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Ron Patton | June 21, 2019
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For decades, the topic of UFOs was really something to stay away from for military personnel who might see something they don’t understand, or for journalists, who might be ridiculed for pursuing something considered a fringe conspiracy theory.

Only very recently has that changed and yet some UFO researchers are not satisfied with mere lip service of admission that UFOs are being taken seriously – they want the decades of cover-up uncovered.

I have said before that this may be the most exciting period in all the time that I have been reporting about the phenomena starting with the December 2017 New York Times story that changed everything on a fundamental level.

You cannot deny that it has changed the media environment, and how these UFO stories are reported. I am beginning to see that there are a few stories that are popping up that may indicate that the culture is having a new interest in UFOs.

Since this current media wave has started, I’ve seen interviews with skeptics and debunkers and some UFOlogists that don’t trust all the attention that it’s getting.

Debunkers all say the same thing, ‘Well just because they’re unidentified doesn’t mean they’re space aliens” in which I have to say – No Duh.

As I said on an earlier show, it is also curious as to how some of the true believers are now divided and are not at all comfortable with how disclosure is being handled by the United States Government.

Three more U.S. Senators received a classified Pentagon briefing about a series of reported encounters by the Navy with unidentified aircraft, according to congressional and military officials — part of a growing number of requests from members of key oversight committees.

One of them was Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.), the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Several mainstream news networks reported that Navy officials did indeed meet with interested congressional members and staffers to provide a classified brief on efforts to understand and identify UFOs as a possible threat to the safety and security of our aviators.

The growing congressional interest is credited for playing a major role in the Navy’s recent decision to update the procedures for reporting such unexplained sightings.

It has been reported that Navy officials will continue to keep interested congressional members and staff informed. Given the classified nature of these discussions, the public will not be informed on just what they are discussing and what the unspecified threats might be.

The briefings come several days after President Donald Trump told ABC News that he, too, had been briefed on the reports. Trump said that he didn’t particularly believe in UFO’s but also said that he believes his Navy is seeing things that have not been seen in the past.

This was arguably the President’s indirect confirmation that UFOs are certainly a concern in Washington.

But several current and former officials with direct knowledge describe the Capitol Hill briefing as the latest for members of Congress and their staff representing the Intelligence, Armed Services, and Defense Appropriations panels.

The sessions have been organized by the Navy but have also included staff from the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, the sources said. Both were not authorized to talk publicly about the briefings.

Advocates for giving the mystery greater attention say they hope Congress will take more formal steps, such as requiring the Department of Defense to collect and complete a detailed analysis of data collected by satellites and other means of unidentified craft intruding into military airspace or operating under the sea.

The question that has not been asked is why has the media and Washington DC become UFO-curious all of a sudden?

After 70 or more years of cover-up and government projects to discredit witnesses like Projects Grudge, Sign and Blue Book, it is quite interesting to see what appears to be an emergency disclosure is in the works. An emergency confession that confirms UFOs, investigates ETI and avoids any and all mentions of Roswell, Area 51 – or what is being kept in a hangar at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio.

Back in June of 2011, Ground Zero was one of the first radio shows to report the rumor that Area 51 had been declassified. The truth is that many of the men who were sworn to secrecy about OXCART were now coming forward and talking about their experiences at Area 51. I was lucky to land an interview with former CIA operative and Area 51 worker, T.D. Barnes.

During the interview, it hit me just how important the moment was. It was an interview with a man that couldn’t even tell his wife what his job was. That his relationship had to have that kind of trust as he was called to a desolate area and work on secret war machines for the government. I was thinking to myself that my listeners were unaware that Barnes revealed a lot more information on my show about Area 51 than he did when he appeared on National Geographic special about Area 51.

To be clear, Barnes never saw alien technology while he was there. He said that perhaps a lot of what we hear regarding the alien cases could all be tied to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. This is the place where the Roswell crash debris was sent for further inspection with the Army Air Force.

In January 1985, the Air Force issued an official denial that Wright-Patterson housed alien space technology and the bodies of beings from another planet.

Later in Air Force magazine, there was even a denial that Hangar 18 existed at Wright-Patterson.

Wright-Patterson is most well known for its connection to the Roswell crash, although links can be made to other crash retrievals. Several eyewitness accounts of military personnel and even civilian workers who handled debris from the Roswell crash and saw bodies of creatures not of our world give us a very plausible Wright-Patterson connection to the study of alien technology and physiology.

The same day that the famous Roswell headlines ran in newspapers around the world, there was an enormous amount of activity at the Roswell base. Some debris from the crash and possibly alien bodies were sent to Ft. Worth, Texas. It is now commonly accepted by researchers that before the Ft. Worth flight, another flight to Wright-Patterson had already taken place, carrying debris and alien bodies. This shipment was secretly stored and studied in the infamous Hangar 18.

Some people do not know that German prisoners of war who were housed at Wright-Patterson painted three murals while being incarcerated at the base that includes depictions of little green goblin-like creatures.

One of those murals still sits in building 280, which was the POW dining hall. Theories on what the depictions represent include that the prisoners were referring to aliens.

Wright-Patterson is instrumental in testing new weapon technology, along with research and development, education, and many other defense-related operations. It is the home of the Air Force Institute of Technology, supporting the Air Force and the Department of Defense. The USAF’s National Air & Space Intelligence Center is also part of Wright-Patterson.

The base was well known for reverse engineering of foreign government aircraft during the Cold War. The base expertise in the disassembly and recreation of MIG fighters has only enriched the theories that alien craft have been studied there.

Over the years, many researchers and scientists have scoured government documents at the National Archives in search of proof that life exists beyond Earth.

The National Archives and Records Administration is actually home to several collections of documents pertaining to unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or “flying disks.” And over the decades, those resources have been thoroughly probed and scrutinized for even a hint of more information and proof of alien existence.

One set of documents, known as Project Blue Book, includes retired, declassified records from the United States Air Force (USAF), currently in the custody of the National Archives. It relates to the USAF investigations of UFOs from 1947 to 1969.

During that time, the Air Force recorded 12,618 sightings of strange phenomena – with 701 of them classed as “unidentified”, USA Today reports.

These sightings were recorded in Project Blue Book, the Air Force’s files on UFO sightings and investigations. Project Blue Book’s headquarters were at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the program reportedly comprised only a handful of staff.

Perhaps our attention has been diverted to political ping pong with President Trump’s haphazard attempt at disclosure and others who are demanding answers.

There are many people who have been studying UFOs for decades that are now divided over this suspicious newfound interest in the phenomena and why there is no real investigations into connections if any to Area 51 or why Wright Patterson Air Force Base is never mentioned even though it plays a historic role in the massive UFO cover-up and that Wright Patterson should be rediscovered and analyzed.

What we can conclude about the latest UFO buzz in Washington is that this can easily be a way to test the waters about UFO disclosure. However, the information may not be all that revealing.

If Washington pushes out pabulum about UFOs to an unknowing public, those who have already been exposed to prevailing conspiracy theories – and exposure may see it as an embarrassing overture.

Many are seeing at that way—and others are saying that we should see how these revelations play out.

If there is any conspiracy theory or cover-up that can be considered now is that what we are seeing is a multilevel attempt to construct Intel data about how we react to these so-called revelations from Washington D.C.

According to the CIA, 95 percent of all Americans have at least heard or read something about Unidentified Flying Objects, and 57 percent believe they are real.

The recent bump in UFO interest is actually a mixed bag of being welcomed and being met with suspicion as UFO historians focused on Cold War cover-ups want answers about how long intelligence groups have known about UFO’s possible alien intelligence and their agenda.

In the times where information is always released to change the political climate, there are still rich historical Cold War stories that are filtered and forgotten, especially ones that include UFO sightings.

In the spirit of free information perhaps now would be the time to demand disclosure on events like Roswell and what really happened to the debris and possible occupants of a crashed aircraft the men of the 509th bombing group were told to cover up, put in a plane and sent to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The idea of freedom of information at one time was just a pipe dream as the intelligence community was just beginning their solid and or sordid relationship with the news media.

The State Department reviewed “Intel” for the media and would block or censor certain stories.

Now times have changed – the media is cozying up to the military to report a contained disclosure without the Cold War trappings that fed the UFO question for decades.

It wasn’t known that just after World War II that in the halls of the CIA’s headquarters, in the corridors of the Pentagon, and in the strongholds of the National security agency a war of deception was declared on the American people.

It was an information war about the many secrets the government kept from us and about what sinister operations the military was up to and therefore “National Security” in one guise or another was always used as a cover and excuse for legitimate intelligence-gathering operations as well as countless instances of cover-up and counterintelligence work.

We have discussed in the past that at the end of World War 2 was discovered that Nazi scientists had been previously developing their final secret weapons which they hoped would turn the tide in the war effort.

Of course, their wonder weapons on the drawing board included what many perceived to be the “flying discs.”

These weapons were allegedly created under the direction of what were called “Secret Chiefs” as the Nazi scientists and others were allegedly under the control of a type of synarchy. A synarchy of divine direction form possible extra or ultra-terrestrial beings.

It has always been a matter of the darkest intelligence that Hitler and those who worked under him had made a secret pact with otherworldly entities until later in his chancellery where they abandoned him seeing greater possibilities looming elsewhere.

Of course, elsewhere was here in the United States the plan was for the advancement of our military innovations with the help of what was called “the hidden hand.”

The timeline of the original sightings should be a clue as to what we are dealing with and what Washington D.C. is being briefed on.

In 1947, we began hearing about UFOs or saucers that were a product of the news media after a brief conversation with private pilot Kenneth Arnold. Arnold claimed that he saw nine crescent-shaped aircraft traveling at supersonic speeds between Mount Rainier and Mount Adams in Washington State.

Arnold also was involved in the investigation of the Maury Island incident where harbor Patrolman Harold Dahl and Fred Crisman were caught up in the first UFO cover-up, where Men in Black and military investigators attempted to sweep the evidence under the rug, but actually were killed in the process.

A team from the U.S. Air Force sent two investigators to talk with Kenneth Arnold and later visited Maury Island and collected samples of UFO debris. They carried the material with them for a return flight to San Francisco in a B-25 aircraft but never made it.

On August 1, 1947, the plane crashed near Kelso, Washington, killing the crew onboard. Rumors were that the plane was shot down by a mini cannon and that the cargo was meant to be inspected at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

It’s a story partly gleaned from declassified FBI documents – a conspiracy investigation that the government wanted to hush up. What material was on board that B-25?

Whatever it was, it apparently was linked to what Harold Dahl who claimed to have seen in the sky over Maury Island, as the first wave of UFO sightings began in 1947.

Then came the Roswell crash with more so-called alien debris being sent to Wright Patterson – and many other crashes and cover ups that certainly have been part of the occluded history.

Roswell is now a household word, synonymous with cover-ups and cloak and dagger affairs.

However, I highly doubt that senators have been briefed on UFO history – perhaps it is time to reacquaint ourselves with what is not revealed rather that what is.

Written by Ron Patton

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