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Clyde Lewis | June 11, 2020
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We live in an age of conspiracies about a world shaped by shadowy plots, secret organizations and deals made behind closed doors. While the talking heads of an already compromised mainstream media are working feverishly to demonize anyone who wishes to expose their pack journalism and avoidance of facts, there are secretive groups who are fully aware of what is at stake and they meet every year to discuss and approximate the direction of the planet.

For those wondering what will come after the COVID-19 pandemic has successfully all but shut down the entire world economy, spreading the worst depression since the 1930s, the leaders of the premier globalization NGO, Davos World Economic Forum, have just unveiled the outlines of what we can expect next. These people have decided to use this crisis as an opportunity.

On June 3 via their website, the Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) unveiled the outlines of their upcoming January 2021 forum. They call it “The Great Reset.” It entails taking advantage of the staggering impact of the coronavirus to advance a very specific agenda. Notably enough, that agenda dovetails perfectly with another specific agenda, namely the 2015 UN Agenda 2030. The irony of the world’s leading big business forum, the one that has advanced the corporate globalization agenda since the 1990s, now embracing what they call sustainable development, is huge.

They are calling it the “Great Reset” where everything will be altered and changed including what you thought you knew about the economy, culture, world affairs and history. They spoke of how COVID-19 and the racial uprising have a silver lining, it has shown how quickly we can make radical changes to our lifestyles. Almost instantly, the crisis forced businesses and individuals to abandon practices long claimed to be essential, from frequent air travel to working in an office.”

Again, these world leaders see this as a silver lining because they now have learned how easy it is to take control and reduce everyone to serfs. The sad thing is, we are falling for it. There is no rebellion against the “new normal” and the “new normal” is a dogwhistle for New World Order.

The Order which has already been planned and documented when those at the World Economic Forum and the United Nations forged their manifesto at the 2030 Summit in 2015.

None of this is conspiracy theory — this is a conspiracy and it is the reality we face over the next 10 years. Klaus Schwab who is the founder of the World Economic Forum along with Prince Charles Secretary-General of the UN, Antonio Guterres are championing this reset.

“The Great Reset agenda would have three main components. The first would steer the market toward fairer outcomes. To this end, governments should improve coordination… and create the conditions for a “stakeholder economy…” It would include “changes to wealth taxes, the withdrawal of fossil-fuel subsidies, and new rules governing intellectual property, and competition.”

The second component of the Great Reset agenda would ensure that, “investments advance shared goals, such as equality and sustainability.” Here the WEF head states that the recent huge economic stimulus budgets from the EU, USA, China and elsewhere be used to create a new economy, “more resilient, equitable, and sustainable in the long run. This means, for example, building ‘green’ urban infrastructure and creating incentives for industries to improve their track record on environmental, social, and governance metrics.”

Finally the third leg of this Great Reset will be implementing the Fourth Industrial Revolution: In the proposal it states that “The third and final priority of a Great Reset agenda is to harness the innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to support the public good, especially by addressing health and social challenges. During the COVID-19 crisis, companies, universities, and others have joined forces to develop diagnostics, therapeutics, and possible vaccines; establish testing centers; create mechanisms for tracing infections; and deliver telemedicine. Imagine what could be possible if similar concerted efforts were made in every sector.” The Fourth Industrial Revolution includes gene-editing biotech, 5G telecommunications, Artificial Intelligence and the like.

While we have been fighting against each other — the world planners have been busy implementing their agenda of a new s technological monster aimed at putting the whole world in a sanitized world controlled asylum.

If we compare the details of the 2015 UN Agenda 2030 with the World Economic Forum Great Reset, we find both dovetail very neatly. The theme of Agenda 2030 is a “sustainable world” which is defined as one with income equality, gender equality, vaccines for all under the WHO and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations which was launched in 2017 by the World Economic Forum along with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

In 2015 the UN issued a document, “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” The Obama Administration never submitted it to the Senate for ratification knowing it would fail. Yet it is being advanced globally. It includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals, extending an earlier Agenda 21. The 17 include “to end poverty and hunger, in all their forms and dimensions… to protect the planet from degradation, including through sustainable consumption and production, sustainably managing its natural resources and taking urgent action on climate change…“ It calls for sustainable economic growth, sustainable agriculture with GMO’s, sustainable and modern energy wind, and solar, sustainable cities, which includes police reform, introducing the Strong Cities Network, a UN Policing body in order to guarantee enforcement of green provisions, and world health.

They are also looking at sustainable industrialization. The word sustainable is the key word. If we dig deeper it is clear it is code-word for a reorganization of world wealth via means such as punitive carbon taxes that will dramatically reduce air and vehicle travel. The less-developed world will not rise to the developed, rather the other way, the advanced civilizations must go down in their living standards to become “sustainable.”

To understand the double-speak use of sustainable, we need to go back to Maurice Strong, a billionaire Canadian oilman and close friend of David Rockefeller, the man who played a central role back in the 1970s for the idea that man-made CO2 emissions were making the world unsustainable. Strong created the UN Environment Program, and in 1988, the UN Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change to exclusively study manmade CO2.

In 1992, Strong stated, “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” At the Rio Earth Summit, Strong that same year added, “Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, air-conditioning, and suburban housing – are not sustainable.”

The decision to demonize CO2, one of the most essential compounds to sustain all life, human and plant, is not random. As Prof. Richard Lindzen an MIT atmospheric physicist puts it, “CO2 for different people has different attractions. After all, what is it? – it’s not a pollutant, it’s a product of every living creature’s breathing, it’s the product of all plant respiration, it is essential for plant life and photosynthesis, it’s a product of all industrial burning, it’s a product of driving – I mean, if you ever wanted a leverage point to control everything from exhalation to driving, this would be a dream. So it has a kind of fundamental attractiveness to bureaucratic mentality.”

And you thought “I Can’t Breathe” was just a plea to get the knee off the neck of George Floyd. It will be the same for those who can’t breathe because of what Orwell said about a boot stomping on a human face forever.

Lest we forget, the curiously well-timed New York pandemic exercise, Event 201 on October 18, 2019 was co-sponsored by the World Economic Forum and the Gates Foundation. It was based on the idea that, ”it is only a matter of time before one of these epidemics becomes global—a pandemic with potentially catastrophic consequences a pandemic where people literally cannot breathe.

The declaration by the World Economic Forum to make a Great Reset is to all indications a thinly-veiled attempt to advance the Agenda 2030 “sustainable” dystopian model, where a world body has full spectrum control of what we do as humans in the new world.

In order for a Reset to be effective, there also has to be a way to control the information through restrictions of intellectual property. Intellectual property can be anything that is created, printed, recorded, presented as history or vital information that we use to ensure the theme of autonomy.

We are now seeing a purge of what can be seen as important history with what is being called “The Cancel Culture.”

The Cancel Culture is something that we were warned about in both Orwell’s 1984 and Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.

Orwell said in his book, 1984, that whoever controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past.

In order to control the culture or reset the culture it has to begin with reinforcing agendas with the children.

Recently, CNN teamed up with the Sesame Street Muppets to hold a town hall about racism and even though the show was produced with good intentions, it dovetailed into creating an anti-America theme where beyond Sesame Street there is a cold place where hate thrives and inequality is dogma. Of course, it is the United States of America.

It is of course anathema to attack Big Bird or Elmo and the whole Bert and Ernie gay question was another attempt at pushing a political agenda, but it does not stop the news media from hijacking issues and putting them in the mouths of endearing foam rubber puppets.

It is also ironic when you realize how the World Economic Forum sees Americans and how the United Nations wishes to pull our strings in their New World Reset.

They are seeking out a way to make history multiple choice by telling children a side of the story that punishes and pushes guilt over a history that they wish to erase if we forget about slavery or erase it – we will be able to repeat it and easily enslave everyone under the guild of the global plantation.

The world controllers are banking on your lack of history recall.

Historical recall is almost nonexistent and the mainstream narrative has encouraged an emotional response to things like race, gun ownership, sexual preference, appropriate sexual behavior, and political correctness.

While racial inequality was a problem for little Elmo on Sesame Street, gun ownership for cartoon characters is also being addressed.

HBO Max has decided to release resets of the popular Loony Tunes cartoons.

Elmer Fudd will still be hunting Bugs Bunny, however he won’t be carrying a rifle. Yosemite Sam will also lose his iconic double pistols in the series.

So, while guns may be out, the campy violence where cannons dynamite and anvils dropping on characters’ heads will still be part of the series.

Another children’s animated series being attacked by the cancel culture is “Paw Patrol.”

“Paw Patrol” is a children’s cartoon about a squad of canine helpers. It is basically a pretense for placing household pets in a variety of cool vehicles . The team includes Marshall, a firefighting Dalmatian; Rubble, a bulldog construction worker; and Chase, a German shepherd who is also a cop. In the world of “Paw Patrol,” Chase is drawn to be a very good dog who barks stuff like “Chase is on the case!” and “All in a police pup’s day!” as he rescues kittens in his tricked-out S.U.V.

But last week, when the show’s official Twitter account had Chase put out a call for “Black voices to be heard,” commenters came after Chase. “Euthanize the police dog,” they said. “Defund the Paw Patrol.” “All dogs go to heaven, except the class traitors in the Paw Patrol.”

Even big-hearted cartoon police dogs — or maybe especially big-hearted cartoon police dogs are on notice. The effort to publicize police brutality also means banishing the good-cop archetype, which reigns on both television and in viral videos of the protests themselves. “Paw Patrol” seems harmless enough, and that’s the point: The movement rests on understanding that cops do plenty of harm.

This is why after 33 seasons Paramount canceled the TV show COPS and A&E cancelled “Live PD.”

Critics have said that police TV series such as “Cops” and “Live PD” distort the public’s view of law enforcement by glamorizing the police while distorting issues such as crime, justice, and gender. They say that many cop series entirely ignore critical law enforcement issues, including racial bias.

Respect for civil unity is now under fire from collective groups that are denoted by hashtags and financed by organizations that wish to create division and social disharmony.

Social media platforms have now seized on the opinions of extremists and have propped them up as the norm, with the blame being placed on our chosen leadership and their alleged inability to create empathy for groups who use victimhood as a form of currency.

After the George Floyd incident, there was a fortified effort by the Cancel Culture to sanitize what we hear and see. They were so emboldened that many monuments that were erected to the civil war were destroyed or defaced.

Statues of Washington and Jefferson have been defaced or destroyed. Statues of Christopher Columbus has been beheaded. Most statues that have been erected in memory of Confederate generals or any civil war memorial have been defaced or destroyed.

A monument dedicated to 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, the Union Army’s second African-American regiment in the American Civil War was also defaced. The monument was defaced with four-letter words and phrases including “Black Lives Matter,” “No Justice, No Peace,” and “Police are Pigs.”

It is obvious that those who have been defacing civil war statues are not aware of the history that time period and want to have it all destroyed.

It is also ironic that while civil war generals of the confederacy are a target because of their so called racist attitudes in becomes a bit hypocritical that the statue of Robert Byrd, a southern Democrat senator and Grand Wizard of the KKK still has a statue in the nation’s capital.

Recall that, at various points in his career, Byrd’s partisan colleagues elected him to the positions of senate majority whip, senate majority leader, senate minority leader, and senate president pro tempore, which placed him third in the line of presidential succession behind the vice president and speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. He was not, by any stretch of the imagination, a marginal or fringe figure nor were the positions of authority he occupied merely the result of seniority.

The Washington Press Corps repeatedly refused to delve into his activities as a long ago member of the Ku Klux Klan other than to acknowledge it as a “youthful indiscretion” and move on.

Byrd was an ‘exalted cyclops’ of the Ku Klux Klan. Although he apologized numerous times for what he considered a youthful indiscretion, his early votes in Congress–notably a filibuster against the 1964 Civil Rights Act reflected racially separatist views.

Byrd was not a closeted racist—he was openly racist and a good friend of the Clintons.

Hillary Clinton called Robert Byrd her mentor.

It was the Hillary Clinton campaign that raised the question of Barack Obama’s eligibility for the presidency by questioning his place of birth. It then became a conspiracy theory of the right wing haters of Obama but those who know history know that Hillary Clinton encouraged that snafu which hurt her chances at becoming president.

The question is why is it that this is conveniently erased from the conversation?

The Cancel Culture obviously targets and cherry picks those they wish to attack. It has nothing to do with race inequality or even context – it is destruction for the sake of erasing history or stories that they do not like – you cannot enslave a nation unless you remove the history of how slavery is implemented.

American history is not pretty: It is blood-soaked and horrifying; its accomplishments are stained by genocide, slavery and moral apathy to those horrors and more. That is why white Americans, in particular, do not like to look at America as it is.

Instead, to make themselves feel good, they’ve learned to rewrite our history. In the decade following the Civil War, the country began to rebuild, creating an environment that was at least moving toward equality for Black Americans. 

In the wake of the racial wars in the news, HBO MAX temporarily removed the movie, Gone with the Wind from streaming and issuing a statement. The statement read:

“These racist depictions were wrong then and are wrong today, and we felt that to keep this title up without an explanation and a denouncement of those depictions would be irresponsible,” a spokesperson said. “It will return with a discussion of its historical context and a denouncement of those very depictions.”

However HBO of course avoided any and all mentions of the fact that film was a showcase for the talents of Hattie McDaniel. McDaniel played “Mammy” in Gone with the Wind and was the first African-American actress to receive the Academy award for best supporting actress.

But Hollywood’s highest honor couldn’t stave off the indignities that greeted McDaniel at every turn. Hollywood pigeonholed her as the sassy Mammy archetype—putting her in roles of being a maid or servant.

The NAACP disowned her for perpetuating negative stereotypes. Even after death, her Oscar, which she left to Howard University, was deemed valueless by appraisers and later went missing from the school and has remained so for more than 40 years. Her final wish was to be buried in Hollywood Cemetery. It was denied because of the color of her skin.

So to deny her the immortality she had as an Academy Award winning actress the Hollywood cancel culture devalues her yet again.

Hollywood’s response is hypocritical—rather than attacking the history of the movie and the characters in it, they should deplore the way Hollywood treated actors like McDaniel.

They should see how absurd they are and at what lengths they will go to virtue signal their hypocrisy.

If you recall, John Wayne did an interview in Playboy where he expressed some virulently homophobic and racist things which were known and said about the man throughout his life.  The media got a hold of this and on the 40th anniversary of his death decided to berate him.

There’s no more Kate Smith singing “God Bless America” at Yankee games. Her statue outside of the Philadelphia Flyers stadium is gone, too.

The banishment is a result of Smith being cancelled—declared problematic for some songs with racist lyrics that Smith recorded in the early 1930s. While some called for context, others called for Smith to be cancelled.

Kate Smith singing “God Bless America” at Yankee games. Her statue outside of the Philadelphia Flyers stadium is gone, too.

The banishment is a result of Smith being cancelled—declared problematic for some songs with racist lyrics that Smith recorded in the early 1930s. While some called for context, others called for Smith to be cancelled.

In the book, 1984, Orwell described the dystopian future when he wrote about how history must be erased in order for it to repeat.

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” 

We find it much easier to get worked up about and attack these relatively smaller matters.  I do think that many of us that are interested in social justice get preoccupied and hung up on some of the smaller matters because the larger injustices are just so difficult to take down. 

Erasing history is not heroic – it is exactly what Stalin did in Russia and what Hitler did in Germany.

But of course, that too can all be forgotten and erased because of inconvenience and sanitized for your safety.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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