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Ron Patton | June 7, 2019
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In its 4.5 billion–year history, life on Earth has been almost erased at least half a dozen times; shattered by asteroid impacts, entombed in ice, smothered by methane, and torn apart by unfathomably powerful megavolcanoes.

Every day we take most disasters in stride because they are expected on a planet that is never quiet.

Scientists and journalists make the simplest of scientific concepts sound incredibly complicated. They have also set agendas that approximate the arguments for climate change and hope that you forget that it was once called global warming. The media is also banking on the ignorance of the populace when they try and blame earthquakes and volcanic activity on climate.

Simple differences between climate, weather, geophysical studies, and seismology have been blurred in a way that there should be a new scientific nomenclature where we can lump it all together.

There are some people who see themselves as critical thinkers. They question some of the data that is being presented as “true” data by some nebulous body that are faceless scientists that give us their hypothesis ion many of the most pressing matters that face us today.

Scientific inquiry is a process of developing an explanation of a question in the natural world (or universe) by testing, investigating and collecting data that will either support or refute your original idea of what’s going on.

Of course, many of us take for granted that science gives us facts, and so we do not question the programming of those so-called “facts.” However, a healthy mind willing to question doesn’t mind getting into all of the messy scientific methods to prove the facts for themselves the process of testing ideas by collecting evidence.

Unfortunately, those who wish to disassemble the scientific explanations already provided by some nebulous authorities are now being frowned upon and are now being called anti-science.

The very scientific method used to question data provided by scientists is now being called anti-science, a label that should have every one of us worried. When we deal with scientific theories about the environment and the weather we are told that a consensus has determined that the fate of the planet can be settled and corrected with a 10 trillion dollar budget proposal for a “green economy.” Apparently, Cortez has headed up reviewing board to find an adequate “green deal” proposal that would shift the U.S. economy away from fossil fuels such as oil and coal and replace them with renewable sources such as wind and solar power.

Speaking to reporters at the Capitol, Ocasio-Cortez for the first time offered a price tag for efforts to address Climate Change. While acknowledging the figure “is a ton” of money, she said, “I think we really need to get to $10 trillion to have a shot” at real progress in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to Global Warming.

“I don’t think anyone wants to spend that amount of money,” she added. “It’s not a fun number to say. I’m not excited to say we need to spend $10 trillion on climate, but … it’s just the fact of the scenario.”

President Donald Trump and other Republicans have dismissed the Green New Deal as a government takeover of the economy that could bankrupt the nation with an unrealistic goal of obtaining net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

American Action Forum, a Republican-linked think tank, has estimated that the Green New Deal could cost $51 trillion to $93 trillion over 10 years, a figure the plan’s supporters dispute.

Ocasio-Cortez said she’s encouraged by climate plans from Democratic presidential candidates, particularly those by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

When the average citizen questions these moves and the money involved they are told that these earth sciences are far beyond their understanding and there is a dismissive shut down of differing views.

The impression that serious scientific problems are far beyond the understanding of the average man constitutes a serious obstacle to the growth of this public interest.

A so-called consensus of specialists have been created, and it has produced a sort of intellectual defeatism, so that the average person tends to think that the conclusions he can reach with his own faculties are invalid, no matter how carefully he examines the evidence. This inhibits the spread of scientific knowledge.

I think the average person knows that the earth is going through changes – the earth changes all the time. We know that lately, we have been seeing devastating floods, heavy rains and a spike of tornadoes in the United States. The Global Warming cabal is taking advantage of this to sell you on the idea that they have some miracle in the back that will be brought out when their trillions of dollars are paid.

According to figures provided by author Michael Crichton, when it comes to natural disasters we have a million and a half of, them every year, when it comes to earthquakes we have about three every minute. We see magnitude 5 quakes every six hours, a major quake every 3 weeks. They usually happen right on schedule and the reality is that while we see small earthquakes happen all the time, the event of high magnitude quakes in populated areas are on the increase and their intensity have also increased.

Natural and human disasters, global acts of political, economic, religious and military terrorism, domestic violence, and the rumors of war are not only triggering post-traumatic stress, but it is producing some parapsychological effects on the populace – virtually no research has been done in parapsychology on the effects of traumatic experiences on peoples’ lives and how it affects perceptions of religious faith, precognitive dreams of an apocalyptic future, mental manifestations and geological effects on the planet.

There have been many people who have expressed concerns about the Earth and whether or not it can sustain us in the near future.

There are also concerns about magnetic shifts and how there are external contributing factors that may be affecting that magnetic field on the planet.

The magnetic changes on the planet could explain why various fault lines and volcanoes are apparently waking up.

Recently, however, there has been a definite increase in tremors in various coastal areas which has some scientists alarmed.

Southern California’s Jurupa Valley has recently been rattled by a “swarm” of small earthquakes. Since May 25, 432 quakes have hit the area that only spans a few square miles, the US Geological Survey (USGS) reported.

The quakes, as a whole, have measured 0.8 to 3.2 in magnitude and only a few have been significant enough to be felt.

There have been a couple of other swarms in the Jurupa Valley area. One took place in February and March of this year, and another in July and August 2018. Neither of those events saw as many quakes as the current swarm.

While the cause of the swarm is unknown, generally swarms are thought to result from ‘fault creep,’ when faults become unstuck and slide rapidly for some period, perhaps lubricated by the release of fluids. There is an industrial settling pond just to the west of the swarm, and so it’s not impossible that industrial seepage played some role. But until firm evidence of such a link materializes, it’s more likely a natural swarm. Seismic swarms often precede eruptions, but only rarely precede large earthquakes.

Yesterday it was reported that a cluster of small undersea earthquakes has continued off Southern California near San Clemente Island.

The latest, according to the U.S. Geological, was magnitude 3.5 quake at 4:25 a.m. Thursday, June 6th, 2019.

The cluster began with two magnitude 4.3 temblors a few hours apart early June 5th, 2019.

According to the Southern California Seismic Network, records dating to 1932 show four previous quakes of magnitude 4 or greater in the area. The largest was magnitude 4.6 in 1952 and the most recent occurred in 2014.

As of June 7th, 2019 a search in Google news shows that we are seeing an increase in seismic activity all over the United States.

Western Kentucky and the surrounding region felt the effects of a small earthquake Thursday evening along the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

The 2.4 magnitude earthquake wasn’t much, but it was enough to be felt miles away in Paducah along with surrounding towns such as Kevil and across the river in Metropolis, Illinois, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The earthquake occurred about 6:30 p.m., June 6th according to the Associated Press, with no damage reported.

Earthquakes may not exactly be common in Kentucky, but the State feels its effects every once in a while. A 4.4 magnitude earthquake last December in Decatur, Tennessee, could be felt through much of the southern portion of the state.

A swarm of earthquakes hit Northern California and Nevada June 6th.

The Nevada Seismological lab reported multiple earthquakes, the biggest being a 3.7 reported at 9:49 p.m. about 9.1 miles south/ southeast of Mogul.

An earthquake swarm has no clear main shock. Instead, it churns out a number of earthquakes of comparable size over days or months, with a lot of smaller quakes thrown in.

The question is always whether or not these are preshocks before a mainshock.

The other question is whether or not the pole shift that is in progress is causing the small perturbations on the planet.

There is always the question of the “Big One” showing up after a fist full of tremors.

In the book “The Earth’s Shifting Crust” co-authored by Charles Hapgood we read about the polar shift theories where the indicators of a magnetic shift are easy to detect.

He would correspond with Albert Eisenstein about his theories and while both acknowledged that magnetic pole shift would take some time. There are certain things which could happen and rush the process, creating pole shifts and tectonic displacement.

Hapgood and Einstein both acknowledged that a pole shift could occur in a short span of time. All that was needed to create a pole shift and seismic destruction would the approach of a huge magnetic tsunami caused by some celestial event, or the impact of large enough meteor.

You can actually look up the words “pole shift” online and you will find many opinions ranging from “they are rare magnetic events” to “civilization will be destroyed soon and the evidence is being suppressed” – there is nothing being suppressed and there are many scientists that say that pole shits can occur at any time.

Some believe there are merely magnetic pole shifts, in which only the magnetic field rotates far away from the North and South Poles we know now. In a purely magnetic pole shift, relatively little would be affected. The sun would still rise in the east and the surface of the earth would remain in the same position. Rotational pole shifts would be more impressive, in which the axis of rotation changes and the geographical poles change location.

Earth is a complex machine that can break down and rebuild itself. In the process, there is something that we should all plan on during the transition – chaos.

Chaos theory studies the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions, an effect which is popularly referred to as the butterfly effect. Small differences in initial conditions yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems, rendering long-term prediction impossible in general.

This happens even though these systems are deterministic, meaning that their future behavior is fully determined by their initial conditions, with no random elements involved. In other words, the deterministic nature of these systems does not make them predictable. This behavior is known as deterministic chaos, or simply chaos.

The psychological impacts of earthquakes are fairly well-documented. People may not remember what they felt before or what they feel after a tremor, however, it is becoming more of a statistical fact that most people do not even know that they sense an earthquake before it happens.

Many people experience a lack of balance, headaches and even nausea before an earthquake. Many people who are sensitive to changes in the earth’s magnetic field get a sense of electric flutter. The flutter is believed to affect the vagus nerve; this nerve has also been called the tenth cranial nerve, cranial nerve X.

Last night as I was preparing my newsfeed on Facebook, I was captivated by an article on how the vagus nerve affects our well being. The vagus nerve helps to regulate the heartbeat, control muscle movement, keep a person breathing, and to transmit a variety of chemicals through the body. It is also responsible for keeping the digestive tract in working order, contracting the muscles of the stomach and intestines to help process food, and sending back information about what is being digested and what the body is getting out of it.”

If this wandering nerve is somehow disturbed or stimulated in the wrong way, the response can be deadly, heart rate can slow down or become erratic, breathing can slow down and some people can faint as a result or lapse into a coma. Some people feel like they are about to have a seizure.

Most of the time, you don’t notice the actions of the right and left vagus nerves, but you probably would notice if this nerve ceased to function as a result of disease or trauma because the vagus nerve is one of the many vital nerves which keeps your body in working order. Without the functions of the vagus nerve, you would find it difficult to speak, breathe, or eat, and your heartbeat would become extremely irregular.”

These symptoms can also be present during magnetic changes brought on by earthquakes, sun storms and even close passes from meteors or asteroids.

During sun storms and geomagnetic activity, there is an increase in epileptic seizures and manic episodes in people with bi-polar disorder.

There have been scientific papers and peer-reviewed studies that are now indicating that, while animals seem to sense an impending quake and tsunami, human beings also are very aware of changes in the earth’s magnetic field and while much of what we experience is written off as common ailments there seems to be an increase in human discomfort and awkward behaviors during or before earthquakes, solar storms and meteor showers.

The magnetic effects of the sun and earth can affect pulse, blood pressure and attitude. The earth responds in kind magnetically to abrupt changes in the sun and human beings also are affected by EMF changes prior to a major earthquake. Prior to earth changes, people that are sensitive to events get migraine headaches, stiff neck muscles, nausea and acid reflux.

Some people find themselves bumping into furniture, dropping things like keys. There also seems to be a craving for foods containing corn like popcorn, corn chips or cheese puffs right before or after an earthquake hits.

Others may crave chocolate because of a need for magnesium in the body.

Prior to the 2004 Malaysian/Indonesian sub-oceanic earthquake (2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami) that triggered one of the worst tsunamis ever recorded, signs were noticed up to two weeks in advance. While no one paid no mind at the time, it was later recorded by fishermen and others that certain fish were migrating into regions that they did not inhabit earlier.

This was peculiar. Many of these fishermen tried to warn people on land of the peculiar behavior but no one would listen. Days before the disaster, birds got restless. So did cats, dogs and elephants. May animals disappeared and elephants in particular were seen running to the hills. People though, went about their business as normal.

Then the disaster came and everyone noticed that the animals and birds were missing.

On May 31st 2019 a whale mortality event was declared on the beaches along the west course prior to the seismic activity.

The stranding of 70 gray whales along the United States’ west coast is considered to be an “unusual mortality event” by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries. Thirty-seven gray whales have washed up in California, including more than a dozen in the San Francisco Bay Area. The whale species have also been beached in Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

Five gray whales have also beached in Canada. Coincidentally the unusual mortality events have happened in the areas where tremors were felt days later. Scientists expect more whales to wash up dead, too. It’s still early in the season for places like Washington, Canada and Alaska, so the numbers are just partial totals so far and the “event is still very much ongoing.

Scientists still haven’t 100 percent established why whales strand themselves, but some people think it has to do with earthquakes — and that whales and dolphins can sense them coming.

Dr. Arunachalam Kumar from India’s Kanachur Medical College claimed that recent whale strandings signaled a devastating quake on the way.

“It is my observation, confirmed over the years, that mass suicides of whales and dolphins that occur sporadically all over the world are in some way related to change and disturbances in the electromagnetic field coordinates.

Tracking the dates and plotting the locales of tremors and earthquakes, I am reasonably certain that major earthquakes usually follow within a week or two of mass beaching of whales.”

While the USGS tells us that the quake swarms will not trigger the big one, unusual mortality events with whales indicate that something is destabilizing the magnetic field.

I think it is wise not to push that panic button just yet, especially when this could be just the Earth letting off a little steam. Minor quakes are far more welcomed than having the surprise of the “big one” erupting and causing the populace to fall into chaos.

However, as we are seeing preparations being made and warnings going out, it is best to err on the side of caution and be prepared for anything that may happen, including the Big One, which has been predicted for some time. The only problem is getting beyond our earthquake apathy and being aware of our surroundings and how we are feeling prior to any and all catastrophic events.

With any perceived catastrophic event, you may ask “what does your gut tell you?”

You may be sensitive to the Big One or you may be extra aware and will logically prepare for what may be coming your way.

Written by Ron Patton

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