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Clyde Lewis | June 30, 2020
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Have you ever wondered if this whole COVID-19 exercise has now turned into an example of mass gaslighting? I know that there are those who don’t question that think that asking this question is a bit of medical heresy but in the past four months, what has gone from sound advice to protect yourself from disease has now ended up being shallow security theater that breeds doublethink.

In George Orwell’s 1984, he defines “doublethink” as deliberate ambiguous, distortion of word meanings, and insincerity – to tell deliberate lies while believing in them.

In Edward Herman’s “Beyond Hypocrisy,” the author explains, “What is really important in the world of doublethink is the ability to lie and get away with it and cherry pick facts to fit an agenda.” The hope is that citizens will not know enough about the subject to detect language used to conceal, distort and mislead.

The absurdity of doublethink makes it seem only something for the realm of fiction. But plenty of doublethink is exercised on a daily basis by the mainstream media, politicians and political and medical “experts” right here in the real world.

Over the last week, many governors have reinstituted coronavirus policy implementations which had been in various phases of cessation. Why? This is because of an alleged “spike” in new COVID-19 infections. Other states have abbreviated their phased lifting of lockdowns. This is despite the fact that current US deaths from COVID-19 are now 90% off their peak. 

We are now being told that the new cases are mostly young people ages 18-34 –and authorities are actually saying that this is due to socializing in bars and not because of the protests.

This indicates that even though they deny that their policies are not political – it screams that they are… that while they tell us that the experts have weighed in – their nebulous identities are suspect and the policies do not make any sense whatsoever.

Washington State is considering criminalizing the refusal to wear a mask. New York State governor Andrew Cuomo has imposed new out-of-state visitor bans with the comment that “in addition to law enforcement, he expects individuals such as hotel clerks … to question travelers from select states”. Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s comments that if he were to win the presidency, a federal mask mandate may follow. The Speaker of the House quickly voiced her support for that measure.

This is ludicrous but what they are doing is basically telling you that they have the upper hand and no matter how you want to live your life – choice and liberty mean nothing to them and yet we still abide – we don’t question. The reason? Doublethink.

These and other developments suggest that rather than approaching the end of the government-created crisis, we may be at the threshold of a new beginning. That the recent rise in infections is mostly an artifact of massively expanded testing capabilities seems to occur to no one in the government or media. Equally unnoticed is that the apparently much wider spread of COVID-19 infections, many of which show middling symptoms or are treated as annoyances, should result in a decrease of concern: it appears that many times the number of people estimated early on have been infected by the novel coronavirus to little or no consequence.

And further still, that some of the spike is accountable to the civil unrest in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. The prevalence of new COVID-19 infections among mostly Gen-Zs and Millennials beside their prevalence in jobs that require COVID testing, such as in the fast food and service industries undoubtedly had much to do with the disingenuity of political officials who ordered them to stay home, out of work and away from social occasions, yet responded with deafening silence as protests, demonstrations, and rioting broke out.

The whole COVID-19, Black Mirror episode we are living in will become more of a nightmare. Probably a lot darker than you can even realize.

It is all because of gaslighting and doublethink and the inability for most people to accept their mortality and that others also are mortals.

Get a clue – you are not killing anyone if you opt not to wear a mask. You are not selfish if you want to live life to its fullest and you should not choose a presidential candidate that on a whim decides that his whole country should have to wear a mask as a fashion statement.

I am an American citizen, dress codes are for grade school – people need to understand just how absurd this is getting.

Before COVID-19 happened, you went about your lives without thinking about the risks you take. That cigarette you smoke maybe your last – that fourth martini that you have at your three martini lunch could be the very thing that puts you in an accident that can kill you.

That stress you put on your body lifting that garbage can could trigger a massively fatal heart attack – you can go to a routine checkup for that headache you have and find out that it is malignant tumor that will end your life prematurely.

The risks are all there, but somehow you tell yourself you have control over these things and maybe doctors can provide direct solutions—COVID-19 is now different.

While there are those who claim to have solutions, there are others who choose to contradict those priceless answers for political reasons. It is unfortunate to say that those who see it as getting worse are becoming the realists and those who chastise the many for being doomsayers are becoming just as annoying because they appear to have no semblance of survival instinct in this brave new world.

Both are right and both are wrong – COVID-19 is the Schrodinger’s Cat of the viral breed.

As other statistics regarding the toll of the novel coronavirus outbreak firm up, certain patterns are beginning to come into focus. With increasing certainty we can say that locked down states have seen four times the death toll of those which did not. The effectiveness of masking is, as well, being revealed as suspect, as is social distancing in the absence of testing and contact tracing the efficacy of the latter of which is additionally questionable.

A more important revelation of the ongoing deluge of data has been either missed (or ignored) by the press. Just a few days ago, the New York Times reported that 54,000 deaths due to COVID-19 — 43% of all deaths in the United States occurred in nursing home residents and workers.

The facts mean nothing to greedy local governments who love to cash their emergency checks and give nothing back to the people.

Fact Checkers be damned.

We’ve all come across online fact checkers that purport to warn us away from independent media sites under the guise of protecting us from fake news. But who is behind these fact check sites? How do they operate? And if these ham-fisted attempts at soft censorship aren’t the solution to online misinformation, what is?

Someone should do some fact checking on the fact checkers.

Someone needs to expose that much of what we hear from “experts” are no more than data projections that are skewed to benefit those in control.

For those who were blindsided by all of this so called health tyranny, you probably thought it was some harmless conspiracy theory and that America was going to dodge a bullet but now as we see that America has been mortally wounded there are those that think we are going to bounce back.

I have always valued my optimism, however, I think I am going to cash out on that Pollyanna optimism and give everyone a dose of realism.

Time to give clues to those around that are clueless.

Many people do not know that doing a talk show requires a lot of reading and researching. I take in about 28 hours of reading a week—sometimes more. I also have the opportunity to speak at conventions and present well researched workshops and seminars about many off beaten topics.

Many of you who saw me at Contact in the Desert know that I had a well-attended seminar where I blew the lid on what are called gain of function exercises, where table top scenarios are first carried out by groups like the Rockefeller foundation. Johns Hopkins University and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

I presented Clade X which exposed the companies and groups who were chomping at the bit for an opportunity to have a deadly pandemic attack the world so they could develop new drugs and vaccines to inoculate people and cash in on the gullibility and fear of people.

Some of the companies I mentioned were Baxter International, Glaxo Smith Kline, Pfiser, Whyeth, Bayer Monsanto, and Gilead sciences.

Most of these companies, were involved with providing the protocols for what needed to be done if a pandemic were to occur.

If you were to take account of who is responsible for the protocols we are having to abide by now – you would see that Gilead Sciences presented local governments with these overly restrictive guidelines.

Now we have learned that Gilead Sciences says it will charge U.S. hospitals $3,120 for a typical patient with commercial insurance for the COVID-19 drug remdesivir, which “interferes with the new coronavirus’s ability to replicate within a patient’s cells,” according to The Wall Street Journal. “Under the company’s plans, Gilead will charge a higher price for patients with private insurance in the U.S., and a lower price for U.S. government health programs like Medicare and all other developed countries that insure their patients directly.”

It also appears that companies like Gilead Sciences and Quercegen Pharmaceuticals were on the board to vilify non approved treatments like the less expensive hydroxychloroquine.

Chloroquine has been the bane of the media, the President suggested using it and it was reported days later that people were voluntarily taking it and dying.

Two men in Nigeria died from an overdose and an engineer allegedly drank aquarium cleaner that had Chloroquine and died – later it was revealed that the man’s wife laced a drink with it in order to kill him.

The news kept on reporting that hydroxychloroquine had horrible side effects and that recent studies had shown that it was lethal.

However, what the media failed to report is that three clinical trials which require patients to be given up to 4 times the normal dosage of hydroxychloroquine, with or without their consent. In one of these studies over 25% of patients died.

This has been unearthed by Dr. Meryl Nass MD, and is covered in detail over at her site and at the Alliance for Human Research Protection, a site dedicated to exposing unethical practice in the medical community.

The three studies are:

Solidarity, conducted by the World Health Organization, on 3500 Covid-19 patients at 400 hospitals, across 35 countries. As well as Hydroxychloroqine the trial included Remdesivir, Lopinavir with Ritonavir, Lopinavir with Ritonavir plus Interferon beta-1a.

Recovery, conducted in the UK, sponsored by the Wellcome Trust (GlaxoSmithKline) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the UK government. 1,542 patients took part, of whom 396 (25.7%) died.

Remap, an ongoing multi-national project that is now trialing hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 therapy.

Doses employed in all studies were way above normal therapeutic doses and could well have proved fatal, especially to the very frail and compromised people enrolled in the trial, many of whom were already on ventilators or other forms of assisted breathing. In fact to even be considered for the Remap trial a patient had to be “close to death, either on a ventilator or in shock, on pressor medications.”

Neither was any allowance made in dosage for patients with poor kidney or liver function, who might have increased difficulty in processing the drug. Only actual liver failure was grounds for reducing the dose.

Ironically, the Solidarity hydroxychloroquine trial was suspended on May 25th following the Surgisphere report in The Lancet that claimed 35% higher death rates in patients receiving hydroxychloroquine, but which later turned out to be fraudulent, and indeed Nass suggests these medical trials are cynically sacrificing human subjects as part of the ongoing war against hydroxychloroquine, in a bid to prove it does not work or is unsafe.

These are all beginning to add up to something very dark and very strange going on in the shadows, just beyond public scrutiny. Whether this is deliberate policy or some dreadful perfect storm of institutionalized fear and chronic under-funding is hard to say. But something truly grotesque and potentially evil is going on here, and we can’t afford to ignore it.

This raises all the red flags of a eugenics cull and as Dr. Strangeglove, Fauci said today, he sees a dark future of 100,000 of COVID-19 cases a day and who knows how many more deaths are these technocrats responsible for.

I can’t help but reflect on our discussion about population reduction, and control enforced by a police state that employed by a world body like the United Nations.

Those who don’t want to believe this is happening probably cannot see the big picture and that is COVID-19 is going to be with us and it will come season after season. As it mutates there is no reason for these overreaching methods of Security Theater—we just have to be hypervigilant, by marinating hygiene and supplementing our diets with vitamins and nutrients.

Many Ground Zero listeners knew this was coming and many of them were already prepared for it.

Clearly thorough predictive programming and even through threats and theories they were telling us how this was all going to go down. They told us life was going to change forever.

They ordered us to be locked down inside our homes. They demanded that churches and synagogues close. They ordered the police to abuse and arrest us if we violated their arbitrary orders. They closed the schools, parks, beaches, restaurants, cafés, theaters, clubs, anywhere that people gather.

We obliged them out of appropriateness and self-preservation. The police would detain people, ripped people out of trains, separated children from their mothers –all in the name of safety theater.

All the while people are shouting form the comfort of social media “That can’t be done in America.”

Truth is – it is being done in America.

I went to get my haircut at a place that I frequent. I had to make a reservation, get my temperature checked, and I was required to wear a mask during my haircut. The whole time I was told it was sanitary and yet the hair would fall into the mask and I was inhaling some of it.

They also needed my name and address in order to contact me if needed to tell me of possible exposure or if I was exposing someone else.

I figured, I knew this would happen.

They all reported that they would be tracking everyone’s contacts and movements like the Stasi police of the Eastern Block. They drafted new “emergency” laws to allow them to forcibly quarantine people. They did this openly. They publicized it. It’s not like they were hiding anything.

They told us exactly what was coming, and advised us to shut up and follow orders. Tragically, most people have done just that. In the space of four months.

I have always been told that people will know when it is time to fight back. Well that time has long passed. When we abided by the rules, and flattened the curb, we were told it wasn’t enough. They wanted to hold out for a vaccine. But they couldn’t hold us under house arrest indefinitely.

When people saw the protests they thought the gig was up and many people decided that since social distancing was a choice for protesters and a funeral for a dead black man – they too could choose to mingle. But no – new cases of COVID-19 hit the young people. Mortality rates dropped below one percent and yet the small spike was enough to cause political leaders to create more security theater and make people feel better by making masks mandatory.

People are objecting – they see it as political control but what it really does is breed the love and faith for the state – and not faith and love for what is human –what may be a spiritual force in our lives.

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with faith. It doesn’t necessarily mean the belief itself is “wrong.” Faith can be a powerful force for good. It all depend upon what the belief is.

If your faith dictates that you treat all with love, compassion and respect then your belief is “right.” If you live in accordance with your faith then you are living in the truth, regardless of which deity you follow.

However, if your faith teaches you that you are better than “non believers,” that yours in the only true way and that those who don’t follow your beliefs, or your deity, deserve to be punished, you are “wrong.” You are not living in harmony with the truth.

Mask wearing is a sign that you have more faith in the state than you have in yourself. You are saying that you believe that the state thinks that people are stupid and so you also believe yourself to be ignorant and so you follow the state.

All religions have their representatives. There are cardinals, bishops, imams and and rabbi’s etc. They are perhaps the leading voices, but they aren’t the only representatives. There are envoys, missionaries, TV evangelists, religious correspondents and so on.

The State is no different. We have politicians and governmental advisers, as the leading voices, but there are also NGO spokespersons, union officials, the academic & scientific orthodoxy, lords and ladies, multinational CEO’s, central bankers, business leaders and more. Of these, the most powerful, in terms of their ability to shape public opinion are the mainstream media.

The core tenet of the statist’s faith is that a small group of people are best placed to tell all the other people what to do. This is a belief in absolute hierarchical authority.

There’s nothing wrong with hierarchical authority. It is difficult to see how we could ever organize anything more than a barbecue without it.

When you need to see a doctor you temporarily cede your authority to them. You trust that they know more about medical science than you do, so you allow them to make decisions about your health and follow their advice.

However, outside of your healthcare, you don’t permanently give your authority away to your doctor. When you buy a car you don’t phone your doctor to ask their permission. You don’t even call your clergy, or even a governing official.

Generally in life we cede our authority to others on a case by case basis. Our authority, in all other decisions, remains otherwise intact. We retain our individual sovereignty.

Most people understand this. We can become defensive, even aggressive, if we feel someone else is telling us what to do when we haven’t given them our specific authority to do so.

Yet for some reason, when it comes to the State, statists give this group of people absolute authority over every aspect of, not only their own, but everyone’s lives.

It is truly sickening watching this happen—it is truly sickening how the state has beguiled you into thinking that you are a murderer if you don’t wear a mask. The state has convinced you that it is the garlic, holy water and cross to keep the vampires away.

But the catch is you don’t see the vampires, you just know that they are there and that they are the reason you see the death toll on CNN.

You see how tricky this has become?

I am also going to assume that you watched as the State’s cult leaders switched off the “deadly pandemic” to accommodate the BLM protests, then switched it back on as soon as they subsided, and that you noted how their propaganda shifted to more “cases” when the death count finally became a little too embarrassing to continue to hype.

It was also fascinating to see that the spike in COVID-19 cases were happening in places where President Trump wanted to hold his political rallies.

How does that happen?

It is the states equivalent of turning loaves and fishes into beneficial scare mongering to lock down places so that the emergency money will flow until July 24th.

Oh how clever they have become the state has pathologized totalitarianism.

The genius of pathologized totalitarianism is like that old joke about the Devil … his greatest trick was convincing us that he doesn’t exist. Pathologized totalitarianism appears to emanate from nowhere, and everywhere, simultaneously; thus, technically, it does not exist. It cannot exist, because no one is responsible for it, because everyone is.

Mass hysteria is its lifeblood. It feeds on existential fear. “science” is its rallying cry. Not actual science, not provable facts, but “science” as a kind of deity whose name is invoked to silence heretics, or to ease the discomfort of the cognitive dissonance that results from desperately trying to believe the absurdities of the official narrative.

The other genius of it the state’s viewpoint is that it is inexhaustible, endlessly recyclable. Unlike other official enemies, the “deadly virus” could be any virus, any pathogen whatsoever. All they have to do from now on is “discover” some “novel” micro-organism that is highly contagious (or that mimics some other micro-organism that we already have), and wave it in front of people’s faces. Then they can crank up the Fear Machine, and start projecting hundreds of millions of deaths if everyone doesn’t do exactly as they’re told.

They can run this charade pretty much forever, anytime the working classes get restless, or an unauthorized president gets elected, or just for the sheer sadistic fun of it.

Nobody did anything even though they were told it was coming.

We have been had.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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