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Clyde Lewis | May 7, 2020
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From 2016 through 2018, advancements in robotics and Artificial Intelligence have crept into everyday routines. From flying autonomous drones delivering our packages and robot vacuums gliding around our homes, we have been shown how convenient having a rudimentary robot can be.

Telemarketing has now advanced to robo-calling.

A recent study shows that the number of robot calls has been rising across the country at an alarmingly rapid pace. People in the U.S. receive an average of just 19 robot calls every month.

Robot receptionists are usually gatekeepers when trying to contact a business, and robots now take orders for your pharmaceuticals, while other robots are being used for security in some shopping malls.

Many people have opted to purchase A.I. assistants like Alexa. You can even make Alexa sound like whomever you please.

If you want “Alexa” to obey your every command with an Australian accent, she can do that. If you prefer British, she can do that too. And not only do our phones guide us through unfamiliar cities or call our mothers via voice command— it is interesting to note that even Siri can actually make your funeral arrangements or give recommendations on where to bury a dead body.

It is odd and there is a novelty to it but now with COVID-19 as a fact of life, antihumanist and transhumanist technocrats want to use it as an excuse to push their agendas.

We observed that the technocrat agenda is to create artificial scarcity in order to create a solution to resolve it. The answer to them is all in the application of life sciences, eugenics, anti-humanism, transhumanism and a technological based society.

These ideas have been pushed for decades and many times they have failed as people realize that they bring with them the pitfalls of tyranny and dystopia.

COVID-19, and the steps taken to contain it, have wreaked havoc with economies around the world. National security exchanges have given us the idea that COVID-19 was the result of a lab experiment gone bad, others wish to continue the argument that it came from a wet market in Wuhan, China and technocrats are now arguing over whether or not we can blame it on our excessive and wasteful existence.

It is the argument that overpopulation and excess use of resources is what triggered the pandemic. The technocrats argue that COVID-19 was inevitable because of our wasting and consumption which leads to arguments about from their continued insistence about an ecological crisis that humans have created from carbon emissions to dumping plastic in the oceans, to the disproportionate wealth gap being created by modern U.S. style democratic capitalism—the agenda is obvious and the solution is artificial scarcity in order to create a technocracy with a post scarcity economy based on new and innovative technology, like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

The health crisis is ravaging the economy by shutting down businesses of all shapes and sizes, leaving business owners without income and large swathes of the population unemployed.

We are also seeing the collapse of food webs beginning with animal proteins being replaced with lab grown vegetable protein meats and crop yields being reduced due to pestilence and bankrupt farms.

U.S. unemployment claims hitting a new record of over six million last week taking the total to 10 million new claims in two weeks. For many citizens the only option is awaiting financial support from the government or the benevolence of family and hoping that next month, maybe things will return to normal.

Normal is being replaced with what is being called the new normal, which includes the inclusion of an electronic surveillance apparatus that will trace and track those who are suspected of harboring illness and many Governors are standing by the idea that eventually they will have to make mandatory a biometric Identification that when applied will inject an invisible dye that will track those with antibodies or will identify those who have been vaccinated.

To survive through the pandemic, we are being forced into new ways of living: working and schooling, collaborating and connecting, and trying to be productive remotely using digital tools and the network to tele-commute, have business meetings online and using our smart phones to order delivery from restaurants and stores.

This is the new conditioning process for the post scarcity world – a world where after major hardship and calamity – a new technocracy emerges and reveals technology traps that can be used to eliminate want or neediness or even the need to work for money.

Karl Marx spoke of post scarcity scenarios where capitalism would be forced to collapse under the weight of scarcity.

Marx argued that capitalism, the dynamic of economic growth based on capital accumulation, depends on exploiting the surplus labor of workers but a post-capitalist society would allow for:

The free development of individualities, and hence not the reduction of necessary labor time so as to posit surplus labor but rather the general reduction of the necessary labor of society to a minimum, which then corresponds to the artistic, scientific etc. development of the individuals in the time set free, and with the means created, for all of them.

Post scarcity promotes technical achievement, leaving it up to the technocrats that promise us a world without want through their view of science.

Most post scarcity civilizations exist only in the world of science fiction where people no longer produce or labor for money but for the betterment of mankind through the use of advanced technology.

However, this science fiction world is becoming more of a reality as we are being conditioned to act more like machines and rely more on them as well to help us through these crises.

New technocratic dogma states that COVID-19 is a Black Swan event and that it will not be a rarity as the system we have now is set up for many Black Swan events in the future.

They conclude that Black Swan events are a property of the system. Given the complex nature of what we have now, the probability of the occurrence of such large-scale events is increasing.

Their answer is always a better life through new technology which sound a lot like a panacea for now but later once the novelty wears off the system will go right back to being vulnerable, along with our very existence on this planet.

There seems to be an organized effort to establish an air of institutionalized anti-humanism to our post scarcity society –something that has been around since the 19th century.

Globalist social engineering programs infiltrated every level of our society. Academic, scientific, corporate, governmental, and religious institutions were all touched by its influence. Eugenics and population reduction was a primary goal.

The overarching ethos of this program was essentially anti-human. It views humans as soul-less animals to be manipulated by a technocratic elite in pursuit of power.

This can fairly be labeled as institutional anti-humanism, and it still holds power over us in almost every way.

COVID-19 is locking us into a system of anti-humanism, meaning that much of what is being asked of us is dehumanizing and we are told that the aftermath will be a reliance on tracing, tracking and surveillance provided by advanced Artificial Intelligence.

A post-human world is emerging. AI systems are activating. The future needs real humans with a conscience and the ability to question authority.

Social distancing by it’s very nature is anti-human. Coronavirus has altered our society dramatically. Some of these changes were already under way, and anti-human forces were planning to implement them ahead of the AI robot tech revolution.

Social media was already distorting social norms well before the pandemic. Former Facebook executive, Chamath Palihapitiya, stated in 2018 that:

“It literally is at a point now we’ve created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works. That is literally where we are. I would encourage all of you how to internalize this is – if you feed the beast, the beast will destroy you.”

It is no surprise that much of the Artificial Intelligence systems that were supposed to be used in wartime are now being retrofitted for enforcement and tracking of people.

A massive AI system has been rolled out by the Pentagon to organize logistics surrounding essential supplies from national to local areas.  There was a program called Granite Shadow and Jade Helm that in their original formats were actually being used to scout the domain and create virtual maps for locating and surveillance in the future smart city scenario using Artificial intelligent drones as sentinels to oversee possible trouble spots.

Keeping people occupied with various entertainments and shelter in place curfews gives the surveillance apparatus more leeway. There are people who want to go back to work but the government is now making it harder to do so with different phases of reopening and the fact hat basic incomes provided by the state are more attractive alternatives to working.
Roughly half of all U.S. workers stand to earn more in unemployment benefits than they did at their jobs before the coronavirus pandemic shut down swaths of the U.S. economy, a result of government relief that employers say is complicating plans to reopen businesses.

Most jobs of course are now being modified to fit with plans of telecommuting and the roll out of robotics that can replace some essential jobs eventually.

If the government can manage to get stimulus checks into the hands of millions of unemployed workers, a long standing goal of a universal basic income could be fulfilled.

Former President Barack Obama said in 2018 that a universal income through government handouts would be required in the age of artificial intelligence. Obama said:

“Artificial intelligence is here… the pace of change is going to require us to do more fundamental reimagining of our social and political arrangements.”

Multiple headlines from mainstream news are happily welcoming the robot AI takeover in response to the pandemic. Here are a few examples:

The New York Times: “Robots Welcome to Take Over, as Pandemic Accelerates Automation”

The BBC: “Coronavirus: Will COVID-19 speed up the use of robots to replace human workers?”

Wired Magazine: “The COVID-19 Pandemic Is a Crisis That Robots Were Built For”

Business Insider: “How China, the US, and Europe are using robots to replace and help humans fight coronavirus…”

If we are to believe Elon Musk, Ray Kurzweil and other top Transhumanists, we will need to merge with the machines in order to survive.

This means the post scarcity world that they are proposing will be more anti-human than human. This means that life sciences will return and quite possibly eugenics directives where people will be seen as human resources to be put down if need be.

We are putting stick in the opinions of doctors and so called rich philanthropists like Bill Gates who actually support many anti-human policies. Many anti-human technocratic programs included applying Vaccines that sterilize women and because spontaneous miscarriages came out of this system, as did massive projects that created deadly bioweapons world-wide.

We have talked about Henry Kissinger’s notorious NSSM 200 came out of this institutional anti-humanism which many people argue is now being applied to create a world of scarcity and starvation.

The technological revolution currently enveloping the globe is rolling out as an anti-human force. Big Tech, acting as an extension of globalist power, is seeking to draw humans into a matrix like existence while the real world crumbles.

The technocracy does not care about your politics but they will use politics if need be to push their anti-human pro technology post scarcity future.

The technocratic era sounds cool and exciting, it is imaginative, creative, and powerful, but we need to come to terms with the profundity of its implications. If past progress is any indication, we will willingly sacrifice part of our autonomy in the name of advancement. 

Theoretically, Artificial Intelligence will provide the repository for a liberated consciousness. Though we have not yet fully understood what consciousness is, that will not prevent experimental attempts to isolate and transfer it, to use it to control bodies that are not our own, and to augment it with biotech or hard tech. Once these goals become attainable, AI will be the means of implementation. AI is about more than creating facsimiles of cognizant beings, it is about augmenting and supplementing the original human form. Adding human elements to tech and tech to humans is part of the same project.

Humanity’s survival depends on remaining human and defying the post human agenda. The future needs real humans with a conscience and the ability to question authority.

The western world needs to develop a pro-human culture and accompanying world view to counter the anti-human programming of the past 100 years.

It will be very hard for anyone to escape the technology trends as new innovations will be tested in various areas and people will have to learn to adapt or they can fight to retain some of their humanity.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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