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Ron Patton | July 10, 2018
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As I look through news stories, piecing together all of the fringe analytics of the news, I always stumble on a few things that I immediately realize are a perfect fit in the narrative in the margins. I constantly see patterns and parallels that may or may not be connected and if you are not paying close attention, they can be seen as non sequiturs; however, there are many stories that the mainstream narrative ignores because of the political resistance.

It can be said that the politics of the day is creating a form of self-induced ignorance, leaving people ignorant as to what is behind the beyond and how the science fiction world of the 20th century is unraveling in the 21st creating an apocalyptic crescendo that will leave people shocked and fearful of the future.

The picture of what we call the future was once a blur – now it is becoming more transparent.

Empires are being built as we speak; the political fighting is created by the rich people with agendas. It is there to give you the illusion that the whole world is against each other.

That is why we are beginning to see that there are too many things now that are becoming part of the political dialogue.

The political dialogue supplants the spiritual dialogue and eliminates the human aspect for what is called the body politic. The human component of the “system” becomes an entity for the state and every part that nourishes the other must work as a collective and thus we surrender to the corporate self and lose our humanity, little-by-little.

We then become the body of the empire, and every component becomes an automaton in the process free of spirituality and with newly found love for the party.

The centralized intelligence hub or the beast system will use whatever means necessary to create a system where thoughts be accounted for, and insists that all thoughts that are contrary to the progression of the new order must either be eliminated, or changed to fit the new groupthink.

This centralized intelligence hub would be influential in every facet of our lives. They would be able to move into communications centers, media outlets, newspapers, banks, entertainment companies, and food and drug distributors, regulating their expansion and, once again, eventually terminating any exchange with anyone who decides to attempt to destroy the New Order.

This would continue until every major institution, every piece of literature, every news outlet, every food source, every religion; every aspect of our lives is controlled by a few people in positions of power, all seeking the same result and that is the reduction of all people to that of data.

In order to have a full service empire, all things must be controlled from our spiritual nature to our mental attitudes, physical health, and our genetic attributes.

All things in the future will have to be under the watchful eye of what can be called centralized genotype and phenotype intelligence.


Your phenotype is a description of your actual physical characteristics. This includes straightforward visible characteristics like your height and eye color, but also your overall health, your disease history, and even your behavior and general disposition. Do you gain weight easily? Are you anxious or calm? Do you like cats? These are all ways in which you present yourself to the world, and as such are considered phenotypes.

With the arrival of Smart Cities, which can be described as an Orwellian surveillance state implemented with the 5G internet of things, a new type of Artificial Intelligence has been developed that will be implemented in closed circuit cameras that will be able to detect your Phenotype.

The controversial AI can determine political beliefs, sexuality and IQ based on facial features.

Michal Kosinski is a psychiatrist who works in the field of psychographic profiling and it the inventor of the A.I. that basically he builds profiles of types of people that likely fit into based on certain traits. It can be called an advanced version of psychographics.


I believe it is an early version of an A.I. that will allow for phenotype prejudice.

According to a paper that lists the findings of this new Artificial Intelligence you can see what is in store for people in future urban centers.

“Given a single facial image, a classifier could correctly distinguish between gay and heterosexual men in 81% of cases, and in 74% of cases for women. Human judges achieved much lower accuracy: 61% for men and 54% for women. The accuracy of the algorithm increased to 91% and 83%, respectively, given five facial images per person. Facial features employed by the classifier included both fixed (e.g., nose shape) and transient facial features (e.g., grooming style). Consistent with the prenatal hormone theory of sexual orientation, gay men and women tended to have gender-atypical facial morphology, expression, and grooming styles. Prediction models aimed at gender alone allowed for detecting gay males with 57% accuracy and gay females with 58% accuracy.”

So what we have is an Artificial Intelligence that is now being taught Phrenology – the equivalent of palm reading in order to determine phenotype.

Science used to frown on this pseudoscience and now it apparently works if it is being implemented by A.I. in order to determine propensity for crime, voting choices, and sexual orientation.

Doesn’t this sound like Nazi purity studies that were used to tell someone’s racial purity by hair color, eye color or skull shape or brow ridge?

It is Eugenics determined by an Artificial Intelligence. A technocratic version of Hitler but without the messy red tape of Nuremberg Trials.

Inevitably, when the bioethical issues surrounding eugenics are discussed, one of the first images conjured up is of the blond-haired, blue-eyed, light-skinned “Aryan race” as envisioned during the Nazi eugenics program.

The new eugenics, however, will encompass not only such physical characteristics as skin, eye, and hair color, but will potentially include genetic manipulation of behaviors and personality.

Thus, anxiety over a new eugenics is predicated upon the belief that all human traits are genetically determined in the first place.

Genetic determinism, which is also known as bio-determinism or genetic essentialism, is the belief that human behavior, personality, and physical appearance are determined exclusively by a person’s genetic makeup. Genetic determinism is a reductionist ideology in that it seeks to explain a complex whole (a human being) in terms of its component parts (individual genes).

Can we call it genetic racism determined by Artificial Intelligence?

Kosinski of course dismisses this accusation saying that that links between the face and personality may exist, and with machine learning instead of biased human input they can be determined with a 91 percent accuracy rate.

Why does this sound like the A.I. version the clown at the carnival that will guess your weight and age for a prize?

This Phenotype science and determinism could be used by police –even employers and this could hurt you based on political, racial and sexual bias.

There is yet another bias that can be used against you and that is genotype biases that have always been a product of science fiction movies like Gattaca.


The film was released over two decades ago and remains an enduring touchstone for discussions of human genetic technologies. The film stars, Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, and Jude Law — some 20 years later, we are nearing the film’s dystopian vision.

The film paints a picture of genetic “haves” and “have-nots. The “Valids,” conceived through IVF and selected for supposedly “superior” genetic profiles, monopolize high status careers and positions in society; the “In-Valids,” conceived without technology, are discriminated against and excluded, presumed to be “inferior” because they differ from a narrowly defined standard of genetic perfection.

“Gattaca” has become shorthand for the potential that genetic engineering could be misused to produce an oppressively unequal and intolerant society. Today, as technical developments raise anew the possibility of genetically modifying future generations, and resurgence in overt genetic racism.

As biotechnology continues its rapid expansion, American society is confronted with new and unique bioethical dilemmas.

Your genotype is your complete heritable genetic identity; it is your unique genome that would be revealed by personal genome sequencing. However, the word genotype can also refer just to a particular gene or set of genes carried by an individual. For example, if you carry a mutation that is linked to diabetes, you may refer to your genotype just with respect to this mutation without consideration of all the other gene variants that your may carry.

In contrast, your phenotype is a description of your actual physical characteristics. This includes straightforward visible characteristics like your height and eye color, but also your overall health, your disease history, and even your behavior and general disposition. Do you gain weight easily? Are you anxious or calm? Do you like cats? These are all ways in which you present yourself to the world, and as such are considered phenotypes. However, not all phenotypes are a direct result of your genotype; chances are that your personal disposition to cats is the result of your life’s experience with pets rather than a mutation in a hypothetical cat fancier gene.

Most phenotypes are influenced by both your genotype and by the unique circumstances in which you have lived your life, including everything that has ever happened to you. We often refer to these two inputs as “nature,” the unique genome you carry, and “nurture,” the environment in which you have lived your life.

A new study was released that raises the fears that Gattaca genotyping and determinism has arrived and that Eugenics disguised as valid biotechnology is now surfacing giving us a whole new way of determining who the technocrats claim are the so-called bottom feeders in the gene pool.

A team of researchers from the U.S., the U.K. and New Zealand now claim that they have found genetic variants that appear to confer success in life. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the group describes their study and what they found.

This means that these geneticists are claiming that genetics plays a role in how well people do in life—some seem more naturally endowed with traits for success than others.

In this new effort, the researchers report finding some of the genetic variants that appear to account for such differences.

To learn more about the role genetics plays in offering a propensity for success, the researchers undertook a genome-wide association study. They used data from five population-based longitude studies conducted in the U.S., the U.K. and New Zealand. Analysis of the data allowed the group to derive polygenic scores for over 20,000 people. These scores, the researchers explain, were used as a yardstick of sorts to measure and compare the individuals against one another regarding success factors. The team used school and career achievement along with income as benchmarks for success.

The researchers report finding that polygenic scores served as a useful benchmark — those with higher scores, they note, tended to do better in life. Using such an approach allowed the researchers to remove social status as a factor.

Those with high polygenic scores tended to do better than their parents or siblings regardless of the social class in which they were raised. They also found that when comparing siblings, those with the higher polygenic scores generally became more successful.

The researchers suggest their findings show that just a few genetic variants can account for providing people with a leg-up in life. Those who have them tend to read earlier, succeed in school at an early age and then go on to have successful careers.

Also, researchers from King’s College London have used a genetic scoring technique to predict reading performance throughout school years from DNA alone.

The study, published today in Scientific Studies of Reading, shows that a genetic score comprising around 20,000 of DNA variants explains five per cent of the differences between children’s reading performance. Students with the highest and lowest genetic scores differed by a whole two years in their reading performance.

These findings highlight the potential of using genetic scores to predict strengths and weaknesses in children’s learning abilities. According to the study authors, these scores could one day be used to identify and tackle reading difficulties early, rather than waiting until children develop these problems at school.

The question is that if A.I. is revealing genetic determinism and propensity, does this mean that we should accept it as a settled science, or is this a time to revolt against it?

Biological [genetic] determinists ask, in essence, why are individuals as they are? Why do they do what they do? And they answer that human lives and actions are inevitable consequences of the biochemical properties of the cells that make up the individual; and these characteristics are in turn uniquely determined by the constituents of the genes possessed by each individual.

Ultimately, all human behavior; hence all human society, is governed by a chain of determinants that runs from the gene to the individual to the sum of the behaviors of all individuals.

Nature versus Nurture is no longer going to be a question or a mystery if the technocrats use technology as their answer to this age old question.

Is this nature having the final say – with the aid of something that in not natural?

Maybe we should keep all of what is discovered in the black box.

A “black box” is a scientific term for systems that have inner workings that are so complex they are unknown or unexplainable. While the human form has been studied and its parts have been explained with anatomical facts and genetic sequencing the human cell is complex and to Darwin and his colleagues it was a “black box” because every living cell has infinite super-sophisticated molecular machines.

There is that old religious scripture that says in the beginning was the word, the word was with God, the word was God. Was it just words that organized the chaotic components of the universe?

Or was that “word” a frequency or a signal that took place that cells and molecular structures responded to. The asteroids, the comets, and the Sun were all present at the creation and the frequencies of each planet were tuned and fine tuned to open the channel for creation.

More reports from science are leaning towards this speculation.

Now, our arguments of evolution and creationism have to include evolutionary genetic determinism in the present that was once seen as dystopian future.

The conclusion that we are headed for new genetics discussions is now clear.

Written by Ron Patton

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