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7/11/18: MEDUSA

Ron Patton | July 11, 2018
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As many of you well know, I have a secret love for old B-horror and science fiction films. My passion for this genre of film gave me the enthusiasm to publish my own Sci-Fi and horror fanzine that unexpectedly received the blessing of Forrest J. Ackerman who at the time was the founder and publisher of Famous Monsters of Filmland.

Having this endorsement gave me the opportunity to interview the likes of director Roger Corman, Wes Craven and at one time I was even a roommate with a guy who dates Ray Harryhausen’s daughter, Vanessa.

I had a moment to talk with Ray about his talent of stop motion model animation. It was amazing how he painstakingly took things like skeleton armies and mythological characters and brought them to life. I was able to see the Ymir from the movie, 20 Million Miles to Earth, up close and one of his favorite creations, Medusa from the film, Clash of the Titans.

In fact, according to movie historian Stephen Wilk , most people know the story of Pegasus and Medusa through Ray Harryhausen’s depiction of them in the film.

This is interesting since her screen time is less than 5 minutes in the film.

In Greek mythology, Medusa was one of the three Gorgon sisters who had once been stunningly beautiful. She was raped by the god Poseidon in the Temple of Athena, and when Athena discovered them, she turned Medusa’s hair into snakes and gave her the curse of turning all living things that looked at her into stone.

It was Perseus that eventually killed Medusa using his shield as a mirror in order to avoid being paralyzed by her gaze.

Most of us have had the experience of feeling stopped, stuck, or paralyzed in our lives, and usually when we speak of late night encounters with demonic entities, there are callers to my show that speak of being of paralyzed during sleep, unable to move as some denizen of the dark stares down at them as they lay there helpless.

No one wants to be the object of some dark entities gaze and equally do one bodes well when they feel they are being watched by anyone including their government.

National intelligence agencies are now the authority in this country and it seems that the intelligence ops in the Deep State are the ones who approve what is truth. What falls through the cracks is the ooze and paranoid conspiracy theory that we are told to avoid because it is just not American to be a paranoid collector of the muck that is left behind from the deceit that we have been given for decades.

We see bribing and blackmailing, sex scandals and character assassinations on a daily basis. One minute we are enamored with darlings of the media and then vultures gather to eat the carrion left behind when that darling becomes public enemy number 1.

Nothing ever stays clean in a world of mistrust. Our hyperawareness can’t handle a perfect world. We are in a time of programmed helplessness. We are in a time of mental and physical paralysis, unable to progress and thrive.

It may sound crazy, but if it is, it is lunacy en masse; we are not alone in our paranoia and there has to be a logical explanation for all of it. There is either a mass psychosis or it really is happening and we have every reason to think that there is something lurking out there ready to pounce. There are many people who conclude that paranoia is a result of losing faith, or dwindling in faith in religion, politics and human honesty.

All of the above seem to be damaged today and so the deep question is can paranoia really be paranoia if you know that human honesty no longer exists in places where you used to count on accountability? The so called “experts” tell us that paranoia is a gateway to a schizophrenic fantasy. However, we as a nation have suffered so many traumas, it should be normal for an average American to have some sort of paranoia running around in his or her head.

We have already talked together about Chapel Perilous and how it changes you by putting you through what can be called the refiners fire.

It is all about self-induced mental change – it a mind change of choice when you are forced into some pensive crossroads determining if some strange activity happening to you is supernatural, a product of mental illness, or some other influence that has control of your mind.

We have talked about the subject of mind control many times on my program, however there has been an ongoing mind control program that was presorted in the mainstream press only to be ignored even though the problem is spreading and revelations on what it might be have confounded investigators for years.

It all started in the Fall of 2016 when diplomats at the United States Embassy in Cuba reported some hearing loss and mild brain damage after hearing unusual and puzzling sounds. For listeners to my show this is all academic and we have at least two or three shows on this mystery without much information about the attacks and wondering just who is responsible and what really is taking place.

Other embassies have now reported the debilitating conditions of diplomats. The U.S. State Department has remained all but silent on the issue as well, other than to characterize their suspicion as unknown “sonic attacks” targeted U.S. diplomats.

Diplomats in at least seven cities in four different countries have sought testing for strange symptoms. The victims’ symptoms include “hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus, balance problems, visual difficulties, headaches, fatigue, cognitive issues and sleeping problems.

It is a frustrating story, and we have been monitoring it closely as another incident has taken place and it happened during President Trump’s recent visit with Kim Jong-Un. As Trump was heading to Singapore, a State Department diplomatic security agent who was part of the advanced team reported hearing an unusual sound he believed was similar to what was experienced by U.S. diplomats in Cuba and China who later became ill.

There is a growing fear that more such attacks will occur with President Trump’s upcoming summit with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland on Monday.

Back in 1975, the American Psychological Association published a story in which they reported upon their success of beaming voices into somebody’s head using microwave technology. Using what they called “voice to skull” or “V2K.” it was reported that in the 1960s, the U.S. government discovered that its embassy in Moscow was being bombarded by low-level electromagnetic radiation.


In 1965, according to declassified Defense Department documents, the Pentagon, at the behest of the White House, launched Project Pandora, top-secret research to explore the behavioral and biological effects of low-level microwaves.

For approximately four years, the Pentagon conducted secret research: zapping monkeys, exposing unwitting sailors to microwave radiation and conducting a host of other unusual experiments.

They were sub-projects of Project Pandora and were titled Project Bizarre. The results were mixed, and the program was plagued by disagreements and scientific squabbles. The “Moscow signal,” as it was called, was eventually attributed to eavesdropping, not mind control, and Pandora ended in 1970. And with it, the military’s research into so-called non-thermal microwave effects seemed to die out, at least in the unclassified realm.

While the most common theory being passed around about the ‘sonic attacks’ in Cuba and China is that some kind of LRAD device is being used, those devices are not small and light nor are they clandestine yet as he points out in his story, a less discussed theory is the ‘microwave auditory effect.”

This is a phenomenon where RF energy directed at a human head is converted to sound perceivable by the target. The first paper published about the effect was by Allan H. Frey in 1961. Frey worked at the General Electric advanced electronics center at Cornell University in NY.

“Microwave” in this case, refers to the wavelength of the RF signal being transmitted. Microwaves include any signal from 1-meter wavelength (300 MHz) to 3mm wavelength (100 GHz).

These types of wave lengths and how they are used are now speaking theories that someone has gotten their hands on a illegal technology called The ‘Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio’, which goes by the acronym MEDUSA for short.

While MEDUSA was allegedly never officially put into use due to concerns about its health effects, including the possibility that it could damage brain tissues. Does someone have access to this technology and are they planning on using it on others, including civilians?

Are they using it now?

We talked to Dr. Robert Duncan the author of “Project Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cybernetic Warfare,” and he had reported to us that there are a number of experts mainly from the Defense Department and DARPA who are speculating that someone is using MEDUSA and it certainly poses a danger if it is used to create an uprising as it agitates and damages the nervous system and the brain.

In the early 2000’s, the US Navy funded research on Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio (MEDUSA). This was a “less lethal weapon” which would use the microwave auditory effect for crowd control. It utilized an electronically steered antenna which allowed it to transmit a wide or narrow RF beam. MEDUSA could even “spotlight” multiple targets simultaneously.

There is a Pentagon psychotronics technology known as the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum that has been fully operational since the early 1990s. Not only does this technology work to control the mind but there have been trial runs of similar technologies in other countries. There have been stories that have been reported showing that it is a powerful and non-lethal tool.

The Silent Sound Spectrum can be used with a combination of the HAARP transmitters, GWEN towers, microwave cell phone towers, and High Definition DIGITAL TV boxes and receivers.

All you need is a good pulse from the cell phone and you could see a violent apprising.

Using the microwave auditory effect, the beam, in theory, would have put sounds and voice-like noises in your head—it can also cause concussive contusions on the brain and also damage tissues and blood vessels.

Small exposures to pulse may not affect people but a longer exposure could be debilitating and cause vertigo and nausea. It has been reported that many of the people that were exposed also contracted brain damage.

The vibration escalates until you are thrown off balance, clinging desperately to any fixture to stay standing. The vibration moves up through your body, constricting your internal organs until it hits your chest and throat, making it impossible to breathe. Many things are racing through your mind – is it a heart attack? A stroke? A panic attack? What happened? The only thing that is clear is that you won’t be able to get back to sleep because you are still resonating with the feelings of shock.

Now try and imagine this happening to you on a nightly basis.

In November 2005, a number of international newspapers reported that the Israeli Air Force was using affected tone experiments on people which produced these types of symptoms in people.

The new systems of control that the U.S. Military are using are sophisticated electronic systems designed to ‘speak’ directly to the mind of the target in order to alter and entrain the target’s brainwaves, to manipulate the brain’s electroencephalographic (EEG) patterns and thus artificially implant negative emotional states feelings of intense fear, anxiety, despair and hopelessness as well as feelings of hope and desire for things not generally desired.

The frequencies can be used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption or perceptual distortion or disorientation. It can also be used to create rage and irritation.

With America now turned into a surveillance state similar to China, what if these ‘attacks’ upon American diplomats were just ‘side effects’ of the kind of totalitarian surveillance that China has introduced using the 5G or fifth generation microwave capabilities.

We know that it is not the same as MEDUSA, but of course it is one of the branches that come from the mother of all silent scale weaponry.

Until recently, people who believe the government is beaming voices into their heads have been isolated cases. But now, many have discovered hundreds, possibly thousands, of others just like them all over the world. Web sites dedicated to electronic harassment and gang stalking has popped up in India, China, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Russia and elsewhere. Victims have begun to host support meetings in major cities.

Before you dismiss any of these allegations, it is important to know that an academic paper written for the Air Force in the mid-1990s mentions the idea of a weapon that would use sound waves to send words into a person’s head. “The signal can be a ‘message from God’ that can warn the enemy of impending doom, or encourage the enemy to surrender.” In 2002, the Air Force Research Laboratory patented precisely such a technology: using microwaves to send words into someone’s head.

LRAD technologies have been called “The Voice of God” where technology can be used to simultaneously beam a message into minds of the enemy using ultra low frequency.


The Air Force released unclassified documents about a 2002 patent based on human experimentation in October 1994 at the Air Force lab, where scientists were able to transmit phrases into the heads of human subjects, albeit with marginal intelligibility. Research appeared to continue at least through 2002.

It is also known that “Synthetic Telepathy” is also part of a study in how to conduct futuristic warfare that include microwave attacks on human targets. These methods are listed in the National Defense Industrial Association’s paper about “Future Strategic Issues.”

Extremely low frequencies and microwaves can cause agitation in humans and frequencies have been known to cause sickness and eventual deaths are a matter of record.

Mind control through sound wave technology would be the ultimate non-lethal weapon. We have seen the reaction in people when a microphone or guitar has feedback. Imagine a sustained feedback wine that pulsates for nearly an hour.

MEDUSA involves a microwave auditory effect “loud” enough to cause discomfort or even incapacitation. It steers the beam electronically, making it possible to flip from a broad to a narrow beam, or aim at multiple targets simultaneously.

MEDUSA can be used to torture people without leaving external or noticeable evidence.

We have every reason to have anxiety about the future of this country. There is no reason to sugar coat the anomaly of rogue government or Deep State activities at home or abroad. We must accept that the coup of the New World Order take over will take lives, rights and freedoms from people who do not know they are targeted. There is no mandate that is revealing any morality or care for the citizens of the planet.

The world is on fire and the chaos is spreading like a cancer. It is not being hidden overseas or covered up by irrelevant reports of celebrity, or political scandal. Real people, real fear, real anger and real revolt are being seen all over the planet.

All generated to harden the resolve of those who wish to implement a New World Order.

Written by Ron Patton

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