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Ron Patton | July 11, 2019




Our everyday experience tells us that we live in a world of certainty, where things have a defined place and causes lead to effects. So how are we to understand a basic theory of reality that says everything is at its root fuzzy and uncertain – where Schrödinger’s cat can be both dead and alive, where objects can be in two places at once, or be in one place and then suddenly pop up in another, or influence each other instantaneously from afar?

We don’t have an answer. All we have are guesses – “interpretations” that attempt to bridge the gulf between what quantum theory predicts and what common sense tells us.

The known universe is both frugal and precise in its application. It appears to use basic structures in multiple applications in order to create itself. Scientists are now interested in the structures of life and how it all applies on a quantum level and how consciousness has become the obstacle that breeds uncertainty.

Some theoretical physicists have developed M-theory to the point that it can accommodate the properties of all the known subatomic particles and forces, including gravity, but it requires 10 or 11 dimensions instead of our familiar four. This has led to the suggestion that our universe may be like a four-dimensional membrane or “brane” floating in a multi-dimensional space-time called the “bulk.”

A brane is an extended object with any given number of dimensions, of which strings in string theory are examples with one dimension.

The bulk is what surrounds the brane and within the bulk are other dimensions.

I started to theorize that the brane is where we are experiencing this life. The life beyond or the afterlife may be in the other dimensions and that in the bulk are possible kinds of intelligence that have moved out of this dimension to live in other dimensions.

In the “bulk” there could be a bank of quantum data waiting to attach itself to a host.

So for lack of a better word, ghosts and creatures conjured from our dream time would be out here somewhere – both unborn souls and souls who have left our dimension, creatures from the underworld spoken of in the ancient texts and are awaiting the moment to move on elsewhere in the multiverse.

Sometimes they cross over into our universe as they have left their bubble of existence only to overlap into our bubble.

The idea comes from the possibility of many more dimensions to our world than the three of space and one of time that we know. In addition to our own three-dimensional “brane” of space, other three-dimensional branes may float in a higher-dimensional space.

A further wrinkle on this theory suggests these brane universes aren’t always parallel and out of reach. Sometimes, they might slam into each other and when they do we see a duality of data and perhaps reverse causality in all forms where cause and effect reverse and we feel an echo effect in time before the cause is identified.

The duality is what is the most confusing because of things like superposition where one can be in two places at one time or when words can have double meaning or can mean something else in the Upsidedown.

It is the mirror or reverse effect.

You could exist in multiple universes, triggering déjà vu and even Mandela Effect impaired recollection, where you have experienced something in a different timeline and the signals to your host glitch.

In this world, there could be a copy of yourself making different decisions and seeing places that somehow later manifest themselves in your dreams and your words. For thousands of years, people have wondered about the meaning of dreams. Why do some people dream about future events? Why are some dreams full of hidden meaning? Why are some dreams precognitive – could it be that perhaps a different dimension has an experience that is hidden in your quantum packet?

Some of our dreams can be glimpses of events taking place in an alternate reality, or a Parallel Universe. They come from the unconscious mind and they sometimes manifest in the conscious.

For the moment, we are told that we have four dimensions that we should be concerned with depth, height, width and time.

Beyond that, we are forced to try and understand the supernatural by applying the natural with a bit of uncertainty. We drift into possibilities of a multiverse –and the mirror effect. This has been depicted in stories like Alice in Wonderland through the looking glass and the scene in the film the Matrix where Neo’s journey into what Morpheus calls the desert of the real begins with the touching of the liquid mirror.

On one level, the liquid mirror is just a manifestation of the dissolution of the fake reality of the Matrix. It evokes a dreamlike quality in keeping with Morpheus’ lines during the scene, and also provides an element of growing tension that leads up to the shock of waking up.

This, however, doesn’t explain why it’s specifically a mirror — a melting wall would do just as well for that. On another level, though, a mirror is a metaphor for both perception and for a boundary. (Note the focus on Morpheus’ mirror shades, and on Neo’s reflection in them, in the previous scene.)

Before taking the pill, Neo’s perception of himself and his surroundings was flawed, like the broken mirror — he perceived the illusion of the Matrix as real. The healing of the mirror is the first step in his beginning to perceive the Matrix for what it really is.

By touching the surface of the mirror, Neo takes a step across the boundary between the Matrix and the real world. There’s almost certainly an allusion to Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking-Glass” here, just as the previous scene referenced Alice in Wonderland, a step whose irreversibility is shown by the mirror swallowing up Neo completely.

Neo had a dual existence – the one that was real and the one that was just perception of the real. His world was turned upside down and he had to cope with both existences.

With the talk of the multiverse and the mirror image, we have to consider the theory of an upside down or reversed existence. Many people are unaware that our eyesight captures images that are transferred to the brain inverted or upside down and the brain takes the image we see and flips it in order for it to be right side up.

To this day the process of seeing an image remains the same. The image is seen through the lens of an eye and is projected in reverse in the brain. The brain corrects the image so that we can see things the correct side up. So, in essence, we see the world upside down and the brain tells us that everything is right side up.

If we were to glimpse into the multiverse how would our eyes react to the reverse aspect of frequency?

One of the toughest sells in the paranormal is the idea that we perceive all things and hear all things in forward and reverse. When I was younger I remember that I was always told that language is a set of recognizable sounds that can either be tones, chirps, barks, or even all three that can be used to name objects and command actions. Sounds, frequencies, and tones it is theorized created the earth and all of the objects that we see.

Frequencies and tones were neither forward or reversed however it was when we learned to use what are known as Phonemes we were able to communicate. In the beginning, we used different levels of our brain, and as we evolved the brain was quite capable of processing more information. In ancient times, mankind was believed to be bicameral where we were consciously aware of what our brain was telling us both backwards and forwards.

We learned to speak what is called “The Common” or the “Lingua Franca” a language that was phonetically congruent or a common language. It was known as the bridge language and it was believed to be a language from “the other place.”

It was a language or dialect systematically used to make communication possible between groups of people who do not share a native language or dialect, particularly when it is a third language that is distinct from both of the speakers’ native languages.

One of the most profound TV series of all time was David Lynch’s, Twin Peaks.

Its iconic Black Lodge and Red Room remain one of the most mysterious elements of the series — the ones where series creator David Lynch would let loose his restrains and let his artistic self to run amok, drowning the viewer in the intense flow of dense surreal images.

One of its most curious characters from the Red Room was the “Man from Another Place” played by Michael J. Anderson. A little impish person who spoke in riddles backwards and always was few steps behind the protagonists. His dances and the way he spoke quickly became a series calling card for the series’ utter weirdness.

In the series, a reversed Phoneme is the dialect of the Black Lodge which is possibly from another dimension.

While the language is recognizable as “English” it is uttered in a reverse Phoneme indicating that it is from the multiverse.

So there is the question of whether or not there is a common language of the multiverse or is there always an ethereal sense of unconscious meta speak that is congruent and agreed upon, even if it sounds phonetically reversed?

The theory is that if there is a mirror-reversed image of you and all things we see are inverted in the brain and changed – then the common language should be understood phonetically in both forward cognizant speech and reversed phonetic gibberish that the brain arranges to be a bridge language to the soul—or to the quantum consciousness.

The language known as “Common” is often misunderstood on its surface, despite being spoken by most people in the known worlds and planes. Common is a trade language, a pidgin of various regional languages from several continents across several worlds, concepts and ideas from elemental and planar languages, and borrowed expressions from racial language.

Think about this as you are contemplating the multiverse:

Our perceptions/conceptions reality tunnels or rabbit holes are shaped by the structure of the language we use. A Native American, an African, or a Chinese, person —anyone using a non-Indo-European language structure—will live in a different universe than those who only know Indo-European.

That is mind-boggling – the fact that our languages change our perception of what reality is and therefore there has to be a bridge language that we can use to understand each other or understand that which would be derived from the other side or the upside down.

We know that there are these unspoken cues that we use in order to survive. However, a scientist would not be able to quantify or save any of this data to prove that it is an unspoken language. It is just a phenomenon that appears to work.

I know that this type of theorizing may sound outrageously fictitious; however, it really isn’t and it is becoming more of a sport to determine the innermost thought processes of the human soul and why we do what we do.

If the ideas of tapping into the unconscious sounds like a fantasy, you may want to ask why the military invests in such practices. It is also important to investigate why business firms hire “psychics” or “trend analysts” to try and outguess what the market place is up to.

The new market wizards will say that they are able to approximate the trends of the populace by using “dreams and intuition” and locating within the consciousness of the digital oracle past tends, present trends, and where the future will take us.

These wizards say that crowd psychology yields clusters of thoughts that wind up in blogs and on web news sites. The people’s press and social networks are revealing the overall attitudes of the world. It is not exactly what is said, but how it is said and what may not be said that can be an indicator of a cycle of behaviors.

Most things we are now seeing are not a coincidence – they are well-planned out and have markers that point to mystic vibrations and symbols that tap into the Jungian collective unconscious. Some things that are revealed are not always meant to trigger thoughts in your conscious mind but your unconscious mind as well. There are images and symbols that melt into you and as you take for granted their appearance they communicate to you on a visceral level.

There are events in our lives that can be an effect from some cause. When causes between meaningful events happen we call it synchronicity, a part of time where we see the evidence of determination or random accident. It is hard to tell which because synchronicity or meaningful coincidence is such a complex mental construction, subject to conscious and subconscious influence, not every correlation in the grouping of events by meaning needs to have an explanation in terms of cause and effect.

We now have predictive programming and arguably it can be said that much of our causal engineering today is producing a kind of reverse causality where the future, as nebulous as it appears is quite literally being created in the present.

With science and their use of powerful quark cannons and other nuclear devices the multiverse is theoretically penetrable. So if and when a window opens – how do scientists create a “common” bridge language through time?

It is interesting to point out that at the CERN facility in Geneva there are special panels or tapestries that are like huge slides. On each slide there are special messages in several languages.

Each slide looks like it is made of stretched cloth with symbols, letters and geometric shapes printed on them. Other symbols include Mandarin Chinese symbols, Arabic symbols and another panel has Sanskrit characters. In India, the only people that read and write Sanskrit are scholars of the Vedas and Upanishads, scriptures written in the “language of the gods.”

Many Magicians in the Victorian era – like John Dee and Edward Kelly had taken notes from the messages given to them, many of the notes were actually written in reverse. Most scholars believe that this may have been a case of bad writing but Aleister Crowley often wrote the wisdom of the secret chiefs or the beings from the other side in reverse order.

Again, the argument is that most of these reversed sentences were printers and engraver’s errors.

While a printer or engraver’s error is possible, it is so improbable that if there were no other likely explanations as to why, we can assume that there had been more information in the parts of the spirit conversations that included reversed meaning and reversed speech which was a constant from the multiverse and those being who dwelled in these realms.

Throughout the hundreds of pages of his recorded spirit communications, Dee claims to be talking to entities who are teaching him the language of the Angels, an Adamic language last revealed to the prophet Enoch yet these same entities repeatedly seem to lie, change their minds, and throughout have a pretty poor track record of predicting anything that was not already predictable.

If one wants to acknowledge, as most all historians now do, that Dee and Kelley were intelligencers, then one must also acknowledge that the pages of grids and numbers and instructions on how to transpose letter and numbers from one table into another look like nothing so much as cryptography grids.

Cryptography indicates that for emphasis, words were reversed and inverted to be decoded for double meaning, purpose, and metaphor.

This may be the reason that spells that are conjured by some witches will be done in reverse.

The question is if the inverted text was a “common” or bridge language from the upsidedown and if phonetically reversing spoken word is the forbidden language of the multiverse?

One can think of the standard language as the multiverse language but there has to be a bridge in order to define or explain a mirror existence. If you happen to find yourself on the astral plane you may want to know the cognate language tropes that you use at times in a negative state or perhaps learn the scope of language you dream in.

You assume that you dream in English or Spanish or some other language but you probably don’t.

Written by Ron Patton

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