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Clyde Lewis | June 4, 2020
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Before the world went on riot watch, the technocracy had a lot to say about how we have no other alternative but to trust science. We have seen how faith has been ridiculed with regard to COVID-19 and how it also can become a photo op for a President who walks across a street among the tear gas and flash bangs in order to hold up a Bible.

One of the age old arguments that fuels most conspiracy talk is that science and religion are both wrong in some respects. The reason is that everyone argues over religion and science based on his or her own beliefs. Inconvenient data is often ignored, suppressed, discredited or explained in some pre-digested sound bite that is often forgotten.

One thing is certainly true and that is both science and religion are utilized as tools to exploit certain political views.

All three together bring us into divisive arguments and there are some people who wish there was a way to somehow eliminate that arguments.

There is an opinion on how to eliminate the argumentative prose that may not be popular, but it was first espoused by none other than President Ronald Reagan. He proposed that differences would cease if we found out that we were not alone in the universe and that an alien threat would bring us all together.

We are seeing that a traumatic event that is televised on social media can stir up anger and unity. There has to be the very same unquestionable evidence that we are not alone in order to shut down the arguments over God, Science and Political debates.

It is no secret that one of my favorite science fiction stories is “Childhoods End“ by Arthur C. Clarke. Clarke had so many interesting views in one story, and many future writers about alien encounters borrowed from the book. In the story the Overlords, or the alien protagonists were inadvertently responsible for actually changing views about God and certainly obliterated what science had kept secret for at least a century?

In Clarke’s take, the Overlord’s ships had been seen for years prompting debates over UFO issues. They were seen by the military, they were caught on camera and the people debated, some ignored them. When they eventually brought their huge ships to bear on some of the world’s biggest cities it was then that the world paid attention. It wasn’t much of a unifying moment as the aliens offered to help the planet but with all help comes conditions.

 If aliens could provide an end to war, poverty and illness, would you accept the offer, knowing that it would also mean the end of science, religion and culture?

We all want to be in charge of our own destiny but with the problems facing the world today — things like disease, scarcity, poverty, and clashes of civilizations it is proposed that many people would take their chances with alien or extraterrestrial contact.

In fact, there seems to be a number of memes on the internet that are indicating that with all of the pestilence, civil upheaval and disease people are already resolving that perhaps what is coming next is disclosure of life in space, and the assurance that we are not alone, and that there is extraterrestrial life that has a deep concern for what is happening on this planet.

I guess one of the biggest questions is: Deep down are people feeling like this is the only way we can somehow change the upheaval and tailspin that has been plaguing our existence?

The religious are expecting a messiah, or the second coming of a messiah. Others are vigilant in determining if an anti-Christ is plotting to decimate the foundations of the faith. Somewhere in the thick of all of it is that possibility that we may have what can be called, Close Encounter of the 5th Kind.

A Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind is a UFO event that involves direct communication between aliens and humans.

We know that signals have been sent to earth from deep space. It has even been proposed that many of these signals could be SOS signals being sent by civilizations that have been dead for thousands of years.

While much of what we are learning about these bursts are still vague, we can hearken back to 1961 when Scientist Frank Drake gave us scientific disclosure that cannot be overlooked or downplayed.

Drake proposed an equation to find out. Drake intended it as a way to frame discussion on the topic, but it came to be known as the Drake Equation. The equation itself is basically a product of the rate at which stars form in our galaxy, how many stars have planets, how many planets they typically have, what fraction are habitable, what fraction of habitable planets form life, how many form intelligent life, then civilizations, and how long those civilizations last. If you know all of those values, you can calculate the number of civilizations currently living in our galaxy.

In 1961 most of the parameters could only be guessed at. We didn’t know, for example, whether other stars had planets, since not a single exoplanet had yet been discovered. But we now know that planets are common, and there are somewhere between 8 and 20 billion potentially habitable planets in our galaxy. As a result, there’s been renewed interest in searching for signals from alien civilizations.

But the space between stars is vast, and light takes thousands of years to travel between them. In the time it takes an alien message to reach us, they may have been destroyed by a plague, a meteor impact. Or they may even have destroyed themselves through war or environmental devastation. The message we receive could be the last cosmic breath of a dead civilization.

However, there are arguments that there are quite possibly nearby civilizations that have used their technology to watch our planet. Interstellar objects that are now being detected are pushing scientists in the direction of looking into possibilities that these specimens are extraterrestrial artifacts. Some have even theorized that many of the recent near earth objects may be elaborate camouflage for Bracewell probes.

The theory is that if alien civilizations use these NEO’s as translator stations they can circumvent the process of long distance communication. It is like a message in a bottle that actively sends a signal to anyone who can pick up on it.

The aliens would be able to monitor our planet from a far off distance.

Once our civilization would meet the criteria of what the aliens would impose, the signal would wake up and announce its presence signaling the extraterrestrials to reveal themselves.

Toward the end of 2019 well into the year 2020 there have been reports of sightings and encounters by what can be called reputable sources. By now many people have heard about the military and how they have now changed their stance on the reporting of UFOs. They are now classified as UAP. This of course was declassified this year after three videos showing what appear to be tic-tac like objects moving at very fast speeds were leaked to the press.

The videos and the testimony of naval personnel that saw the objects were the subject of a report in the New York Times.

While the stories were picking up steam. Extending circumstances had somehow stolen the thunder form the testimony. The concerns about COVID-19 and the George Floyd murder have put the world into a crisis mode where there are some people that believe that this is a drill for what can be termed our alien moment.

Even in the midst of all of the chaos,there have been stories of anomalous objects that have been detected in space that exceed all explanation and UFO incidents that seem to be happening at an alarming rate.

Another bizarre object has now parked itself near Jupiter according to astronomers. It’s neither an asteroid nor a comet but something in between.

At the moment scientists are cautiously calling the object a Trojan. Trojans are a large group of asteroids located in the same orbital path as Jupiter, and they’re all dead, inert asteroids.

It is being called 2019 LD2.

However, this particular Trojan is not at all being inert.

Weeks ago, there were 19 Centaurs or anomalous objects that again have interstellar origins hovering near Jupiter. Many of the objects are not behaving like typical asteroids that find themselves orbiting in the Jovian system.

This means that our solar system seems to be hiding a small group of alien objects that began their lives around another star before moving to our cosmic neighborhood.  I am sure that if there were an armada of space ships moving in formation near Jupiter we would not be told about such things.

It has been normal procedure to cover up the possibility that something that has an interest in us is out there somewhere.

After these discoveries, there was a great deal of anomalous activity happening in South America and Antarctica.

We reported the alleged Mage, Brazil UFO crash. Immediately after the event was announced and strange video was surfacing in the internet, Redditt moderators online were censoring and culling posts with the word “Brazil” days after people filmed a UFO above Magé. “A huge number of people saw lights in the sky of Magé, and reported that incident.

More surprisingly, many words like ‘moon’, ‘pentagon’ and ‘navy,’ were also censored after the alleged crash.

After many complaints to Mods of these forums, Brazil and Pentagon were the only terms that were censored following the events in Mage.

After the UFO incident, we received reports of spikes in COVID-19 incidents prompting President Trump to issue a travel ban.

Meanwhile, it was reported that new satellite data from the European Space Agency revealed that the mysterious anomaly that has been weakening Earth’s magnetic field has split.

We have spoken before about the South Atlantic anomaly that allegedly has created a temporal vortex or Rosen-Bridge in the Gulf Of Aden. US scientists began noticing the “formation” of this vortex in late 2000, after which the Americans established a base of operations on the Horn of Africa in Djibouti, the capital and largest city of the Republic of Djibouti.

After remaining `relatively stable’ since its discovery in November, 2000, this report continues, the Gulf of Aden vortex began to “expand” in late 2008 prompting the United States to issue an “extraordinary” warning to the entire world about this mysterious occurrence and which in response many Nations rushed their Naval Forces to this area.

The Gulf of Aden vortex began an “extraordinary” series of “expansions” recently. This happened for the first time since its discovery and it was preceded by an earthquake and reports of UFO’s which were bright lights moving through the sky.

Many alternative news sites, have speculated that the Gulf of Aden vortex may very well be a “Stargate” opening up into our world from a dimension and/or world we know nothing about.

Military groups near Yemen have actually said that the area is certainly an active UAP area , and that there have also been time anomalies and GPS interference in the area as well.

The splitting of this anomaly is interesting as the weakest opening in the split is now occurring over Brazil.

The South Atlantic anomaly is fast becoming the Bermuda Triangle of space. An open wormhole stabilized or unstable could also create this type of phenomenon.

Researchers at Switzerland’s ETH Zurich and the University of Miami claim that oceanic “Black Holes,” or massive eddies, exist in the southern Atlantic Ocean.

An eddy is defined as “a current at variance with the main current in a stream of liquid or gas, especially one having a rotary or whirling motion.” The maelstroms are reportedly bigger than cities and are to water what Black Holes are to light.

In a paper published by George Haller, a professor at ETH Zurich, and Francisco Beron-Vera of the University of Miami in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics researchers claim they were able track and define eddies, or vortices on Earth.

By studying satellite imagery Haller and Baron-Vera were able to identify seven black-hole types in a group of eddies. They concluded that maelstroms have the same mathematical properties as Black Holes.

No word on why or how these “wormholes” are formed or what has caused them but it certainly indicates that something has opened the abyss and advanced technologies are getting though.

Since our planet’s magnetic field acts as a kind of shield, protecting Earth from solar winds and cosmic radiation, in addition to determining the location of the magnetic poles – any reduction in its strength is an important event we need to monitor closely, as these changes could ultimately have significant implications for our planet.

Meanwhile, in other weakened areas on the map, there were similar incidents that happened in Argentina, and Central America.

There was a reported crash of an anomalous craft in Carhue which is a province of Buenos Aries around the same time as the Mage report.

This was reported to have happened on May 9th, 2020. The Mage crash happened May 13th.

A fleet of UFO’s were caught on video flying over Columbia, some were shown over Mexico.

Meanwhile a strange formation of UFO’s recorded over Pocatello, Idaho are now going viral online and recently a Tic Tac UFO was seen flying over NORAD.

The unidentified flying object was reportedly recorded flying over the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), which is the centralized and highly-fortified air defense and early warning facility near Colorado Springs designed to warn the Pentagon and the White House in the event of an imminent aerial or nuclear attack against North America.

Many UFO’s have also been sighted in Montana near Yellowstone. This has triggered a few earthquakes apparently. West Yellowstone in Montana reported around eleven earthquakes on Friday, with the strongest one measuring a magnitude of 3.1. The area has been hit by an additional 34 quakes in the past month, according to Idaho Statesman.

The other quakes ranged between 1.6 to 3.1 magnitudes and were about three miles (4.8 km) deep.

In Wisconsin there was a weather anomaly that some people say is UFO related. While many people mistake lenticular clouds for UFO’s there was an event where an upside down tornado extended into the sky.

The vortex was reported to be seen by many witnesses and was photographed at many angles.

There had been severe storms in the area around the time, but no damage was reported with this particular formation. What could have caused an inverse tornado to form over Wisconsin?

Needless to say, that while we are watching civilization disintegrate on our televisions and smart phones, the question for some people is whether or not the next big event will be an alien arrival.

However, it must be said that there may be other anomalous Earth effects that will take place long before the aliens arrive.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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