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Clyde Lewis | June 23, 2021


Man has always wanted to find out how things work. Our curiosity and the questions are what fuel our enthusiasm to explore. From the simplest questions like, how do we build a fire, is the world going to end or is it as limitless as the universe? What is out in that universe? Will I find my creator there? Is God an omnipotent, unfathomable being or can I find him by detecting one of the smallest particles in the universe?

We’ve answered many of these questions, but many are still open. We’ve come very, very far. But everything we know about our world including the Earth, our solar system, our galaxy, the universe, what they are made of and the rules they play by amount to only five percent of the whole story.

Which brings us to that UFO report that the Pentagon is supposed to release in the next few days.

I wanted to go on the record as saying that we have done at least three different shows on what to expect from the UFO report that is to drop on June 25th. It is amazing to me that there are other news organizations that are just catching up and doing reports where they ask the often abused axiom “ARE WE ALONE?” To that question I say that from what I have learned about the report — you won’t be getting any definitive answers from the report.

It is not like we didn’t already speculate even before we interviewed former Intelligence Officer, Walter Bosley or Donald Schmitt who worked with J. Allen Hynek of Project Blue Book that the document would leave us in the lurch — this is not disclosure but again, a dangling of the cosmic carrot.

People around the globe have spotted unexplained and unidentified flying objects for centuries, and for at least the last several decades in the US, many have suspected the government is hiding what it knows about UFOs.

Even though the effort of the reveal is enough to get some people excited — it is politics that has killed the childlike interest we once had in the subject of UFOs.

The transition from a president that put in the fine print of the $2.3 trillion COVID-19 relief bill that we should investigate UFOs to a President that gets annoyed by the UFO question and makes wise cracks about the whole investigation speaks volumes about where we stand with regard to future space endeavors and Space Force.

I think people who are not blinded by their political bias would say that the independent investigation by the President and the Inspector General for the Department of Defense into the original investigation and threat assessment again put a gag in place which leaves those who care about the subject matter in limbo.Pentagon's UFO report exposes split in US Department of Defense, claims Nick Pope | Weird | News |

It appears that the gatekeepers were being investigated by the guard that watches them — and this is why we will be dealing with a tepid report form the Pentagon.

The announcement from the Inspector General somewhat vaguely states that they intend to “determine the extent to which the DOD has taken actions regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” The memo goes on to say that “we may revise the objective as the evaluation proceeds, and we will consider suggestions from management for additional or revised objectives.”

This means that the decision to reveal anything may be revised because of national security concerns.

So in other words the Documents were Dead on arrival and so it would be advisable that whatever you read that isn’t redacted will have to be scrutinized and studied and debated as the door apparently has been left wide open for the speculation that some of these UFO’s are indeed piloted by extra-terrestrials.

Researchers and investigators, for so long mocked as conspiracy theorists and worse, say the revelation that a “UAP Task Force” has been collecting evidence for the Department of Defense for more than a decade confirms their suspicions.

But I am sure we will be hearing the” I told you sos” from people who were a bit skeptical of those who were overly excited about the prospect of disclosure coming from the government.

They had precedent — it has been a struggle to get anyone in the government to listen and act upon giving us conclusions as to what may be out there and what little table scraps we get — it is still seen as progress.

For more than a decade, the U.S. Department of Defense has been quietly cataloging and investigating scores of bizarre encounters—most from the U.S. Navy—of ships and fighter jets tangling with, or being tailgated by, unidentified flying objects — this reveal in 2017 was exactly what I and several other people were saying that was needed with regard to confirmation but what comes next is not disclosure, but acclimation, for those who are not necessarily believers, but scientists, educators, and religious figures who have snickered at the mere thought of little green or grey men piloting these craft.U.S. watchdog to evaluate Pentagon's response to UFO reports - National |

The mainstream response has been enormous and some in the UFO community and religious community are suspicious of it. Some see it as deception or distraction –no one can tell us what it is distracting us from.

While the story of UFO acknowledgement gets a littler interest in the media, the main focus is COVID-19 and the President believes that the biggest threat to the world is Climate Change.

No one is breaking a sweat over the worry that aliens may be plotting against is or that they are here to give us cures for diseases or machines that would eliminate the use of fossil fuels or even spiritual guidance

This has been the mantra for new age gurus that sell this idea at UFO gatherings. This as business as usual for many who claim to have seen the light and it works.

But I am sure none of this new age alien love is in the pages of the document.

Those deeply entrenched public beliefs, paired with the apparent re-invigoration of investigative interest in these incidents at the highest levels of government, can lead to dazzling speculations.

Suffice to say that if you are looking for disclosure — you won’t be getting it form your government and you won’t be getting confirmation that benevolent aliens care about our planet in any way.

This is the uncomfortable and inconvenient truth.

We need t understand that this UFO investigation and report gives the Pentagon an opportunity to justify space warfare — to give reasons to open up budgets for Space Force operations.Pentagon Housing & Information | MilitaryByOwner

Part of the report will most certainly shape the opinion that what we are dealing with are homegrown products of revolutionary and clandestine technological advances, whether by other countries now challenging American airspace or by the U.S. itself as part of some supersecret domestic program meant to detect flaws in the nation’s defenses.

The government is not about to reveal all of their secrets.

On June 3rd, the New York Times had already given a cursory view of what to expect from the great reveal on the 25th and it was a vague over view of everything but the kitchen sink.

According to the New York Times, the final report includes a “classified annex” of information deemed unsuitable for public release—leaving more than enough room for die-hard UFO advocates to remain convinced that the U.S. government is hiding the truth.

The government cannot disclose what it does not have — and that is intelligence about UFO’s.

They only have the sightings, the videos, the testimonies of the military. this put the government in a precarious position; basically, forcing them to admit that something is out there but they have opted to feign confusion and put everything back to square one — now it is up to the ambitious senators to take more action, go over the material again — give the people some concrete conclusions–all the while acclimating them for the extra-terrestrial answer — and it will not be easy getting it out of those who wish to keep their positions as career politicians.

Some people think that the government knows more about UFOs, or UAP, than the public, but it’s clear that they know less on the subject than our best civilian UFO investigators, not more.

Advocates of alien disclosure are simply seen as a nuisance to the investigation of prosaic explanations and I am sure there are brass in the Pentagon that do not want to be associated with giving them a reason to equate these UAP’s as extraordinary technology—which, of course, is intended to mean “aliens,” even if enthusiasts for that hypothesis will not explicitly say so. This cultivates credulous media attention, which in turn creates a feedback loop of public interest, more media and then pressure on politicians to “do something.”

But from what I can conclude is that they did something that leads to nothing –nothing more than what we already know.

Military things are assumed classified by default, and there is nothing compelling them to clear things up.

Harvard University astrophysicist, Avi Loeb, says the significance of the UAP Task Force report will depend on the evidence it discloses, which at the moment, remains mostly unknown. “But this focus on past reports is misguided,” he says. “It would be prudent to progress forward with our finest instruments rather than examine past reports. Instead of focusing on documents that reflect decades-old technologies used by witnesses with no scientific expertise, it would be far better to deploy state-of-the-art recording devices, such as cameras or audio sensors, at the sites where the reports came from and search for unusual signals.”Astronomer Avi Loeb Says Aliens Have Visited, and He's Not Kidding - Scientific American

Loeb goes a step further, saying he is willing to sign up to help unravel the UAP/UFO saga He wants to form a federally designated committee or a privately funded expedition. Its most important purpose would be to inject scientific rigor and credibility into the discussion.

Avi has recently been in the spotlight with his new and innovative theories about the interstellar Oumuamua and now has commented on a new theory he has, something that he and I have discussed and will be part of my presentation at Contact in the desert this year.

My presentation will be about Bracewell Probe theory and its connections to Oumuamua. The theory is that quite possibly Oumuamua was either a Bracewell Probe or that as it passed through the Solar system it collected data to send back to some extraterrestrial race.

Loeb and I discussed this previously and now he is weighing in on the possibility as well — his thoughts on this subject were recently published in Scientific American.

If Oumuamua was an artificial object on a targeted mission towards the sun, aimed to collect data from the habitable region near Earth, one might wonder whether Oumuamua might have been retrieving data from probes that were already sprinkled on Earth at an earlier time.Interstellar Objects Like 'Oumuamua Might Jump-Start Planet Formation | Space

Perhaps Oumuamua was a Bracewell artifact that sent probes out to seed the planet as well.

In 1960, Stanford radio physicist Ronald Bracewell first suggested the idea that “superior galactic communities” could disperse autonomous interstellar probes as “hypothetical feelers” throughout space in order to observe, monitor, and maybe even communicate with other life-forms, including those on Earth.A SETI Search of Earth's Co-orbitals

Back in February I conducted a discussion with Avi Loeb, Richard C. Hoagland, Steve Cates and Michael W. Hall about The Bracewell probe theories and connections to Oumuamua.

We discussed at the time that perhaps Oumuamua was just one of many so called artificial probes that would fit the Bracewell model observing our solar system and then radioing back to an alien civilization the coordinates of where earth is. It could be then theorized that many more space rocks with probes in them could be used to observe the Earth and if successful one or more would be put into Earth orbit.

There have been efforts by SETA – The Search of Extraterrestrial Artifacts to create projects to investigate and detect evidence of visitation of these hypothetical probes in our Solar System.

They are looking for the techno signature that would indicate that a Bracewell Sentinel has sent a signal to activate other probes or signal an extraterrestrial intelligence of our presence.

Long after the appearance of Oumuamua and Borisov, there have been many anomalous things happening that indicate that perhaps Bracewell may have been on to something.

We may have overlooked the reality of sentinels sending signals and that there are repeaters sending back replies.

Specifically, Avi Loeb has said that Oumuamua might have been a spacecraft sent to tune into their signals, Loeb wrote in a new Scientific American op-ed. It’s an unusual explanation linking two separate topics — Oumuamua’s trajectory and recent UAP sightings but at the very least it’s interesting to consider all the possibilities of advanced life beyond Earth. And even if you find the idea a little too out there, Loeb suggested more researchers ought to start recording the sky so they can get to the bottom of things themselves.

As possible evidence, Loeb points out that Oumuamua is tumbling around as it soars through space, raising the possibility that its broader flatter surfaces contain equipment capable of picking up the signals from whatever hidden sensors earlier probes may have dropped off.

This of course, will not be in the UAP report from the Pentagon but I believe that all of this UFO investigating, the creation of Space Force all began with the sighting of Oumuamua — the sighting of this object changed things and caused an upheaval in the scientific community, especially when it comes to strange extraterrestrial objects.

There were a few coincidences that happened after the announcement about Oumuamua.

Just after the sighting — you may recall that President Trump’s announced the new branch of the military called Space Force, there were stories in scientific blogs and websites that were very revealing of projects which were going forward indicated that there certainly is an interest in deep space affairs.

Plans were then revealed that NASA had plans to manufacture and assemble structures in orbit, rather than on the earth’s surface. The “Archinaut,” will be an orbital factory for constructing large space machinery, including fully built and functional satellites and possibly even space vessels.

NASA is now bringing together a group of leading researchers in astronomy, biology and geology as part of the new project to ‘take stock of our knowledge in the search for life on distant planets and to lay the groundwork for moving the related sciences forward.’

Called the Nexus for Exoplanet System Science, or NExSS, it hopes to answer the questions of what planets could host life – and what that life could look like.

In new research, astronomers have drawn up a shortlist of nearby star systems where any inquisitive inhabitants on orbiting planets would be well placed to spot life on Earth.

The scientists identified 1,715 star systems in our cosmic neighborhood where alien observers could have discovered Earth in the past 5,000 years by watching it “transit” across the face of the sun.

Among those in the right position to observe an Earth transit, 46 star systems are close enough for their planets to intercept a clear signal of human existence – the radio and TV broadcasts which started about 100 years ago.

The researchers estimate that 29 potentially habitable planets are well positioned to witness an Earth transit, and eavesdrop on human radio and television transmissions, allowing any observers to infer perhaps a modicum of intelligence. Whether the broadcasts would compel an advanced civilization to make contact is a moot point.

One star known as Ross 128, a red dwarf in the Virgo constellation, is about 11 light years away – close enough to receive Earth broadcasts – and has a planet nearly twice the size of Earth. Any suitably equipped life on the planet could have spotted an Earth transit for more than 2,000 years, but lost the vantage point 900 years ago. If there is intelligent life on any of the two known planets orbiting Teegarden’s star, 12.5 light years away, it will be in a prime position to watch Earth transits in 29 years’ time.Invite Ross 128 Over This Thanksgiving - Sky & Telescope - Sky & Telescope

At 45 light years away, another star called Trappist-1 is also close enough to eavesdrop on human broadcasts. The star hosts at least seven planets, four of them in the temperate, habitable zone, but they will not be in position to witness an Earth transit for another 1,642 years.

But you won’t find any of this information in the Pentagon report.

As much as there are skeptics still in the scientific community, the groups forming now under the umbrella of planetary defense are now acclimating the people of Earth for the reality of extraterrestrial life.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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