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Ron Patton | June 15, 2018
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There really isn’t a science or academic discipline that studies or investigates strange and paranormal phenomena. This is why it is a difficult subject to report without sounding like you are embellishing a story for reasons of sensationalism.

The truth is things do go bump in the night – things do tap on your window when you are alone in your home and that scream in the woods can be something from some ungodly corner of hell.

We have all had the experience of feeling vulnerable especially in the presence of entities or even creatures we have never seen before.

There is always the idea that parapsychology is the study of things unknown. I have never claimed to have a degree in parapsychology and I don’t know if there is a degree to be had, but I have studied mythology, magic, and the occult.

Since most of the important phenomena studied by parapsychologists are non-repeatable; for example, astral projection, ghostly apparitions or precognition – it is always fascinating to see activity that you can show as repeatable. Pattern recognition is an integral part of scientific study – a repeating paranormal event is something significant.

I want to make it clear that there is a difference between something supernatural and something paranormal. Most people unaware of the differences throw up walls and claim that what they observe seems normal and natural– and this might be.

However, before I jump into the meat of what is happening, I want to make clear some definitions and differences of Supernatural and Paranormal.

“Para” is Latin for “beyond” – so it literally means “beyond normal.”

It is a perception without scientific or normal explanation. It is beyond normal explanation; outside normal thought or logic. Anything that defies normal scientific parameters is paranormal.

Supernatural is beyond scientific explanation/natural laws. Most of what is supernatural is all based in spiritual realms and realms of the dimensional. Even if everything became explained by science, anything ‘supernatural’ would still not be explainable by science. What is considered as ‘supernatural’ was never natural or of this world.

For example, a demon is supernatural because it isn’t scientifically proven to exist in this world. And it is not of this world; as in, it was never human or a part of the naturally existing creatures acknowledged by science and nature. A demon is a creature believed to exist on another plane of existence and not our world.

It is said to be a spiritual creature that can possess both human and animal.

Many people find themselves groping for things unknown and as they approach a subject they learn many startling things.

Most things are really not all that new, but when strange things happen with great frequency and you begin to see a pattern – you see them as signs that something is wrong in both the spiritual and physical environment.

It is becoming apparent that something is wrong. Something is not normal; in fact, it is paranormal, and we are seeing some strange things that are transpiring that really don’t make any sense.

A widely distributed video that went viral on the web has once again provided fodder for the reports of dog man wolf man attacks. The video shows a dog approaching what appears to be a small black rock. The black rock turns out to be a large black wolf that pounces on the dog and kills it.


The incident happened a year ago but the anonymous owner has posted it in the wake of the many reports of canine attacks in the news.

In the world of cryptozoology, the news has been downright creepy with regard to predators unknown and even other creatures that are inexplicably attacking humans.

With further research on these so-called dog man attacks, it is becoming standard for officials to actually include in their reports every possibility as to what may be causing these attacks, including those that defy a logical explanation.

Examination of both the historical record and recent reports provides a massive body of evidence that wolves have been involved in many cases of attacks on humans and other animals. Although many of these cases are linked with rabid wolves, there is also plenty of evidence of recurring cases of predatory attacks.

Because these have been associated with a special set of environmental circumstances (absence of wild prey, heavily modified landscapes, high density of humans engaged in vulnerable activities) that are no longer present in most areas the risks of wolf attacks are currently very low in most of wolf distribution. An emerging situation in North America and Europe concerns the appearance of fearless and habituated wolves, which requires careful study to develop appropriate threat assessments, mitigation measures and reaction responses.

Back on May 16th, 2018 we reported that a rancher in Denton, Montana, shot and killed an animal that approached his livestock. The rancher initially reported the animal as a wolf, but specialists from the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks disagreed. In photographs, the animal’s canine teeth and front paws appeared smaller than a wolf’s should be.


However, the animal appeared to be much bigger that a regular wolf with characteristics that most observers claimed to be bear like.

This sparked rumors that what was shot was a possible Dire Wolf, or even a possible Werewolf. The idea that a Werewolf had been shot in Montana was a story that generated some awkward laughter, however Montana Fish and Game are still baffled as to what this unknown predator is.

According to the official report: the animal was a young, non-lactating female and an unknown species of canid, a member of the dog family, which includes dogs, foxes, coyotes and wolves,” reads a statement from the Fish Wildlife and Parks.

The official statement also says “The animal originally was reported as a wolf, but several Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ wolf specialists looked at photos of the animal and collectively doubted it was a purebred wolf: the canine teeth were too short, the front paws too small and the claws on the front paw were too long.

Nevertheless, social media was quick to pronounce the animal as everything from a wolf to a wolf hybrid to something mythical like a Skinwalker of even a Chupacabra.”

Apart from this strange story, there have been 5 bizarre predator attacks in the last 30 days or so. While we can say that this is all coincidence the anecdotal evidence of what is happening is drifting into the realms of the paranormal.

This may be the most animal attacks on humans in a single month, and to add to the paranormal factory we have certainly experienced the weirdest collection of human vs. animal encounters in recent memory.

Around the time of the Denton Monster report a pair of mountain bikers were riding near North Bend, Washington when they were attacked. One of the men was killed. And they reportedly did most everything right. After realizing they were being stalked by what is now being described as an emaciated mountain lion. The two tried to look big and scare the lion.

But the desperate cat attacked one of the men. As the other ran for help, the lion went after him, fatally wounding the cyclist. The lion hung around the man’s body until it was put down by officials. The fact that it stayed in close proximity to these cyclists and attacked them is highly, highly unusual.

According to the Norwegian Institute for Nature, predatory attacks on humans are generally rare, which combined with very variable and inconsistent reporting makes it hard to identify the mechanisms and patterns explaining spatial and temporal variation in attacks. Seventeen species of large mammalian carnivores have been documented to kill people, although of these only five or six seem to do it on a regular basis.

In Florida, dealing with alligators is as much a part of life as heavy humidity and hurricanes.

According to reports, 47-year-old Shizuka Matsuki was killed about a week ago when a gator attacked her while she was walking her dogs around a pond near Davie, Florida.


A witness saw her walking the pets and then later noticed the dogs were alone and one was sporting a bleeding gash. The witness then called police. Authorities and fish and wildlife officials apparently located the large beast in the water and tests were done on the animal to confirm it was the culprit (a human arm was reportedly found inside the animal). Matsuki’s body wasn’t found until around 10 p.m. that night.

A man in Corpus Christie, Texas was protecting his wife from a four-foot rattlesnake she’d seen in the backyard while they were gardening.

The man beheaded it with a garden tool. As he bent down to dispose of the decapitated snake –the head sprang forth, biting him intensely, releasing such a nasty dose of venom it nearly killed him.

The man immediately experienced seizures and vision loss. He had to be airlifted to a hospital where he reportedly received massive doses of anti-venom and no one was sure he’d make it for the first 24 hours.

The reason the snake was able to bite after death, according to scientists, is that its bite reflex is extremely strong, much like a chicken that has had its head lopped off but keeps moving. And snakes are cold-blooded, and therefore don’t need as much oxygen to keep moving, or blood flow.

If a beheaded rattle snake nearly killing a man isn’t paranormal enough for you, a recent story out of Minnesota is equally bizarre. A 5-year-old boy named Xavier Garza was brutally attacked in his front yard by an unknown predator.

Garza and his brother told his parents that he went to pet what he thought was a cat. It had black fur, a long tail, and glowing yellow eyes. At first the young boy claimed that it looked like a round ball of fur with little yellow eyes he figured it was some sort of cat – before it attacked him he claimed that it changed shape and he later saw that it had a tail.

It snarled and attacked his face.

As it scratched and bit him, leaving deep, bleeding gashes, Xavier managed to clamp his own teeth on its ear and push it away. He’d have 16 stitches in his head to show for it. The Detroit Lakes Police Department sees its fair share of cat scratches. This didn’t look like a cat was the culprit; the wounds were spread out, too wide for a cat’s paw. They snapped a few photos of Xavier’s gashes and sent them to the local vet and some Minnesota Department of Natural Resources game wardens, who also found the marks inconsistent with cat-inflicted wounds.

A few ideas were floated around as to what attacked him. Maybe it was a raccoon gone mad with distemper, or a lynx, or a bobcat, or some kind of lynx-bobcat hybrid. Some people in the area thought it was a Fisher – a type of weasel while others have claimed that there have been sightings in the past of a black panther in the area.

Meanwhile, reports from other parts of the world are signaling that something is wrong with the planet and the animals are responding- and perhaps other animals that we did know existed are beginning to attack.

According to the Asian age newspaper, an “unseen creature” or unknown creature has been killing sheep and attacking humans of Niali, India.

In the past two months some “alien creature” has allegedly been killing sheep in the area at night. People who have been attacked are saying that the creature is a dog-like creature with long nails.

The paper reports that panic among locals in Niali prevails as three more sheep were found dead under mysterious circumstances with the liver of the animals missing.

Chris Packham, who is a wildlife observer and speaker in Great Britain, is saying that this could be an indication of environmental collapse as strange animal reports and mutant water creatures are acting peculiar.

Packham claims that people have normalized a “national catastrophe” and only see a wealth of wildlife in nature reserves, with the wider countryside completely devoid of any life.

Animals are getting sick and some have been showing signs of mutation.

In most cases we hear of the animals that are emaciated or even mutant looking. Fish and wildlife are being affected by environmental catastrophe and toxic pollutants.

Images of a bizarre fish which appears to have the head of a pigeon is raising eyebrows online after it was caught in China.

Reeled in by a fisherman near the Chinese city of Guiyang, the creepy looking sea creature looks like a cross between a tuna and a city pigeon.

Footage of the mutant fish has appeared online, and it looks as if the fish has some sort of encephalitis which has cause its brains to swell.

The cause of this anomaly is that the fish is lacking oxygen.

Meanwhile, a potentially deadly brain-eating amoeba has been detected in a Louisiana neighborhood’s drinking water — the third time the terrifying discovery has been made in the same parish since 2015.


All freshwater sources in the parish have been affected, including drinking water, the water in the bayous and pools, plus water used for showers and baths.

The water is “perfectly safe to drink,” claimed Michael Sobert from Consolidated Waterworks, “it’s just not safe to get up your nose.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said infection usually occurs when people go swimming in areas where the amoeba is present or when drinking water enters the nose — it can’t be contracted simply from drinking water contaminated with the organism.

Like the changing of the seasons comes the changing of the Earth. We are becoming more aware of it, and as we are observing the feak du jour of nature – we may feel a little vulnerable and frightened of what may be lurking in the shadows. Toxicity may be springing forth mutant activities and strange occurrences in life and our evolution.

Something appears to have thrown the switch triggering the eschaton sequence where creatures crawl from the abyss to remind us that we either must pray or become prey.

Written by Ron Patton

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