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Clyde Lewis | June 9, 2020
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There are many people in the world today that see what is happening as part of the fulfillment of prophecy. Dispensational thinking is not at all out of the ordinary when what we are experiencing today seems abnormal or in some cases apocalyptic.

The weather has been quite peculiar lately with cooler than normal temperatures in most of the United States, violent thunderstorms, tornadoes in various places and a rare “Derecho.”

The summer solstice is just under two weeks away, and yet parts of the northern Rockies resemble a scene out of winter. The National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center said heavy snow has developed across parts of Montana, Idaho, and Utah.

In Utah, UDOT snowplows were dispatched to both Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons, where several inches of snow have fallen causing some pretty big rocks to come down.

Winter weather advisories have been issued in the region – in June.

A rare Derecho tore through eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey on last week.

A Derecho is kind of like a huge wall tornado which consists of a line of intense, widespread, and fast-moving windstorms and sometimes thunderstorms that moves across a great distance and is characterized by damaging winds.

The National Weather Service recorded more than 185 damaging wind reports while more than 525,000 customers were without power in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Last Thursday morning, more than 350,000 customers were still in the dark.

The storms raced across Pennsylvania and New Jersey, moving eastward at over 80 mph at times.

Three people were killed in the storm.

Counter clockwise moving cyclonic vortexes have formed in various places all over the United States.

Another Derecho wreaked havoc in Wyoming and Colorado Saturday. The extreme storm didn’t turn deadly, but a tree that fell during Colorado’s Derecho impaled a man and his daughter.

A barrage of lightning strikes numbering in the tens of thousands pummeled Washington State as multiple waves of thunderstorms moved through the area recently.

Statewide, there were 86,714 lightning strikes detected by the National Lightning Detection Network. That’s about 62% of the state’s annual lightning average and more than the entire lightning the state received in 2006.

Whatever wrath exists form the air meteorologists are at a loss as to why this is happening. Again, we are two weeks away from the official kick off for Summer and most of the country is not having a warm spring.

There are many websites that are speculating that the sun’s inactivity and a weakening magnetic field can contribute to the anomalous activities is the sky.

It also seems to be contributing to earthquakes in various places – places that are not prone to quakes.

Natural and human disasters, global acts of political, and economic upheaval, pandemics. domestic violence leading to riots and the rumors of war are not only triggering post-traumatic stress, but it is producing some parapsychological effects on the populace – virtually no research has been done in parapsychology on the effects of traumatic experiences on peoples’ lives and how it affects perceptions of religious faith, precognitive dreams of an apocalyptic future, mental manifestations and geological effects on the planet.

There have been many people who have expressed concerns about the Earth and whether or not it can sustain us in the near future.

There are also concerns about magnetic shifts and how there are external contributing factors that may be effecting that magnetic field on the planet. Something that may explain why many people are having paranormal experiences or having feelings of impending doom. The magnetic changes could be effecting the weather and there are other abnormal events that are happening that appear to be related to magnetic changes.

Events that of course sound very paranormal and may or may not indicate that the magnetic weakening in the South Atlantic is creating some bizarre echoes in time.

However, stories are now popping up that eerily describe strange events happening in the south Atlantic and also in the Pacific Ocean.

Ghost ships appear to be moving in large circles off the coast of San Francisco, giving off GPS signals without the boats actually being anywhere near the area. 

The mysterious phenomenon was first noticed by Bjorn Bergman, who works for the environmental watchdog groups SkyTruth and Global Fishing Watch, which track the movements of commercial ships across the world’s oceans.

Bergman identified signals from nine ships, all of which seemed to be moving in circular tracks in the waters off Point Reyes, just north of San Francisco and some tracks even showed the ships crossing onto dry land.

Strangely, none of the ships emitting signals from the area were anywhere close to the California coastline, according to other recent data on their journeys.  

In an article that was published in Newsweek claimed that the signals were actually coming from boats that had recently been tracked in Norway, Malaysia, Nigeria, the Sea of Azov (between Russia and Ukraine), and the Suez Canal.

All from various locations around the world.

Meanwhile, the oil tanker, Willowy, was on its course to its next destination on May 31 when senior officers aboard it were called to the bridge as it turns out, their ship, along with four other vessels in the vicinity, had all started to sail in circles and were about to converge.

In a report by Sky News, the ships were unable to steer and were sailing in the south Atlantic Ocean, west of Cape Town, South Africa.

According to the report, the officers’ onboard Willowy initially believed that the cause of their strange sailing was due to strong currents that were pushing the vessel around.

However, there were no such currents at the time.

The next probable answer was that it might have been caused by a systemic GPS manipulation, which was created to undermine the tracking systems each commercial vessel must have under international law.

The technology is known as an automated identification system (AIS).

It broadcasts a unique identifier from each ship to another vessel nearby, including their GPS location, their speed, and where they are going.

The signals are also collected via satellites and are used to track down any suspicious behavior at sea.

GPS interference is not the cause.

Apparently, the European Space Agency is saying that they believe it is attributed to the weakening of the magnetic field over the south Atlantic.

The South Atlantic anomaly has been around for 50 years, however now we are looking at what might be the equivalent of the Bermuda triangle forming in space. With the strange weakening of the magnetic field comes some strange events that have accompanied the stories of strange weather, and ghost ships in the water.

On May 21st, on the Ivory Coast of Africa observers recorded an awesome anomaly. There were 5 suns in the sky glowing over the district of Denguélé in northern Côte d’Ivoire.

The scientific explanation of the phenomenon is an elaborate optical illusion was actually created in a sun dog – but the catch is that a natural occurrence like that requires temperatures of -4 degrees in the sky. 4 below zero above Africa.

Many people were worried that there were huge bright space ships in the sky hovering over the area. The weird sky phenomenon appeared on May 26, 2020, the exact same day, the protests, rioting and looting have begun in Minneapolis after the tragic death of George Floyd.

Whether or not you believe in a rare weather phenomenon or extraterrestrial signaling we have to admit that these occurrences are odd.

Earth is a complex machine that can break down and rebuild itself. In the process, there is something that we should all plan on during the transition – chaos.

Chaos theory studies the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions, an effect which is popularly referred to as the butterfly effect. Small differences in initial conditions yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems, rendering long-term prediction impossible in general.

This happens even though these systems are deterministic, meaning that their future behavior is fully determined by their initial conditions, with no random elements involved. In other words, the deterministic nature of these systems does not make them predictable. This behavior is known as deterministic chaos, or simply chaos.

The magnetic field seems to be acting chaotic as it appears that there seems to be a butterfly effect happening.

In the year 2012, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files, over five million e-mails from the Texas headquartered “global intelligence” company, Stratfor. The e-mails date between July 2004 and late December 2011.

They reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, such as Bhopal’s Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defense Intelligence Agency and the Department of Energy.

The emails show Stratfor’s web of informers, pay-off structure, payment laundering techniques and psychological methods.

In one particular e-mail, Stratfor had reported that a mysterious vortex was forming over the Gulf of Aden.

The Gulf of is one of the most vital waterways in the world located in the Arabian Sea between Yemen, on the south coast of the Arabian Peninsula, and Somalia in the Horn of Africa that sees over 21,000 ships sailing through its waters each year.

According to this report, US scientists began noticing the “formation” of this vortex in late 2000, after which the Americans established a base of operations on the Horn of Africa in Djibouti, the capital and largest city of the Republic of Djibouti.

After the 9/11 attacks on America, Djibouti then became the home of the Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa.

After remaining `relatively stable’ since its discovery in November, 2000, this report continues, the Gulf of Aden vortex began to “expand” in late 2008 prompting the United States to issue an “extraordinary” warning to the entire world about this mysterious occurrence and which in response many Nations rushed their Naval Forces to this area.

The Gulf of Aden vortex began an “extraordinary” series of “expansions”. This happened for the first time since its discovery and it was preceded by an earthquake.

I did some digging and apparently the expansion of the Vortex coincided with reports of the South Atlantic anomaly and a separation of land mass in Africa.

Scientists are now warning that they have stronger evidence that there’s something unusual about the core-mantel boundary under the African continent that could be having an important impact on the global magnetic field.

Many alternative news sites, have speculated that the Gulf of Aden vortex may very well be a “Stargate” opening up into our world from a dimension and/or world we know nothing about.

There may be more of these magnetic vortices that could be portals that create anomalous activity in the southern areas of the globe.

Researchers at Switzerland’s ETH Zurich and the University of Miami claim that oceanic “Black Holes,” or massive eddies, exist in the southern Atlantic Ocean.

An eddy is defined as “a current at variance with the main current in a stream of liquid or gas, especially one having a rotary or whirling motion.” The maelstroms are reportedly bigger than cities and are to water what Black Holes are to light.

In a paper published by George Haller, a professor at ETH Zurich, and Francisco Beron-Vera of the University of Miami in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics, researchers claim they were able track and define eddies, or vortices on Earth.

By studying satellite imagery Haller and Baron-Vera were able to identify seven black-hole types in a group of eddies. They concluded that maelstroms have the same mathematical properties as Black Holes.

No word on why or how these “wormholes” are formed or what has caused them but it certainly indicates that something is happening to create echoes in transit through magnetic weak spots.

New Scientist magazine published a feature story on April 8, discussing some anomalous results coming from neutrino detection experiments in Antarctica, and what these could mean for a speculative cosmological model that posits there’s an antimatter universe extending backwards from the Big Bang.

The story went viral stating that perhaps scientists had discovered a parallel universe going backward or upside down.

NASA later reported that the “parallel” universe discovery was an exaggeration.

However, in a quantum way, what is going on in Antarctica could be explained as an anomalous event that demonstrates an anti-universe dominated by antimatter, stretching back in time from the Big Bang and with spatial properties inverted to those in our own Universe.

It could be the equivalent of looking into the abyss.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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