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Ron Patton | June 11, 2018




The new norm for the world seems to be this Orwellian institutionalized inhumanity that condones the lack of due process, encourages that spirit of the police state and welcomes the tracking and surveillance because we are told we can never be too careful.

The New World is something that we have been told is coming and that it is a constant go to and scapegoat for the reason why we are spiritually clocked in a worldwide gulag where you may not see the barbed wire fences or the concrete blocks, but they are there.

You may be clamoring for wall to keep the immigrants out, but you forget just how efficient they are at keeping people in. It just matters which side the barbed fences point and where our philosophies and politics deteriorate.

We have all been sold on the idea that this is all for our freedom.

As with many things your freedom is a state of mind and the journey to the New World Order won’t have an obvious destination — it is like chasing after tomorrow – you have to admit that things are happening today and that there is now World Order coming; the World Order has arrived and that if the planet was a cruise ship, you would see captain after captain try to take the steering wheel and drive it into a tsunami of bad ideas and perpetual serfdom.

It makes no difference how close I or anyone else gets to the truth; we have allowed politics to get in the way of common sense.

Robert De Niro marched onto last night’s Tony Awards show and before he was to announce a Bruce Springsteen performance said, “Fuck Trump!”


The crowd gave a standing ovation.

From Kathy Griffin, To Roseanne, to Samantha Bee apology tours about slurs to both sides are common now.

De Niro obviously is pleased with himself now. So are all the others who stood and applauded.

Sadly, it was at that at the very moment that President Trump had just flown in to Singapore for his historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.


What is sad is the timing of it all. If Trump can somehow pull off a truce with North and South Korea, if he can bring meaningful peace deal with the planet’s most repressive, dangerous regime, then he will have achieved something none of his predecessors achieved, and saved all of us from another potentially catastrophic nuclear conflict.

I really don’t think that De Niro has much to lose and so I really don’t think that an apology tour is in the cards for him, but it does say a lot about how I define today’s political climate — it is theater for the ugly.

Everyone wants to own the narrative; the noise of disinformation can be discouraging and the threat of being shut down is ever present. The whole exercise contrary to popular belief can bankrupt you both spiritually and financially.

For those who think what is happening is all a game and that it will all work itself out has been brought into the dangerous state of ennui that will destroy us like a cancer left untreated.

This is not a game. This is not all about entertainment. It is not all about ratings. It is real, it is make or break.

We won’t forget the picture of De Niro and his fist pumping at the Tony’s or Kathy Griffin picture holding an effigy of Trump’s bloody head and if the summit is Singapore is a success we will remember pictures of people wearing “F-Trump” T-shirts and wonder what has gone wrong with us – how is it that we have let our hate get in the way of the things that are supposed to be good in America?

Throughout history, there have been many famous portraits that have been painted showing our Presidents is heroic positions. I remember such famous portraits of Washington crossing the Delaware and the famous painting of the Father of our country praying before battle. There have been iconic photographs of Abraham Lincoln, President Truman holding up a newspaper that erroneously says he lost the election, the many pictures of Kennedy, the pictures of Nixon flashing the peace sign, and President George W. Bush on the phone concerned about the lives lost during the 9/11 attacks.

By now we have all seen the latest picture of President Trump surrounded by world leaders and Angela Merkel looking like a school teacher ready to rap Trump on the knuckles with a yardstick.


The rest of our faithless allies look on and Trump looks like he is on his own.

It reminds me of that old poster of the mouse giving the finger to the eagle in a last act of defiance.

It is Trump against the New World Order and it appears that the political class is screaming bloody murder as President Trump appears to be sending the signal with arms folded and with his pout that the United States is not happy with the World Order as it is, leaving our so-called allies saying that Trump is forming his own New World Order.

For many years it has been a staple in conspiracy theory that the New World Order would someday try and establish itself as the new government entity and the United States would have to make the choice as to where their loyalties lie.

Trump is once again showing his propensity for being a wrecking ball and this can be a good thing for some and for others, it ranks as being highly-suspicious and dangerous to our well-being.

Trump’s early departure, and his subsequent refusal to endorse the G7 communiqué, has made the mainstream media apoplectic which sends a signal that they may or are purposefully not comprehending what is unfolding on a global scale.

Emmanuel Macron, the man who sent signals that he was bidding for the part of the antichrist by stating that he wanted to rule France like the God Jupiter, joked that perhaps Trumps actions should warrant that the G7 be changed to the G6.

This of course, is absurd because without the United States and its capitalist power the reason for the G7 would go away.

The progressives are wringing their hands hoping that Mueller investigation, will give them reason to put in a kinder, gentler Mike Pence while others are holding out for 2020 hoping that Trump will be voted out without even considering a second term.

However, what they are ignoring with their little pet peeves and their hash tag resistance mini aggressions, is that Trump appears to have all the winning pieces to this global game of Stratego.

There are some tectonic shifts in the works and soon there will be a whole new political landscape to panic over, one that could start a bizarre Cold War stance against countries that we would never see as enemies or even questionable allies.

We all talked about the time when we would see the all or nothing moves of the New World Order, and if things continue the way they are now, we will see more of these so called crisis points, especially when we see other countries taking a position of defiance against European Union, NATO, the United Nations and the World Trade Organization.

The Bilderberg group are currently meeting in Italy to discuss many things including an upsurge in populist leadership, where the people are supporting leaders being put into power that want to try and build up the support of the ordinary proletariat.

In political science, populism is the idea that society is separated into two groups at odds with one another – “the pure people” and “the corrupt elite.”

In conspiracy history, the populist struggle has always existed; however, generations that have not learned anything from civics or have learned something about it from binge watching “House of Cards” on Netflix, do not know that this has been going on for decades and that until recently there has been a silent war against the encroachment of world order or a world super state.

The true populist leader claims to represent the unified “will of the people”. He stands in opposition to an enemy, often embodied as the elite, the powers that be, the Illuminati, and of course the nebulous and monolithic THEM.

Populism is often mixed with anti-immigrant sentiment and authoritarianism.

If you want to believe the overall liberal resistance, this populism and nationalist stance has been erroneously termed fascism.

However, it is ironic that the true resistance should take a stand against the rise of the Super state and world dictatorship, but times have changed where a constitutional republic is an anachronism.

The idea of forced multiculturalism and globalism breed populism.

These ideas can foment a perpetual state of crisis which through propaganda and a constant barrage of negative extremism can secure the idea of isolationism.

Donald Trump folded his arms in disgust and left the G7 early – mainly because he knows just what he has been doing to secure the populists undying support.

The Trump administration is building up a substantial economic momentum here at home. First, he passed income and corporate tax cuts that the establishment Republicans could not have imagined even in their wildest dreams a few years ago.

But this was not all.

Behind the scenes, Trump astonished Democrats by approving every single social program that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer asked of him. Also it was reported that unemployment is at an all-time low.

This has forced to Trump supporters to ask why he is hated so much by the left when he has been keeping his promises.

Whatever one thinks of this president, he is giving money away not only to the richest, who of course get the most, but also to many poor people. With demonstrably strong employment, especially among African American workers, inflation under control and the stock market still buoyant, Donald Trump has his home front covered and so this has empowered him to tell his fellow Euro trash traders to back off — mush to the glee of his ardent supporters.

The anti-Trump establishment is hoping this will all crumble and that he will pay for his recklessness.

It all feels bizarre doesn’t it – it is like we are all again in some warped timeline where everyone who was dead set against a New World Order are beginning to cave when a populist President refuses to break bread with his European allies and decides to have an audience with a dictator like Kim Jong Un.

The question that should be asked is whether or not Trump wants to make a new order of his own?

Does this make it all good? Or should we avoid any type of attempts at a world order even if it is from a populist President?

Trump takes one look at all this and concludes that, if the US can no longer stabilize global capitalism, he might as well blow up existing multilateral conventions and build from scratch a new global order resembling a wheel, with America its hub and all other powers its spokes.

History has shown us what happens when we allow this to happen with any power.

Now, I am not wanting to throw this topic into the rabbit hole of a Nazi argument.

I am just thinking out loud – and I would hope that we can all look at this with a bit of critical thinking and let history be our guide as to what may happen in the future.

What is happening is really not new.

Richard Nixon also confronted Europe’s establishment in 1971 while Ronald Reagan brutally went after Japanese automobiles in 1985. Even the language was not less uncivilized.

Now all we need to have is a “Europe First” ant-Trump alliance to create a new cold war. Could you ever imagine Canada and France being a Cold War enemy while we find a new ally in North Korea?

In the times of a Singapore summit, anything can happen.

The meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un will be the first ever between a sitting US president and a North Korean leader. After a war of words that lasted months, it aims to start a discussion on ending the North’s nuclear weapons program in return for diplomatic and economic incentives.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has said Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to end the standoff.

Now how crazy is it that President Trump would get the Nobel Peace prize for this while at the same time starting a Cold War with Germany.

If we can go back to Reagan era and the meeting he had with Mikhail Gorbachev in Reykjavik, Iceland, on October 11, 1987, we can remember that it was a dismal failure. However, it was a failure that eventually became a success and dramatically changed the global system.

A year later, Gorbachev and Reagan met in Washington to continue the dialogue that had been started and the rest is history. Success began as a “failure.”

A line of communication was fully opened with an enemy of decades and substantive issues were on the table. Though the summit was initially reported as a failure, with the two sides unable to sign a final agreement, history now shows us that it was actually a great success that paved the way to the eventual end of the Cold War and a reduction in the threat of a nuclear war.

If you remember, it was a Democrat majority that cheered on Barack Obama when he made the deal with Iran, a sworn enemy of the United States. Now they are condemning Trump for taking a stand against Europe and sitting down to talk with a sworn enemy of the United States – North Korea.

As Senator Ron Paul said in his blog:

The issue is about policy versus politics and I am afraid too many Americans of all political stripes are confusing the two. Many Americans, it seems, would prefer that we continue down the path to a potentially nuclear conflict on the Korean peninsula because they do not like the current US president.

We have now reached a point where politics over-rule our common sense. We are now at a point where are going against our own interests and even our own lives, even to the point of inviting a New World Order, whether it is Trumps’ or Europe’s it is still the idea that a utopia can be established for the benefit of all – which either sounds like a John Lennon song or some idealistic crusade conducted by Karl Marx.

Written by Ron Patton

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