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Clyde Lewis | July 16, 2020
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Lately, I have been able to somehow predict the responses from the mainstream media to those who are anxious to get things rolling again and living normal lives.

Many commentators are getting downright angry over responses they are getting from people who are now hitting them with the reality as opposed to the political theater they have spun using COVID- 19 as an excuse to continue the fear based propaganda to push their hatred for the administration. I have noticed that when the commentators do not get the answer they are looking for, they either rephrase the question or ask the same question again when their vetted experts go off the script and tell them of the disaster that awaits us now that we have listened to them and have virtually shut down the country.

Anyone can read off statistics and scream from the rafters that we need to this and that but what they are not giving us is information as to what to do when it is all over.

The reason is simple – they don’t want it to be over. They want things to continue to be in chaos and the American people are listening and most of them are now been scared into blind compliance; basically, waiting for their next plan of action from the experts.

They are kidding themselves if they think they are going to get any information that will help.

Let’s face it, polls are actually showing widespread American support for continuing quarantines and business shutdowns.

This clearly evidence of that Americans feel that they are unique and that somehow they are going to beat this. Eighty percent of respondents think shutdowns by various state governors are justified as a response to the COVID-19 virus, and one-third support extended closure indefinitely.

Indefinitely – how can one justify saying that we can keep this up for some undetermined amount of time?

The reason is simple – many of them do not see the potential of scarcity in the aftermath of all of the shutdowns and roll backs that are now happening all over again.

This endless game of whack a mole is going to continue and it is silly to think that it will not affect how we live in America.

With all the talk of the new normal, we are seeing what it is and that is a loss of our capitalist privileges. Capitalism itself will share the blame for why we are in the predicament we are in as will lack of leadership and lack of forethought.

The true reason that we will all suffer is because of a lack of self-reliance and the negation of our survival instincts.

When people are debilitated and softened it often leads to hard times. Hard times lead to desperation and for some of us it leads to death.

It will probably lead to more deaths than what are occurring with COVID-19 but there will be no daily totals given on the nightly news about those who died because they forgot to be self-reliant, depending on scientific experts to tell them when to go out or social distance or even wipe themselves

There are many axioms that have been part of the COVID-19 pandemic lexicon that people are really tired of hearing. Many people are tired of hearing how we are now living in challenging perilous times. While we can argue about the peril and much of what we are experiencing is challenging – what they do not tell you is how devastating things are and how things are more than challenging they are in some cases a lost cause.

At the moment we are being told that our focus should be all about COVID-19 but what is ignored is that even though COVID-19 is a concern – our fragility as a nation is becoming more apparent and while the media can stop down and focus on one problem there will be other problems that await us in the future as the laws of cause and effect come into play.

All the lockdowns and social distancing are not going to stop criminal activity, food shortages and natural disasters from destroying what little is left of what you have held together during this pandemic.

When things go Fecal Fan Extremia, you will not be hearing about how we are all in this together – that is the worst slogan and newspeak that is out there because it basically insinuates that the playing field has been leveled and that we are all equal in the struggle.

The coronavirus has been anything but a great equalizer. It’s been the great revealer, pulling the curtain back on the class divide, exposing how deeply unequal this country is and how deep the fissures are. Rather than trying to cover it all up with pithy sayings rather than trying to sweep these divides under the rug with platitudes like “we’re all in this together” — we should use this moment as an opportunity to take a hard look at the broken systems.

The thing is while we are seeing where the systems are fragile it does nothing to explain extreme human behavior in times of crisis and how survival trumps civility.

It is becoming quite obvious that, lower-income people are at greater risk in the aftermath of the pandemic. Lower-income workers have to keep going out to work. Let us not forget that this is a “white-collar quarantine” for many with blue-collar jobs, it’s business as usual — that is, if they haven’t been laid off. And let’s remember that in the aftermath those of us who did not go into this pandemic with good jobs behind us and a bit of money below us will likely be left reeling for years to come.

For those who are barely cloning on to the lower socioeconomic rungs, none of this is new. We see and feel these class differences keenly. The pandemic poses an opportunity for the rest of the country, and our leaders, to acknowledge these fissures and to figure out how we got here and how we can remedy them. As a nation, we’re only as strong as the most vulnerable in our society. The coronavirus shows how easily huge segments of our country — those who are the backbone of our country — can, and do, fall through the cracks.

I have always focused on preparedness before the pandemic hit and just before it did I advised the company that supports to slash the prices of the food to make it more affordable knowing full well that there would be a crisis. While I cannot control the supply and demand that hinders the quickness of the shipping process it certainly is a smart idea to fill your pantry with foods that will sustain you –especially as the powerful lawmakers are mandating things like personal protection coverings for the face because they are hinting at the possibility of more restrictions in the future.

No matter what they decide to restrict, no matter what you feel about COVID-19 it will not make matters any better if we are faced with a terrorist attack grid failure, hurricane or other natural disaster.

Other resources can and will deplete and this of course goes from a matter of a challenging moment of inconvenience to a dire and desperate moment of survival.

I know that at his moment in time what I am saying to you may appear to be fear mongering but it isn’t. It is simply pointing out that even during this pandemic there are random things that happen where you can either give up – or fight for the survival of your home and family.

Already, statistics show low-income communities are bearing the brunt of this epidemic.

The rising costs of goods and services show that inflation is here. Make no mistake, this is being done on purpose to further destroy the purchasing ability of as many people as possible.

The cost of consumer goods and services rose in June for the first time in four months largely because of higher gasoline and food prices, but inflation more broadly remained low and is likely to stay that way during the pandemic, reported Market Watch. If you didn’t catch the irony of the soaring cost of essentials while “economists” continue to claim inflation is low, you’re missing out.

Supply and demand also play a role. It’s an economic certainty that no amount of centralization can fix. As the government commands food suppliers to shut down and farmers to turn under crops and dump milk, the products that are available will be in higher demand, making the supply low, and prices for food will rise.

This is all a part of the scam, but be prepared, because the real pain hasn’t even hit yet. Empty grocery store shelves are on thing, but empty shelves for an extended period of time will cause a whole other problematic situation many are wholly unprepared for.

The people in power in government and up, want you to believe some virus is causing a food shortage and cash shortage. However, the food and cash shortage is caused by people obeying those tyrants who are mandating that people stop accepting cash and the production of food. This isn’t a food supply problem, or a cash supply problem it’s a power and a blind belief in government problem.

The consumer price index jumped 0.6% last month to match the biggest increase since 2012, the government said Tuesday. About half of the increase traced to higher gas prices. Of course, it couldn’t possibly be the fault of perhaps the Federal Reserve.

It comes back to The Federal Reserve: The new normal is being shoved down our throats in order to get the people to live like they are peasants so that the world oligarchs can use the reset as an excuse to remedy the scarcity.

Everything that comes up short now will be blamed on COVID-19 because all lawmakers need is an excuse to push agendas that the American people have said they do not want.

Scarcity is being used as a weapon, the threat of food shortages and cash shortages are what the powerful hold over you because most Americans have not learned how to survive with very little.., and so the threat is when you decide to rebel – the governments can use these things as a weapon – they hold all the keys to your survival and this is where Americans are vulnerable to scarcity.

You should be the solution to your own scarcity – you should learn how to survive anything that comes along on top of the pandemic we are now living through.

It used to be that survivalist thinking was frowned upon by people who saw it as a paranoid delusion that the country would ever fall so far that it could not get back up again.

However, history is the greatest of teachers.

Americans are uniquely privileged, to the point of simply imagining they can stay home for months and months without suffering severe economic hardship as a result. Our unique privilege is a delusion, the mentality that America is rich and will remain rich without particular effort on our part. Abundance simply materializes around us, regardless of incentives, and the job of politicians is to rearrange this abundance more equitably.

We’ve been in lockdown mode to some degree for four months. Few people have the resources to weather a four-month rainy day. Could you imagine a four month lockdown, COVID-19 and an intense earthquake or storm where you are left alone to your own survival?

How would you cope – and if you could cope how are you going to able to deal with others that did not have the forethought to prepare?

The other night we were all talking about the acclimation to a cashless society and surely Americans are taking offense to it and others are seeing it as a fulfillment of prophecy – but stop a moment and look at history and what happened to the Wiemar republic in the 1920’s. Hyperinflation plagued the Germans and my aunt would always tell me that it was a time where the inflation rate became so horrible in Germany between 1919 and 1923 it required a wheelbarrow and later an entire truckload of small-denomination bills to buy a loaf of bread.

Towards the end of the dirty war in Argentina I could buy a loaf of bread for 50 cents one day and just days later the same loaf would cost over twice that.

In the future it’s not going to matter if the government sends you a stimulus check if you can’t buy anything with it.

As for food stuffs – we were seeing the writing on the wall as the so called experts were encouraging people to seek out food alternatives like cricket flour, cockroach milk and impossible burgers. Back then we were laughing about how none of this would catch on. Not in America. Well, that was pre-COVID-19 days, not the idea is not far from being employed.

The elites are doing their best to cut the food supply chains in order to weaponize food.  If they succeed, you will be trading your freedom for a small morsel of food.

Or you can learn how to hunt – or even find your own food for the winter.

The New Order or those who push the new normal don’t care if you starve, it cares only that you bow down and consent to a life of enslavement. And they can always weaponize the food system and using COVID-19 as an excuse.

The food shortages will come, and like the coronavirus panic, this has been manufactured by the elitists who want to control us. Is this what it’s going to take to get the rest of people to realize they’ve been controlled and enslaved by the very government who said they just want to keep them safe?

Safety has always been the rallying cry for those who wish to take away your freedom and that is no different now. People all over the world are waking up to what the power-hungry elitists and politicians have done to us for decades, but many are still sleeping. Will it take these orchestrated food shortages to wake them up? Or will they continue down a path of slavery with no hope?

We are living in times where the thought of being in this together sends a message that everything will be okay because the government and those scientific experts will save you.

Truth is only self-reliance will save you and your family. There is no harm in preparing and even though winter seems too far away as we are basking in the heat – it is going to get a lot hotter if the electrical grid goes down and it is going to be a long summer if you run out of resources.

While you are being holed up in your home it is time to make a plan.

It’s difficult to say when this will fully roll out, but it most definitely in their plans. Perhaps it’ll happen around the time of the so called “second wave” to really cause as much fear and panic as possible, which means that less than 100 day from now we will be hearing more and more about the Dark Winter.

100 days – that is very little time to make sure that you have your house in order.

You need to make the effort to become more reliant on yourself for survival regardless of what the media reports. No matter what happens, self-reliance is freedom. This is often seen as difficult in our minds, but it can be done! 

Written by Clyde Lewis

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