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Clyde Lewis | May 6, 2020
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There are many so-called paranoid notions that much of what we hear in the news about mass death, suicide, catastrophe, and war are part of an agenda to thin the herd. However, to give those so called delusions credence the holocaust has already begun. It has started and has been ignored by the mainstream narrative in order to control the information about the environment and who really should be blamed for the negligence.

They are calling what is happening “The Lab Coat Coup” or the “velvet pogrom” basically we are seeing the mercenary scientists taking over and with their opinions and projections that have single handedly created the threat of a dangling apocalypse – using psychological operations and scarcity in order to push populations towards a highly controlled government.

It all begins in the ecosystem where the smallest of creatures are killed and the greatest alien threats are manufactured as contagions or non-treatable bacteria.

We know that 2020 has not only been notorious for plagues and pandemics but there have been numerous accounts pestilence where locusts are decimating farms all over the world. Fleas have been spreading Typhus near homeless camps in California. Fleas spread by rodents cause plague. In the 14th century, plague killed three-quarters of the population of Europe. Plague is rare today and can usually be treated.

Mosquitoes are feared to be the vector of the spread of various diseases that have been known to kill more people than COVID -19 has.

Most people fear sharks but the deadliest creature on earth, is the mosquito, which is responsible for more than 300 million cases of malaria each year, and causes between one and three million deaths. Malaria affects 10% of the world’s population, making it the leading mosquito-borne disease. The 3,000 species of mosquito, including some 200 in North America, do not all carry the same diseases. Mosquitos can also carry dengue and yellow fevers, encephalitis, elephantiasis, and canine heartworm.

Mosquitos are most active at night. You can reduce the risk of being bitten by wearing repellent and long sleeves. Emptying standing water in outdoor containers, cleaning gutters, changing birdbaths frequently, and keeping swimming pools properly treated helps reduce mosquito breeding areas.

Even the housefly that most people find more annoying than dangerous can spread some 200 pathogens and parasites to humans.

Bedbugs, and parasitic worms are also leading killers of humans.

We must also include several species of bees and wasps to the list as well.

There are 20,000 species of bee, including social, solitary, and parasitic. Bee attacks generally occur when people stumble into a nest or otherwise provoke bees. Africanized honeybees, also known as ‘killer bees,’ are an exception. They were created when African bees were brought to Brazil in 1956 to breed a better honeybee. The effort failed and the bees escaped. They have killed 1,000 people as they have moved north through Central America to the southwestern U.S. The aggressive Africanized bees deliver a nightmarish, agonizing death by swarming all over their victim. In the Southwest, they have killed animals as large as horses.

There are also about 20,000 species of wasp, including hornets and yellow jackets. Unprovoked wasp attacks are very rare. Wasps usually sting to subdue prey or in self-defense. People may be stung if wasps have been attracted to their food, or they have inadvertently disturbed a nest. Unlike bees, wasps can sting repeatedly, however.

The New York Times ran a story that has now gone viral about hornets that are being touted as an Apex Predator of humans. They are being called the Murder Hornets. Murder hornets are about the size of a human thumb and they can be deadly but a lot of the fear is getting in the way of why these predator insects should raise concern.

The truth is Asian giant hornets known as V. Mandarinia or murder hornets have arrived in the United States — but they have been here for almost a year and the fear has only been a result of social media and the article in the Times gave the story a big push. As far back as 2010 an article from National Geographic described these hornets as “small but highly efficient killing machines” that were approximately 2 inches long with a 3-inch wingspan. Although people have died from this hornet’s painful sting, the insects are only “highly efficient killing machines” when it comes to bees.

Bees, other hornet species, and larger insects such as praying mantises are no match for the giant hornets, which often stalk their prey in relentless armies. Just one of these hornets can kill 40 European honeybees a minute; a handful of the creatures can slaughter 30,000 European honeybees within hours, leaving a trail of severed insect heads and limbs.

People are not the Japanese giant hornet’s usual prey, but those who have felt its sting describe the pain as excruciating.

Someone who is stung by the hornet and doesn’t receive proper treatment soon thereafter can die from the venom, which is powerful enough to disintegrate human flesh. About 40 people die each year after being stung by giant hornets, mainly as a result of an allergic reaction to the venom.

The hornets, which were detected in Washington state, are more murderous to the bees than humans but their huge orange heads and massive stingers are what humans fear about these creatures. Enormous curved stingers and powerful venom make the hornets uniquely dangerous to humans.

V. mandarinia are native to forests and low-altitude mountains in eastern and southeastern Asia, but troubling evidence suggests that the hornet is beginning to make some headway in North America. Now entomologists are racing against the clock to learn how widespread the invaders are in the U.S., and to isolate and destroy invasive populations before the hornets become so numerous that they settle in for good.

The Washington State Department of Agriculture verified two sightings of Asian giant hornets in early December 2019, Washington State University Insider reported on April 6.

WSDA received two more accounts describing the invasive insects, but those remain unconfirmed. No one knows how the hornets arrived in the U.S., but they may have been introduced as other types of invasive insects have: They were deliberately released, or transported here as unseen stowaways in international cargo.

Only the females of the species have stingers, which can measure up to 0.2 inches (6 millimeters) long; the stingers can be used repeatedly; and they deliver a toxin that is “considerably venomous” and when delivered carries a sensation that has been described as a hot nail through the skin.

These so-called killer hornets made headlines worldwide in 2013, when a series of attacks in China injured hundreds of people and killed 28, mostly in Shaanxi province.

While many people will scream in horror of the size of these hornets and many fear their sting — the biggest threat is that these creatures murder honeybees.

The V. mandarinia are social hornets, and they are the only known wasp species to coordinate attacks on bee colonies, which they carry out with deadly precision.

Attacks on beehives happen in three phases. First, the hornets hunt individual bees from a hive that has been chemically marked by one of their sisters. The hornets rip the bees to pieces, carrying the dismembered bits back to their own hive and feeding them to hornet larvae.

Next is the slaughter phase, when dozens of hornets attack the hive and massacre tens of thousands of bees. Within a few hours, a strong, healthy and populous honey bee colony of 30,000 to 50,000 workers is slaughtered by a group of 15 to 30 hornets.

Finally, the hornets move into the decimated hive. They chew up the abandoned bee larvae and pupae into a bee-brood paste, which the hornets also feed to their own young. During this stage, the hornets are especially aggressive and may attack animals and humans that are unfortunate enough to wander too close to the occupied beehive.

The scary part these hornets usually are prevalent in the springtime in the Pacific Northwest.

Should the Asian giant hornet become established in the U.S., its impact on native bee populations would be severe enough to cause a significant disruption in the food chain.

The timing could not be worse. Especially when COVID-19 is threatening a food web collapse with animal proteins. While the web collapse of protein can be a convenient way of introducing and profiting off meat substitutes – a food web collapse of fruits and vegetables would be an opportunity to introduce and coerce the population into eat GMO plants that have considered controversial because of their potential for exposing consumers to dangerous chemical pathogens that are used on these plants.

We have discussed the United Nations plans to collapse food webs in order to create scarcity. With an engineered crisis the United Nations can usher n their plan for alternative food stuffs to end world hunger.

Our future foods will include genetically modified plants to boost specific vitamin chemicals while having no idea of the long-term consequences of genetic pollution or cross-species genetic experiments carried out openly in a fragile ecosystem.

Bees are a keystone species – they are vital to the food chain on our planet. An international study of 115 food crops grown in over 200 countries showed that 75% of crops are pollinated by animals, especially by bees. If the bee population is decimated by the Murder Hornets we could see other food crops that are not destroyed by locusts completely leveled by the lack of bees that are used to pollinate them.

Could these Murder Hornets be a lynch pin in collapsing the food web of crops that need pollination only to be replaced with GMO crops?

As we all can see there is an indication that the culling that we worry about has begun and the agendas of the elite are quite simply being geared towards global sustainability at whatever cost.

Sure, the United Nations Charter for 2030 plans for no world hunger by 2050, but it all has to be coordinated under the Green economy and approved food stuffs that can be equally distributed. Lab meats and GMO crops will fulfill that agenda but the conversion of palates will have to be acclimated over time.

When a government offers food to a poor country it is never neutral. It is never an unconditional act of charity. In most cases food can only flow with the consent of the men with power. In poorer countries where the military rules outwardly, food is often controlled by the men with guns.

In the United States the technocrats are now being given power and so companies like MONSANTO/BAYER who provide these items can pay scientists to say that their foods are wholesome and without pathogenic chemicals that can kill human beings.

We should not be surprised in the future that with the poor economy, food will be used as a weapon and that sustenance will be an issue throughout the world. Starvation will run rampant and those who have interest in “sifting the human material” will find it easier to cull the population using food as a weapon.

Every known dictator has used food as a weapon and it is not beyond discussion that starvation and scarcity can be engineered and the collapsing of food webs is a strategy for full spectrum control of the world populations.

George Orwell wrote in the book, 1984: “Hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. This new version is the past and no different past can ever have existed. In principle the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation”.

In the future sustainability plan, political maneuvers provided by the United Nations and other organizations will eventually divide us is through depleting us of our right to clean fresh water, and nutritious food sources.

It is also evident that part of this plan is to also divide us up according to our genetic makeup.

At the moment it appears that we are all being manipulated in some grand experiment.

How we react will determine the outcome of the experiment. Many Americans are as ignorant as lab rats and they will do anything to find that last piece of cheese in order to fill their stomachs.

But what if after all of our efforts we find that the cheese is poisoned?

There is actually literature available on psychological operations and how social experiments have conducted before on individuals, even communities to see what would happen to their minds in cases of power failures, rumors of disease, and even famine.

Recently, Long Island has now created a new Quarantine called 15.

Quarantine 15 has been issued where authorities are putting an entire Long Island town on a diet to drive down rising obesity rates amid the coronavirus pandemic.

This is a test of what can be seen as many food intake bans because of the virus.

Fitness instructors in Huntington, which has about 200,000 residents, are introducing a voluntary healthy lifestyle and exercise program.

They say that obesity and obesity-related conditions are very serious risk factors in COVID-19 cases and that reducing the number of overweight residents will also reduce the number of coronavirus patients. 

Obesity is a known risk factor for several chronic health conditions including type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart attack and even certain types of cancer.

Experts have warned that the proportion of obese adults will only grow as younger generations do. 

It has quickly emerged that being overweight and/or obese is a major risk factor for people infected with the coronavirus.  

Dr. David Buchin, Huntington Hospital’s director of bariatric surgery, will offer nutritional advice and do Facebook Live videos on healthy eating topics. 

Food demand and behavioral monitoring is yet another measure that is going to be used as the food webs collapse –and with the Murder hornet threats to bees, the meat shortages and even the many food recalls we have heard of from last year it is important to realize that all of these adjustments are vital when the controllers engineer food shortages and scarcity.

Scarcity creates cartels and monopolies. This is the future with regard to post scarcity economics where increase and decrease in products can be controlled through all kinds of means that appear natural.

Things like diseases that shut down meat manufacturing plants, intentional biological attacks on food stuffs in order to force recalls, bee hive colony collapse, artificial scarcity ploys that offer solutions where most goods can be produced in great abundance with minimal human labor needed, so that they become available to all very cheaply or even freely.

Post-scarcity does not mean that scarcity has been eliminated for all goods and services, but that all people can easily have their basic survival needs met along with some significant proportion of their desires for goods and services.

Meanwhile there will always be threats associated with life or death issues where the technocrats can decide who eats, who starved, who lives and who dies.

Karl Marx spoke of post scarcity scenarios where capitalism would be forced to collapse under the weight of scarcity.

Marx argued that capitalism—the dynamic of economic growth based on capital accumulation—depends on exploiting the surplus labor of workers, but a post-capitalist society would allow for:

The free development of individualities, and hence not the reduction of necessary labor time so as to posit surplus labor, but rather the general reduction of the necessary labor of society to a minimum, which then corresponds to the artistic, scientific etc. development of the individuals in the time set free, and with the means created, for all of them.

Post scarcity promotes technical achievement – leaving it up to the technocrats that promise us a world without want through their view of science.

They control the success and failures of society – they can create disease and cure it, release Murder Hornets into the system to destroy the bees and replace them with advanced technological pollinators that can do the work more efficiently than nature ever could.

It can be similar to the Black Mirror episode, “Hated in the Nation” where an electronics company is able to create swarms of robotic bees. While bees are used to pollinate plants after a massive colony collapse – they are also programmed to kill.

They are called Autonomous Drone Insects, or “ADI” – artificial substitute bees developed by a company called Granular to counteract colony collapse disorder in the bee population.  However, they are hacked and are used against human targets.

The targets are all determined by social media – a metaphor for how swarms of hate and fear can grip the internet and destroy a group of individuals.

The ADI’s eventually kill nearly 400,000 people.

This is fiction but now we deal with the Murderous Hornets that eventually can do damage in the long term, conveniently paving the way for food collapse and a possible way to exploit a post scarcity communist agenda.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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