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Clyde Lewis | June 23, 2020
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As many of you already have learned, last night we made the conversion to our own streaming platform and included it in our library at It was a tough decision to make the move but in times like these it is important that our information is preserved on a private server.

In the early days of Ground Zero, many people were unaware that we actually secretly had a private data base that was actually housed near S4 at Area 51.

We used to always joke about it and it made for some really good conversations. At the time we felt very secure in having our own server and storage.

As we were making the move, we were actually taking inventory of books that we really wanted to add to the library so are listeners could do their research.

There was one book that we added that was a staple for all good conspiracy theorists. Especially those who are conspiracy history buffs. It was Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper.

Decades before QAnon, false flags, “crisis actors” and Alex Jones, there was William Cooper. 

I met Bill when I was just starting in radio. He was introduced to me by one of the first conservative talk hosts in radio. Mills Crenshaw. He reminded me of my father in many ways. He was bald, with a ruddy complexion and made some real outrageous claims about how I was going to live to see that absolute destruction of the United States.

Keep in mind that this was in the late 1980’s and I had just gotten over my fear of the end of the world when I was a high school graduate.

All my life as a dispensationalist Christian I was told by my father, and many of my Sunday school teachers that they believed that the Second Coming was going to happen soon.

Every time, the goal posts were moved until they attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan, the Pope, and successfully killed John Lennon.

Now, I had a man who had all of these alleged connections to intelligence groups within the government telling me that the fall of the United States would eventually happen and that the government would eventually be replaced by a world body like the United Nations.

This weighs heavy on a young mind.

A couple of years later, Cooper gave me a copy of his book. I read it feverishly wanting to know more about the secrets and the plans of the controllers and how they would be implementing a slow boil in order to ease everyone into a New World Order.

Cooper was bit of an enigma to me and eventually I started noticing that a lot of his predictions were coming true. There were some that were yet to be fulfilled.

I read one of Cooper’s articles on a computer BBS entitled “Every Prediction Has Come True.” He listed 16 of his prognostications that had come to pass “or will soon be fulfilled.”

These included the disclosure that “the CIA and the military are bringing drugs into the United States to finance their black projects.” Cooper also predicted that “the rape of the Savings and Loans by the CIA is only the tip of the iceberg. At least 600 banks will go under in the next two years.” The current monetary structure, Cooper said, “will be replaced by a cashless system that will allow the government to monitor our every action by computer. If you attempt to stay out of the system you will not be allowed to buy, sell, work, get medical care, or anything else we all take for granted.”

Cooper also predicted eight years before the Trench Coat Mafia murders at Columbine High School, that there would be a sharp increase of prescriptions of psychoactive drugs like Prozac and Ritalin to younger and younger children will inevitably lead to a rash of horrific school shootings.” These incidents, he said, “will be used by elements of the federal government as an excuse to infringe upon the citizenry’s Second Amendment rights.’

For many, including those who would later claim that the seemingly endless series of school shootings were part of a plot by gun‐control advocates to take away America’s weapons, Cooper’s words took on the air of prophesy.

It all came back to me and so did Behold a Pale Horse.

I have to admit that for a while, I forgot about the book and his predictions until The X-Files became a popular TV show and then it became a major motion picture in 1998.

X-Files: Fight the Future gave several nods to Cooper and his conspiracy theories. One scene in particular flashed me back to my Behold a Pale Horse days and it left me feeling a bit paranoid.

The character of Dr. Alvin Kurzweil played by Martin Landau gave a message to Agent Mulder about an invasion that the shadow government would plan and carry out during the fourth of July weekend. He pointed out to Mulder that FEMA would be used to carry out procedures to secure the continuity of government. He hinted that perhaps the takeover would be connected to intelligence operations that would force the country into martial law.

This whole idea was taken directly from Bill Cooper’s book “Behold a Pale Horse” where Cooper claims that he saw intelligence Data on Operation Red Light, where an invasion on American soil would one day be staged in order to enforce a police state on the country. It would be day where they would clear the White House and the president would leave Washington and where most people would travel away from their homes. Cooper believed that the perfect time for this Operation would be July 4th, Independence Day.

Americans have in the past touted the virtues of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” As the Fourth of July approaches, we are reminded through the auspices of US history that our history is peppered with stories of heroes and heroines doing the right thing — standing up and fighting against oppression, standing up for justice, and standing up for one another. Our country was built on the idea of taking care of one another, a place where the “huddled masses” yearn to be and can be free.

However, today one can become discouraged into thinking that it is all an illusion, a fantastic lie we tell ourselves and that deep down we all have contempt for one another.

For nearly two decades, the division in the United States has fomented to the point of peppered and varied insurgencies.

We now have a hashtag movement of resistance and organized leftist guerrilla groups whose aim is to wipe out fascism by carrying out fascist acts. There is division over immigration laws and there is this fear that many angry activists are ready to carry out a dystopian fantasy where the left and the right do battle in a some kind of half-baked civil war or that the result will be a revolution where extremists believe that they can squeeze criminal activities through loopholes in constitutional law.

The deep seeded fears of civil war are again casting a shadow on our fourth of July celebrations and I fear that what I have read in Behold a Pale Horse may have a bit of truth to it.

I never would have thought it but recently there have been in a sense “wars and rumors of wars” being talked about on the Internet and much of what is being said is very terrifying.

Many people have noticed that ever since the George Floyd Incident that those who chose to loot and burn down businesses and police offices have been setting off fireworks during the protests.

This of course was not questioned because some see them as harmless, but they have been effective weapons to injure police officers. There has also been a number of people online that have been very curious about how from the end of May all through June they have heard random explosions in their neighborhoods and the detonation of pyro display fireworks going off in areas where these types of mortars would be declared illegal.

According to the well-known conspiracy theory blog, Godlikeproductions, there was a post that gave a critical warning:

“As a result of major 4th of July events being shut down and cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an overwhelming surplus of fireworks have flooded the market. Several activist groups including Antifa, BLM and Weatherundergound are exploiting this surplus and are bulk purchasing from suppliers in extremely high volumes. In many cases, these are highly dangerous, professional-grade fireworks. The number of people within these groups must not be understated. They operate like terrorists and use clandestine communication strategies. There are many members of these in groups in most major cities, and have been for several years. Yes, these are essentially domestic terror cells, and as you’ve likely guessed, this is indeed the year in which they have been instructed to carry out their master’s dystopian agenda.”

Now, you can dismiss it as pure conspiracy theory, but again there have been stories in the news about criminals using fireworks to create rudimentary bombs to destroy property and attack people.

The Philly voice reported that starting at the end of May there were approximately 50 ATMs across the city that were broken into using homemade bombs.

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, who was the former Police Chief of Portland, Oregon made statement to the Philly Voice that there have been ATMs that have been damaged and mysterious explosions being heard all over their city.

Outlaw said authorities have been called to 135 explosions in Philadelphia during the past several days, but there is a clear pattern of targeting ATMs.

M devices, ranging from M100s to M1000s, are commonly called quarter sticks of dynamite and are not made commercially. Prosecution connected to their use in these cases could include weapons of mass destruction charges in Pennsylvania, said Brendan O’Malley of the state attorney general’s office.

It is believed that some of the anarchists and others are getting their explosives and fireworks from sellers on Instagram.

There have also been reports of unknown attackers throwing large mortars into open windows and even lighting them and throwing them at the homeless on the street.

The Daily Mail reported that a 66 year old man sleeping in Streets of New York was set on fire with a large firework. The event was recorded and put online. Police were called to the scene in NYC’s Harlem around 4am on Monday.

EMS responded to the scene and the 66-year-old victim was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital.

He suffered minor burns, the NYPD said in a press release. 

The homeless man was in stable condition on Monday night.  

It’s unclear who was filming the incident but the video shows a man throwing the firework and another filming it.  

However the rumors about what may be happening in the fourth of July did not stop with makeshift weapons made by fireworks and the damage they can do in a domestic terror attack.

There have also been rumors that there will be ceremonious flag burnings at Gettysburg and the White House on the July 4th.

In Nashville Tennessee, The Tennessean ― the state’s most widely circulated daily newspaper is facing intense scrutiny after publishing an article claiming that “Islam” planned to detonate a nuclear bomb in Nashville.

The full-page ad, paid for by what appears to be a Christian doomsday cult, featured a banner at the top that included images of President Donald Trump, Pope Francis and American flags engulfed in flames.

The ministry of Future for America falsely asserted in its ad that the religion of Islam is going to blow up Nashville after the fourth of July.

The group claimed to know this based on “Bible prophecy” and called Trump the “final president of the USA.”

The Tennessean said it’s launching an investigation into how the ad, which the paper said clearly violates its standards, came to be published. 

There is no reason to believe Islam is plotting to bomb Nashville but fireworks concerns are certainly a priority in a lot of states.

Several cities where fireworks are restricted or illegal have reported an anecdotal increase in fireworks complaints. In New York, there are 80 times as many complaints as the city received in early June 2019. The New York City Police Department says it has logged more than 12,500 911 calls about fireworks this month.

The city of Hartford has set up dedicated hotlines for fireworks complaints and will deploy additional officers to investigate the deluge of calls they are receiving about the loud explosions and colorful displays lighting up the capital city every night since May.

The additional officers will be dedicated specifically to fireworks calls most nights, reported through the new hotlines, and they will focus on educating people about the city’s fireworks ban and seizing what illegal fireworks they can to tamp down on complaints.

These are not harmless fireworks, these are the ones that have been used during protests as projectiles against police officers and the public. Complaints about these explosions have doubled this year and it isn’t even the 4th of July yet.

Some officials are saying that maybe the reason for these reports is because people are cooped up in their houses and want to blow off a little steam.

Setting off illegal fireworks has been a beloved summer pastime in many city neighborhoods for years. As some neighborhoods have gentrified, newcomers may be more likely to be bothered by the noise. And with everyone spending a lot more time at home these days, and a pandemic and unemployment pressing on our nerves, maybe we’re all just a little more sensitive.

But the intensity of this year’s amateur fireworks, in the context of recent clashes between police and racial justice demonstrators, have made some people suspicious.

A report from ABC News states that there may be a showdown between political radicals on the Fourth of July.

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security states that in the past domestic terrorists “have attacked perceived oppressors, opponents, or enemies engaged in outdoor First Amendment-protected rallies or protests during past summers.”

People who are outdoors need to be vigilant in their neighborhoods and call the police if they see any suspicious activities.

According to joint intelligence both “domestic” and “homegrown” terrorists “likely would use simplistic tactics and relatively easily obtainable weapons such as firearms, knives, and vehicles—although some violent extremists have historically sought to use explosive devices.”

The weekend after Juneteenth — a big fireworks day in many cities — a theory exploded on Twitter. The author Robert Jones Jr., in a tweet thread that received tens of thousands of retweets, proposed that the fireworks were “a coordinated attack on Black and Brown communities by government forces; an attack meant to disorient and destabilize the #BlackLivesMatter movement,” he wrote.

Jones and commentators suggested that police and government were supplying the fireworks to black communities, to desensitize them to explosion noises so that “when they start using their real artillery on us we won’t know the difference.” They point to a New York Post story showing New York firefighters setting off fireworks at a station close to midnight last week. Also: unverified reports on social media of mysterious men selling fireworks at steep discounts, and pallets of professional fireworks being left in minority neighborhoods for teens to discover.

This has prompted many people on the internet to speculate that white neighborhoods will become targets in the 4th of July.

I am sure that in your apocalyptic BINGO card you never thought you would have to include a space devoted to dangerous explosives made from mysterious fireworks.

The phantom fireworks have been seen from April until now in   New York City, California, Illinois, North Carolina, in D.C.,” all over the United States.

It could all be hysteria, but no one wants to be burned on the 4th of July.


Written by Clyde Lewis

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