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Clyde Lewis | May 4, 2021


I was amused that yesterday was considered National Paranormal Day and that someone had decided there needed to be a day set aside to remind people that things are not always as they seem – that the paranormal should be recognized and talked about on a special day.

Well, I attempt to do that everyday, however, today of course is May the Fourth and everyone who has their geek card knows is that it is the day where Star Wars fans say “May the Fourth be with you.”

I am sure there are a lot of Star Wars geeks that think it is funny while others give an awkward look to the fanatics who say it incredulously.

“May the Fourth be with you” is a clever way to say the Jedi Knight euphemism, “May the force be with you.”

Usually, if it falls on the weekend, I would pop the corn and have a Star Wars marathon. Today though Liam, woke me up to tell me that there was a new Star Wars series on TV that I had to watch. So, I lumbered out of bed, put my clothes on and followed him downstairs to the living rooms to watch it.

The new series is called Star Wars “The Bad Batch.” It is a spin-off of the animated Clone Wars series on Disney Plus.It's a Dream Come True": Brad Rau's Road to Star Wars: The Bad Batch |

Knowledge of the previous seven seasons of Clone Wars or the four seasons of rebels isn’t essential to enjoying The Bad Batch, at least for now. The show takes plenty of time to reintroduce the squad at the start of the extended first episode. Although, familiarity with the broad events of Revenge of the Sith and the downfall of the Republic are helpful.

In fact, the whole series begins just after Emperor Palpatine gave Order 66 where the clone soldiers hunt down and kill all of the Jedi Knights — the “Bad batch” a group of augmented clone soldiers for some reason do not follow the order.

This is where the adventure begins but it also is where beyond the child like interest of these Star Wars characters leaps beyond fiction and becomes a bit of predictive programming for future warfare.

The reason I say this is that while the Bad Batch looks like another hit for Disney, there seems to be a number of new films do out that look like they would be recruitment videos for Space Force.

Amazon released a trailer today for The Tomorrow War starring Chris Pratt that is 30 years in the future where a rag tag team of regular people hunt down what appears to be alien life forms that have invaded earth.Watch The Tomorrow War | Prime Video

I read that the plot involves time travelers from the future arrive to tell the people of modern day earth that humanity is being wiped out by an aggressive, invasive alien species. the select a group of people to return to the future to save the earth.

I am sure since they are modern people that they have to go through training and also be augmented like the soldiers we see in the Tomorrow War bad bunch.

This is quite synchronistic since a number of news stories have been floating around discussing the Department of Defense’s plan to augment soldiers to prepare them for Space Force and the new domain in which they will fight.

Speaking at an Air Force Research Laboratory event, Space Force chief scientist Joel Mozer suggested that we’re entering an era during which soldiers can become a “superhuman workforce”, thanks to new tech including augmented and virtual reality, sophisticated AI, and nerve stimulation.IoT News - Could A Quarter of British Soldiers Be Replaced By Robots by the 2030s? - IoT Business News

“In the last century, Western civilization transformed from an industrial-based society to an information-based society,” Mozer said, “but today we’re on the brink of a new age: the age of human augmentation.”

The notion of developing super soldiers has been of particular interest lately, with countries including Russia, France, and the US seeking out new ways to enhance their soldiers’ capabilities. Therefore, Mozer simply frames the issue as a matter of keeping up with the competition.

Mozer also added that the US may create supersoldier-like forces without actually augmenting people themselves, but instead by making them more effective by introducing new AI tech into the battlefield, especially pertaining to logistics management and developing strategies that wouldn’t have occurred to human commanders.

This will extend to the battlefield, where commanders and decision makers will have at their disposal multiple autonomous agents,” Mozer said, “each able to control the execution of things like reconnaissance, or fire control, or attack.”

Mozer, whose career has been spent largely with the US Air Force developing space flight technologies, warned that there would be ‘unimaginable’ advances made over the next decade, citing the leaps in artificial intelligence (AI) that have already been made in programs like Google’s AlphaGo. The Space Force scientist added that AI could eventually develop military tactics and strategies that ‘no human could’, and that eventually ‘autonomous’ programs or machines could advise commanders in real time. The AI could eventually create programs that design lines of attack too complex for humans to understand, Mozer warned.

The US government has a long history of human experimentation for potential military applications. In the 1960s, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) ran a covert program named MKUltra, which sought to test the effects of drugs, torture and esoteric psychological techniques on human subjects.

The Pentagon’s research department DARPA has undertaken projects that look at human augmentation, such as a skin implant that can detect pathogens and a neural mesh to link the human brain and computers. Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s Neuralink attempts to make a commercial brain-computer interface. The biotech company recently revealed it had successfully allowed a monkey to play pong with its mind using one of their proprietary chips, though critics pointed out that this had already been done decades earlier.

Last night during our interview with Richard Lawrence about Military Intelligence and UFOs, I spoke of the reverse chronology for Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative — or Star Wars plan. The Air Force was interested in a new project then designated Space Based Radar, or SBR. This was a project championed by Air Force Space Command, not the Air Force office that was part of the NRO. The purpose of Space Based Radar was to detect aircraft in flight. The justification was that such a satellite could act as a kind of space-based airborne warning and control, or AWACS, system, detecting Soviet bombers and tactical aircraft in flight long before they could be spotted by ground-based radars in Europe and elsewhere.

From 1983 to 1993, DARPA spent over $1 billion on a program called the Strategic Computing Initiative (SCI). The agency’s goal was to push the boundaries of computers, artificial intelligence, and space dominance.

Star Wars, the popular nickname for Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), was a popular political football in the 1980’s, however it did manage to create ideas that included an electromagnetic grid or dome that could be hyper-connected to a surveillance apparatus, that would also be able to alert and dispatch autonomous war machines to find targets and destroy them.Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) | Sutori

It also included an advanced satellite system that could control the battlefield form space.

SDI would be a functioning space grid that would track unknowns efficiently.

It was proposed in the 1980’s that the military would us a global wireless network overseeing various sub-networks within the U.S. military. The vision was to have armies of robot tanks on the ground talking to fleets of drones in the sky and unmanned submarines in the sea, all coordinating their activities faster than any human commander ever could.

Humans were to be augmented in order to talk directly to computers — or plug in to advance systems capable of wiping out an enemy.

The missions of SDI and SCI not to mention their originating institutions overlapped too much to be a coincidence, despite everyone’s insistence that it was just that.

All this was on the drawing board of the Department of Defense in the 1980’s… and yet it was allegedly shelved.

There is a a mountain of reason to have doubts that any of these programs were shelved. From MK Ultra to Star Wars, DARPA and the Department of Defense have been working on creating generations of potential soldiers that would in the future be able to talk with advanced systems through the auspices of mind enhancement and using the capabilities of the soldier to plug in to neural networks of advanced Artificial Intelligence.

In September of 1977, a little known incident was reported that included a firefight between UFOs and about 1300 troops. At least that is what the troops thought — there are some that believe the soldiers were dosed with a mind altering drug that put them through an alien attack simulation.

During the Joint Attack Weapons Systems Test at Fort Benning, Georgia, the entire base claimed to have witnessed a UFO invasion. As many as 1300 troops were involved in the event. Most were left with severe psychological trauma and “missing time” gaps.

On an early September morning at 5:30 AM, the Sergeant-in-Charge of First Battalion, First infantry called a formation for new arrivals to inform them of what to expect as part of their Advance Infantry Training or AIT. During this time Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta companies of the First Battalion, First infantry unit were informed to ascertain their linens, toiletries, other essentials and detail the barracks. They were also informed to clean their weapons and report back for another formation at 7:30 PM that evening.

The soldiers gathered in a field adjacent to their assigned barracks awaiting orders by their commanding officer. As they stood in parade formation, a strange movement in the sky began to distract some of the men’s attention. It looked like a cluster of stars.

The stars seemed stationary at first but suddenly began to make odd formations.

One star moved from the cluster in a fluid-like motion, and flowed seamlessly along the sky. It moved across the sky, stopped, and repeated this odd behavior for several minutes.

The unusual events gained the attention of other men in formation. The captain in charge took the podium and began to speak as if he had not seen the floating “stars” in the night sky. While the captain spoke about how long training would take, and to what degree of training the men could expect, all eyes turned to the sky. Suddenly a strange rumbling sound began to come from the surrounding area. The sound seemed to swish back and forth and within a few seconds, the men of Charlie Company began to break formation and run. As the men disbursed, an exceedingly bright, white and blue light went speeding down the dirt road adjacent to the formation.

According to witness John Vasquez, he motioned to the man in front of him and before he could ask him what they were looking at, he realized that the man was in a catatonic state. He was immobile and lifeless, almost as if he was asleep while standing upright. As Vasquez regained his composure he realized he was also immobile. All the men in the formation were running, screaming, or frozen by the strange and vivid light approaching them. Some of the men ran to the barracks and hid in the crawl space beneath the structure. Others, including those at the podium, were standing still, frozen with strange and terrified expressions on their faces.Incident at Fort Benning: Vasquez, John, Holms, Bruce Stephen: 9781892264046: BooksSuddenly, one of the men running for the barracks realized Vasquez was not catatonic, but couldn’t move. The man stopped and helped Vasquez make his way to the barracks. Inside the crawl space, the men panicked and could not understand what was happening. Outside they could hear men screaming out awful, painful wails. They dared not venture out without understanding what was happening. These were men of combat and war; they were expected to react in the face of battle. Many men believed that this was an invasion of the Russians. After all, it was 1977 and they had been warned of a possible attack on the United States.

As Vasquez and his fellow soldiers sat under the barracks, they could hear the rumbling sound again and see the blinding light that seemed to flow into the crawl space. As they looked out, they could see an extremely large mass silhouetted against the night sky. It was visible only because the blinding lights emanated from underneath the mass. The group made their way into the center of the building but the light from outside was so bright that Vasquez could not see his hands in front of him on the ground. They sat in panic for a few seconds, arguing over the best action to take. One soldier said that they should run to the other barracks and that there was no hope for their fellow soldiers, they were already dead.

The following day the men were instructed on the day’s events and routinely delegated their day without any unusual circumstances. At around 10:30 PM the lights in the barracks began to flicker off and on. Though reassured the UFO scenario was part of AIT and JAWS the men, were all emotionally unstable at the sight of the lights flickering. They sent out a man to find the drill sergeants and he found that they were abandoned once again. Without a hitch, the men assembled and prepared for another possible encounter.

The men told the general about the lights flickering and he informed them they were like that all over the post but that it was most likely a wide-spread electrical issue. Still, he ordered the men down the road. When they reached their destination, the heavy odor of gas was prevalent, and since there were no gas masks, the men began to run in circles. Just then a searchlight scanned the formation and the men ran down the road to a separate location. Again the men were not sure if perhaps this was a drill or if they were about to experience another terrifying abduction, or perhaps another unusual time warp. As they gathered at the crossroads they meet the General talking frantically on his two-way radio. He was calling in reserves and just then a glowing object emerged from the sky.

The object moved slowly but did not glow with the same vivid light that had accompanied all the previous encounters. The General radioed for air assistance and a helicopter emerged at the sight and dropped many flares to illuminate the area. Once the pilot could see the object, he wasted no time firing on it. The missile was consumed by a massive ray of light that was projected from the object, but it never exploded. At that point, the missile fell from the sky and hit the ground. The General then ordered the tanks to pursue the object as it slowly moved across the sky toward the barracks. All companies were ordered to situate within the tree line to draw fire on the object. As they fired on the unknown object small balls of light were returned back at them.

A helicopter in the assault was also hit with the balls of light, at which point the helicopter seemed to lose all mechanical function and crashed to the ground. The pilot and crew were rescued. Then the men ran down into a gully and saw several of their own men lying on the ground; they appeared to be dead but had no visual injuries. When Vasquez and his colleagues encountered the fighting they repeatedly suppressed heavy fire into the tree line. Their bullets were hitting something because they could see the spark from the bullet at the impact. They too were met with return fire by the small balls of light. Vasquez was able to avoid several hits but finally was hit in the leg. The impact of the hit caused a terrible sting and the red whelps that accompanied the burn were extremely painful.

The UFO encounter lasted for several hours and more reserves were being called in by the minute. Vasquez and his fellow soldiers were now aware that they were in a real combat situation, but their training had not prepared them for a potentially unearthly opponent.

This situation sound a lot like what happened in the 1980’s with The Rendlesham incident.

As I pointed out during the discussion with Richard Lawrence about The Rendlesham case, there seems to be a connection to possible LSD trials near the base at Porton Down, to create super soldiers, the high tech Star Wars radar and how it attracted an unwanted UFO to the base. The reaction by the soldiers could have been a special psy-op to determine how soldiers react to so called UFO Incursions in the field.

In case you need a little circumstantial evidence to prove a point–

The UK government recently announced an £800 million, taxpayer-funded Advanced Research and Invention Agency (Aria). The brainchild of the British prime minister’s former chief adviser, Dominic Cummings and modelled on the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Darpa, the organization will focus partly on genomic research.

Genome technology is becoming an increasingly important part of military research. So given that the UK boasts some of the best genomic research centers in the world, how will its new agency affect the wider genome technology warfare race?

In 2019, DARPA announced that it wishes to explore genetically editing soldiers. It has also invested over US$65 million (£45 million) to improve the safety and accuracy of genome-editing technologies. These include the famous Nobel prize-winning Crispr-Cas molecular scissor – a tool that can edit DNA by cutting and pasting sections of it.CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing scissors are less accurate than we thought, but there are fixes | ANU College of Science

But the ease of accessibility and low cost of Crispr-based technologies has caused concern around potential military genetic modification and weaponization of viruses or bacteria. These include smallpox or tuberculosis, and could be extremely destructive.The US is not alone in its military pursuit of genome technology. Russia and China have either stated or been accused of using genomic technology to enhance military capabilities.

As I mentioned earlier, Hollywood has been grooming young recruits with movies like, The Avengers and TV shows like the Bad Bunch. The future is enhanced augmented humans to not only improve their bodies through tranhumanist change but through advanced organic singularity.

Despite its sci-fi nature, several countries are looking to explore the potential of such prospects. DARPA intends to explore genetically editing soldiers to turn them into “antibody factories”, making them resistant to chemical or biological attacks.

In December 2020, the then US director of national intelligence, John Ratcliffe, said there was evidence that the Chinese military was conducting human experimentation in an attempt to biologically boost soldiers. This followed a report by the Jamestown policy thinktank that highlighted reports suggesting that Crispr would form a keystone technology in China to “boost troops’ combat effectiveness”. No further details were given, however.

Not all countries are prepared to use gene editing or even genomic technology to enhance soldiers, however. The French military ethics committee has recently approved research on soldier “augmentation”, such implants that could “improve cerebral capacity”. However, the committee warned that certain red lines could not be crossed, including genome editing or eugenics. In the more candid words of the French minister of the armed forces, Florence Parly, this amounted to “A yes to Ironman, but a no to Spiderman” (Ironman gets his superpowers from a suit whereas Spiderman is bitten by a radioactive spider).

In Russia, the military is looking to implement genetic passports for its personnel, allowing it to assess genetic predispositions and biomarkers, for example, for stress tolerance. This could help place soldiers in suitable military lines, such as navy, air force and so forth. The genetic project also aims to understand how soldiers respond to stressful situations both physically and mentally.

There are signs that the UK will be bolder and less accountable in its genetic defense research than many other countries. For example, Aria won’t be subject to freedom of information requests, in contrasts with DARPA.

The UK has also been at the forefront in enabling controversial, pioneering non-military genome technology, such as three-parent babies. And there has been no shortage of government reports that have stressed the importance of genome technology in the domain of defence and security.

In 2015, a UK national defense review highlighted the influence that advances in genetic engineering can have for “security and prosperity”. In the recent 2021 Security, Defense, Development and Foreign Policy review the UK government once again stressed its significance for “defense and national security”.

The proposed lack of accountability of Aria, combined with the government’s general mission for genome technology to be expanded into security and defense applications, will create a hotpot of debate and discussion. In recent years, British scientists have received DARPA funding for controversial genomic research, such as genetic extinction of invasive species such as mosquitoes or rodents. Despite its promise, this could have disastrous potential to damage food security and threaten the wider ecosystems of nations.

Genome technology deployment needs to be managed in a universally, ethically and scientifically robust manner. If it isn’t, the potential for a new arms race for advances in this research will only lead to more radical and potentially dangerous solutions. There are many unanswered questions about how Aria will help genome research within the military sphere. The pathway the UK chooses will have lasting consequences on how we perceive genome tech in the public space.

Besides genomic enhancement, the US Army also wishes to delve into Psionic enhancements.

The U.S. Army is pouring money into neuroscience research, in a bid to try and decode the meaning behind different brain signals.

The ultimate goal is to build a system that would allow soldiers to communicate with nothing more than their thoughts.

The Army Research Office (ARO) has committed to spending $6.25 million on the project over the next five years, their goal is to make soldiers telepathic cyborgs– or at least the equivalent.US spending MILLIONS on creating 'telepathic' super-soldiers that can communicate using just their thoughts

For now, ARO neuroscientists say they’ve learned to decode and parse the neural signals that direct behavior from the rest of the brain’s output. It’s not quite mind reading, but it’s an important first step toward actually understanding what different brain signals mean.

As you can see, the MK Ultra program has advanced into not only including drug enhancement but psionic enhancements. We also can see by what happened at with the Fort Benning and Rendlesham soldiers, who were also thrown into an alien incursion scenario. All of these scenarios are precursors to the enhanced transhumanist super soldier that will fight against the aliens in the War of Tomorrow.

This could very well be a hint as to why the military is now so open about the possibility of UFOs being targets in the new Star Wars battlefront.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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