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Clyde Lewis | July 1, 2020
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Tonight’s show is a paranormal one – it is a paranormal show in a sense that we have to refresh your memory on some past shows where we explored the possibility that the world has already ended. Where in the blink of an eye, we were somehow thrust into a different dimension and this would explain why the earth seems to be deteriorating rapidly.

Many of you remember that Nick Hinton was guest on Ground Zero where he posited his theory that the world really ended back in 2012 – the year that Mayans said the world would end. At the time his theories were controversial but not out the realms of possibility on a quantum level.

Nick Hinton started a Twitter thread titled “a conspiracy thread: Did the World End in 2012?” To his surprise it went viral and caught the attention of some quantum theorists that applied some speculative science to his theory making it a distinct possibility that we have blacked out without a flinch and wound up in another dimension.

We didn’t feel it but the earth is responding in various ways.

Hinton explained that that the world ended in 2012 when scientists at CERN found the Higgs-Boson or the God Particle.

Stephen Hawking once predicted that discovering the Higgs had the potential to destroy the universe, or in his own words, cause the universe to “undergo a catastrophic vacuum decay.”

Scientists at CERN discovered the God Particle On July 4th, 2012 and as far as we know the world is still intact but since the discovery, the planet has gone through some violent changes as earthquakes have increased, volcanic eruptions have also increased, the planet has suffered climate spikes, and the magnetic field is weakening.

Hinton merely asked the question—If CERN destroyed the Universe we would not really know because if anything were to have gone wrong in the process we would immediately be thrust into a different dimension in less time that it takes to blink an eye?

It would be instantaneous destruction of the earth in one dimension and a quick conversion to another, however, the earth would have to adjust to its new position in space-time.

Hinton theorized that the Higgs-Boson destroyed the universe and shifted our consciousness to another universe.

Hinton actually made a good argument; one that may be a bit far-fetched but what do we know about our existence and how do we know that we haven’t jumped dimensions?

He explained on Ground Zero that perhaps this is why people experience the Mandela Effect and that there seems to be a collective memory deficit in people – many remember things in the past that have changed in this timeline.

Two years ago, there was a report about how there were some scientists that were worried that perhaps the Higgs-Boson was never stable and that the end of the universe could, theoretically, have already begun.

Physicists at Harvard published a study in the journal Physical Review D about the chance that the particle would destabilize and how long our universe has to live, based on the speed of destruction and the size of the universe.

If the Higgs-Boson lost stability, it would severely disrupt physics, chemistry, and life. However, the universe is big enough that the disruption might not destroy Earth for a long time.

However, the earth would show signs that it was thrust into a new environment even on a quantum level. The result would be the weakening of the magnetic field, an abrupt pole shift, devastating earthquakes in places not prone to quakes, weather disruptions, and an increase in volcanic eruptions.

That means that if the Higgs-Boson collapses or even if it already has collapsed humanity would never know. Either we would be reduced to tachyon in less than a blink of an eye or we could be thrust into another dimension without even flinching.

Some say that these theories take liberties because of one problem—“gravity.”

So far, a magnetic or gravitic wave signaling that something maybe wrong with the time continuum has not surfaced.

Until now.

A global magnetic anomaly was recorded across the world, from the U.S. to China and Antarctica on June 23rd. And that’s very weird during the deepest Solar Minimum in a century! Lately, Earth’s magnetic field has been quiet. Very quiet. The sun is in the pits of what may turn out to be the deepest Solar Minimum in a century. Geomagnetic storms just aren’t happening.

But on June 23rd instruments in Preston, UK, picked up a magnetic anomaly… And the local magnetic field oscillated like a sine wave for more than 30 minutes.

It passed over the earth and many people whether they sensed it or not were affected — again we passed through a magnetic field and it was not generated by space weather. It was like we passed through a dimensional portal.

There was indeed nothing shown on solar wind data from NOAA’s DSCOVR satellite. No uptick in the solar wind speed or other factors that might explain the disturbance.

It reminded me of what Stephen Hawking said and what Nick Hinton talked about – passing through a magnetic eye through the needle and ending up in a more chaotic maelstrom.

A similar magnetic anomaly was detected in the Lofoten Islands of Norway.

Radioactivity levels have spiked in the atmosphere over northern Europe, and that would indicate that a powerful force had to have generated it – some are saying that possibly a nuclear plant in Russia may have blown up but so far there was no proof that this was the case.

Space physicists call this phenomenon a “pulsation continuous” or “Pc” for short.

Imagine blowing across a piece of paper, making it flutter with your breath. This is how the magnetic field pulsed. It is not known if there have been other strange pulses but to hear about this it is like someone or some powerful force is trying to correct itself.

It is like those Time machine stories where scientists go back in time and somehow upset the balance and then return to find the earth in complete disarray. Each time they try to correct the timeline to avoid a paradox they throw the earth into chaos.

Think of how many times you have you have watched Family Guy where Stewie and Brian use Stewies time machine and realize that they have somehow altered reality or when Marty and Doc were trying to Stop Biff from destroying the world, or, Rick and Morty using their worm hole to go from disaster after disaster.

The question, no matter how crazy it sounds is, are we watching that earth pass through various magnetic waves and is this anomalous activity natural or is there an as yet unnamed anomaly that has been pushing us through various dimensional shifts. Is this an indication of the earth going through several changes leading to an end to yet another time line? Is someone or some group actually tinkering with space time?

These past 6 months have seen some remarkable devastation, from various earthquakes to various rare ad deadly storms that have come from out of nowhere and defy explanation.

A powerful bomb cyclone wreaked havoc across the southern Brazilian state of Parana on June 30, 2020.

The ferocious storm killed at least ten people as the region was lashed by winds of up to 120kph. Bomb cyclones are rare for Brazil.

Apocalyptic Sand storms have moved from Africa to the United States, turning the skies red and spawning red rainbows in areas plagued by the heavy particles in the air.

An enormous dust cloud has finally hit the United States a few days ago, after journeying 5,000 miles from the Sahara Desert across the Atlantic Ocean.

The plume darkened the skies in Puerto Rico earlier, causing some of the highest atmospheric aerosol concentrations the island had ever seen. Then the cloud had begun to creep over the Gulf Coast. Meteorologists say the hazy skies were actually creating a lack of oxygen in the area.

In Western China, another sandstorm engulfed an entire city – the skies turned orange and visibility was reduced to zero.

A State of Emergency was declared after 9 Inches of rain in 24 hours triggered deadly flash floods in Western Wisconsin – 6 inches of snow in Idaho. While clouds of locusts have shown up in India, China and Argentina, deadly swarms of horseflies are now biting humans in the U.K. and sending them to the hospital. Some people who were bitten required hospitalization and a round of antibiotics. The bites can also lead to cellulitis, a skin infection.

The large flies who strike without warning are “literally designed to eat a horse, their bite is both impressive and painful. They can persistently chase you at a flying speed of around 15 mph, and it’ll bite right through clothes. It has mandibles that can rip and tear flesh apart.

Needless to say all of the devastating things happening to the planet sound as if they are biblical in scope and are often associated with the eschaton or the end of the world.

There are many philosophers and scientists that believe the human mind is wired for the advent of an apocalypse because of the trauma that has been handed down from former generations that have actually experienced an event that ended a civilization or wiped out animal populations.

In fact, ancient biblical scripture tells us that God will overturn the earth as many times as it takes in order to return it to a paradise.

In Ezekiel, it says I will overturn, overturn, and overturn it. And it shall be no more until he comes who’s right it is and I will give it to him.

Sounds like the world has ended many times but if it has ended multiple times then why is it that we have not been told about it?

Have historians neglected to tell us dates and times where the earth has ended? The reality is a bit mind-blowing.

Back before we were going to observe the first day of summer — you may recall that the Mayan calendar was in the news again. Many of us remember that back in 2012 some people were preoccupied with December 21st. that was allegedly the day the world was supposed to end. Back on June 19th, a few scientists came forward and said that the reason why it did not happen as planned is because those who posited the theory neglected to take into account the changing of the calendar system and so this indicated an 8 year discrepancy.

They claimed that earth’s expiration date would be on June 21st, 2020. The world did not end but on June 23rd, the huge galactic wave passed over the earth.

Earth’s magnetic field was so quiet on June 23rd, that the magnetic ripple was heard all around the world. INTERMAGNET’s global network of magnetic observatories picked up wave activity at the same time from Hawaii to China to the Arctic Circle. There’s even a hint of it in Antarctica.

Very strange.

Three days later it was reported that a mysterious rhythmic pulse was going on in another part of the galaxy and that for months they were tracking the cosmic pulse that was like a heartbeat . For about four days, the radio waves would arrive at random. Then, for the next 12, nothing.

Then, another four days of haphazard pulses. Followed by another 12 days of silence.

The pattern—the well-defined swings from frenzy to stillness and back again persisted like clockwork. Astronomers are wondering what is causing them. And as it may sound cliché to some — there are scientists that are not ruling out that aliens may have something to do with what is happening — that is how strange it all is.

This can also be reinvent of the plot in the movie Contact, the ’90s classic starring Jodie Foster as Ellie Arroway, a scientist obsessed with extraterrestrial life. It is pretty much what is happening right now — and there is no real explanation as to why.

As for the Mayan Calendar controversy – it should be noted that all attempts to fix a date on the end of the world have been fruitless because beyond the Mayan Calendar is a record of what they truly predicted for the millennium around 2012 through the end and that is “The end of the Cycle of creation” or “The time of No time.” It would be the time of the appearance of the “serpent ropes.”

According to the Mayans, the serpent ropes would lower from the northern regions of the earth. During these times mankind would see all sorts of peculiar activity.

I once asked a Mayan scholar whet the serpent ropes were and he claimed that they were magnetic storms – that the serpent ropes were actually the magnetic field being disturbed – not unlike a polar shift or a geomagnetic storm that affects the cycle of creation.

According to the Mayans, the serpent ropes would lower from the northern regions of the earth. During these times mankind would see all sorts of peculiar activity.

I once asked a Mayan scholar whet the serpent ropes were and he claimed that they were magnetic storms – that the serpent ropes were actually the magnetic field being disturbed – not unlike a polar shift or a geomagnetic storm that affects the cycle of creation. Doomsday scares have been happening for hundreds of years, but most are sparked by charismatic leaders issuing divine proclamations. Not so for the Mayan apocalypse scare.

It just seemed that because of one or two theories the Mayan apocalypse kind of took on a personality all its own.

What made this doomsday theory different was that no one religion or cult was pushing it– now science is getting into the act and it seems to have a bigger impact.

In the mid-16th century, Copernicus argued that the Earth is not the center of the universe. Several decades later, Galileo’s telescope showed him stars beyond measure: a glimpse of the vastness of the cosmos.

So at the end of the 16th century, the Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno speculated that the universe might be infinite, populated by an infinite number of inhabited worlds.

The idea of a universe containing many solar systems became commonplace in the 18th Century.

By the early 20th Century, the Irish physicist Edmund Fournier d’Albe was even suggesting that there might be an infinite regression of “nested” universes at different scales, ever larger and ever smaller. In this view, an individual atom might be like a real, inhabited solar system.

Many scientists in the past have rejected the notion of a “Russian doll” multiverse, but they have postulated several other ways in which multiverses might exist.

However passing through the eye of the cosmic needle is painless and now it seems without fanfare.

It is like not seeing the air until the wind blows or not seeing the apocalypse until a magnetic pulse levels us or pushes us into another version of earth.

This is always a distinct possibility.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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