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Ron Patton | July 15, 2019
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For years, curious UFO hunters have snuck around the outskirts of the United States Air Force facility in Nevada commonly referred to as Area 51, hoping to catch a glimpse of some advanced, possibly alien technology. It is not an easy task, given the almost fanatical and over-enthusiastic security troops that patrol the borders of the base.

There have been plenty of stories about aliens that may be housed there and because of whistleblowers like Bob Lazar we have learned that he took part in reverse engineering aircraft that he claims was taken from previous UFO crashes.

Over the years there have been a few brave souls who have traveled to a virtual no man’s land near Rachel Nevada to travel to what is called “The Black Mail Box.”

It has now been painted white.

You can find it on a deserted stretch of road known as the “Extraterrestrial Highway” between Alamo and Rachel, Nevada.

There is a lone mailbox with the names of two recipients. A larger box is labeled with the unassuming name of “Steve Medlin”; a smaller box is simply marked “Alien.”

The box has been a popular meeting spot for the extraterrestrial-obsessed and is very near to the border where you can cross into the outer rim of Area 51.

The mailbox is owned by rancher Steve Medlin. It is constructed of thick, bulletproof metal and shuttered with massive padlocks; measures taken after alien-hunting fanatics began stealing the rancher’s mail and even firing guns at the box.

The smaller box marked “Alien” was added after Medlin got tired of receiving missives directed to visitors from outer space. Alien enthusiasts making pilgrimages to the site often put dollar bills in the box.

Now, as simple as this roadside attraction may be, a few people have had the where with all to venture out to the area. Many are just curiosity seekers, while others are more or less convinced that this the closest they will ever come to finding out the truth about Area 51 and whether or not all of the alien nightmares are true.

Security there has warned people to stay away from the base and have been known to use deadly force to keep people away from the faculty.

However, there are at least a million individuals who have shown interest in bursting onto the base and freeing any aliens held captive since they took a wrong turn just north of Roswell, New Mexico.

A Facebook event, Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop Us All – which likely started as a joke and gained momentum through the Chans, has now gone viral. So far 1 million people have now indicated they will be attending a gathering at Area 51 on the night of Friday, 20th of September. They will “meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate their entry into the heavily guarded base. It is likely that they will try to crash the gates during the early hours of Saturday morning.

Well, here is a spoiler for everyone – Area 51’s security troops are literally authorized to respond to trespassers with “deadly force.” If you are lucky to escape being shot and killed you can wind up in jail for 6 months and pay a hefty fine.

Another spoiler is that while you are not allowed on the base it is not because it is top secret because much of what Area 51 has done in the past has been declassified.

The reason you are not allowed at the base is for safety reasons. People are also forbidden to be on an airport tarmac without security reasons. Other Air Force bases have similar restrictions.

It is obvious that an uninformed geek organized this as he says that “if we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets.”

Now, does this mean that the organizers are Anime fans as Naruto is a familiar character with fans of Japanese Animation?

Who knows, but the whole idea comes off as a very bad joke – in the way joking about having a bomb in an airport is an unwise and unfunny prank.

If you’re looking to play a prank or a practical joke, it’s probably unwise to use the U.S. Department of Defense as the foil.

This should be obvious but of course I am sure people who are willing to go or to participate will only show up for the beer and I am sure many of the so-called supporters are keyboard commandos that are courageous behind the screen of their computers but stop short of heading out into the desert to become coyote food.

There is also the fact that there is a disclaimer that says that the organizers of the event take no responsibility for the outcome of that happens when you challenge the military.

The joke seems a bit hollow when you consider that if all these people are saying they’re in on the planned Sept. 20 event, it’s hard to imagine at least some of them won’t show up and if they do then what?

Many bloggers are saying that if the military shoots American people at the event then it would be like Kent State – the truth is it won’t. The military has every right to protect their assets and they do not have the time nor the patience to figure out who is serious, who is in on the joke and who just might be a terrorist among the group who aha no interest in aliens but every interest in conducting espionage.

If they want to push the military and the security team, there will be a massacre at Area 51.

UFO believers have long claimed alien bodies, space crafts or extraterrestrial materials are being housed for study at Area 51. The Pentagon has dismissed these suggestions, but the UFO crowd’s answer is simple: how can we believe them?

That’s because the Pentagon denied for decades that Area 51 even existed. It was also disclosed that from 2007 to 2012, the U.S. government indeed ran a secret program to investigate reported sightings of UFOs.

However, there are many ill-informed people that do not know that most of the programs at Area 51 were declassified, with much of what can be considered UFO secrets were actually being kept at Wright Patterson Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio.

There was also an announcement by the military that biological and other such programs dealing with speculated EBE analysis were moved to Dugway Proving Ground and their facility in another remote area of Utah.

During an investigation for a proposed TV show that I was preparing for the Sci-Fi channel, I decided to look into the possibility that Area 51 had moved or was annexed at the Utah Test and Training Range. I asked the locals there about the peculiar towers that were positioned around the area.

Many of them told me that they were meteorological towers that monitor air movement and inversion dangers. If a tower detects anything harmful being released into the air, it would blast a siren. Many believe that by the time this happened, it would be too late.

During my investigation, I was taken within 100 feet of the secure area and was immediately stopped by military personnel and Wackenhut security. While the military let their presence and their visible weapons do the talking, the Wackenhut personnel actually pointed their weapons right at me, demanding that I leave immediately.

We shut off our cameras and decide to move. Military and service vehicles escorted us off of the property and followed us out of Tooele County where the base was, into Salt Lake County.

We were told not to return.

Even before Area 51 was declassified and the OXCART program was revealed to the public, a number of whistleblowers emerged revealing how corporate involvements with black budgets have been achieved at Area 51.

With the advent of “disclosure” and “declassification” of UFOs, the Navy and non-military corporate whistleblowers have come forward with hidden information about they have seen.

They have admitted to seeing machinery and technology that they think is not from this planet but then any advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Common sense and reason should tell you that there are no anthropomorphic aliens on ice at Area 51 or at UTTR.

Area 51 is just a shadow of its former self and as many secret programs continue, most of the so-called “alien secrets” are now thirty years old –and you would think that by now the military would know to move secret operations in places that don’t get as much attention as Area 51.

There have credible stories and mythologized fireside tales about Area 51. It must be admitted that there are the truths, the rumors and the outrageous myths about the base. One needs to remember however that most myths are based on some facts and the mythologies surrounding the base are rooted on alien lore and the idea of back engineered craft provided by our cold war enemies and from possible crashes of unknown craft that have been determined to be extraterrestrial.

The U.S. military is decidedly humorless when it comes to guarding its secrets. Nowhere is that truer than at Area 51, where spy technology has been tested for more than 60 years.

You want trouble? Trying poking around with a cell-phone camera, let alone a shovel.

If hundreds of thousands say they are in on the joke, can anyone honestly say some of them won’t show up? How will the guards react? In the world of social media, where tone and context are often completely lost, this prank is an example of terrible judgment.

The US Air Force apparently took the potential threat to the Nevada base seriously, with spokeswoman Laura McAndrews saying she would like to “discourage anyone from trying to come into the area where we train American armed forces.”

The official word is that The US Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets.

In the meantime, Twitter is being flooded with a steady stream of memes with people sharing how they’d take part in the raid, drawing up mock battle plans and… and predicting how it would probably end if a crowd indeed decides to storm a heavily-guarded US military base.

Despite the very real threat that the authorities would have no choice but to use force in case of a real mass invasion, the special meme forces – either desperate to get to the bottom of US government secrets or just bored – are keeping the #Area51memes hashtag alive.

This is one ugly joke and it certainly has been made in the face of everything that has been declassified.

Bob Lazar made his revelations to George Knapp about the saucers at Area 51, which spun into criticisms and speculations about the purpose of the facility.

After those stories faded into UFO history, there were some other stories that were surfacing about these facilities and these stories seem to make it all come together.

Now with the new revelations and the eyewitness testimony of many honorable men from astronauts to military personnel we are realizing that from Roswell to Wright Patterson Air Force Base and then to Area 51 there is a long list of events and transfers that point to some sort of connection between exotic space vehicles and the very intricate and stealth war machines we see flying above us today.

The sad thing is the confusion about where things were kept, where they were hidden and how each base and each department was certainly not aware of each other’s secret projects.

We cannot be certain of anything with regard to the base. Just because one department does not specifically say that there have ever been aliens or even retrieved craft at the base does not mean there has not been an occasion where the truth bears fruit.

Back in 2012 an informant revealed how during the mid-1980s, he worked for six months as an archivist for a large aerospace defense contractor based in California. It was a temporary assignment with his employer at an obscure office building.

The archivist found many files dealing with flying saucers and extraterrestrial life. The files contained: “Reports, photos, media materials (tapes, films, video cassettes) and material from crashed saucers.” When asked where the files came from he revealed the “materials came from everywhere. CIA, Air Force, Navy, Army, DARPA, NORAD, DOD, FBI, and government officials to name most.”

Ben Rich, who is the former CEO of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, says that many of the classified UFO and alien secrets have been moved from secret “X-Files” in the government and military to corporate Aerospace companies and are protected under corporate secrets laws. This means that even with the freedom of Information act you can come up empty handed about possible reversed engineering, aliens, and any missions into space that are not officially recognized.

Ben Rich again adds that “There are two types of UFOs — the ones we build, and ones THEY build. We learned from both crash retrievals and actual “Hand-me-downs.” The Government knew, and until 1969 took an active hand in the administration of that information. After a 1969 Nixon “purge”, the administration was handled by an international board of directors in the private sector.”

In an interview we conducted with T.D. Barnes, a CIA operative who worked at Area 51, we found out that there were secret spacecraft that were tested and that there were astronauts at Area 51 long before civilians knew of the space programs provided by NASA.

He never hinted what carried these astronauts, but it was most definitely inferred that there were most definitely brave men who attempted the climb into space using the “special aircraft” designed and used at Area 51.

There are mysteries and, as Barnes confided, “secrets” that will be taken to graves about Area 51.

The US government “secretly acquired” Soviet aircraft during the Cold War and tested them at Area 51, according to declassified documents. One of those programs was the government’s investigation of the multiple Soviet MiG fighter planes it “secretly acquired” during the Cold War. The first documented acquisition was the MiG-21, originally obtained by Israel in August 1966. From January 1968 to April 1968, Israel loaned the plane to the US Air Force, which referred to the aircraft as the YF-110.

The Air Force examined the plane’s technical characteristics and evaluated its performance to see how the US government’s weapons and aircraft compared tactically under the “Have Doughnut “program. Similar evaluations were conducted in 1969 with the MiG-17 under the “Have Drill” and “Have Ferry” campaigns. Other MiG examinations took place later, but details of those programs have not been declassified.

Over the years, open source intelligence has also given us some insight as to the volume of classified programs being executed in and around Area 51 at any given time, and that number seems to be closer to triple digits than otherwise, with large but murky operational budgets set aside for the facilities that host them. We also know of a handful of aircraft that have escaped Area 51’s classified abyss over its sixty plus year past, like the U-2, A-12, F-117, Tacit Blue, Bird of Prey, and RQ-170.

Aurora has been known for years as the default term for the “Black Triangle” craft that is said to be back-engineered from extraterrestrial saucer technology.

It has been reported there is a new, previously undisclosed “black” triangle seen flying over Nevada. Many say that it has been seen and reported as a UFO over the area.

The familiar jets that we have seen are the SR-71 Blackbird strategic reconnaissance aircraft and the F-117A stealth fighter are two examples of aircraft that are similar. Both flew for years before being declassified.

Like it or not, there are still mysteries that have not even been revealed to the brave men and women that risked their lives and families working on these classified projects. Meanwhile, there has to be a bit of suspicion when it comes to so called “revelations” by an organization that exists on secrets. If you look at the Roswell story you still get 3 or 4 ridiculous explanations for the event and a gullible media that still cynically debunks anyone who doesn’t buy into their weather balloons of the Gods theories.

Not to mention the smug buffoonery that seems to ooze from every newscaster that thinks a simple roll of UFO footage backed by the worn out ‘X-Files’ theme is going to give them any credibility.

They want you to believe that confirmation of Area 51 makes it any more real or any more satisfying for those who have demanded that the entire façade be blown open and revealed rather than table scraps that make for sensationalist reports on the nightly news.

Eventually, there will be no reason to hide anything. However, now we have to say that even though we have an acknowledgment of the base there are secrets that still remain under wraps.

Of course, your government does have a right to keep some secrets secret – if they are to protect our national security.

So I would say that there are better marches to be organized.

The Storming Area 51 idea could become a more imbecilic version of Tiananmen Square or perhaps the Standing Rock Gathering and in some way, it can be compared to when Ammon Bundy and his men broke into an abandoned federal building in order to tell the Bureau of Land Management to back off the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The standoff ended in several arrests and the death of Lavoy Finnicum, who was shot 9 times; mostly in the face after exiting his vehicle at a road block.

The governor of Oregon had no problem signing a death warrant for those men and all they did was break into an abandoned tourist information building.

You see – it doesn’t matter if you are standing behind Native Americans or if you are a group of patriot cowboys thinking you are justified in what you do but those who are in charge will not hesitate in mowing you down with the ordinance that your tax dollars pay for.

It’s too bad that this is the way things are today, because in a better social climate, this might be the amusing tongue-in-cheek joke. If we could all laugh at the irony of the whole situation, it would be the best inside joke ever created.

But Area 51 is not the place to try out goofy comic relief. Let’s hope that of all the so-called millions of courageous people all get the punch line and stay home.

Written by Ron Patton

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