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Clyde Lewis | June 10, 2021
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As I was busily preparing my UFO reports leading up to the June 25th dump of what is turning out to be a vague acknowledgement of the mystery of UFO’s by the government – I got an email from a guest service company that supplies ideas for guests for shows like mine—well it was a guest who wanted to talk about the UFO and ET connection to Bigfoot. When I see that someone again wants to mix the substance of aliens and I absolutely cringe every time some slapshot theorist tries to connect one phenomenon with another.

People have tried to make alien connections with Skinwalkers, the Chupacabra, Mothman demons and Bigfoot – and to me, it is always cringe worthy. All the alien speculation about everything I think ruins a good scientific inquiry.

I am told that not everything is a conspiracy and I agree with that just like I believe that not all things that go bump in the night have to be connected to UFO’s. These so-called experts tell me I am missing out on an opportunity to find new answers but it all boils down to everything being a fallen angel and well I can’t deal with that answer to everything.

For the sake of science, these connections are the Kiss of Death.

In the case of UFOlogy, we are dealing with structured craft piloted by extraterrestrial visitors, and in the case of Cryptozoology, the sightings are evidence of flesh-and-blood animals that have so far eluded proper taxonomic identification.

There is no reason to make the connection; in my opinion, Bigfoot is not ET’s pet.

Last April, Primatologist Jane Goodall turned 87 years old.Book News: Jane Goodall Apologizes For Lifted Passages In Her New Book : The Two-Way : NPR

Back in 2002, Goodall controversially stated in an interview on NPR – prompted by a question from a caller – that she believed that a Bigfoot-type species did indeed exist, citing reports from Native Americans she has spoken to, as well as a news story at the time about a possible Yeti hair having been discovered.

In Aftermath, we had some FBI files that also stated that there have been Sasquatch hairs that were analyzed as well.

And guess what none of the reports – or none of what Jane Goodall talked about had any extraterrestrial connections – to do so would make it all a tabloid mess.

For weeks, I have been waiting to do a new show on the Bigfoot creature. My stepson, Liam and I, have been discussing many cryptids and how we share a love for Mothman— we also have a soft spot in our hearts for Bigfoot. I have had a love-hate relationship with the creature my whole life. When I grew up, there were plenty of movies that were produced by Chuck Sellier, who I met eventually, and they left an indelible mark on my childhood.

In the 1970’s, it seemed that every other month there was a film or a documentary that would spark my imagination. As I grew up watching TV shows like the 6 Million Dollar Man, I started to think that Bigfoot was nothing but a cash cow for people who would tell tall tales by the campfire.

My vision of the creature was tarnished for a few years until I met researcher Lloyd Pye.

After speaking with him I had a general interest in the creature from a scientific perspective. I knew that after my meeting with Lloyd Pye, that there was more to the Bigfoot creature than just some tall tale told at a campfire.Everything You Know Is Wrong : Human Origins: Pye, Lloyd: 9780966013436: Books

In his book, “Everything You Know is Wrong” he explained Bigfoot in such a way that to me was an attempt to scientifically prove its existence. There were no supernatural or dimensional theories that were presented and soon I was back to believing in the possibility of an intelligent, migratory mountain ape that has still been elusive to this day.

Back in 2015, it was reported that two partial skeletons were found in a South African cave of a previously unknown species. The discovery team named them Australopithecus Sediba. The discoverers claimed they contained elements of both the apelike hominids from which man is believed to be descended, known as Australopithecus, and early modern humans.

One of the fossils is of a male child, eight or nine years old, while the other is of an adult female in her late 20s or early 30s. They are dated between 1.95 million and 1.78 million years old , and reveal a species with long legs and a sophisticated hip bone, making them able to walk and stride like humans. But they also still had the strong hands and long arms more reminiscent of primates.

Both were just over four feet tall, with the female weighing in around 70 pounds and the child around 55 pounds.

Although small, their brains appear to have been more advanced than other similar species.

Lloyd Pye believed that it would make just as much sense to claim they were upright walking primates. Why? Because the exact same type of creatures are found in the fossil record for millions of years, to well beyond Lucy at 3.2 million years ago.

Dating back to the 1920’s sightings of the entity called the Sasquatch in Canada and Bigfoot in the United States raised issues about the possibility that a small group of hominids existed that had aboriginal roots and were quite possibly wild men that lived in the forests of the Northwest.

From 1925 to 1958 if any one of these entities were seen, it was generally believed to be a Sasquatch.

In 1958, the word “Bigfoot” came about in the United States. It had been around before then, but was not wide-spread. As a result of the foregoing, the degree of “humanness” or “apeness” depended on which hominid was sighted. When people describe something that d it not fully fit the “traditional sasquatch” in appearance, the standard reply from sasquatch/bigfoot researchers would be, “That’s not the creature we are looking for.”

I believe that in the beginning, science was hot on the trail of a living breathing “missing link.” This is the reason why most of the research that was done by hunters and regular researchers was dismissed and later rendered to a tabloid status.

In the late 1990’s I came to the conclusion that Bigfoot was many things of not different things to many people. First and foremost, many people believe that he is a mythological creature that has become somewhat of a sociological icon that is more or less a catch-all for unexplained activities in the woods.

He can also be the result of physical manifestation through willful manufacture, meaning that he or it exists but has been brought into the realms of a supernatural being rather than a flesh and blood animal.

I have always seen the Bigfoot enigma as simply an uncatalogued animal that possesses the intelligence of a typical primate.

I saw a Bigfoot or Sasquatch in Washington State near Mount Adams. He had a golden brown color, about 7 to eight feet tall, muscular build. His face was flattened as if it had hit by a shovel much like how a face looks when someone puts a nylon sticking over their heads.

When I first sighted the creature, I estimated that it was a lot shorter and thought it had to be a juvenile, but after I returned to the area where I saw him eating apples I realized that the trees were much higher in the orchard where he stood.

You may also be surprised to know that I sometimes think to myself that the due date for finding it as long past it’s time – and then something comes up in the news that makes me wonder if I am just being impatient or just questioning my capacity for hope.

It has to be said that if the phenomenon is of social origin, how did it become so widespread, how does it sustain itself, and why has it been so long lived?

If the phenomenon is of elaborate manufacture, how has it been so geographically and temporally widespread manufactured – how has it been successfully accomplished and how is it concealed?

If the phenomenon is the by-product of a cataloged animal how are human perceptual mechanisms failing us?

If the phenomenon is the by-product of an uncatalogued animal then bring us the evidence and seriously investigate the creature.

Last week, it was reported that Oklahoma State Representative Justin Humphrey announced that the state has put out a statewide $3 million bounty for the live capture of a Sasquatch.Oklahoma State Rep. Justin Humphrey proposes 'Bigfoot' hunting season - ABC7 San Francisco

There is a caveat the Bigfoot has to be a live capture.

The stated reason for the Bigfoot bounty is because officially (according to Humphrey) the creature lives in Oklahoma: a crew is shooting a Bigfoot documentary series primarily in Honobia, Oklahoma, which is the home of Bigfoot and site of the annual Bigfoot Festival and Conference. Oklahoma didn’t ask anybody if it could be Bigfoot Country. They just said that he lives there and that they will shell out 3 million for his capture– usually this type of money is put out for vaccines and such — but this is for an even better cause .

Humphrey didn’t stipulate the description of the beast, nor did he in his previous bill proposing a Bigfoot hunting season. “Bigfoot” covers any stinking, hairy hominid of large build but as short as six feet tall– that could mean any hominid.

Bigfoot researchers are pissed about Humphrey blowing up their spot, and wildlife officials see this for what it is: a cynical political ploy to sex up the otherwise dull woods. Micah Holmes of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation told a local news station thatwe use science-driven research, and we don’t recognize Bigfoot in the state of Oklahoma.”

Meanwhile the upper Northeast experience a Ring of Fire eclipse, where during sunrise the sun was darkened. Believe it or not eclipses trigger sightings for cryptids like Bigfoot and there seems to be some science to back it up — it is called the “Sunsquatch theory.”Types of Maps | GEOG 486: Cartography and Visualization

Joshua Stevens, a cartographer for NASA developed a map after the massive solar eclipse that happened in August of 2017. Using data from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, Stevens plotted known Bigfoot sightings and then highlighted the ones that appear after eclipses and moon phases.

We have had both a Lunar and solar eclipse and there should be some impressive reports soon according to Stevens. In fact, a week before the eclipse there was a sighting in Boone, North Carolina. There was footage of the creature that was taken by an anxious videographer whose dog even chased after it.

The Greenville, North Carolina police issued a Tweet saying that if you see a Bigfoot at all, do not shoot it. Even South Carolina issued a peculiar statement asking people to watch out for Lizard Man and Bigfoot during the eclipse.

NASA may not be fully in the loop on South Carolina’s “Lizard Man,” but their Scientific Visualization Center did publish “Sunsquatch,” map where you could potentially see the eclipse and “bigfoot” at the same time.

Just as no one really needs to explain that characters who turn into wolves during a full moon are werewolves, no one needs to explain who a hairy man-ape walking out of the woods would be and how maybe the moon or the sun can affect the frequency of these sightings

It was reported by Lonnie Strickland at the Phantoms and Monsters website that two women and several other witnesses encountered a red-eyed winged humanoid along the Lake Michigan at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. The description closely resembles other sightings over the years of Mothman.

Meanwhile, around the time of the Lunar eclipse, I noticed that there were Reddit conversations about Bigfoot sightings — some of them had some pretty impressive photos making the rounds; however, there is no way of proving that these are legitimate but they are certainly fascinating to say the least.

I posted one of the clearer pictures on Facebook and if you want to see armchair critics who don’t normally care about anything, post what appears to be a Bigfoot photo and they will tell you that it is either photo-shopped, CGI or a man in a monkey suit — if you are to believe Facebook, the majority does not believe in these creatures and yet some of the top rated TV shows deal in Bigfoot hunts where sightings are caught on tape or sounds are heard in the woods.

A Ground Zero listener named Alex Czubik was out with his buddies riding around on ATV’s near Lake Sysladobsis, Maine — during the trip a friend of his was in a vehicle telling Alex a Joke and pointing the camera at him to see his reaction –and just for a split second just outside the vehicle something tall and dark was moving quickly through the trees.

The men obviously did not see it because other videos they posted on YouTube of the trip said absolutely nothing about a Bigfoot experience.

When talking about esoteric fringe analytics, you see stories that loop into coincidences that are worthy of mention for the sheer coincidence and Fortean overtones that play an all too familiar tune.

Joseph Heller created the term “Catch 22” to describe a paradox in which people become victims no matter what action they take. The choices seem to put us in circles and one can measure a circle beginning anywhere.

If there is an underlying oneness of all things, it does not matter where we begin. We can see ourselves drifting into other circles and sharing other experiences with others who see the patterns and marvel at how they create repeatable patterns in history.

The same applies to the paranormal and how circles in time overlap and create some peculiar mirror images of experience.

There are many things that happen in our environment that can prime us for a paranormal encounter — and this is why it is not just a game or a novelty — if we are to think like these creatures and assume their habits we could determine once and for all what we are dealing with — is it something natural or supernatural.

We are all told that there are no monsters, that there are no real monsters; however, a monster is also a matter of how you think, what you observe. A predator can be just about anything from a mountain lion to a wolf. Their hunger is overwhelming and their need to feed for survival is also something to consider.

We all know how most Bigfoot stories begin, first there is the glimpse. Something tall. Something hairy. Something that left footprints too big to be human.

Some detect a foul odor, others claim that the crickets they hear at night go silent the silence is overwhelming and then they hear the breaking of branches, some can hear the breathing, a snarl or growl.

However lately I have been hearing stories about violent encounters with the creature — and this is what is terrifying about its unknown or unpredictable behavior.

Hulu recently had a series about Sasquatch that followed gonzo journalist David Holthouse.

He was hot on the trail of investigating a story he heard about a gruesome murder at a cannabis farm in Northern California in the 1990s. The area best known as a hotbed of cannabis cultivation has gained a reputation in popular culture as a particularly dangerous region, partially due to the Netflix series “Murder Mountain.” While the series has been criticized as sensational, its sentiments are echoed by the longtime cannabis farmers interviewed in “Sasquatch.”What Is Murder Mountain On Netflix: Everything To Know About 2019's First Hit Crime Series

The rumor is that three cannabis farmers were brutally killed by a Sasquatch and many others in the area have disappeared.

Holthouse, who has worked as an embedded journalist for 25 years covering subjects like neo-Nazi communities, serves as the lead detective on the series, gumshoeing his way through Mendocino County trying to find clues to the supposed murders.

Despite the fact that these three supposed murders are now 28 years old, sources acknowledge that these deaths are part of a pattern of other missing persons that residents of the area would rather be forgotten.

James “Bobo” Fay who is featured in the program says that there was a victim that was just pulled apart by an alleged Sasquatch.

As Holthouse notes in the series, “There’s a current of belief in supernatural forces that runs deeper up here than I think in most places.” But while doing backwoods interviews with suspicious strangers who felt inherently threatened by outsiders, the filmmakers discovered the subject matter was far more dangerous than daffy.

A source who was an ex-cop even sent Holthouse a cryptic text message at one point, tipping him off about risk amongst the redwoods. “I feel morally and ethically bound to warn you that you are venturing into dangerous territory. Unlike you, I live here and have a family to protect,” the message read, closing with, “Please be careful.”

According to David Paulides of Missing 411, people are mysteriously disappearing in our national parks in and in these woods. Paulides has written many books about Bigfoot but as for the disappearances, he says that they are from unspecified causes.

Every year, we hear how close we are to finding evidence of Bigfoot and simultaneously we are seeing strange new species showing up or they are at least detected in the fossil record and in the DNA strands.

The reality of Bigfoot may be as mundane as a monkey that has yet to be classified by science. However, seeing one in the forests of the United States can be an experience not easily forgotten.

People take for granted that all species have been identified and so the idea of a great ape species living in North America is an absurdity until the “body of evidence” is exposed to the world. Even if it was exposed, the reality of such a creature could be as mundane as an endangered ape or gorilla that somehow found a way to cross continents and remain elusive from hunters and investigators, only to show up unexpectedly and witnessed by deep woods campers.

The whole idea of new and mysterious species being discovered and categorized is academic to serious researchers who realize that even in recent history animals that were once thought of as products of mythology have suddenly appeared and have been categorized by scientists.

The difficulty in capturing an undeniable picture, video, or even hair or scat samples of the Bigfoot has caused a number of people to dismiss outright the possibility of such a creature existing. However, eyewitness testimony continues to pour in and recently the sightings of such a creature have increased.

The aggressive nature of the Bigfoot is now becoming part of the story as well and of course, there are many people who believe the only way to document a Bigfoot is to kill it in order to put to sleep any and all questions as to whether or not it exists in the wild.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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