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Ron Patton | July 18, 2019
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In the hours after I first got the call about Tracy Twyman’s death, I was certain that someone was playing a cruel prank. The call I received was very vague and if memory serves I was told then that she had committed suicide and I thought – no, Tracy would not do that, she had a little boy that she loves very much and that she was very protective of him. I called my wife and she said the same thing to me — I said it has to be a prank.

I notified the receptionist desk in my office to give me a log of my incoming calls so that I could call back and ask about her death.

During that time I called the police department and they had no record of her or a report of her death. I then called another department and they came up with nothing – they referred me to the medical examiner and all I got was a recording.

I was called away from my desk for a second and returned – my phone rang. It was the police dispatch and they told me the awful news – yes Tracy was deceased. They did not tell me the cause of death. I was then given the number of the person who first informed me that we lost Tracy. I asked him if he knew her husband and if he could give me a call.

I had Tracy’s phone number but I did not have her husband’s number. I looked over some old papers and found their wedding application as I was the one who conducted their marriage ceremony. I remember that it took me off guard that she wanted me to marry them both; in fact, it was done at a Ground Zero anniversary event so there were balloons and cake and all kinds of guests to wish them well.

I found the number of her husband and gave him a call – he answered and the minute I told him who I was he broke down and cried. I immediately broke down with him. We must have cried a good five minutes before he told me that he found her – she apparently had hanged herself.

Her husband asked me to not give any details on the air until the family was notified. I guess I was one of a few that were told. I immediately rushed to my computer, created a tribute picture and posted it on my website. I canceled all of my appointments that day and we reran a show she did with us about the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral. What was coincidental is that she was supposed to schedule a show with us on that day about the ritualism that was seen in the Ari Aster film, Midsommar.

Just days prior, she had agreed to do the show with us and was in good spirits – she was also planning to do lunch with me but those plans fell through.

This is why I did not believe what I was hearing about Tracy – we made plans – she was excited to do the show she had all sorts of things she wanted to tell my audience about the movie and her investigative work she had been doing with regard to child ritual abuse.

The day after we reran the show, I knew that the day after I would have to break the news on the air. It was the most difficult thing I had to do since 2001 when days after the 9/11 attacks I had to weigh the difficult decision to declare it a conspiracy against this country.

I was feeling the same way because I had to weigh the decision of announcing that she had taken her own life or go with my gut that she had been murdered because she was investigating the dark reality of Satanic ritual abuse at the hands of the powerful.

I opted to be respectful of the family and thus I felt the need to do a simple eulogy. It was from my heart and it was spontaneous. However I did realize something as I was speaking – even though I admired Tracy’s work with occult subjects, even though I co-wrote a book with her, even though I officiated over her first husband’s funeral, even though I conducted the marriage ceremony to her second husband, even though she was a producer for my radio show – I never felt so distant, confused and in the dark.

I said on the air that even though I was so close to the situation I was so far away and the possibility of her being the victim of an assassination had me fearing for her close friends and business associates.

Within a day of my posting her death notice on my website, I started to notice a scattering of disconnected facts that were being used to support just about any theory from a suicide, to the faking of her death, to an assassination carried out by some dark pedophile cabal that threatened her life.

I started playing the game of “him I know” “him I don’t know” or was she really that close with this person? I started getting messages on Facebook from people who would ask me questions I had no answers to –and giving me information about her I did not want to hear.

For days it bothered me that I kept my promise to remain silent and wait for the investigation or the cue that I can say with certainty what happened to her.

What was eating at me is that I saw no obituary – I saw no other tributes there were no news stories and I began to wonder about whether or not law enforcement knew who she was and why her suicide was suspicious and why the silence was unbearable.

Twyman was a prolific author and commentator – she appeared in a movie I was involved with called, Bloodline, and we made an appearance together on Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.

I was first hooked on her work with the book Merovingian Mythos and I had picked up a copy of her cult zine, Dagobert’s Revenge, when I was younger.

I remember when I found out she lived in the Pacific Northwest – I realized that I had to meet her – I had to have her on my show and her first real in-depth interview on my show was about the missing of alchemy and economics. She was promoting her book, Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge.

Once during many of our talks, she brought up an interview that I did in 2005 with Rolling Stone magazine about my research into the Antichrist coming from the British Royal Family.

We wrote a small book together called, Antichrist 2012 – that went out of print but the information that I gleaned from it became a powerpoint lecture I did called, The AC/DC God. In fact, she was in the audience when I presented it ironically enough in a Masonic Lodge.

When I had cancer for my 3rd time, she visited me and got to know my then long-time girlfriend Janine. They became friends and after I recovered, I invited her to be the producer of Ground Zero.

When she was the producer of the show we had many interesting shows about the occult, we would use Ouija boards—I would attend occult gatherings and meet people that were well known in the fields of magic and conspiracy theory.

Working with her was an education every day and she was responsible for booking hard to get guests and even was helpful in arranging interviews with Ministry’s Al Jourgenson, Corey Taylor from Slipknot, David J from the band, Bauhaus, and Jinx Dawson from Coven.

Of course, working with Tracy invited controversy.

Her background in the occult, her relationship with Boyd Rice a known Satanist – her investigation into Merovingian mythos and her work in uncovering Satanic Ritual Abuse had some amateur conspiracy theorists spinning stories about her being my handler; that she had me under some sort of spell and that she controlled the show and made it a tool for Satan

Well no, that was not true.

Tracy was a warrior and was not afraid to climb into the abyss to get to the ugly truth. I was so surprised at how resilient she was and how efficient she was as a producer and a contributor to many of my shows, imparting knowledge about the occult, symbolism and even synchronicity.

Then one day she came into the office – she started clearing out her desk and she said I can no longer work here. I was shocked. I said was there something I said or was there something I did.

She said no – and just left. No answers, no indication of being unhappy nothing.

We did not speak for months. Eventually, she called me and apologized for leaving me. I asked if she could say why –and she told me that she did it in order to protect her child and to protect me.

I asked from what – she said she would meet with me to tell me about how she was involved with exposing a group of very bad people. When I met her at a park, she seemed nervous and paranoid. She was very protective of her son.

She informed me that someone was harassing her online, that she felt like she had been targeted. I tried to assure her that she would be okay but she told me that I did not understand.

Apparently, I didn’t – I was unaware of how deep the rabbit hole went for her. I kept in contact with her and even invited her to share her work at a speaking engagement called Ground Zero University. It was very dark and was implicating the British elite in a pedophile scandal.

This was around the same time that Max Spiers had died – many may not remember that he was involved with exposing both British and American power brokers involved with drugs and human trafficking.

He died a horrible death where he vomited up black liquid. Police say that he was suicidal but his associated believed that he was the victim of a black magic spell.

It then became the common conspiracy theory that certain people in the media were trying to expose the power elite’s penchant for young boys and girls were found dead of apparent suicides.

Anthony Bourdain, Chris Cornell, and Chester Bennington were some of the celebrity deaths that were rumored to be murders carried out to silence them as they were going to go to the press and present names of people who were involved with ritual sexual abuse with minors.

Tracy notified me that there were videos that were being inserted into YouTube that were there to harm children exposing them to violent images and guiding them to Amazon sites that sold questionable things.

In the continuous play mode, children were allegedly being exposed to sexually suggestive videos inserted between their innocuous Five Finger Family videos and videos of people peeling chocolate eggs. It was Tracy Twyman who informed me of this phenomenon in February of 2019. She also warned me that a character I talked about earlier in the summer “MoMo” would be used to terrify children into committing suicide. This was long before it was even talked about in the mainstream news.

It was then that Tracy introduced me to meme magic and the power on online sigils that are very powerful things.

What is even creepier is that Tracy informed me that there were Bots were creating offensive ads that were linked in the videos – the ads were selling products to kids that may or may not have existed.

One ad featured the sale of adult diapers worn by old men with crutches and an iPhone case thrown in for free.

There was another ad that was reportedly linked in a children’s video that was an ad for T-shirts that said “Keep Calm and Rape A Lot” on the front.

All of these links went to Amazon.

The Amazon offer of the diapers worn by old men was actually from a German company that somehow was able to get their ads into the mix on Amazon.

They also were peddling sex toys as well. They have since been taken down.

Likewise, the case of the “Keep Calm and Rape A Lot” t-shirts along with the “Keep Calm and Knife Her” and “Keep Calm and Hit Her” ones were actually made by Bots.

Nobody set out to create these shirts: the bots just paired an unchecked list of verbs and pronouns with an online image generator.

It’s quite possible that none of these shirts ever physically existed, were ever purchased or worn, and thus Amazon claimed that no harm was done. Once again though, the people filtering content failed to notice, and neither did the distributor. They literally had no idea what they were doing.

It appeared that Bots are doing some very curious things and when they are not watched or check they can certainly harm kids.

It was later reported that a YouTuber named Matt Watson alleged that YouTube’s recommended algorithm were facilitating pedophiles’ ability to connect with each other, trade contact info, and link to actual child pornography in the comments.

Watson also posted an in-depth video explaining how pedophiles are able to manipulate YouTube’s video recommendation algorithm to redirect a search for “bikini haul” videos, featuring adult women, to exploitative clips of children participating in sexually suggestive behavior — such as posing in front of mirrors and doing gymnastics and “yoga stretching.”

Then there are the innocuous videos with inappropriate comments from pedophiles, including some with timestamps capturing children in compromising positions.

Even though there were a group of people claiming it was a hoax – YouTube began banning videos and scrutinizing their comments sections.

This topic was probably the most difficult topic that I approached – in fact I received attacks for even mentioning this and was told that I was perpetrating a hoax. I could not believe the harsh response.

I had a few conversations with her after that about what she was involved with and she would not tell me and that when she was ready to talk I would be the first to know.

She then disappeared from my radar – we didn’t speak for a while – I thought that she was busy with things – I really had no Idea what those things were.

It wasn’t until after I announced that she died I found out.

Tracy had been in touch with Isaac Kappy, the bit actor who was accused of attacking Paris Jackson and citing a number of heavy weight actors and directors as pedophiles.

Kappy had been interviewed by Alex Jones, and was a allegedly a victim of suicide as police reported that last month Kappy forced himself off of a bridge in Arizona. Tracy later had informed some of her associates that she was investigating a campground in Williams, Arizona where Kappy was before he died.

The person who allegedly owned the campground threatened Tracy and her son and was able to enlist some of his friends to harass and attack her online. Tracy believed that something bad happened at the campground and she was gathering evidence for a case.

That was the last I heard about what she was up to – she told us a week before her death that she would come on and talk about rituals, customs, and sacrifices seen in the movie, Midsommar.

She was found hanged the day before her appearance.

I never stop thinking about how much of a loss this is to the world.

How much of a loss it is at this time in history – Tracy was able to uncover the esoteric nature of life.

She would walk in areas where brave men feared to tread. She was so strong and yet in a lot of ways, she was fragile. She was highly intelligent, loyal and was a great mother to her little boy.

I just can’t believe that she would leave this world by her own hand without providing any information in order to guarantee that her legacy would live on through her child.

Everything now is silent – everything now is just as mysterious as it was before her death. We have managed to convince the police department to not close her case. While it has only been days since her death we mourn her loss and reach out for answers.

Tracy was vigilant with her information and even went to the FBI to expose it. They did not follow up on her complaints.

Now a storm of controversy surrounds her death and it is important to either debunk the conspiracy theories or validate them before she has any peace.

Written by Ron Patton

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