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Ron Patton | July 13, 2018
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There are many people who assume a black and white solution to all things and it is difficult to discuss things that broaden the horizons of people. It used to be easy to open up the discussions about the possibility that intelligent life that is beyond this planet or even this existence had a hand in our creation. Now it is seen as a sort of cosmic blasphemy or some satanic deception that is never clearly defined.

It only feels uncomfortable because for many people creationism is something that cannot be seen as something that had a little push from scientifically advanced beings or even a superior being that many now call the creator or God.

I always seem to sound hostile to those who are in a willful denial about how there is a half way point between god and science that if it is explored could give us new insight to how we arrive in this world.

It would have us ascend beyond the fairy tale and into the hardcore truth about God and what his plan is. It would give us the spiritual and intellectual armor to put to rest once and for all the secrets about what is above us and how observers at a distance see us as wanting love, reaching out for understanding and pushing the boundaries of knowledge in order to achieve and existence that can co-exist with God – or any other being that shares the heavens with him.

Authors Zecharia Sitchin and William Bramley have arrived at a remarkable conclusion that the world’s affairs have been influenced by the belief of extraterrestrial gods or aliens.

Whether or not you are willing to admit that God is included in this is your prerogative, but a god does retain many of the attributes of the aliens we hear about in documentaries about ancient astronauts or even lectures about advanced architecture that may have been constructed by beings that were not from Earth.

If we were to understand that rich histories that were recorded at the same time as the bible and that they are worth exploring, we may find that their most certainly is no missing link and that we were divinely jump started by custodial developers under the direction of a supreme creator.

By leap-frogging gradual evolutionary changes, mankind was perfected and groomed in order to be under the constant observation of the creator and that now with the revelation of the abduction and contact phenomena, we understand that the custodians are still doing their thankless job of maintaining and servicing mankind without any thoughts or obligation of morality.

We can go back to the times of antiquity and see that the custodial construction of man was somewhere between the hominid and the reptile. The breeding process that continued from Eden to the flood was literally a slow process of eliminating the beastly hominid in favor of a caring mammalian with base reptilian attributes.

Mental constructs of territory, tribe, and borders. However, there was a point where mankind had to receive the Promethean fire or in the case of Clarke’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey,’ the time where the monkey touches the monolith.

Think about how Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel painting shows Adam reaching to touch the hand of God or in the modern poster of ‘E.T.: The Extra-terrestrial’ where Elliot touches the glowing finger of the alien.

The metaphor is not lost on those who are aware and realize that there are more images and symbols that continually remind us that we are not alone and that we are all equal in the eyes of our creators and that differences would truly cease to exist if we were forced to confront those who made us or those who are observing us from a distance.

The secret of the true origins of man and his relationship with god and his minions most certainly is one of the things that keeps us bound to this planet and keeps our mental state in and out of superstition, myth and mystery.

When Richard Hoagland appeared on Ground Zero last night, I hung on every word because quite frankly, I haven’t had him as a guest for nearly 20 years. He is was such a valuable guest in the old days that every competing show felt that he should have exclusivity to speak on any show.

It was a difficult thing to get around and so much of his information was limited and something that I really did not want to get caught up in. As usual Hoagland had a lot of sound information that he imparted about Mars and the extraterrestrial question.

We launched our discussion primarily on the premise that science magazines and even FOX News reported that any and all proof of life on Mars was accidentally destroyed by NASA 40 years ago.

This is an aggravating revelation in as much as those who have investigated anything and everything associated with extra terrestrial realities know that NASA and other related scientific agencies have purposefully taken an “out of sight out of mind” approach to the historical evidence of alien intercession or the historical relationship mankind has had with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Hoagland of course is well-known for explaining that he believes that within NASA is a group of secret societal ritualists that hold the cosmos as sacred ground because they have known for some time that ancient civilizations have lived on planets like Mars and that some of these ancient ones were considered gods during the evolutionary phases of transition in the establishment of places like Babylon and Egypt.

Today, we know that discernible beliefs emanate from biblical heritage, while others that are self-evident and true are simply carried over from astrology, the various mythologies and primitive religions where god is not clearly defined.

In our postmodern religious circles, we have had iconography and what has been called “graven images” that have shaped our belief in the image of God. Centuries of old artwork has given us an image of God as a man who has the powers akin to a wizard. In another depiction, he is man with magical powers who withholds his ability to use them in order to ritualistically die at the hands of those he wishes to save.

In the end, mankind determines that his sacrifice saved us all anyway and that the various religions have infected us with numerous dogmas that differ about the meaning of what happened.

The beliefs and traditions that we hold dear have to be studied according to a coherent, logical system of reasoning in order to discern their validity and how they apply to a modern society that seems to have rejected the basic message of what in essence is our heritage and the origins of who we truly are.

If we want to take the time to study such a deep subject constructively we should strive to put our ingrained cultural and ideological biases aside and try to be objective in the face of all the biblical and religious conflict between the exclusionary monotheistic faith and pagan idolatry.

When Richard Hoagland and I were caught up in the discussion of ancient civilizations on Mars and the possibility that they may have some Godlike qualities, the conversation arrived at how Arthur C. Clarke was one of the farthest-seeing visionaries of our time and that many of his books have shaped some of the common attitudes about how we should approach the question of advanced civilizations and their godlike qualities.

Hoagland quoted Clarke’s famous third Law: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” There is also an unwritten addition to it where we should also acknowledge that perhaps “Any sufficient advanced civilization is indistinguishable from being godlike.


God is typically described by Western religions as omniscient and omnipotent.

We, as humans are nothing like this and yet we have ingrained in our psyche a being that has these traits – now either we came up with this being as a very powerful imaginary friend, or somewhere in our past we have met this being or have experienced its power.

The vision of whatever this being was has been carried down from generation and on a deep core level we always question the validity of some powerful entity that seems elusive to our existence.

What is left is only faith – and for some, that is all that is needed.

But there is always the puzzling issue of how can we possibly distinguish a God who has these advance powers from an extraterrestrial intelligence who merely has them copiously relative to us?

The truth is we can’t.

If you search your feelings you know deep down that you can’t and would probably be incapable of distinguishing between a God you think you know and an extraterrestrial intelligence.

Think about it rationally – if God is relatively more knowing and powerful than we are, then by basic definition, God is an extraterrestrial intelligence.

I believe there is nothing incongruent in this statement as to what the Bible, Koran or any other religious text says about the attributes of an advanced being like God.

Think of this, science is now cloning Neanderthal brains and putting them into advanced robotics. Now imagine if we cloned and entire Neanderthal dropped him in 21st century New York, handed him a cell phone and a Laptop and told him to communicate with us—don’t you think he would see us as Godlike?

Because of science and technology, our world has changed more in the past century than in the previous 100 centuries. It took 10,000 years to get from the dawn of civilization to the airplane but just 66 years to get from powered flight to a lunar landing and from there we have developed computers and artificial intelligence –and now want to go back into space—and we are doing it now because we are being told haphazardly that not only can we find God in a particle – we must seek him in his own domain, in his own dimension.

Ray Kurzweil, in his book, The Age of Spiritual Machines, calculates that there have been 32 doublings since World War II and that the singularity point — the point at which total computational power will rise to levels so far beyond anything that we can imagine that it will appear nearly infinite and thus be indistinguishable from omniscience may be upon us as early as 2050.

When that happens, the decade that follows will put the 100,000 years before it to shame. Extrapolate out about a million years just a blink on an evolutionary timescale and therefore a realistic estimate of how far advanced extraterrestrial intelligence s will be.

Even then, we probably will not even come close to the power that extraterrestrial intelligence may have.

Yet the progression has religious fundamentalists worried that we will reach a point where we will go beyond what God expects and will be punished for it; on a quantum scale, man still will be behind on an evolutionary scale compared to extraterrestrial intelligence.

In Clarke’s 1953 novel, called Childhood’s End, humanity reaches something like a singularity and must then make the transition to a higher state of consciousness. One character early in the story believes that that “science can destroy religion by ignoring it as well as by disproving its tenets. However, no one in any scientific capacity has ever attempted to disprove the existence of Thor or Zeus, and last time I checked, there are no established religions following them.

Richard Hoagland commented on our show that he believes science has the most to lose with the revelation of extraterrestrial intelligence; religion on the other hand, will adapt because quite frankly it can be said that religion was given to us by extraterrestrial intelligence.

As we learn more about our universe, the possibility of extraterrestrial life becomes more likely. Astronomers have found about 850 planetary systems and may reach one million by 2045. They have already found worlds with Earth-like environments that may support life.

While many people are trying to force a supernatural or spiritual component to aliens or the belief in extraterrestrial intelligence, accepting ETI beliefs does not require one to believe in supernatural forces or agents that are incompatible with a scientific understanding of the world.

I would even say that if you leave out all of the so called spiritual enlightenment that seems to be forced into the study of aliens – a belief in such thing doesn’t even threaten religion or religious studies.

However, it is rather odd that belief in extraterrestrials serves an existential function and that is the promotion of perceived meaning in life. It opens the mind as to who we really are and where we came from.

This is how a belief in ET serves a similar function like religion without relying on the traditional religious doctrines that some people reject or see as overly dogmatic.

Given that there is no more evidence for aliens than there is for God, believers in either one must take a leap of faith or else suspend judgment until evidence emerges to the contrary.

Written by Ron Patton

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