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Clyde Lewis | June 12, 2020
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The other night I found myself overtly speculating about the discovery in Antarctica that in essence, is quite simply proof of an anti-universe. I know that science wishes to downplay this because it would mean that there is a gateway or wormhole that would be reaching back into the obverse of what this universe represents.

But of course, I am speaking of the New Scientist article that discussed some anomalous results coming from neutrino detection experiments in Antarctica, and what these could mean for a speculative cosmological model that posits there’s an antimatter universe extending backwards from the Big Bang.

The story went viral stating that perhaps scientists had discovered a parallel universe going backward or upside down.

NASA later reported that the “parallel” universe discovery was an exaggeration.

Well, they had to because what was being speculated about quite simply is a wormhole that goes in reverse. A gateway to the upside down.

In a quantum way, what is going on in Antarctica could be explained as an anomalous event that demonstrates an anti-universe dominated by antimatter, stretching back in time from the Big Bang and with spatial properties inverted to those in our own Universe.

If we were to give it a romantic religious overtone – we would call it the abyss or Hell.

There was an old theory that between the reign of Moses and the coming of Jesus there was a syncretism that was being carried out by a being that we now call Lucifer – a being of light that came from the abyssou or abyss.

The syncretism preached what was called the anti-gospel as opposed to the gospel that was said to be the forward pathway to God. The anti-gospel was a reverse or obverse gospel that was from the abyss.

The saints were faced with a Gospel and an anti-gospel, the Christ and an anti-Christ. As it was for Adam, the only way they could rightly discern between the light and the darkness, the truth and its doppelgänger, was through heeding the Word of God.

Continuing the theme of the altar of the abyss as an “evil twin” of the Tabernacle of God, the Revelation describes this event as a perversion of sacred architecture. The Seven Seals culminate in the pouring out of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, and the Seven Trumpets result in a confrontation – spiritual warfare – between the true sons of Abraham and their evil twins, the Herodian imposters. The literary structure of the passage makes use of the chiastic nature of the Bible Matrix to present the Gospel witness of the Apostles as a two-edged sword which builds up the saints and throws down the sinners into the lake of fire in what was called the underworld.

Pandemonium, the city of “every demon,” has always been founded upon the blood of men, women and children. Instead of a stairway to heaven, it is a gateway to hell.

In the underworld are various structures and is home to various beasts of untold horrors but many people would tell you that there is no hell, no abyss no gateway to what can be called the “Upside Down.”

In the popular TV series “Stranger Things” time travel, and quantum temporal experiments similar to what is carried out at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN have opened up a portal to a place that us called the Upside Down.

It is dark, there are ashes that fall from the sky, which is red and angry and looks like a more dismal doppelganger to the small down where it is opened up.

Now, many people have deduced that the Upside down is hell. Not that this is what they call it – but the doppleganger descriptions in the ancient Hebrew would pretty much describe it as hell.

The Upside Down has no life, aside from the Demon Dogs, the Demogorgon, and slimy vines.

It is a given that monsters usually come from the imaginations of those who create fairytales. These tales of darkness have been watered down over the years. When the Mother or father tells these stories or when children recall them they are seldom aware that the stories were once based in the occult. We now see them as harmless; however, you must know that they enforce timeless memes of treachery.

They remind us subliminally that there is an underworld where all things corrupt occasionally rise to the occasion and appear as reminders that there is more than just the world we see, there is an underworld or a shadow world where monsters too horrible to comprehend exist and as Shakespeare noted —“As Flies to wonton boys, so are we to the unknown powers of the universe, we are killed for the pleasure of the Gods.” The more we dig through ancient writings we understand that earlier man and the scribes of the Middle East believed in an active underworld.

The more different interpretations we read, the more we begin to understand the schism between the entities of divinity and profanity. We understand that the so-called beginning of man or the creation is really the rebuilding and reorganization of a world that had been destroyed and later claimed by different entities that needed some sort of slave race to rebuild.

These creatures were at the mercy of these Gods and many of the inhabitants feared them. In the ancient writings, it was forbidden to have knowledge because tampering or mocking such entities became a dangerous game. They were according to scribes the enemy of man and the wardens of the dead.

These unknowns would tinker with the evolutionary process. These unknown beings were alien to the planet and were known to infiltrate and subdue the women and harm the children. The changes that followed the infiltration of these alien forms put a lot of torment on mankind.

We often speculate about these beings as being ancient aliens, or they were called the Titans but their origins have been elusive but their legends are a matter of record.

Remember the Titans were the banished gods of Greek Mythology , who were no longer part of the upper world. Rather they were the gods who dwelt underground in Tartarus.

They were also considered part of a syncretism that would restrain mankind.

The planet Saturn is named for the Roman equivalent of the Titan Cronus. Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, is named after the Titans generally, and the other moons of Saturn are named after individual Titans, specifically Tethys, Phoebe, Rhea, Hyperion, and Iapetus. Astronomer William Henry Pickering claimed to discover another moon of Saturn which he named Themis, but this discovery was never confirmed, and the name Themis was given to an asteroid, Themis. Asteroid Mnemosyne was also named for the Titan.

A proto-planet Theia is hypothesized to have been involved in a collision in the early solar system, forming the Earth’s moon.

“The Coming Race” was a book written by Edward Bulwer-Lytton who was a member of the Golden Dawn. The book was originally titled “The Power of the Coming Race.” Lytton was fascinated by the group and how it was able to communicate through cipher manuscripts.

Each manuscript contained magical symbolism. The Ciphers contain the outlines of a series of graded rituals and the syllabus for a course of instruction in Kabala and Hermetic magic, including Astrology, Tarot, Geomancy, and Alchemy.

Lytton wrote that he had found that as far back as the mid-19th century it was recorded that in an underground tunnel originating near Puerto Rico ‘the secret chiefs” were in hiding and had a habitat hidden near the Bermuda triangle. He called them “gods” and named them the Vril-ya. The creatures were pale white with dark black eyes. They were small with large heads.

Some had decided that these beings that lived underground could explain the myth of the Titans.

There are also connections to other underground creatures as well. H.G. Wells in his book the Time Machine spoke of the albino skinned Morlock that had dark eyes that lived underground.

The Medieval writer, Michael Psellos, wrote a treatise on the 5th order of demons, giant vipers that lived underground. In his treatise called de natura daemonum he describes what would be considered the modern vampire albeit more beastly than manly with more of an ashen face, hairless and with horns or pointed ears.

During a séance in 1819 English poet and artist William Blake claimed that he met a real vampire. Blake, who was a visionary and occultist created a painting that he called “The Ghost of a Flea” where he was able to depict the vampire as a flea that has been possessed with the spirit of man.

Blake first made a sketch of the vampire and as he described it as the head of the ghost of a flea, the image appears to be similar to the so called vampiric “reptilian” beings described in books by David Icke and Susan Reed.

In the painting the vision is complete, the soul of a bloodsucking flea in a muscular body of a man. His face with a long tongue and reptilian features is licking a bowl of human blood. This unites the vampire with pestilence and disease. A threatening figure that dwells in the underground.

Comparisons have been made to John Henry Fuseli’s monstrous imps in the famous painting “The Nightmare.”

Now if only science could give us a reason too even investigate these theories about ultra-terrestrials and whether or not they may have existed or if by some slim chance they still exist—wouldn’t that be amazing?

It would be equally amazing to find the artifacts of a group like the Titans and how they could have been somehow labeled as ungodly.

It could also mean that there was some definitive reason that people believed in demons or even vampires.

Believe it or not, there has been a discovery that may force us to reevaluate what we call the underworld or even the idea of a Hollow Earth.

University of Maryland geophysicists analyzed thousands of recordings of seismic waves, sound waves traveling through the Earth, to identify echoes from the boundary between Earth’s molten core and the solid mantle layer above it. The echoes revealed more widespread, unexplained structures—areas of unusually dense, hot rock at the core-mantle boundary than previously known.

Scientists are unsure of the composition of these structures, and previous studies have provided only a limited view of them. Better understanding their shape and extent can help reveal the geologic processes happening deep inside Earth. This knowledge may provide clues to the workings of plate tectonics and the evolution of our planet.

The new research provides the first comprehensive view of the core-mantle boundary over a wide area with such detailed resolution. The study was published in the June 12, 2020, issue of the journal Science.

The researchers focused on echoes of seismic waves traveling beneath the Pacific Ocean basin. Their analysis revealed a previously unknown structure beneath the volcanic Marquesas Islands in the South Pacific and showed that the structure beneath the Hawaiian Islands is much larger than previously known.

Earthquakes generate seismic waves below Earth’s surface that travel thousands of miles. When the waves encounter changes in rock density, temperature or composition, they change speed, bend or scatter, producing echoes that can be detected. Echoes from nearby structures arrive more quickly, while those from larger structures are louder. By measuring the travel time and amplitude of these echoes as they arrive at seismometers in different locations, scientists can develop models of the physical properties of rock hidden below the surface. This process is similar to the way bats echolocate to map their environment.

The scientists have also seen numerous electric events where earthquakes have been detected in various places that are not earthquake prone.

An electric event is certainly responsible for the South Atlantic anomaly — we are seeing the electrical field weaken over the area and major crust displacement that is swallowing up fames in Africa and quite possibly we are seeing a collapsing magnetic Vortex over the Gulf of Aden.

Large “telluric currents” have been found circulating through Earth’s crust because our magnetic field induces current flow in conductive strata. Thousands of amperes flow beneath the surface, varying according to conductivity.

Teluric currents have been used to describe the way ancient technology was being utilized. Much of the technology used was for the propulsion system of a flying machine known as the Vimana.

The Vimana are flying machines or chariots described in Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics. 

Throughout the Vedic histories are the speculations that Vimanas piloted by their Gods were hidden in a subterranean fortress and that there have been bases under the earth for millions of years.

An “inner world” is also referred to in the Puranas an ancient city called Shamballa is located inside the Earth. This city is also referred to in Tibetan Buddhism. The theory of Earth having a hollow interior has remained a popular concept ever since and has lived on throughout the ages.

In fact, South American mythology, Native American mythology, Russian legend, Mexican folklore, certain tribes of India and Celtic mythology all seem to refer to a subterranean world inside the hollow interior of the Earth. Some of them even refer to strange creatures and human looking beings that live in underground bases and have ancient technology.

When earthquakes would take place the ancients would surmise that the Gods of the underworld were angry at them.

According to the Journal of Geophysical Research time and space electromagnetic disturbances of relatively high amplitudes (several tens of nanotesla for the magnetic field and several hundreds of millivolts for the electrical potential) have been clearly evidenced in a substantial number of field studies and correlated with volcanic activity.

When an earthquake looms, scientists theorize, activity below ground goes through a “strange change,” producing intense electrical currents. Electrical currents that may produce a hum or an anomalous electrical spike as the waves pass through the earth and then trigger an area of shaking.

They’re on the order of 100,000 amperes for a magnitude 6 earthquake and a million amperes for a magnitude 7. It’s like a bolt of lightning firing through the ground.

Scientists are now warning us that magnetic fluctuations in the Earth will be on the rise as the Earth is slowing down. This could mean that anything disrupting the magnetic flow could have a devastating effect.

Again, ancient myths come into play as the mighty Titans were known to hurl mountains down to rubble. They were known to open up mountains, revealing the fiery brimstone and smoke beneath the earth.

It is said that the abyss is the home of the Titans and when volcanoes erupt we are getting a glimpse of what flows in the underworld.

It is believed that their legs and arms are moving the earth and soon the gates of their home shall open and that before the end of the world that they will return.

Our reunion I am sure will not be a friendly one.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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