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Ron Patton | May 7, 2018
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In our sophisticated society, we somehow think we are immune to being misled by powerful people whom we complacently believe have our best interests at heart. We have taken for granted that certain things are true because we have not been taught differently nor have we been given another story to ponder.

We have been taught that everything is black and white, right or wrong, good and evil, and that to think otherwise, is not healthy. We have science and religion telling us different things and there is also political philosophies that coerce us into giving our elected officials power, sometimes we give them too much. Those in power use whatever tools necessary to convince you their way of thinking is the only way to think.

The political stuff is all noise anymore. It is drowning out the most important stories that deal with our survival – and it is obvious that it is by design.

I have been binge watching the remake of the television series, “Lost in Space.” It was difficult to get past the first episode and as the series progressed I started noticing how it started to give a pop science explanation about a planet that is slowing down due to the magnetic influence of a Black Hole.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers but there is this subtle form of predictive programming about the code of silence that most scientists have when it comes to core intelligence that affects a civilization and its chances of survival.

There is a private discussion between two scientists about how the planet is unstable. Both scientists were surprised about how both came to the same conclusion.

The one scientist who is an older Asian man says “You don’t think it is obvious?” he goes on to say that here are signs. Erratic weather patterns, wildlife migration, the pattern of the lifecycle on the planet is one year and it is birth death repeat. He says that it would be irresponsible to say something, it would cause panic.

He then concludes, “Just because we know something we are not compelled to broadcast it. Information does not exist in isolation it has consequences.

Core intelligence is always somehow linked to all “doomsday blueprint” Intelligence cores. Information can be found if we just look for it. However, in a world where there is no time to sit and research things, we take for granted that those whom we have deemed the messengers will give us the truth. We also take for granted that our individual interpretation is the only answer to a riddle or a predicament.

If a popular alternative theory gains any momentum in the critical mass, there is always someone with an agenda to counter that thought. If they are powerful enough they will try and do their best to erase or otherwise malign the theory to the point where a great number of people would feel ashamed to even bring it up.

The United States’ leading intelligence organization has warned that the world is entering an increasingly unstable and unpredictable period in which the advance of our lifestyle – or the lifestyle we are accustomed to cannot be guaranteed in the immediate future.

The National Intelligence Council forewarned us that by the year 2025, no single outcome can be preordained, because the Earth is a complex system. It is the human behavior and reactions to loss are what will be the greatest concerns.

We had a five year “heads up” as scientists were indicating a shift in the earth’s core. The warnings were buried in the noise of climate change as it has been a political football to push world socialism and global sustainability.

According to scientists, there is a strong link between the speed of the Earth’s rotation and seismic activity. You won’t have noticed, of course, but since 2011, the planet has been spinning ever-so-slightly slower than usual, it is a tiny fluctuation but it is enough that it could be triggering intense activity, deep underground.

On May 5th, 2018 the Kilauea, volcanic eruption took place in the Leilani Estates Subdivision in the Lower East Rift Zone. It continues to spew molten lava, forcing people from their homes and pushing toxic gasses into the atmosphere.


Several eruptive fissures or vents opened, some several hundred meters long. The most recent cracks are located on the east side of the subdivision.

Lava emissions were preceded by soil fracturing, sinkholes and heavy out gassing. Spatters and lava accumulated first in the first tens of meters of the vents.

High levels of sulfur dioxide have been detected in the evacuation zone.

Flights over the area have been prohibited. The Puna Geothermal Power Plant has also suspended its production until further information.

A magnitude 6.9 earthquake occurred on May 4 at 22:32 UTC, 16 km southwest of Leilani Estates, at a depth of 5 km. The USGS points out that the quake hit at approximately the same location than the deadly 1975 M7.1 earthquake.

The Kilauea quake got the attention of the media, but there were other events that happened that are of importance.

A small explosion took place at 05:49 UTC at Cleveland volcano, Alaska on May 5, 2018 producing a small ash cloud rising up to 6.7 km (22 000 feet) above sea level, and drifting to the southeast. In response to increased activity, the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) raised the Aviation Color Code to Orange.

Another volcanic event was also observed on Reunion Island in France.


The volcanic eruption is now relatively stable at Piton de La Fournaise. The field reconnaissance shows volcanic activity mainly focused on the central vent with a cone now completely closed from which lava is ejected.

The Pacaya volcano in Guatemala saw reoccurring projections rise 40-80 meters above the Mackeney Cone and two lava flows were also detected.

A cluster of earthquakes at Yellowstone National Park followed by the fourth eruption of its usually dormant geyser also created some speculation about when the super caldera would blow.

To be honest, three things are said to indicate that a super volcano is about to erupt: increased seismic activity, increased ground deformation and changes in the hydrothermal system or increased gas outlet at the surface.

The seismic activity and gas outlet has occurred since the beginning of 2018, but apparently not to a significant enough extent and without any sign of ground deformation.

With all of the seismic and volcanic activity happening in 2018, there is a lot of speculation as to what maybe happening as scientists would not want to throw the planet into a panic.

The basic answer as to why this activity is happening is that the planet is entering a five-year period of slow-down where the movement of the molten iron core slows the Earth’s spin.

But the slowdown reduces the centrifugal force and shrinks and tightens the equator, crushing tectonic plates together with unimaginable force.

Anyone living on the planet’s major fault lines, which run though western USA, southern Europe, the Middle East, South America and the so-called Ring of Fire in the Far East, is in serious danger of seeing the Earth show its violent side.

There is no doubt the planet is dynamic, vital, and alive.

A living planet with violent tendencies, the slowing of the planet, blood-red eclipsed moons and volcanoes all sound very apocalyptic; however, if we are to run up a few hypothetical theories we may have to conclude that the planet is going through a major electrical event.

Science news reported last week that there was a plasma event in the upper atmosphere that was detected after last year’s solar eclipse.

A probe that was activated over Brazil recorded a fast-moving wave in the thermosphere go by half an hour after sunset in Brazil and 55 minutes after the end of the total eclipse, the team reported April 24 in Geophysical Research Letters.

Previous eclipses also have launched waves at similar altitudes in the ionosphere, the charged plasma of the atmosphere, which overlaps with the electrically neutral thermosphere. This is the first time that scientists have observed a wave in the uncharged part of the atmosphere. Neutral particles are 100 to 1,000 times denser than plasma in the atmosphere.

In the daytime, ionospheric plasma is dense and when the Sun sets, production goes away, charged particles recombine gradually through the night and density drops. During the eclipse, we feel as if a carpet has been pulled out from us and the diminished output of ultraviolet rays makes come people feel uneasy.

Disturbances in the ionosphere are often linked to a phenomenon known as atmospheric gravity waves, which can also be triggered by eclipses.

Earth’s magnetic field is like a wire that connects two different hemispheres together. Whenever electrical variations happen in one hemisphere, they show up in the other. This is like a Solar Butterfly Effect.

Some scientists say that global scale effects are often seen after the eclipse. The magnetic field can assume a weaker and more complex form.

Some say that what some people felt was a taste of what you might feel if the poles shift.

If you remember in February 1979 when a total solar eclipse was seen over the Northwest and parts of Canada, there were swarms of earthquakes that happened in Washington and Oregon in the summer of that year. Fifteen months after the eclipse happened, Mount St. Helens erupted.

Evidently, it has been 9 months since the solar eclipse last August and while the possibility is remote according to some scientists the shift in the magnetic field could be responsible for a very active core.

In the book, “The Earth’s Shifting Crust” co-authored by Charles Hapgood we read about the polar shift theories where the indicators of a magnetic shift are easy to detect.

He would correspond with Albert Eisenstein about his theories and while both acknowledged that magnetic pole shift would take some time. There are certain things which could happen and rush the process, creating pole shifts and tectonic displacement.

Much of the plot for the disaster movie, “2012” was based on Hapgood’s theories.

An electric event is certainly responsible for the South Atlantic anomaly — we are seeing the electrical field weaken over the area and major crust displacement that is swallowing up fames in Africa and quite possibly we are seeing a collapsing magnetic Vortex over the Gulf of Aden.

Large “telluric currents” have been found circulating through Earth’s crust because our magnetic field induces current flow in conductive strata. Thousands of amperes flow beneath the surface, varying according to conductivity.


Sometimes earthquakes can produce flashes of light and other luminous events, as well. Massive bolts of lightning are also seen coming from the craters of volcanoes. Some of the bolts are so massive they travel up the column of ash and smoke.

It is not surprising that glow discharges occur before and after earthquakes: compressing quartz crystals creates a flow of electric current.

Quartz crystal reacts to stress by producing electricity, but when electric charge flows through quartz it vibrates with a frequency coincident with the watts of power supplied to it.

Since magma can be considered a form of liquid plasma, it can also conduct electricity.

According to the Journal of Geophysical Research time and space electromagnetic disturbances of relatively high amplitudes (several tens of nanotesla for the magnetic field and several hundreds of millivolts for the electrical potential) have been clearly evidenced in a substantial number of field studies and correlated with volcanic activity.

When an earthquake looms, scientists theorize, activity below ground goes through a “strange change,” producing intense electrical currents. Electrical currents that may produce a hum or an anomalous electrical spike as the waves pass through the earth and then trigger an area of shaking.

They’re on the order of 100,000 amperes for a magnitude 6 earthquake and a million amperes for a magnitude 7. It’s like a bolt of lightning firing through the ground.

Scientists are now warning us that magnetic fluctuations in the Earth will be on the rise as the Earth is slowing down. This could mean that anything disrupting the magnetic flow could have a devastating effect.

Written by Ron Patton

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