They knew that there would be rebellion and that other officers would be compelled to keep the peace and protect the city form mob and criminal behavior.

They knew that it would renews hatred toward the police, set back race relations and create a literal collapse of local government control – there are so many things at play here.

A CNN reporter & his production team were arrested this morning in Minneapolis for doing their jobs, despite identifying themselves. Usually the press is “off limits” as they are exercising their first amendment rights.

CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez and his crew were arrested live on the air and were eventually released. Jimenez kept asking the police if they should move out of their way and give them direction on where to be. The officers then hand cuffed him and one by one 3 of his crew members were also arrested. Officers dropped the microphone and took the camera from them unaware that it was in the middle of a live broadcast.

They were eventually released.

History is a great teacher – and it certainly is an indicator of what creates the decline of social cohesion.

The masses are always the subject of history. Where they are the objects of history they are manipulated as raw material to suit the aims of ruling-class exploitation. They become the subject of history only when they rise to the surface in mass revolutionary action.

Those in the throes of the mob actually feel that they are in the middle of a revolution and any revolutionary struggle accelerates history. The problem is how to cut through the propaganda to reveal who the real exploiters are who are the exploited, who the real oppressors are and who are the oppressed – the clue is that all are being oppressed, some more than others –and this is where the divide deepens and cuts to the bone. It is unfortunate that the noise being generated by the media clouds the reality.

The media won’t call it a revolution or a civil war – but history might – or they might as well.

There are always those who repudiate violence while minimizing the initial use of violence by the ruling class. They denounce it in words, while in deeds they really cover it up. That’s precisely what’s happening now.

On social media we have people that are rebuking the violent actions in Minneapolis when deep down they wish they had the capacity and or the fortitude to participate.

In the case of Rodney King, people would readily admit the verdict in the police trial was unfair but the voices would rise up saying. “The masses should not have taken to the streets and taken matters into their own hands.”

I have always seen this as a formality and in some ways hypocritical. I have seen many so called key board revolutionaries saying that “Something should be done” or “1776 will happen again if” and then when people do rise up – they turn into observers saying the way those people are handling things is criminal and wrong.

There is also the upright virtue signaler who probably tells all of her liberal friends that she does not see color and that she treats everyone equally, gives to charities, demands equality and diversity, walks her dog in Central Park,and then when she encounters a black man giving her grief about not leashing her dog – she whips out her phone calls the police and makes it a point to declare that an African-American man is threatening her life.

I have encountered this before when I lived in a predominantly black neighborhood.

She is probably the type that will post on Facebook that all Trump supporters are racists – when she holds in her deep prejudices tightly with a covetous grip.

Either way it’s an indecent way of seeming to take both sides of the argument when what follows is in reality a condemnation of the masses.

In times when the middle and lower class are up against the wall, when the masses have risen against authority suddenly and unexpectedly, some people become disingenuous and start pointing out the lies and deceits about the unruliness of a few among the masses as against the orderly law-abiding many.

However, Americans have a hard time understanding how conspiracies can be forged in high places of government. They are also not inclined to believe that a small group of police officers can plan an insurrection where they murder a black man in broad daylight, start vandalizing property to provoke riots and then arrest reporters trying to do their jobs.

You need to again look at history and how revolutions and dirty wars start, none of the great revolutions have ever occurred without being accompanied by force and violence. And it is always the oppressor that is most congenitally prone to use force as soon as the masses revolt.

How could these officers involved with the Floyd murder not know that they were oppressors? They did know that is the sick part and they also knew that their counter parts would assemble armies against anyone who would revolt in this case police forces and the National Guard.

The strange man in back with the umbrella, who donned a mask and broke windows at the AutoZone knew that he would strategically trigger more vandalism and looting.

The officers who arrested the reporter on TV, again contributed to a psy-op letting everyone know that the insurrection shall not be televised nor will it be a social media circus as much of what has been released on the internet about the Umbrella man being a Minneapolis police officer is being censored or denied.

Meanwhile networks continue to frame what has happened in Minneapolis as a protest–when people see and know that what they are seeing is a riot.

The effort to avoid referring to the rioting raises questions about the editorializing or shaping of the news. The concern over semantics in a story involving obvious rioting, looting, and arson undermines the reporting overall. There are frankly only a few words to describe rioting.

Thus also applies to looting but how else do you describe e the scene of men breaking open cash registers with hammers or pictures of stores being picked clean of everything from big screen televisions to garden tools.

Some media reports go halfway by saying “Protests Turned Violent.”

The media would probably never go as far as to say that this is an insurrection.

However, it sure looks like this is what the murdering police officers were hoping for.

Weaponzing race is a tactic – creating a spectacle of vandalism is a psy-op – arresting reporters is an example of censoring the dirty war that is afoot.

It creates a strategy of tension that will trigger a group that are already unhinged and oppressed.

Strategies of tension are age-old operative tactics that are used on a large scale in order to control people in the way that the authorities wish them to behave. You may think that your observations of what is happening around you in a crisis are correct, but with the tension strategies provided, you are making all of your decisions on what is happening because you are a casual observer and not a participant in the event.

Every camera angle, every sound bite, every concern, information tidbit and summation of so-called gathered facts are only media driven and public opinion driven for the sole purpose of steering the consensus toward a solution that also is directed and suggested by the controlling authority.

Tension strategies build anxiety and doubt. These anxieties and doubts are immediately tranquilized by the assumed idea that the authorities will take care of it, and whatever they say has to be the truth because we trust that they are always thinking of our best interests rather than self-interests.

Tension strategies have been proven tactics used to divide, manipulate and control people.

These tactics are meant to create targeted violence that can be labeled as acts of war or terror in order to get the populace to react and become desensitized to the inevitability of police or military force to move in and take control of peaceful societies.

It leads to provocation, violence and intimidation. It also creates a public mistrust of a particular race, religion or social status. It increases the level of tension in a society and makes people suspicious of each other and in return creates the illusion that they have no choice but to place their trust on a centralized power that they encourage to step in and control them.

This leads to destabilization of the public order, the public right, and the public sovereignty for the purpose of stabilizing the political tyrannical order.

The bending and mutilating of constitutional laws and human rights have been well documented. The continued power grabs and wanton greed of the warlords, are finally being revealed. No longer are we to guess about the intentions of those in power. We no longer have to speculate about targets. They have all been published in books and in essays submitted to think tanks that are financed by the same self-important fascists that have their cold grip on our nation.

We can just stand idly by and watch the entire system of social programs, the welfare of the states, the counties and the cities of the United States disintegrate. The country has been wrapped inside a massive shroud of fear and with this fear there is a demand for more control by the powers that be. This unfortunately is a mistake. A mistake we could have avoided if we just paid attention to history.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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