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Clyde Lewis | July 14, 2020
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I have always been quick to do follow ups on Ouija board shows because in the moment it is always easy just to throw out random interpretations of just what the board is trying to say. There have been a number of listeners that have sent me their interpretations about what was said and there are also others that either tuned out or wish to give me a huge scolding over using a board at all.

While that is understandable, I have to argue though that when I used the board it was used with the intent of shedding light on what may be happening in the future. After all it was suggested back in October when I used the board in 2019 that we use a form of bibliomancy in order to start the task and in both cases, the random scripture that has been chosen from the good book has sent us in a direction that has been somewhat if not entirely accurate – at least for the short term.

All long term predictions are simply to vague and nebulous to actually claim direct hits but as we look at the direction the time line is heading we are certainly aware of what is coming and must be prepared regardless of who the messenger is.

As a reminder the session opened with a random scripture from James, Chapter 3 Verse 16 :

“For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.”

As we read the scripture on the air we realized how appropriate it was for the times we were in. There certainly is at this time confusion, inconsistency and evil at work.

As time goes by, COVID-19 has proven not to be the hammer or tsunami we feared. It has not taken the large number of lives many experts predicted but it has brought the economy to its knees. It now seems COVID-19 is just a deadly bug that will probably with us for some time. Not only has it spread slower than we were told it would but the fatality rate is far lower than many “experts” predicted. Still, this inconsistent beast holds society confused and paralyzed with fear.

However, that has not stopped the media or even the so called experts to use the recent spike in cases as a means to stoke more fear – we knew that the spikes were going to happen and we knew that they would be scattered all over the nation but it looks as if other countries are getting things under control – the only difference we have is that other countries do not see the political divide as a means to remain inconsistent.

Confusion and evil are at work and the setting was accurate as the first synchronicity was that whoever or whatever was speaking to us from the board it identified itself as a doctor of the human condition.

I wanted to know the true definition of the human condition and I found that it is a literary term.

As a literary term, “the human condition” is typically used in the context of ambiguous subjects such as the meaning of life or moral concerns.

The human condition is all of the characteristics and key events that compose the essentials of human existence, including birth, growth, emotion, aspiration, conflict, and mortality. This is a very broad topic which has been and continues to be pondered and analyzed from many perspectives, including those of religion, philosophy, history, art, literature, anthropology, psychology, and biology.

The Doctor Identified himself as “Heldore” or if you will, “Hell Door.” The Heldore name is Norwegian – some say that the name is taken from Thor’s Rock. Some listeners were saying that obviously the name meant Hell’s Door or an ear to hell.

Doctor Heldore first explained that major changes were coming to the United States.

This is going to be a long, hot summer that none of us is likely to forget any time soon.  Coming into this year, we knew that societal tensions would be running high because 2020 is an election year.  Many are convinced that this is the most important election in modern American history, and I expect for there to be some extremely shocking surprises as we draw closer to November.

From there we have discussed the Deep State plan for Dark Winter and Atlantic storm two gain of function exercises that were supposed to take place during Black Friday into the December holidays.

We certainly hope that this is merely a scare tactic but 2020 has not been a time to underestimate uncertainty.

With the global reset strategy looming we can bet that there will be more plans to frighten us into giving up more of our freedoms for the illusion of safety.

Further in the moment of our Ouija board contact with Dr. Heldore, he posited a scripture reference from the Old Testament.

The board spelled out “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin.” At first I thought to myself that this is “The writing on the wall.” Being aware of biblical things with a religious back ground I knew the story form the Book of Daniel.

The phrase appears in chapter five, during King Belshazzar’s feast.

The story tells the tale of the king, who was enjoying a banquet with his lords at the Temple of Jehovah. A hand appeared and began writing the mysterious words on the wall. No one could provide a translation, so the king summoned Daniel. He was promised “costly presents” if he could reveal the meaning.

Daniel announced that “God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end; that the king had been weighed and found wanting”. God would then proceed to divide Belshazzar’s kingdom among the Medes and the Persians.

That very same evening, Belshazzar was killed and Darius the Mede was given his land.

The Literal translation of “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin”is difficult for a number of complicated and ancient reasons, but the most common interpretation is “numbered, numbered, weighed, divided”, which has been further elaborated as the ominous: “You have been weighed in the balance (or on the scale) and found wanting.”

The writing on the wall is a warning, signaling that something cataclysmic is about to happen.

From there Heldore tells us of warnings and triggers signaling a possible war in the future.

He indicates that a new war, while not Armageddon would be an Indo-Pakistani war that will spill into a conflict between the United States and China. A nuclear event would signal the continuance of turmoil in Persia – meaning Iran with Russia China and Israel having something to do with the growing concern that a low yield nuclear exchange would be the surprise before the winter.

Just days after the Heldore prediction a fire last week at the Natanz nuclear site, Iran’s main uranium enrichment facility, caused “significant” damage, the country’s nuclear agency said, lifting part of the mystery surrounding the event.

It still remains unclear, however, exactly what happened at the site in central Isfahan province. Iranian authorities at first appeared to downplay it, saying only that a fire had broken out at an industrial shed.

But Behrouz Kamalvandi, a spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, told Iran’s official IRNA news agency in an interview Sunday that the fire “caused significant financial damage but there were no casualties.”

Specifically, a building that produces advanced centrifuges, used in the enrichment of uranium, was damaged. Measuring equipment and instruments were also destroyed, Kamalvandi said.

The region remains on edge more than six months after a U.S. drone strike killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad in January, and Tehran launched a retaliatory attack on American forces in Iraq in an escalation of tensions that threatened to tip the region into war. This was actually predicted in the last Ouija board session three months earlier by a character that called himself Atlas.

The Natanz fire came after reports of an explosion late last month near a missile facility outside Parchin, southeast of Tehran. Iranian authorities said the blast was caused by a gas atank explosion in a military complex.

On Saturday, another fire broke out at a power plant in the southwest. The incidents have prompted rumors of state-sponsored sabotage to spread.

Even though the media has avoided this story, President Trump is in no way pleased over what is happening.

While COVID-19 is taking the spotlight again, it is a distraction for possible war that is fomenting with Iran and China.

Headlines from outside the United States have confirmed that China is making decisions that are putting us on a cold war footing in several areas of the globe making Beijing a formidable foe for a possible confrontation in the South China sea and the Middle East.

China and Iran are on the verge of striking a secret trade and security deal which rides roughshod over US plans to isolate their nuclear and military programs. The partnership clears the way for billions of dollars of Chinese investment in energy banking, telecommunications, ports, railways and dozens of other infrastructure projects in return for a regular and heavily discounted supply of Iranian oil for the next 25 years.

The pact also covers military co-operation and gives China a foothold in the volatile Middle East as well as joint training and exercises, joint research and weapons development and intelligence sharing.

The expansion of military assistance, training and intelligence-sharing will set alarm bells ringing across Washington.
Security analysts fear the partnership will create dangerous flashpoints between China and the US as relations continue to deteriorate.

US warships already tangle regularly with Iranian forces in the crowded waters of the Persian Gulf and challenge China’s internationally disputed claim to much of the South China Sea, and the Pentagon’s national security strategy has declared China an adversary.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Monday that China’s expansive maritime claims across most of the South China Sea were “completely unlawful,” setting up potential military confrontations with Beijing and sanctions against companies as the United States seeks to push back Chinese activity in the region.

Pompeo said China’s years long “campaign of bullying to control” offshore resources across much of the area was illegal. The announcement was the strongest and most explicit support by Washington of a ruling in 2016 by an international tribunal at The Hague that China had violated international law with its actions.

Pompeo’s announcement aligns U.S. policy directly with that ruling and puts Washington in a position to enforce the tribunal’s decision, even though China has rejected it. The statement is not explicit on U.S. military aid, but leaves open the possibility that the United States might come to the defense of nations like Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines if clashes erupt because of Chinese aggression. The United States has a mutual defense treaty with the Philippines.

Meanwhile many in the Indian media say that some grand conspiracy is afoot between China and Pakistan in which the latter has amassed about 20,000 troops in Gilgit-Baltistan and is frantically consulting with Chinese generals. 

In a recent report from India, the former Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief talked about a combined China-Pakistan effort against India with the hope to solve the heated tensions over Kashmir.

Asserting power and indicating intent to protect territories where there is no vegetation or even citizenry or by both China and India (or as in the case of Pakistan and India is likely to escalate operational military expenditure and human cost on both sides.

It can be argued that COVID-19 has become a very effective distraction from what has been going on the world stage with regard to saber rattling rumors of war.

Dr. Heldore concluded that there would be an onslaught of many blood diseases in the wings for the remainder of the year including West Nile Virus, Dengue fever and the Bubonic plague.

He also indicated that “old age” will be an issue with the Presidential candidates as both Biden and Trump will begin to show signs of illness or debilitation prior or just after the election.

Dr. Heldore also indicated that there would be philosophies that would eventually indicate that we would see the rise of what he called Babylon. The term that is the most popular to describe a degenerate and oppressive government or kingdom.

Usually when there are protests, however minor, happening in a nation that has run afoul of the United States the “International Community” and “Human Rights Activists” rally to push for regime change. However, now that there are mass protests exploding over the United States these types of voices are completely silent.

We have seen protests and the cry for human rights in Hong King against Beijing. However after COVID-19 it was far easier for China to continue their abuses using the virus as an excuse.

The United States has been caught up in its own mob mentality but for reasons that while on the surface are said to be about racial equality, yet as we dig deeper we see that there is more to what the so called looting and destruction of historic symbols is about.

A lot of red flags and Communist sentiments in the mouths of the protesters these days . If we were still in the Cold War the Soviet Union would have been instantly blamed as the spark that lit Black Lives Matter. But interestingly in today’s world the only powerful Communist nation on Earth left standing is getting 0% of the blame. 

This is the power of China.

The rise of Babylon and it’ degenerate philosophies are what is behind the looting, rioting and destruction of American history and its core values.

Dr. Heldore finalized his board meeting claiming that the rise of Babylon will also give rise to the false messiah – a leader that would impose a new order thus bringing the western world to its end.

The country that started the plague may wind up benefiting the most from it and its philosophies will be the standard bearer in the Great Reset that is planned to get underway in 2021.

So is China in the near future going to become like a post-WWII United States – damaged from battle but in vastly better condition than any of its competitors ready to reach out across the globe to secure its Superpower status? 

You would be surprised at the sympathy being rolled out in favor of the Chinese form of state socialism that will be the ideal for the green deals being proposed by the World Economic Forum and the United Nations.

Marxist ideology is gaining adherents among a whole new generation in the West.

During the period of rapid social mobility after the Second World War, particularly following the collapse of the Soviet Union, socialist ideas fell into deserved disrepute. In contrast, today’s resurgence reflects both historical ignorance, particularly among the young, and their mistrusts of capitalism to offer a credible scenario for a better future.

As Dr. Heldore laid the ground work for a possible future, he believed we are numbered, weighed and divided. The days of our kingdom are number because of our polarity. The writing is on the wall – if you care to read it.

The question is are we to wait and see if it transpires or do we do everything in our power to circumvent the evil at hell’s door?

Written by Clyde Lewis

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