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Clyde Lewis | June 30, 2021
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Today, there are many things even outside the realms of paranoia that can trigger a thought, or memory of a hidden paranormal experience. There can also be a triggering of déjà vu that is a small product of some reoccurring dream of dread, an apocalyptic future where you know that you will eventually be handed a very difficult decision which when made will neither be to your benefit or your immediate circle of friends and family.

The decision you make will have to benefit the whole of mankind. Some see it as the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep order, in order to keep the timeline of the universe intact.

The real nightmare is when you realize that these dreams were like fire drills and that in a future moment, you won’t be sleepwalking through the valley of the shadow of death – you will be running for your life in a reality that the nightmare initiated.

There are scientific statistics that remind us that in the last fifty thousand years an estimated 106 billion human beings have been born. Now according to science, the 100 billion who are dead have not returned to tell us that there is life after death.

Now, keep in mind that for some reason, science has determined that none of the 100 billion dead have given us any indication that they are wandering around in some locale known as the afterlife.

And yet we are realizing that the world is not what it seems — and that the afterlife or at least what is beyond is revealing itself in some pretty mysterious ways.

In the world today, we never really know what to expect. We’re never sure exactly how it works and why strange and paranormal things happen to people. We never know the limits, if there are any, to its magic.

Nothing about it is definite except as the old saying goes “death and taxes.”

Robert Anton Wilson once said that we have created this safety net we call reality and every once in a while we are reminded that a very real existential world exists and that the spooky actions we see are all part of some quantum theory that is not easily explained.

There have been many occasions where we have been told the universe we live in is a construct, a safe haven that we have developed to hide away from the various demons and bogey man that plague our nightmares.

In my business, I have learned there are many things that lurk in the shadows. For most people, shadowy figures appear just in the corner of the eye, which leaves you with the idea that you must be seeing things. We have all had some sort of fleeting encounter with shadowy figures hiding just outside the normal field of vision; familiar shapes typically seen lurking in the dead of night in the corner of a room, peering from behind a tree or around a corner.

On the supernatural side of the argument, we can assume that these shadowy figures are spirits, miasmas, or even shadow people. However, there is yet another area of study where the shadowy figures are not always wispy entities playing hide and go seek with your mind.

Beyond the voices are the visions of precognitive and retro-cognitive dreams. In the ether of the subconscious, we replay all of the experiences we have had, and at other moments we have dreams that are precognitive that sometimes warn us of great danger.

Those visions that leap from the ether into our dimensional reality are apparitions, discarnate spirits, or telepathic or telekinetic impressions.Blurred Motion Of Woman Walking In Corridor Of Abandoned Building - Southside Times

I am sure that someone you know or perhaps you yourself have had an experience you can’t quite describe accurately as it is so bizarre it defies explanation. We have covered stories dealing with ghosts and demons and all of the things that can keep you awake at night.

Our world as we know it is complex and there is that other world — the ethereal world where things sometime surprise us — and at times scare us into believing that there is much more to our lives than just what we see in this reality.

The supernatural world view is changing and two thirds or maybe more of the American people give respectful consideration to the paranormal and many of the things that were once dismissed as hallucinations, or mental abnormalities are now being accepted as unexplainable phenomena that seem to replicate or increase.

Cultural anthropologists no longer dismiss these experiences as mere mental illnesses. In fact, there has been a consistent appearance throughout history of various satanic panics. Granted; many of these panics are connected to mass hysteria and groupthink. There are now actions and intentions where antiquated ritual and intent have been involved in creating the social trance needed to conjure various demons and entities.

Cultural anthropologists have a term for the intentional ratcheting up of opposition to an idea or an experience, it is called schismogenesis. In fact, cultural anthropologists have acknowledged that the paranormal experience is part of the human experience and is far more normal than paranormal and should not be dismissed as some psychological disorder.

It can be said that Americans now have been forced into a sort of schismogenesis in all matters. We are divided politically, religiously and even with matters of paranormal activity. It is like there is this ongoing battle for superiority and conflict which breeds the same toxic environment of confusion and by some sick irony, the environment is a hive for all kinds of chaotic and misguided thought. The same environment that true believers say demons dwell in.

We can’t simply draw lines in the sand and say that the human experience is not full of unexplained or supernatural activity. Everyone has an experience that they can’t explain. Some deny it and others embrace it.

The coronavirus pandemic has now killed more than 600,000 Americans. Many of us never had a chance to hug or say farewell to loved ones who died alone and isolated in hospital wards due to fears of spreading the virus.

But there is another group of pandemic survivors who say they have been granted a second chance to say goodbye. They are people who believe they’ve been contacted by a loved one who died from coronavirus.

These experiences can be subtle: relatives appearing in hyper-real dreams, a sudden whiff of fragrance worn by a departed loved one, or unusual behavior by animals. Other encounters are more dramatic: feeling a touch on your shoulder at night, hearing a sudden warning from a loved one, or seeing the full-bodied form of a recently departed relative appear at the foot of your bed.

These stories may sound implausible, but they are in fact, part of a historical pattern. There is something in us — or in our lost loved ones that won’t accept not being able to say goodbye.

And whenever there is a massive tragedy such as a pandemic, a war or a natural disaster, there is a corresponding surge in reports of people seeing the dead or trying to contact them.

I was dumbfounded when over the weekend I saw a story on the CNN website that spoke of those who have died in the pandemic trying to speak to their loved ones from beyond the grave .

How would a story like this wind up as a mainstream discussion — it must really be a bizarre reality; however, for myself and my audience, we know that anomalous activity is not all that bizarre — it can be shocking but apparently not at all out of the norm — it seems to be part of life.

The 1918 influenza epidemic sparked a “spiritualism craze” as Americans turned to seances and Ouija boards to contact departed loved ones. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks came a wave of people reporting sightings of and even conversations with those who had been snatched from their lives.

When a tsunami struck Japan in 2011, killing at least 20,000 people, so many inhabitants of Ishinomaki reported seeing their loved ones appear that a book and a documentary were made about this city of wandering ghosts.

These are called ADCs or After Death Communications.After-Death Communications - YouTube

Research suggests at least 60 million Americans have these experiences, and that they occur across cultures, religious beliefs, ethnicity and income levels. Many of these encounters occur in the twilight state between sleeping and waking, but others have been reported by people who were alert.

And of course there are some cases that defy logic.

There is the true story of Charles Peck a man who died in a train crash back in 2008.Did Metrolink Victim Charles E. Peck Call His Family From the Dead?

Chuck Peck was among the 25 dead in the Los Angeles Metrolink crash on the 12th of September 2008. His family, knowing that Chuck was on the train that faithful evening, kept getting calls from his cell phone. No voice was on the other side of the line, no audible voices. All they could hear was static on the other side of the line.

Throughout the night, Chuck’s sons, brother, stepmother, sister and fiancee all got the phone calls after the crash had been reported. Chuck’s son believed his dad was alive and trying to contact them. Chuck’s son, CJ, kept yelling into the phone: “We love you, Hang in there. They are coming to get you.”

It was not until 3:28 am that the phone calls stopped. None of the family members got any more phone calls. One hour later, Los Angeles firefighters recovered the remains of Chuck Peck. Coroner’s officials told Peck’s family members that he was killed instantly. His body showed no sign that he lived even for a short time after the crash.

For years, the “phone calls from the dead” phenomenon has been a thing of urban legends. Paranormal cases that involve ghostly phone calls are just reports, never official recordings or actual proof that they were indeed made from the departed. One thing is for certain, the calls were made to loved ones and the calls were made all night up until the discovery of the body.

Coroners say that there is no way that Chucks body could have lived even for a short time after the crash. Peck’s phone was never found.

Recently, there has been a similar story connected to the Champlain Condominium disaster in Miami, Florida.

The death toll as of this writing is 16 leaving 147 unaccounted for.

Two of the victims Arnie and Myriam Notkin, live in Apartment 302 and the family is still waiting to hear from them or maybe they have – the story is remarkable, if not gut wrenching.

Jake Samuelson their grandson says that his mother’s house line has been receiving calls from the Notkin’s landline phone that he said rested next to their bed in the now demolished condominium.Family reports phone calls from missing grandparents from inside collapsed condo building | KABB

But there is no human sound on the other end of the line, only static.

The family has received a total of 16 calls with the first one coming in the evening of the condo collapse at 9:50 p.m. Thursday. Part of the 12-story building came down around 1:30 a.m. Thursday.

Samuelson said when the first call came in, the family had a mix of emotions.

On Friday morning, when the family went to the reunification center, there were more calls – 15 more to be exact.

Every call after has been gut-wrenching because they don’t know if it’s actually the Notkins or something else.

The family is trying to rationalize what is happening and are trying to get answers. they are wondering if anyone else is having the same experience.

This is tragic — either they are in the rubble calling for help or this is a case similar to what happened to Charles Peck.

Back in 2015, you may remember the news story that made the national mainstream news about four officers that recall hearing a “mysterious voice” that they say led them to find a baby girl trapped inside an overturned car.Mysterious voice' led Utah cops to discover child who survived for 14 hours in submerged car after mom drowned - New York Daily News

According to local news outlets in Utah County, four police officers from the Spanish Fork Police Department all say that they heard a voice calling to them — a female voice that cried “help me.” The strange sounds were heard coming from a vehicle that had gone into a river with a 30-40 degree temperature.

As they approached the car, the officers said they heard the voice, and rushed to see if there was anyone inside the car that needed rescuing.

Much to their surprise, 18-month-old Lily Groesback was in her child seat, passed out, but alive. Her 25-year-old mother was also in the car, but she had passed away. The coroner estimated that the mother died 14 hours before the rescuers arrived.

The mystery voice that helped locate the Utah baby was heard by all of the officers who approached the car, and at one point, one of the men answered the cry for help.

According to ABC News, the voice is something that no one can explain. Since the woman was dead, and the child was passed out, there wasn’t a clear explanation. Many believe that the voice was otherworldly and that the fact that Lily survived is truly a miracle.

There have been many paranormal investigators that have pointed out that just prior to any paranormal or paradigm-changing event the human mind slows down the impulses and there seems to be a calming or an environmental change.

The officers were already on the scene mentally preparing for a rescue and so their minds and their senses together were generating a greater frequency. The energy levels were probably at a fever pitch allowing all four to share the experience of hearing the mother of the baby speaking to them audibly.

It is a story that is very hard to debunk. First, you have four officers’ police and firefighters. They are credible witnesses in the fact that most officers and paramedics are paid to work a case in great detail and are supposed to be counted on to file reports with credibility.

The woman in the car was dead, submerged upside down in the water for 14 hours. The little baby Lily was dangling just above the water in the backseat. It is believed that the cold water created hypothermia that literally kept the baby from dying.

A female, adult voice very clearly told these first responders exactly where to go in order to rescue the little girl. The witnesses agree that the voice came from inside the car.

Now the question is, did the three police officers and the firefighter accidentally hear the voice of an onlooker to the crash? The answer is no. The crash was heard by neighbors in the area and many went out o investigate. They were unable to find any sign of a crash or an automobile.

The automobile itself went over a cement embankment under a bridge and what is truly unbelievable no one noticed for 14 hours. That was until the car probably moved from under the bridge to an area where it could be spotted. Spanish Fork is a rural area of Utah County and so there probably weren’t too many onlookers on the scene.

Did the officer hear a form of EVP in the rushing water? Was it something that sounded like a female voice that prompted them to answer and rush to the vehicle finding the baby miraculously alive?

This is still a remarkable case – there have been no further details on the whereabouts or the health of the baby.

Bill Guggenheim, co-author of “Hello from Heaven,” a book that explores ADCs, believes there is a spiritual purpose behind all of these Hello from Heaven!: After Death Communication Confirms That Life and Love Are Eternal (9781906787905): Guggenheim, Guggenheim, Bill: Books

It is a form of reassurance — or it is a signal that there is a message to be sent — it is either an “I love you” from beyond — or a call for help.

After-death communication experiences can provide convincing, modern-day evidence for life after death. They may confirm that when our body dies, we simply make a transition from this physical world to a continuing existence in the spiritual realm.

People who believe in a life after death understand that they will someday see their loved one again. They hold out for hope, and their faith keeps them enduring. Death is also a great unknown and most people don’t have a true knowledge of life after death. They would like to, and science has made it great sport to make fun of those who seek a perfect knowledge and so they must be strong in the aftermath of death.Life After Death - International Shia News Agency

Science really has done nothing to analyze and pursue the possibility of life after death, they merely criticize and give authoritative statements that claim that they know reality, and others who mourn and fear death are weak.

The fear of dying is natural even if you believe in an afterlife. Even if people believe in an afterlife they certainly do not know what to expect when they get there. That is the great unknown — and if we are getting these messages from beyond –we know that spirit speaks to us – whether it is a still voice of peace – or now through electronic means.

With relentless speculation, multiple mind-blowing streams of thought completely shatter preconceived notions of perception, time and space. It is as true in physics as cultural engineering. It is difficult to grasp without egocentricity that everything we experience is a form of virtual reality.

There are plenty of things that can change our ways of thinking; sometimes, dramatically.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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