After our show with Jason Goodman and Quinn Michaels, we stirred a lot of controversy by implying that perhaps the whole QAnon conspiracy insider phenomenon is an exercise in both human and assisted A.I. disinformation.

What makes it even more synchronistic is that after the show, Roseanne went on her tweet tirade and what was more valuable was not her lame attempt at a so called racist jab, but her mention that she was a follower of #QAnon.

Her show has now been cancelled – her apology tour has begun and the mainstream media has decided to chime in and as expected they dismissed it.

Of course, they dismissed it.

There is a lot one can read into the dismissal – but the media always seems to dismiss anything that smacks of conspiracy theory.

But there is a deeper problem with #QAnon that has nothing to do with the media calling it a hoax or anything else that they can divisively come up with.

The deeper problem is how something as mysterious as #QAnon is developing a technocult of followers that can be dangerous for those who wish to dabble in conspiracy theory and analysis.

#QAnon is certainly a phenomenon to be sure — it is like your pocket insider, leaker, confidence man, and informant. It focuses on worldwide issues and exposes various corruptions as well as exposing those who may be part of a worldwide network of sex trafficking.

The public at large may not really know what #QAnon is but since Roseanne is a fan and allegedly the president is a fan, it may be wise to acquaint you with what it is and how it may be a detriment to getting accurate information thus creating a psychological operation that can be exploited by the military, the pentagon and various other intelligence agencies.

I am told that Q is in cahoots with the President or that Q is a group close to the President – or that he is an insider that is aware of what is going on in the belly of the beast.

Q has left behind cryptic internet postings claiming to have access to classified information involving the Trump administration and its opponents in the United States. Qanon’s posting campaign is also referred to as The Storm, detailing a supposed secret counter-coup by the Trump administration against the alleged “Deep State.”

Adherents believe Q’s claim that he is a “high-level government insider with Q clearance” — a United States Department of Energy security clearance comparable to a United States Department of Defense Top Secret clearance with Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Access .

A person identifying as “Q Clearance Patriot” first appeared on the 4chan forum on October 28, 2017, posting messages in a thread entitled “Calm before the Storm”, referencing Trump’s cryptic description of a gathering of military leaders as “the calm before the storm.”

Reddit banned one of its communities discussing QAnon, Stream, for “encouraging or inciting violence and posting personal and confidential information. This has created a division amongst those who lean towards the right wing and thus controversy is now rearing its head and many are now questioning the motives of this so called mysterious insider.

Q moved from 4chan to 8chan, which are also networks for blogs, groups, forums and discussion spots.

Q has an uncanny knack for approximating future events — a literal government Nostradamus, and this is what makes it suspect as a possible psychological operations tool.

The media only handles the QAnon phenomenon by insulting Trump supporters without even trying to analyze how these things transpire and how many “internet movements” are mysteriously usurped and eventually overtaken by evil influences and forces that have bottomless pockets capable of gutting anything that gives conspiracy theorists and edge in the information war.

I must confess that I am not a follower of QAnon – only because I see it as a tool that will eventually or is now being used as a psy-op tool in the propaganda wars.

The New York Times also did an opinion piece on QAnon and it was riddled with errors.

The very fact that the times even approached this issue convinces me that that QAnon is a threat – both right and wrong. You only give credence to a “conspiracy theory” when you want your “trusted” status to make your readers ignore it. The problem that the times aren’t taking into consideration is trust is extremely low for the mainstream media. This is why QAnon is growing in followers—it is interesting to watch and it terrifies me to think that whoever is behind it has a lot of power and could be a detriment to the old school ways of critically analyzing conspiracy theory.

I have to confess that I may feel a little threatened too.

Honestly, anyone can go into Reddit or 4chan post cryptic conspiracy haiku’s and with the law of probability they just become fact – and those without the ability of critical thinking will not question these couplets and spread their poison.

This is why I am now breaking down and expressing my interest in it. I am moving cautiously into territory that is new — it is conspiracy theory spun by algorithm and augmented intelligence.

It can be factual – or it can be dangerously deceitful.

I am not here to question the gospel of Q, because I know that the faithful will troll those who question. Especially when the credo is Follow the “plan,” do not question or doubt, and have “faith.”

As I said it sounds like the making of a technocult.

There have been many times when I have tackled conspiracy theories and give my analysis on the validity of many of the theories that are spun either in the media or online.

It is interesting how revelations unravel and new stories emerge about classic conspiracies and their theories and how they are overlooked for the conspiracy theory du’jour. The truth is we live in times where mainstream media tolls are creating outrageous theories and are putting them out online in order to foment a psy-op that divides and make a mockery of true old school investigations of cover up and treachery.

We now see that identity politics are certainly an obstacle when it come to reporting the truth and frankly the repercussions are the result of both liberal and conservatives policing thoughts like good little Orwellian storm troopers.

For more than a decade, the public of the United States has been bombarded with a full bore media campaign to demonize those who question official statements made by authorities regarding major events. During this time the United States Government, namely the State Department has pursued their goal of maligning independent thinkers and journalist whose domain is the internet and in some cases independent online radio shows and podcasts.

If you can get past the common throw around “catch all” of the Illuminati being involved with everything and that space aliens brought down The World Trade Center it is no secret that the fringe subcultures, conspiracy historians, and free thinking bloggers have been responsible for changing world views.

The government now sees it as a threat and the propaganda that is flowing out of think tanks and universities is coming directly from professors who have no trouble telling their students that conspiracy theory leads to terrorism or radical behaviors.

However, there is now a concerted effort to create deliberate disinformation and deliver it in a mysterious covert way, that most people who scour the internet without critical thinking allow themselves to be mislead if it satisfies their cognitive bias.

The term “received wisdom” from any source especially from a government should be taken into a critical view. It is also equally important to be critical of conspiracy theory.

I have said many times that conspiracy theory is merely theory until there are many facts to back up those theories. When theories are proven to be correct we immediately understand them to be fact regardless of what the so-called consensus dictates.

If the government wants to see conspiracy theorists maligned and eventually shut down, they would be able to control how we view the Pentagon and the defense industry. They would be able to convince you without rebellion or questioning that they have been established to altruistically secure the blessings of liberty.

They would most certainly be able to create the narrative with a keenly crafted “agent” that would deliver inside information that would breed a kind of technocult.

The fact is conspiracy theorists are at war with one another and the reality is that there is no central figure that makes the decision as to what is outrageous and what is closer to being the truth.

The war is not just about junk science or pseudo science, Deep State or New World Order anymore really. It is about political bias in an area where the topic should be politically neutral.

The true conspiracy theorist doesn’t care what political party he offends because conspiracy theory is actually a tool to expose the oppression levied from both parties and from the corruptible establishment. It is hard to do this when the political technocult believes that anyone offending their political views is a gate keeper for the Illuminati, the Jews or the Jesuits.

The conspiracy schism has formed now and it has resulted because of a conflict between what conspiracy theory and exposure ideally should be, or ought to be, and what in the real story actually turns out to be.

Part of the conspiracy crowds , in fact, have jumped on the bandwagon of that intramural blood sport, called besting for clicks and thumbs up emoji’s on a website or Facebook page.

This exposes the vulnerability of those who think they are on the inside and serves inadvertently as a test case and a learning tool for the military.

This is because military strategists and masters of propaganda weighing in on partisan politics and calling in doubt public policy have begun to undertake heightened Knowledge Warfare. Knowledge Warfare is defined as the broadest strategic level of manipulating how a populace thinks and makes decisions – it includes information warfare using the internet, and psychological warfare which is always a classic strategy for pushing the public in directions they never thought they would take.

Perhaps it is best that the so called conspiracy theorist does not always believe that the media is giving us more information beyond the social issues that trigger left wing and right wing debates that are as important as what Kim Kardashian wore to the Grammys.

The majority of Americans take on faith these denials of deceit. People tend to get upset when you question their intellectual normalcy bias. However things are far from normal in the United States.

I have also noticed that among those who believe in conspiracy theories without fact checking tend to get upset when you reveal just how wrong their assumptions are.

As part of a global strategy to control the thought, perceptions and affections of populaces, there is a bombardment of “specialists” that make few efforts to think and research independently, they just glom on to what is the most outrageous ideas from flat earth, to that every female movie star is a man. Words like False Flag are used to denote hoaxes, when the definition is something else entirely and that the deep state only existed to bring down President Trump.

How is one ever going to find the truth, when at every turn someone has an opinion or an assumption of an agenda at every report or investigation? Whatever happened to the idea that theories are presented for the sole purpose of investigating and discussing and not as some philosophy that we adhere to like religion?

Where is reasonable disagreement? When is insulting someone who tries to present ideas outside the box considered an opposing view? It is not opposition—its outright persecution. The truth is those who participate in such activities are captives of the dialectic and are far from being awake. They resort to ad hominem attacks, that when equally questioned or even angrily refuted turn into a freedom of speech issue – rather than an accountability or responsibility issue.

You want the government to continue their crusade against conspiracy theorists? Then all we have to do is continue to be disruptive and rude to those who do the hard work in presenting information that they feel will provoke thought.

To the government, those who demonstrate that they are belligerents are usually the first targets, and with predetermined crime and the thought police running amok, you won’t be as innocent behind a key board trolling in an Alex Jones forum.

Get a clue. It’s getting harder to even keep your credibility when you are chasing each other down to say that they are secret Illuminati supporters.

It is also tiring when we see that no one believes anything anymore – or trusts anyone anymore, which renders a lot of facts within a certain conspiracy theory irrelevant.

These days everyone claims to be speaking the truth, or they have convinced themselves that they are, which makes it all suspect.

This is the state of information as the insane have taken over the asylum.

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