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Clyde Lewis | July 13, 2021
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As I was reporting the news about how thought crime is now being marketed and enforced with regard to vaccines and COVID,  something happened that for some reason, shook me up. Behind the scenes, my producers Ron and Wes were hurriedly going from studio to studio as alarm bells were going off.

The link up we had going out to the satellite had failed. It not only failed for our home affiliate, but every radio station in the building suffered a failure.

I didn’t say anything on the air because I have the actor’s mindset that the show must go on and if there are any problems presenting it, I have to be the one to keep up the appearance that everything is okay.

I once did ten minutes of a show not realizing that none of it was getting out to the people.

And last night, some internet affiliates did not get the first few minutes of the show.

Ironically, the show was about censorship and how the elites are meeting now and they want to get tough on people who speak out against the tyranny they wish to impose. They want to censor and shut down people who they say are combative belligerents. This is the attitude of the Global technocratic crowd — and I must admit I got a bit choked up when I read an email that came to me.

The email read:

“Be very careful, Clyde. A few more words in the wrong direction, and we won’t be listening to you anymore.”

I reacted the way I did because I realized just how intimidating this whole scheme is.

This whole exercise in enforcing thought crime is evil.

A caller phoned in and said to me that he felt that all of this had to be the work of the devil and that he feels that this is a sign of the end times.

What is most chilling is that when i was a kid in Sunday school i was told that I would be living in the end times –and that the devil would make his presence known and that there would be an imperial cult that would be established and that the Antichrist would set out to destroy all that is good and make it difficult for the righteous to have agency.

We all need to admit that we are losing our agency. Anyone who wants to declare that they gave the agency to choose — is now seen as an extremist or has the potential to be a domestic terrorist.

For starters – who or what IS a “domestic terrorist”?

Well, their answer to that is, essentially, potentially anybody. They are not identifying any particular ideology or cause or group – but rather EVERY ideology cause or group.

The cause of “domestic terrorism” can be racism, religious intolerance, environmental protest, anti-government feeling, animal rights, anti-abortion campaigners, “perceived government overeach”, “incel ideology”, “anti-corporate globalization feeling” or a mixture of any of the above.Global and Domestic Terrorism

“Domestic terrorists” may espouse violence, or they may not espouse violence. They may work in groups, or be loners, or be loose associations with no organizational structure. They can be left wing or right wing, religious or secular.

They can be anybody who thinks anything.

In other words, they are breeding and conjuring the devil in the marketplace. The scapegoat will be fingered and the process of the imperial cult will be the threat of death and bondage.

There is a lot of entirely intentional vagueness here. Again and again, we are told that “the domestic terrorism threat is complex, multifaceted, and evolving”. They are keeping their options open.

The Imperial Cult of the Antichrist and I can make it quite clear as to why this is so.

Throughout history it can be said that every panic we endure has to be connected to a devil. It has to have a person — or more likely a group of people, whether real individuals or fantasized individuals that seem to have conjure the devil in our midst.

Those that want to exercise their agency and freedom of mobility are now being labeled the devils. They are the disease that we are told needs to be eradicated.

However, what is motivating this finger pointing of the devils among us — and what is the motive?

The answer is death. The fear of death and dying is the motivator and if we pick up our bibles we will learn that the dear of death is the tool of the devil.

Consider the text from Hebrews, which describes our most basic and primal fear. Our inordinate fear of what people think of us is rooted in an even deeper fear, one which is at the very core of our being. The Hebrews text both names it and describes it as being the source of our bondage. In order to unlock the secret of the text, I want to suggest to you an interpretation that will allow its powerful diagnosis to have a wider and deeper effect.How The Ancient Hebrews' Faith Affected The West's Development

Here is what is said in the Book of Hebrews:

Since the children have flesh and blood, Jesus too shared in their humanity so that by his death he might destroy him who holds the power of death—that is, the devil— and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death.

The devil’s hold on us is the “fear of death.” This is what he exploits to keep us enslaved.

This is what is being used by the globalist technocracy to enforce their fascist moves.

The imperial cult of prophecy is a cult of death and you cannot deny the devil is in the details.

For many, especially the young, death is rather theoretical. This is especially so today when medicine has so successfully pushed back the boundary of sudden death. Every now and then something may shake us out of our complacency about death but as a general rule the fear of death is not something that seems to dominate the thoughts of the majority of people.

However, all that changed with COVID-19 and the mainstream narrative gave death tolls of those that unfortunately died of the virus. The focus was on death, not on the recovery of the majority of the people infected– and now with that same threat of death — The imperial cult is at the helm of forcing people to take a vaccine.

Humans often appear to react irrationally when they face their mortality, as the COVID-19 pandemic has shown. Many cling to religion or become superstitious. Others become fatalistic. In times of plague and trauma, we seek to protect ourselves with prayers, charms, sigils and spells as much as any medieval peasant.

That a surgical mask we were forced to wear doesn’t make it any less of a magical symbol an occult garment for the death cult –and the vaccine they want you to take is like their twisted version of the sacrament so that you can be reborn into their technocratic initiation into transhumanism.

You can call me crazy if you like but I was always taught that the government of the Antichrist in any epoch is the government that uses death as a threat in order to keep them in bondage.

Despite the good intentions of people who still think facts matter, I don’t think most people are persuaded by facts anymore. In fact, they will tell you to trust the science when they do not know what science they are trusting — they have rejected faith in God and have put their faith in the technocracy to save them from death, even though the death was never certain it was only in potential.

The likelihood of death from COVID-19 was low and the powers that be know this. The only solution is their Satanic snake oil –and people are taking it in as if it is holy water or a miracle cure for whatever the demonic plague is.

But the plague is not COVID-19 — it is a psychological plague — a psychic coup d ta that many people have fallen victim to.

We must admit to ourselves that radical evil is real and it is pervasive.

It is driven by the forces of death symbolized by Satan.

When I say radical evil, I mean it in the deepest spiritual sense. A religious sense, if you prefer. But by “religious” I don’t mean institutional religions, since so many of the institutional religions are complicit in furthering the agenda of the technocracy.

These power hungry leaders have taken the church under their wing and now the Pope sings the praised of the fourth industrial revolution –which I am beginning to believe is Newspeak for the Fourth Reich.

It has long been easy for Americans to accept the demonic nature of foreign leaders such as Hitler, Stalin, or Mao. Easy, also, to accept the government’s attribution of such names as the “new Hitler” to any leader it wishes to kill and overthrow.

The “new Hitler” also applies to any leader that each political party disagrees with and terms like “fascist” and “Nazi” seem to be thrown around like a dirty shirt — well anyone who participates willingly in this demonic psychosis is certainly going to contribute to their own enslavement.

I think so many find it so hard to admit that their leaders have intentionally done and do demonic deeds for two reasons. First, to do so implicates those who have supported these people or have not opposed them. It means they have accepted such radical evil and bear responsibility. It elicits feelings of guilt.

Secondly, to believe that one’s own leaders are evil is next to impossible for many to accept because it suggests that the rational façade of society is a cover for sinister forces and that they live in a society of lies so vast they the best option is to make believe it just isn’t so. Even when one can accept that evil deeds were committed in the past, even some perhaps intentionally, the tendency is to say “that was then, but things are different now.” Grasping the present when you are in it is not only difficult but often disturbing for it involves us.

But to consider their own political leaders as demonic is near impossible.Joe Biden in the White House: which world leaders stand to lose out? | Financial Times

When the powerful elite decide who gets what, when it comes to food, fuel and water, when they weaponize a vaccine and threaten you with harm if you do not take it — or if they espouse the idea of making it hard on people who wish to use their agency we should all be acutely aware of what this sounds like.

It is time to be aware of a system that is being propagated and promoted that directs and otherwise limits the intake of resources by certain individuals.

The militant nature of the experts demanding mandates for vaccinations the urging of reporting individuals who question calling them extremists and the recent interfaith leanings to support the imperial cult of death is now taking on a serious satanic enforcement.

It is a difficult task to choose a path of indifference or neutrality when you live in a country where political leanings take precedent over being an American that should be aware of the wolves that wish to misguide the sheep into negating constitutional values for the awaiting tyranny of global world order and empire.

Most Americans cannot accept that their leaders have intentionally done radically evil things, then it follows that to even consider questioning the intentions of the authorities regarding the current corona crisis needs to be self-censored. Additionally, as we all know, the authorities have undertaken a vast censorship operation so people cannot hear dissenting voices of those who have now been officially branded as domestic terrorists. The self-censorship and the official work in tandem.

There is so much information available that shows that the authorities at the World Health Organization, the CDC, The World Economic Forum, Big Pharma, governments throughout the world, etc. have gamed this crisis beforehand, have manipulated the numbers, lied, have conducted a massive fear propaganda campaign via their media mouthpieces, have imposed cruel lockdowns that have further enriched the wealthiest and economically and psychologically devastated vast numbers of people.COVID-19's mental toll on teens | Stanford News

And yet some people are oblivious — or perhaps they just fear death.

It is the evil tool that move crowds in the direction of what was once seen as abhorrent and if you decide to shed a light in the dark corner where it resides you are now an extremist or worse a domestic terrorist.

Thou shalt not speak ill of the oligarchy, the enemy of thy state is question, and thou slat deny their wisdom –and thou shalt not deny the devil.

It is becoming painfully obvious that what is happening is a triggered mass psychosis that can only be cured by the state.

If you have pain, the state will remedy it, if you refuse their cure you will be cast out or segregated and history shows what happens next but the crowds don’t care.

Crowds, of course, love comforting consensus, feedback loops and opportunism, often at the expense of historical lessons, ignored data or even common sense.

Instead, crowds focus on current signals, lofty credentials and the loud logic of peer pressure at the expense of risk’s more unpleasant whispers.

You run the risk of death every day – but those risks are never advertised to you on a daily basis, nor are they given to you like the weather report or the sports scores—until now.

With the threat of death logical minds will of,ten overlook sound information and cling exclusively to the data which confirms their tainted biases, creating a mass perception that is often misperception.

They start to believe lies –and we all know who the father of lies is.

Again, you cannot deny the devil.

With unlimited funds, those that represent the Imperial Death cult working in concert with governments and corporations can stealthily conduct any type of globalist black operation that serves the New World Order agenda. The list of transnational criminal entities all have the same interest of locking down planet Earth as never before; and protecting themselves from an increasingly angry public by calling them extremists and labeling them as terrorists.

All for simply speaking their minds and forming opposing opinions.

This is more terrifying and painfully awkward the more I talk about it — because what is happening should not happen in the United States and yet it is and there are many people who appear to support it because they say nothing and do nothing to stop it.

It is like they are under the spell of some demonic plague.

It was Dostoyevsky who wrote the pre–revolutionary “Possessed of Devils” where it details that the middle-class society would be destroyed through a crackdown on dissent. The nihilists expected a revolt and awaited the time where the people would rise to the occasion and give the power structure a reason to pounce on them and remind them of their place in the food chain.Бесы, tr. Besy), also translated as The Devils or Demons, is an 1872 novel by Fyod | Dostoyevsky, Fyodor dostoyevsky, Classic books

It all began with the silencing of the people. Their free speech and their freedom of the press were taken from them. Little by little information became scarce and the result was a ferocious anger that erupted, and several fires destroyed the main city.

Then came the flash point. A will to power that ended in destruction and violence. It ended in a huge war where the young were sacrificed in order to empower the leaders with a blood bond that would hold their grip on a frightened world.

Overt criminality by leaders and passive, unclear thinking by the proletariat has become the norm in The United States. The two go together, creating a symbiotic ecosystem of tyranny.

Fraud, theft, and murder have become widespread, just as the amount of lies told and believed have reached new heights, irresponsibility has become socialized while people in the honest pursuit of good get thwarted. The transition from one form of government to another will be negligible because of forces we cannot and will not fight against.

None dare call it a conspiracy but at its core is the fear of death. Try and deny that the threat of death is the tool of the devil — you cannot deny that the devil has come home and that the spirit of demons are at the helm of world government.

They are in control because they claim to have to have the power of life and death.

To finish off which is more than time to do, let’s just say that it is not so much whether a majority believes in supranatural powers because most people clearly don’t. That some do is beyond question and the more wicked the merrier.

Organized evil is now being felt and seen on a daily basis. Some will argue that it has always been this way but in the past it felt as if it was confined and beaten down by people who had faith to conquer it.

Faith has been successfully killed by the state.

The pacts with Satan or some other dark force obviously exist — the conspiracy to remove the spiritual and replace it with the unnatural is succeeding because people are afraid of death but either way the end game is a mass culling to reduce the population to a more manageable number.

Treachery is the fastest, if not the only path to achieving power. Let us just hope that all man of good faith unite to combat to the death these evil powers even though we would just rather enjoy life with all its offerings.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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