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Ron Patton | June 22, 2018
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During the onslaught of all of the immigration ugliness, I was asked on Facebook if I was going to do a show about Donald Trump creating the “Space Force.” I thought to myself, well of course, I probably will but I answered that I have done a lot of shows on the subject and so I don’t know what I can say only that I have often wondered why we really need an official “Space Force” unless some official disclosure about space dominance or even aliens are on the way.


There have been so many scientific hints, and investigations from the Pentagon. There have been some amazing revelations that were discussed at Contact in the Desert and even though they declared 2018 the Year of the Disclosure, I would hope that somehow we can divorce ourselves from the idea that it ever is going to happen the way most UFO spokespeople want it.

However, the declaration of a “Space Force” is probably as close as we are going to get to government disclosure for the time being.

I believe that the term disclosure has worn out its welcome and as terminologies go and with all the political strings attached to the term there has to be a terminology that can be used that describes what is happening now.

I say that while 2017 was the year of confirmation, 2018 is the year of acclimation.

We have already determined that what we hear from scientists, witnesses, and some journalists is giving us a good argument for confirmation, there will be no disclosure without the gradual method of acclimation.

Not acclimation for those who already believe, but acclimation for those how have been non believers or naysayers.

The data is there – the information is being declassified and what was once laughed at is now being taken seriously.

Back when I first started my show Ground Zero reports of fleets of UFO’s or investigations by the Pentagon as to their threat assessment the front page of the New York Times might have seemed like a loose-thread tear right through the fabric of reality. I was told back then that my crazy views on aliens would eventually be proven to be fantasy and vivid imagination.

Now the UFO enigma and the idea of Donald Trump’s race to space dominance is the closest thing the secular world has to the second coming. That may sound blasphemous but it is eerily close to the truth.

I think that what a lot of people are forgetting is what happened directly after the revelations of the Pentagon UFO study. Donald Trump suggested we have a Space Force. This is a matter or record. We reported that this should be a clear indication some sort of disclosure would happen.

However, it isn’t.

I contend that what is being done is acclimation. It has to be this way so the truth will be easier to swallow and it will be as if it was integrated into the consensus without a major announcement that could send people into a crisis.

Now, you can be forgiven if you are wondering if you have woken up in the middle of a science-fiction movie. At the very least, it is starting to seem non-crazy to believe. Studies have shown that more than half the world already does.

Two decades ago, or three, or six, we would’ve also felt we knew the script in advance, thanks to the endless variations pop culture had played for us already: fictional alien invasions to mirror the real-world ones.

Americans had been imagining this scenario since the beginning of the Cold War.

In 1952, a CIA group called the Psychological Strategy Board concluded that, when it came to UFOs, the American public was dangerously gullible and prone to “hysterical mass behavior.” The group recommended “debunking” campaigns to tamper the public’s interest in unexplained phenomena. But the government seems to have been interested, too: In December, the Pentagon confirmed the existence of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Created in 2007 by senators Ted Stevens (who reported being chased by a mysterious object), Daniel Inouye, and then–Majority Leader Harry Reid, and funded with $22 million of “black money” from the Department of Defense’s budget, the program investigated and evaluated reports of UFO sightings, many of which came from American service members.

So much of what the program uncovered remains classified, but what little we know is tantalizing. Based on data it collected, the program identified five observations that showed mysterious objects displaying some level of “advanced physics,” also known as “stuff humans can’t do yet”: The objects would accelerate with g-forces too strong for the human body to withstand, or reach hypersonic speed with no heat trail or sonic boom, or they seemed to resist the effects of Earth’s gravity without any aerodynamic structures to provide thrust or lift.

Now with all of the government declassifying and revelations science seems to also be part of acclimating process with stories from Mars about the Curiosity rover finding the building blocks for life. Those who have been studying this for 30 years knew that there were indications of life on Mars, but the acclimation process has to begin now and so the narrative has to be controlled for an efficient and gradual process of disclosure.

Keep in mind 30 years ago, we had not discovered a single planet outside our solar system. Now we know of more than 3,000 of them, and we know nearly every star in the night sky has at least one planet in its orbit. Scientists have also postulated that at least 50 planets may harbor life, and they are also realizing that due to discoveries of unique species in Antarctica, biological life likely exists on Europa or Enceladus and of course Mars.

They haven’t come right out and said it; however, they have said that confidence is high.

Thirty years ago we never heard of Proxima B: The closest exoplanet ever discovered could harbor life. The TRAPPIST-1 System back then would have sounded like a destination for the Millennium Falcon; however, now it is a system of seven planets three of which reside in the Goldilocks zone, but all of which seem to possess some degree of potential habitability and they’re so close to one another that life on one planet could quickly spread to another. Where there’s biology, there may well be intelligence, and our increasing understanding of evolution also tells us that life can evolve faster than we ever anticipated. Millions of years is a long time for us, but it’s the blink of an eye on the cosmic scale.

There are also those lettered and numbered planets like LHS 1140b or Ross 128 b where we have detected strange signals emanating from the nearby host star — signals that perhaps have intelligent origins.

What about those fast radio bursts? They are signals that scientists are saying may come from intelligent sources in space. Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are one of the most mysterious phenomena ever observed by scientists. Though they last only a few milliseconds, these pulses, first detected in 2007, emit more energy in that time than the sun does in 24 hours.

This is all part of what I call acclimation and the Space Force is the militarized cherry on the top.

Disclosure will happen if the Space Force encounters something that would be akin to the monstrous bugs from Starship troopers – or if an alien group wishes to meet over some Klingonesque territory dispute; however, for now, the Space Force will have to intercept missiles from space, or satellite eaters that are unleashed by Russia or China.

Some argue that having a Space Force or even an office for planetary defense means that disclosure has already happened.

What needs to be clarified is that there are two types of disclosure. Most researchers, when they refer to UFO disclosure, mean the President stands at the podium and says “We are not alone in the universe.”

That would be full disclosure to them.

But didn’t Hillary Clinton say on the Jimmy Kimmel show that the aliens may already be here? Didn’t Bill Clinton say that he immediately investigated the Roswell Incident during his second term? Wasn’t he also concerned about the secret operations at Area 51? He smiled at Kimmel as he nodded yes while saying no and shook his head while saying yes — it was obvious that the Clintons knew and that they said enough to get the people talking.

Saying that they may already be here is a form of disclosure. It may have been given with a wink, but the sources have nothing to lose by hinting that something is out there.

Arguably, Donald Trump has already disclosed the space situation by creating the Space Force.

The reason I say this is, do we really need one?

The U.S. military has been involved with space since the beginning, just, perhaps, not under that name.

As early as 1915, we had the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) that at the time was dominated by military personnel and industry executives. NACA laboratories helped develop many technologies that ended up in military aircraft during World War II.

After that, NACA worked with the Air Force to develop planes capable of supersonic flight. It then moved on to working on ballistic missile designs and in the 1950s began developing plans for manned flight. In 1958, a year after the U.S.S.R’s launch of the first ballistic missile and Sputnik satellite kick started the Space Race, NACA eventually became NASA, a civilian agency which had a broader mandate, more power and more resources.

Kennedy had worked to create a joint space project with Russia that was meant to investigate the UFO dilemma that his predecessors Eisenhower and Truman knew about. It was the same dilemma that plagued J. Edgar Hoover as he dispatched men in black to investigate claims of UFO sightings.

Project Bluebook was then used to discredit any and all UFO reports in the interest of national security.

Ronald Reagan’s SDI/Star Wars program, while a military project had more of an impact when he stated that an alien threat would unite us as a planet to fight together and use earth forces to protect our interests in space.

Again When George W. Bush appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show he was asked if he reviewed the government UFO files when he got to the White House says, Bush grinned and said “maybe.”

That was disclosure. He could have given a flat no, but he didn’t and that sends a message.

Assuming there is a non-human intelligence interacting with mankind, and assuming the United States government has dealt with that mystery, there are three possibilities:

The first of course is the reason the whole UFO discussion exists and that is there has been a Government Cover-up, but the cover up is virtually nonexistent now.

Canada, as an example, released all their UFO sighting files in 1967, announced they would no longer investigate UFOs, and then completely shut up. It was like, yes we did investigations, and yes it is all real— so now case closed.

Unlike the United States, in Canada, there have been no whistleblowers, government rumors about underground bases, or leaked documents. Government UFO researchers in Canada have nothing to research. It has all been laid out—Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer even disclosed that aliens are real, the Canadian government knows and they are no longer involved and that all of the focus is now on United States intelligence for disclosure.

If the plan were to disclose, the president would just stand in front of the White House press corps and announce whatever the truth is behind the UFO mystery.

If the government wanted full disclosure, they would take the editor of the The New York Times and The Washington Post to an underground base and show them a downed saucer and alien bodies. Then they would provide whatever statements, photos, and documents required to do a front-page article with the truth.

For 70 years this is what has been desired by those who want disclosure.

What they got was a New York Times article disclosing official Pentagon threat assessments on UFO’s.

This was confirmation, and yet the UFO faithful want disclosure.

They now have to be satisfied with acclimation.

The government is now preparing the population over an extended period for the knowledge that we are not alone in the universe. The truth as I see it is that they have evidence and that it is now under review.

So now it is important to decide if acclimation is the smooth transition to full disclosure.

The truth is that now the US Government is not keeping quite anymore and are playing a game of cultural peek-a-boo with regard to disclosure.

Their game is we won’t lie, but we are not about to let you know all of it.

In the same style as Ronald Reagan, Trump creates a Space Force because he says “it is a big thing.” However, it isn’t even clear if he is allowed to just create a Space Force out of thin air.

Constitutionally, only Congress has the authority to “raise and support armies.” The last branch to be created, the Air Force, was created by an act of Congress in 1947. But keep in mind that happened just a few months after the Roswell incident and that of course is historically connected to a flying saucer crashing in New Mexico in July of 1947, again a circumstantial move that would appear as a form of disclosure.

What’s more, the military seems resistant to the idea of separating out a Space Force from the Air Force. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, for one, has gone on the record opposing the creation of a space force. Last summer, when a Space Corps proposal was floated in Congress, Mattis wrote in a letter that it would add an “additional organizational and administrative tail” and excess layers of bureaucracy to military operations.

At that time, the White House also called the establishment of a space branch “premature.” Officials from the Air Force also went on record saying the move would add costs and unnecessary layers of bureaucracy to current space operations and that they would rather space operations become more integrated into the Air Force’s mission.

However, we live in times where our battles on Earth can bleed into space and it has always been the prevailing myth that the detonation of the first Atomic Bomb got the attention of the aliens and this is why they are observing us.

If a full on space battle happens and it again gets the attention of an alien race, we would hope that there would be a Space Force capable of protecting the planet from hostile intruders.

Written by Ron Patton

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