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Ron Patton | May 31, 2016


After I appeared at the McMinnville UFO Festival, a lot of my studies into UFO history were limited to the appearance of the Phoenix Lights. During that time, I am sure there were some pretty esoteric moments and connections that no one had made and I felt they really needed to be exploited.

One of the things not mentioned was the possibility of the incident being a real attempt at an alien invasion or part of a simulated invasion using technology that could be used to fake an alien landing or at least create a hyperreal alien invasion.

If the latter is true, then we may have been witness to one of the most successful alien invasion simulation and psy-op ever devised by the United States Military.

In the original “Watchmen” comic set in an alternate reality 1985, one of the “heroes”
commits what can be considered s a villainous act for the “good of all mankind.” He
contrives an “alien invasion” so that the United States, the Soviet Union, and the rest
of the world will join together in peace and harmony to protect themselves against the outside “alien threat.”

If the story rings familiar to some of you, it is because it is based on speeches given by Ronald Reagan in 1987 to the real world, in which he said an “alien threat” would be the solution to uniting a hostile world.

Numerous “conspiracy theorists”, most notably former naval officer William Cooper, the author of the famed underground book, Behold a Pale Horse, speculated that Reagan’s speech was an expositional public “debriefing” to prepare the public to accept a global government as a necessary response to an alien invasion scenario.

In 1988, a movie was released called, Alienation, whose movie description was:

“A few years from now, Earth will have the first contact with an alien civilization. These aliens, known as Newcomers, slowly begin to be integrated into human society after years of quarantine.”

In fact, Reagan was seen in the film at the beginning urging earth people to accept the new comers to Earth.

In Hollywood and in Washington, timing is everything and when Reagan spoke of alien threats the theater showed us a film that could easily have been a film about immigration.

Admittedly, this alien talk and film seemed to be very timely considering it all seemed to happening around the time of the 40th anniversary of the Roswell crash. Another strange alien film offering from Hollywood was called “The Hidden,” a film that once again dealt with an alien invasion albeit a stealth one. An alien parasite with the ability to possess human bodies goes on a violent crime spree in LA and Kyle MacLauchlan stars as a police officer who is secretly an alien trying to hunt down this parasite.

In 1994, MacLauchlan later stars in the movie, Roswell – the script was based on the book UFO Crash at Roswell, by Kevin D. Randle and Donald R. Schmitt.

In July 1996 The Movie Independence day was released which one gain was inspired by Ronal Reagan’s alien threat speech. The movie also had the fictional President played by Bill Pullman being forced into disclosing that we are not alone as huge spaceships park over major cities and wait.

Jeff Goldblum plays a scientist in the film that concludes that the ships are counting down till the time they destroy the world. People were floored at the special effects and the frightening proposition that huge ships could destroy the world.

Meanwhile, later that same year, Art Bell of course was on the air and his show aired immediately after Ground Zero in Salt Lake City on KCNR. Art was turning the creepy level up to 11 as he along with Richard Hoagland and Chuck Shramek an amateur astronomer in Houston were talking about Comet Hale Bopp. Theories about a strange object near Hale-Bopp were first made public in November of 1996 Shramek called Art Bell’s program to report that a photograph of his appeared to show a large object behind the comet, an object he speculated to be up to four times the size of Earth.

The following night, Courtney Brown, a tenured professor of political science at Emory University and director of the Farsight Institute in Atlanta, was a guest on Bell’s show and claimed that three “remote viewers” associated with his institute had confirmed Shramek’s findings and, incredibly, had determined it to be a metallic object full of aliens. As further proof, Brown sent Bell a photograph of the Hale-Bopp “companion” (allegedly taken by someone Brown identified only as a “top-ten university astronomer” on the condition that Bell hold off displaying the image on his Web page until the astronomer in question held a news conference.

Meanwhile, astronomers analyzing Shramek’s mystery object concluded it was a misidentified star.

Of course true believers were worried that this “companion” was some sort of flying machine that could break k away and appear in the sky over us.

I even wrote a song about the comet called, We Bopp for Hale Bopp, which was a follow up to the Chupacabra song. The song was a send up parody to the discussions that were being laid thick on the Art Bell show about the comet being a death comet, something that was remote viewed by Ed Dames, to a companion space ship flying in the tail of the comet.

These discussions were carried on into 1997 until something else made the headlines.

On March 13th, 1997 just months after we witnessed the alien war on the big screen in 1996, the fulfillment of what appeared to be a real alien invasion happened. A massive sighting of a UFO over Phoenix actually took some attention away from the Hale-Bopp comet fascination.

It was the “Phoenix Lights” incident where a huge illuminated triangular formation was seen over a 300-mile corridor from the Nevada line through Prescott Valley and Phoenix to the northern edge of Tucson. Later in the night, a series of bright spheres appeared on the city’s southern horizon. It was later reported that the orbs and the appearance of a mile long triangular aircraft hovering in the night sky were two separate events.

The Phoenix Lights have been arguably the most intriguing UFO sighting to capture the imaginations of not only the citizens of Arizona but also the entire nation as full page stories appeared in USA Today and eyewitness testimony of a large triangular craft was being splashed in bold type.

While there have been reports that many people reacted positively to the Phoenix lights incident there were a few incidents that occurred during the time of the event that most certainly need to be reported.

NORAD went Defcon 2 on the evening of March 13, 1997 after an air force misti-3 satellite covering North America was disabled and had its batteries drained as a space borne object was observed passing over the satellite. The mysterious object was also accompanied by a gamma ray burst detected by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Just hours after these events, around 2 am on March 14, 1997, President Clinton was rushed to the hospital after suffering from a knee injury.

Did the secret service – fearing that the country was under attack, rush President Clinton too quickly and severely injured his knee just hours after thousands of people began reporting seeing UFO’s?

On March 26th, 1997 Marshall Applwewhite and 39 followers of the Heaven’s Gate cult committed suicide at a home in Rancho Santa Fe California. The bodies were neatly placed on bed with purple shrouds placed over their faces. It was believed that Applewhite had convinced his followers that the Phoenix lights incident was an indication that there was also a ship that was in Comet Hale Bopp and that in order to joining the evolutionary level above human they had to shed their human containers in a ritual suicide.

Three members of the Heaven’s Gate “away team” worked for Advanced Development Group (ADG), Inc., a company that developed computer-based instruction for the US Army. ADG later became ManTech Advanced Development Group; these organizations have connections to the First Earth Battalion.

A Psy-op group that was formed in the U.S. Military to allegedly handle Military extra terrestrial affairs such as abductions, contact through telepathy Remote Viewing and ESP , and possible simulated extra terrestrial “drills” using holographic technology. First Earth Battalion eventually became the Jedi Project. All of these secretive Psy-op groups are, or were, well skilled in spreading information and disinformation about the occult, the Heaven’s Gate cult, the attacks of 9/11, remote viewing and UFO’s.

If the Heaven’s Gate cult were working on battle game scenarios for an alien invasion could this be the smoking gun that could indicate that this who affair was a Psy-op that was even fooling the President and some of the military?

Case in point: On or around April 2, 1997, an A-10 warplane was stolen by Major Craig Button in Arizona around the time of the sighting. The plane was seen in Utah. The wreckage of the plane was eventually found on April 2nd in the Colorado Rockies three weeks later. Was Button alarmed by the news that an invasion had begun?

According to reports, Button committed suicide because of personal problems with his girlfriend. No one knows why he broke from the formation.

Captain Button turned off his transponder, which made the aircraft difficult to track. His jet was last spotted in the air about 100 miles west of Denver. It zigzagged in the air before impacting the mountainous terrain about 15 miles (SW of Vail, Colorado, on Gold Dust Peak in a remote part of Eagle County.

The crash occurred at 13,200 feet of elevation. It took months for a search party to recover the aircraft and Craig D. Button’s remains. The four 500-pound Mk-82 bombs that were on the aircraft were never found despite an exhaustive search involving metal detectors and ground-penetrating radar.

However, there has been some speculation that after the sighting in Arizona, Button became obsessed with the possibility of hidden alien bases in the Southwest and decided it was his duty to destroy them. Hundreds of people reported hearing loud explosions in Northern Arizona, Telluride and Aspen.

It was a mysterious situation that will never be explained. Some believed that Button was attacking a secret U.S. underground base. However, the government had covered up the situation.

On May 27th, 1997, a report was filed that another A-10 had crashed. The pilot was Capt. Amy Lynn Svoboda who actually trained Craig Button.

The official military account was that the US Air Force pilot who crashed into a mountain range for no apparent reason, was reportedly afraid that his gay affair with another pilot would be made public.

Thursday, April 17, 1997 there was as incredible report that a U.S. satellite, GOES-9, had photographed “a very large anomalous object” over central Alaska 8 a.m. Pacific time. Immediately, the GOES-9 image was posted on several websites, and the news went viral on the internet.

A second GOES-9 image, recorded at 8:30 a.m., showed that the “anomalous object” had flown south and was now just west of the northern coast of Vancouver Island. The image also showed “an anomalous object of the same size” over the Pacific Ocean approximately 50 miles west of San Francisco.

A third GOES-9 image, taken at 9 a.m., showed the San Francisco object gone and the first object back in Alaska, near Glenallen.

A fourth GOES-9 image, taken 11 a.m. registered a new object “half the size of the first two” hovering over Colorado.

The first two objects were described as “square or rectangular” and an estimated 25 miles long.

At 2 p.m., the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a “heads up” alert, citing “a potential threat” to the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) center at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, 65 miles south of Denver.

Maj. Gen. Jeff Grime, CO of Cheyenne Mountain, said there was no threat to the nearby city of Colorado Springs or to any other military facility in the area, adding, “It’s totally focused at us here.”

Rumors circulated that NORAD had “gone to DEFCON-4 in response to the presence of the “anomalous objects” found by GOES-9.

Maj. Gen. Grime told the media that extra precautionary security was needed to protect the 1,100 personnel at the base.

Security measures included cancellation of public tours at the center, erection of barricades on the access roads, and a 24-hour-guard on the maintenance portal on the south side of the mountain. The “lockdown” was carried out by 80 troops of the 721st Security Police Squadron.

Security stated that it had nothing to do with the Craig Button.

People seeking “disclosure” seem to think it is for our own good. They think that learning the truth will put us on the path to free energy machines, miraculous health cures and all sorts of other New age ideas that sound good in a pink fuzzy way, but end up dying when faced with the truth. The truth may be that the phenomenon is not easily put in a box and disclosure will most definitely not happen in the way we seem to think it will.

There are many things in Government that are known as “Core Secrets.” Allegedly, Core Secrets are only given to the President on a “Need to Know Basis.” That means, some Intelligence the President knows nothing about. From what is indicated in several intelligence reports The President does not know the “core secret” of the alien presence. He only knows what you and I probably know.

There is no automatic clearance for access to any doomsday scenario provided to the President. If the President makes a speech or if he does disclose the alien presence, it will be disclosed directly from Intelligence and even then that information is highly suspect. All core intelligence information is protected, even if it is bogus. The reason smacks of dark creepiness.

Core intelligence is always somehow linked to all “doomsday blueprint” Intelligence cores. Core intelligence that would reveal an Alien presence, possible alien intervention and alien attack and or invasion eventually arrives at the possibility of planetary annihilation. It unfortunately seems like some pseudo-religious scorched earth scenario where civilization must perish to protect itself from an alien threat. This is one possibility as to why full objective disclosure cannot happen.

It is also pointed out in other intelligence resources that if there was an alien presence and if that presence was hostile, there would be no plausible way to protect planet earth other than to destroy it.

The revealing of an alien presence, even a friendly one would alter our lives in such a way that we may find ourselves evolving and or disappearing as the alien presence takes over.

The modern age of the UFO runs along parallel to the history of the Cold War. Both began shortly after World War II during the late 1940s and continued for 4 decades. Those years produced the majority of “classic” UFO cases that fill books, websites and TV documentaries with most of their content to this day. By the early 1990s the Cold War was over. Shortly afterwards the last flashes of that ‘classic’ UFO age also seemed to blink out with the Phoenix lights in 1997.

It was either the beginning of a real alien invasion, or a psychological operation devised as a secret computer program by the Heaven’s Gate Cult. It could have been a secret that may have been silenced by a mass murder that was made to look like a mass suicide.

Written by Ron Patton

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