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Ron Patton | June 12, 2019
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After my show with Marshall Masters on the Beta Taurids and the possibility of a celestial event happening sometime between now and September, I was chided by a few individuals saying that I implied that the end of the world would be happening this month.

I had hoped that I went out of my way to say the contrary. I know that we have always been shown in Hollywood movies how comets and asteroids have always been the objects of doomsday predictions.

However, in my studies for the Beta Taurids show, I found some interesting stories about civilizations that would rebuild and gain knowledge from their cosmic close calls and from catastrophes associated with space.

There were civilizations and groups of ancients that survived and the others became graveyard civilizations that sometimes wind up on the History Channel as “ghost species.”

I want to make this fact clear, a fact that cannot be escaped even if you are a God-fearing believer, an atheist, or agnostic or otherwise. There is a shared meme held by billions of people on this planet and that is the world is destined to end in some chaos.

Now you can hold on to beliefs that say that it will be millions of years away and you can die a normal and boring death, or you can think that it will happen in 12 years, or 5 years. You can think it will end next year and there are small groups who await rapture every hour on the hour, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is the sympathetic response to this preoccupation from the universe. That is if you believe in quantum entanglements which somehow spin coincidences and synchronicities that make you wonder if you are only part of the dimensional equation.

I hear all the time that the earth is headed for destruction and that someone or some alien god will come down and save it. Then we will be at peace. This is programming and it has been part of our collective unconscious for thousands of years because our ancestors have written in bibles, Vedic histories, Muslim writings and elsewhere about shared cataclysms and major changes that we seem to not want to accept as reality, even though it is beginning to show itself in a blatant fashion in our lifetime.

There are some scientists and most catastrophists who will tell you that our growing fascination with an end times future is based on a wired response that has been programmed into us throughout the thousands of years mankind has walked on the planet.

Some believe the idea of a catastrophic ending of the world is programmed into the subconscious minds by our extraterrestrial creators and that there is evidence all over the galaxy of alien artifacts left behind by a graveyard civilization.

Imagine an extraterrestrial civilization that manages to colonize the entire galaxy. Then imagine the colonizing civilization collapsing so definitively that no trace of its existence has yet been detected, at least from our planet.

What could bring down such a civilization?

The idea here is that we can use Fermi’s Paradox by assuming that exponential growth is not a sustainable development pattern for intelligent civilizations.

Fermi’s question, of course, was built around the assumption that alien civilizations would do more or less what we would do if we had their technology, which is to explore and colonize the galaxy the way we have done these things on our own world. Thus one answer to Fermi is that the reason we do not see evidence of extraterrestrials is that exponential growth patterns throughout the galaxy are not feasible. This does not rule out the existence of ETI but does establish some difficulty in proving their existence.

However, some will argue that the evidence is everywhere and every now and again we discover artifacts that indicate ancient civilizations may have had relationships with early extraterrestrial colonists and there are artifacts that point to a phantom or graveyard civilization that was very interested in matters of earth and sky.

It is arguably the case that, due to the immense distances between stars, any evidence we discover of extraterrestrial intelligence, whether it be an artifact or an electromagnetic signal, may come from a long-vanished civilization.

There is also an interest in many things that have been left behind by ancient civilizations that seem more advanced than we first thought and there are questions about graveyard civilizations and their alleged relationships with ETI.

Science Fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke once said that great science fictions stories always begin with a “Big Dumb Object” that creates a domino effect of wonder and intrigue. The “Big Dumb Object” was usually any mysterious object usually of extraterrestrial or unknown origin and immense power that is the centerpiece of the entire story.

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, Clarke introduces a “Big Dumb Object” called the Monolith. A giant slab of extraterrestrial design. The beginning of the book and film set in prehistoric times. It is discovered by a group of hominids and somehow triggers a considerable shift in evolution, starting with the ability to use tools and weaponry.

The Apes touch the alien slab to become more than just apes. They become more human and receive the intelligence necessary to create machines to leave the earth and touch another Monolith. Mankind is then catapulted benevolently through the wormhole to make another leap in evolution. To meet his creator and gain knowledge.

The ape-man reaching out to the Alien technology takes on a new meaning now. Many times throughout history we have reached out to the heavens and have touched what we call “the divine.” We have seen a depiction of this throughout history.

In the Michael Crichton story “Sphere,” another “Big Dumb Object” is utilized as an alien artifact.

A team of scientists comes together to examine a spacecraft of unknown origin discovered on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Inside the ship is a huge sphere. What is interesting about the ship is that the scientist realizes that the spacecraft is a U.S. spacecraft constructed in the future and sent through time, appearing on the seabed at least 350 years before its creation.

The Black Marker in the movie, Dead Space, is similar to the monolith of 2001: A Space Odyssey. According to the story, it was an alien artifact discovered on Earth by the Earth Government in 2214. It was hidden to discourage alien belief. It was brought to public knowledge by Michael Altman who was contracted to research the Marker nearly 300 years prior to the events of Dead Space.

Monoliths, Black Markers, and spheres may be “Big Dumb Objects” in science fiction, but monoliths and megaliths are very real and they are mysterious artifacts from ancient civilizations. However, we have also been exposed to the idea that perhaps many of these structures were built with the help of ancient extraterrestrial gods.

But Buzz Aldrin during an interview in 2009 said that there was a huge Monolith on Phobos, the Martian moon. The mysterious object was spotted several years ago by a NASA probe, and to this day nobody is quite sure what it is or how it got there.

The Phobos “monolith” is but one of many genuine anomalies in our solar system that should warrant further attention.

Lan Fleming was subcontracted to the Johnson Space Flight Center during the 1990s and became known for taking an interest in the various unusual features that turned up occasionally on Earth’s moon and other orbital bodies throughout the solar system of which visual data obtained.

Sometime after the Mars Global Surveyor probe photographed the Martian moon Phobos in 1998, Fleming was contacted by a visual artist and writer named Efrain Palermo, who had been referred to Fleming by Dr. Mark Carlotto, an imaging expert who had previously lent his expertise to study of the Cydonia region on Mars. Palermo had discovered an unusual feature on Phobos, which appeared to be a large structure or other feature that cast an unusually long shadow. Fleming had noticed it too while reviewing various footage from the Mars Global Surveyor; however, he had initially interpreted the long shadow was merely due to a low sun angle relative to the position of Phobos in its orbit around Mars.

It looks as if it is an obelisk similar to the Washington Monument or a towering slab of rock that casts an impressive shadow on the surface of Phobos.

This mystery along with the pyramids of Cydonia and the face on Mars has been enduring mysteries for old school enthusiasts for possible alien artifacts.

Unfortunately, when scientists comment on such mysteries, they become less anomalous and more like pareidolia, comparable to Jesus in a Tortilla or cloud-gazing.

When religion is questioned about the inhabitants of this earth that date beyond the 6000 years of Adam – there is a rejection of the idea even though The Torah speaks of 974 generations existing before the Creation of Adam by God, these are the peoples that the children of Adam and Eve married.

Call them pre-Adamic or antediluvian, there are scant histories of these graveyard civilizations and their relationship with beings that allegedly came from the skies.

Creation stories and their details vary from religion to religion, but the base story appears to be the same. Names change and perceptions change.

The numbers of believers are broken down to statistics – Christians alone have 20,000 different sects that have a slightly different take on matters of origin.

Then, there is science and the way they believe they settle the equation. Science has become a big ego trip which lately has been humbled, as technology exposes the faulty logic that has been taken as fact.

After all, we are only human. We are most likely to believe something if it confirms what we have suspected all along. We can all make mistakes and science can get it wrong because science is nothing more than hit and miss and trial and error.

It sometimes can be a well-oiled machine of festooned ignorance.

The lack of certainty in science is just fodder for the other side. A small group of vocal creationists will probably keep a scorecard on the faux pas of scientists yet fail to even acknowledge the messes that they create or decide to apologize for hundreds of years of poor judgment much too late when no one cares.

History eventually revises itself and science corrects its blunders. Religion, on the other hand, takes its time to make good on its folly.

Most researchers believe that modern humankind emerged gradually from a population centered in East Africa around 200,000 years ago. Previous discoveries of early Homo sapiens fossils have been concentrated at sites in Ethiopia.

There have been other discoveries that test the original findings.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Immanuel Velikovsky wrote of cosmic impacts in his books “Worlds in Collision” and “Earth in Upheaval”. Indeed he is credited with setting many modern skywatchers off on a path of catastrophism and its relationship with the stars and the planets for decades, and though many of his ideas are treated with derision by the academic community, the seminal influence of his pioneering theories are undeniable – his books began a prehistory debate which is still ‘very hot’, and getting hotter still at the start of the 21st century.

Velikovsky stresses the information value of ancient texts, based according to him on real experiences lived in a different astronomical context than now. The idea that the events described in ancient texts pertained to real experiences used to be accepted without difficulty in the western world until science stepped in and illuminism changed the way we view the universe.

Velikovsky wants to remind us that ancient catastrophes and cataclysms remain within human memory, that we have absorbed them into our DNA and that the reason why we are obsessed with the end of the world is that our ancestors have lived it and those that survived have handed down the trauma to future generations.

After the release of Worlds in Collision in the 1950s, we can certainly say that scholars in the natural sciences pay more attention to ancient records of catastrophes. Such attention is partly due also to the existence of technological means, not available at Velikovsky’s time, to verify the effects of such unusual events in the geological and biological record.

Velikovsky has also stressed the importance of electromagnetic interactions in astronomy, with particular regard to close flybys of large celestial bodies. This includes large asteroids, comets, and what have been called planets with large elliptical orbits.

I recently stumbled upon some information that I thought was fascinating and it hovers on the periphery of the ancient alien theories that we have heard about and the possibility of stargates and advanced technologies that were created after a “celestial event” much like the Beta Taurid event scheduled for the end of this month.

It is beloved that many of the megalithic structures that have been left behind by ancient civilizations were constructed for the purpose of observing the sky and looking for space debris or even the chariots of the ancient gods.

Many megalithic towers, monoliths, and megaliths served as early warning systems for possible encounters with things from outside our solar system.

The simple awareness that the Earth orbited the Sun and periodically passed through trails or streams of cosmic debris suggests that some ancient civilizations could well have been far more aware of the position of the Earth in the solar system, and the dynamics of the solar system, than has previously been suspected.

It is becoming evident that ancient civilizations have, throughout the past several thousands of years, migrated away from areas devastated by periodic bombardments of cometary debris.

These migrations of refugee survivors were likely due not only to the destruction of centers of civilizations but also as a result of the “Cosmic Winter” caused by the cometary dust-loading of the upper atmosphere which gave rise to abrupt climatic changes – rapid drops in temperature that undermined the agricultural base sustaining those societies.

Whenever we look at Stone Age paintings shown in books photographed in straight electric lighting, they are not all that impressive. But in the prehistoric days after spending time first in complete darkness, then gazing upon the images in the continually flickering flame of a candle or lamp burning animal fat, suddenly it would have been as if the animal figures had come alive, looking like they are actually breathing, and their hearts beating.

Still, other images appear as distorted from every angle but one, as if the animals are coming in from another dimension for only a moment before leaving again. Others are totally invisible until light is held up to them at a certain angle and distance, quickly flashing into view and then just as quickly vanishing.

Strangely enough, while so much detail was given to the animal pictures, one cannot find a good image anywhere of a human being in the Stone age. Some human-like images are there, but they have only rough outlines looking like ghosts or combined with animal features. The earth energy spots were sometimes marked with clay spirals and human-placed stalactites acting like amplifiers. Thus, they are not human but are the other world.

Closer to our age this was reflected in the cavern oracles of Delphi in Greece, from Dendera in ancient Egypt, the Sibylline seeresses of Rome, the prophetic voices from the Loltun caves of Mayan Yucatan, from beneath the Toltec Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, and the Dreamtime memories in the ancestral rock shelters of the Native Australians.

Archeology explains much of what we have seen and stops short of describing other beings that have been depicted as overseers, gods, and protectors of the earth.

It is interesting to find that the monoliths and megaliths play a role as monuments to the stars — in memory of the advanced civilizations that came before in gratitude to the gods.

It can also be determined that many of these monuments have been erected in order to show the gods that the ancients have been industrious to please the gods.

This way they will not be harmed or destroyed them.

Religion itself has created fictional imagery of God or the gods. We only see gods in robes standing amongst the marble columns. It is imagery given to us from the Roman and the Greek. However, the sides of caves and the walls of rock show a different look for these gods.

Many with halos of light, large eyes and in some cases protective coverings for the head and the body that today are worn by people in religious respect. The garment of God is worn by Popes and Jewish clerics out of respect.

Tall miters and yarmulkes cover the heads and burqas cover the faces and bodies of Muslim women. This dates back to a time were women were ordered, not by Muslim decree but by the ruling bodies anciently that women had to wear a head covering to allow the angels or the Gods from above to differentiate them from the men.

In old Talmudic tradition, the yarmulke was always worn because God is always over your head. Always looking down, always ready to take you up. The dome on the head was in reverence to the beings that dwelled in the sky.

The dome itself is derived from ancient Pagan symbolism and was absorbed into the architecture of Christianity and Islam directly from Pagan temple architecture.

The “eye” of the Sun was able to “see” into the temple through an “Oculus” at the upper-most section of the dome, which was simply an enormous hole in the top. In some Christian “churches” the domed architecture will even include an enormous eye centered in the center of the dome, looking down at the congregation.

A lot of government buildings, mainly capital buildings like the nation’s capital have domes that are similar to religious buildings. This is no accident because governments also are acting under the all-seeing eye of the overseers.

You may notice that our nations’ capital looks very much like the Vatican, complete with an Obelisk or Monolith that is a representation of the ancient god, Osiris.

The architecture of today sends out a clear message, that if the overseers look down they will see that we are honoring their sacred geometry and that our architecture is made not to offend but to show obedience.

Ancient architecture is now set in stone, all over the world – many are monikers for tombs while others are observatories and many of them maybe representations of alien artifacts that are yet to be identified by our satellites and future missions in space.

Written by Ron Patton

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