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Ron Patton | July 17, 2018
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Over the weekend, I gazed up towards the western sky. Just after sunset I saw the crescent moon and right at the lower tip there was a bright light in the sky. My friend observed it and said that it gave him chills because he first thought what he was seeing was a large UFO.

I told him that it was an unbelievable look at one of our brightest stars. Actually, it is not a star it is the Planet Venus – it was once called Lucifer the Morning Star.

Among the lights spread out over the night sky, only the Moon is more luminous than Venus. The word Lucifer is a word that meaning lightbringer, and precedes Christian usage and ideas about the word for centuries.

Sometimes it is rising before the Sun in the morning, which is when it is the morning star. It is visible in the early morning sky precisely because the Sun has not yet risen, for when the Sun is up, well, then all the other lights in the sky disappear except for maybe the Moon.

When Venus is travelling behind the Sun, it instead becomes visible after sunset, as the evening star.

This is what I saw Sunday night and it was breathtaking.

In fact, tonight on until July 23rd, we will be seeing a number of celestial bodies align on our side of the Sun. Then on the 27th, the Moon and Mars will put on a show as the eclipse turns the Moon to blood over Israel, Rome and Europe.


A number of the eye-visible planets are at what astronomers call opposition when their orbits and Earth’s orbit place them closest to us and on the night-side of our planet, out of the glare of the Sun.

This means the planets currently in or near opposition are gathered in the same sector of sky stringing along in one of the most powerful alignments to date.

If you have a clear sky you will be able to see Mercury, Regulus, Venus, Spica, Jupiter, Antares, Saturn and Mars. If you are able to get a telescope Saturn’s rings will be visible as well.

The heavens have been active and astronomers, astrologers and watchdogs of apocalyptic symbols are well aware of the psychological effects these events have on those who live below.

Some see the anomaly as a visual signal from space – signs and wonders that are foretold in ancient texts.

There are all kinds of fascinating intersections of the Bible and astronomy. The people who penned the Bible lived in a world very much in tune with the motions of the sun, moon, and stars.

However, we need to be cautioned that alignments such as these can be used to create fear about the end of the world and how future events are to be considered in the present as they will certainly evolve into apocalyptic chaos.

Whatever this future might be, the echo of its thunder is rumbling into the present, causing us to think that the end times are approaching.

Quantum physics are so hard to grasp, but we are learning that for basic interactions there isn’t an inherent order of cause and effect.

Cosmic waves anti matter and dark matter are all part of what the religious can say is the mind of God. Yet as we move forward with our telescopes and quark cannons like what is found at the CERN complex in Geneva, we are learning a lot about future events affecting the present – how the present affects the past and how past events in cosmos are now being seen and heard in our present.

The planets appear to be closer in opposition of the Sun and those who practice cosmic priest craft are aware that contact can happen when the planets are in opposition to the sun.

CERN was gradually activated in the beginning of the month and I was curious if it had something to do with the planet alignment and the fact the powerful planets like Mars Venus and Saturn are being targeted for possible contact for an exchange of data.

CERN reports that it is ready to move into unknown territory as the Hadron Collider comes out of hibernation.

It is curious as to what that unknown territory is and it opens the mind for all sorts of speculation.

I am especially fascinated with the idea that CERN is using the accelerator for what can be called quantum tunneling; literally creating conduits or bridges to other points in space-time.

Quantum tunneling has also been called the removing of the veil. It is literally opening a portal and a majority of CERN watchdogs believe that the quantum tunneling is being done to connect with the planet Saturn.

Once they connect by opening up the portal, it will be open for several minutes. During that time, they will be sending and receiving data, electronic data from the planet as we are now learning that Saturn’s moons are certainly candidates for sustaining aquatic life under the ice.

But the question that is also looming is whether or not intelligent life forms have been living on the planet Saturn and that we have received signals that have information that can be decoded for communication.

Until recently, scientists searching for signals from intelligent aliens have had to scan the heavens blindly. But now that’s starting to change, as scientists are targeting newly discovered planets like Saturn and Jupiter and they have also tracked many signals from beyond the solar system.

Such signals are likely to be narrow in frequency, as known astrophysical phenomena such as black holes and exploding stars tend to release radio waves across a wider range of frequencies.

These signals will also probably show a gradual drift in frequency over time, which would be expected because of the Doppler effect caused by the relative motion between the planet broadcasting a signal and us here on Earth.

They have acknowledged that they have had some “hits” but the recent signals have been researched and were analyzed by the Cassini space probe as it passed over Saturn last year.

Just this week, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory released a series of audio recordings generated from radio waves beaming back and forth between Saturn and its moon Enceladus, a prime candidate for possible life in our solar system. The audio recordings are quite eerie and somewhat unsettling, they eventually sound very powerful and thundering.


In reality, the audio file was actually extremely sped up from 16 minutes to 28.5 seconds as the wavelengths of these radio waves are quite long. They’re not audible from anywhere in the airless vacuum of space nor from either Enceladus or Saturn; have they to be converted into audio by scientists the same way a radio receiver converts radio waves into the broadcast of Ground Zero.

The University of Iowa’s Ali Sulaiman was one of the researchers who published a study of these radio waves. According to a JPL press release, Sulaiman says these radio waves are among the first known radio transmissions between a planet and one of its moons; however, there is absolutely no word on whether or not this shows signs of any intelligent communication from the planet, but it sure is fascinating.

Of course, this could very well be a natural occurrence according to researchers.

Naturally occurring intergalactic radio waves previously made headlines throughout 2017 as several deep space sources were observed to send out powerful rapid fire bursts, leading to a flurry of speculation that these bursts might be an attempt at communication on behalf of an intelligent alien race.

Last year, Astronomy researchers at Laval University studied signals from 2.5 million stars to look for periodic patterns, or what might look like regular pulsing signals.

They found 234 of them, and they have no clear explanation of what they are. One of the possible theories they mention in their published paper is extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI).

They think the pulses look like a signal an intelligent alien might choose to send if they were trying to make contact. Of course, the researchers aren’t concluding that this is what it is. They also looked for alternative explanations like naturally occurring spectral lines or rotating molecules, but none of these are good enough to say for sure that it isn’t aliens, either.

The researchers themselves are cautious and call for additional independent studies to confirm their findings. The Breakthrough Listen Initiative, which works on listening for potential messages from extraterrestrial intelligence, agrees. They’re quoted by Tech Insider saying “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”, an attitude that speaks well of their commitment to using reliable scientific methods and avoiding unfounded conspiracies.

Before we were studying Oumuamua and wondering if it was an extraterrestrial craft from outside our solar system there was another curious rock that scientists were also speculating about and that was the Philae probe and comet 67P.

Back in 2014, it was announced out of nowhere that the European Space Agency had been chasing what they thought was a suspicious looking anomaly in space.

A probe had caught up with the anomaly that was again reported to be a comet that did not act like a comet—again there was no condensation or any of the other known traits of a comet.

The probe caught up to the comet in August of 2014 after chasing it nearly 4 billion miles. It landed on the comet later November a remarkable feat for a probe and a first for space exploration. The probe sent a troubling woodpecker sound before it shut down – the woodpecker sound allegedly was coming from the rock and it was being interpreted by the probe and sent to another mother probe called Rosetta. After the sounds were sent the probe sent back the message that it was going to shut down.

The Lander’s Twitter feed broke the news of its demise, saying: “I’m feeling a bit tired, did you get all my data? I might take a nap…” But then it added: “I did it! I became the first spacecraft to land on a comet & study it! But it’s not over yet.”

Scientists dubbed 67P the singing comet.

The sound waves picked up by Rosetta were claimed to be moving through the comet’s magnetic field. Scientists with the mission said the vibrations were set off by a stream of charged particles ejected from the surface of the space rock, according to the European Space Agency.

There are many observers that claimed that the probe picked up communication from a possible intelligence source that was able to shut down the probe.

Magnetic-field sound waves have been detected from other comets, including what may be the most famous comet of all, Comet Halley. But those comet songs display very different physical properties than the sounds measured at Comet 67P, and Rosetta scientists said those differences suggest some unknown mechanism is responsible for creating 67P’s song.

Now, some 3 billion light years away there is a huge object that is sending some amazing signals our way.

The cosmic oddity exists in an intense galactic environment containing a powerfully magnetic source.

The weird object, now called FRB 121102, first announced its presence to Earthly astronomers in 2012, when a tremendously energetic, perplexingly quick flash of radio waves slammed into the giant telescope at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.

FRB121102 AudioAnalysis.MaxCreswellTurner.YouTube.2017

Though fast radio bursts had been baffling astronomers for years, this was the first one netted by Arecibo. Over the years, astronomers continued to study the spot on the sky, hoping to collect some clues about the cosmic enigma.

The thing most interesting is that the burst of energy has been repeating itself as if it were a beacon in space.

Are we to believe that what is happening is simply a natural phenomenon or are we getting signals being sent from extraterrestrials?

What is most disconcerting is except for the signals from Saturn, many of these signals are most likely from civilizations that have been dead for millions or even billions of years.

We know that the space between stars is vast, and light takes thousands of years to travel between them. In the time it takes an alien message to reach us, they may have been destroyed by a plague, a meteor impact. They could have destroyed themselves through war or environmental devastation. The message we receive could be the last cosmic breath of a dead civilization.

Basically, signals from long past effecting us in the present. This creates a causality conundrum and it can be left for the physicists to determine whether or not we are receiving cosmic messages in quantum bottles.

The problem of “who observes whom” is crucial. Although it seems a little far-fetched to say that reality only exists while observed — the stars are the reality we see in the night sky that may or may not be there at present.

Seeing is not necessarily believing and hearing is not necessarily the result of communicating.

Using science, it appears we can now explain how we interact with the Universe either through thought or through heavy power sending signals into space hoping for a response.

Quantum Mechanics is the steppingstone between ourselves and the Universe, between what we want and making it actually happen in the natural.

Perhaps the most renowned of its mysteries is the fact that the outcome of a quantum experiment can change depending on whether or not we choose to measure some property of the particles involved.

When this “observer effect” was first noticed by the early pioneers of quantum theory, they were deeply troubled. It seemed to undermine the basic assumption behind all science: that there is an objective world out there, irrespective of us. If the way the world behaves depends on how or if we look at it, what can “reality” really mean?

It does not exactly determine “what is real”. But it might affect the chance that each of the possible actualities permitted by quantum mechanics is the one we do in fact observe, in a way that quantum theory itself cannot predict.

Like breathing, we take for granted how our mind puts everything together. We can dream the dream of the alien and here there songs and maybe even their cries for help. The signals we are receiving could all be part of some dimensional reply to the various attempts at communication at CERN or elsewhere.

Evolutionary biology suggests life has progressed from a one dimensional reality, to two dimensions to three dimensions, and there’s no scientific reason to think that the evolution of life stops there.

Advanced civilizations would certainly have changed the algorithms so that instead of being trapped in the linear dimensions we find ourselves in, their consciousness moves through the multiverse and beyond.

Communications and signals could be nothing more than echoes in transition – a signal from Venus or the light from Lucifer – or something beyond Saturn in a twinkling of the eye.

Cracking open the Bible we can read in the 13th chapter of Isaiah that whatever these advanced beings are – they come from faraway lands and from the ends of the heavens and they have the powers bestowed upon them by God to carry out his wrath if need be.

Why wouldn’t they? They have been signaling their arrival ad Astra.

Written by Ron Patton

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