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Ron Patton | July 19, 2018
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I wish I could interrupt the mainstream train of thought and derail it in order to get someone to understand that it now can be declared the Russian meddling probes are a distraction from what is truly going on.

Now that we are being told by the President that Russia meddled in the 2016 elections, I am curious as what is to be done about it and how to we conclude that the Russia is an enemy and that Trump has committed an act of treason.

I want to say that the real enemy is the mainstream media who is now framing a dangerous narrative which is distracting us from what needs to be reported and investigated.

China is now moving its chess pieces as we are focusing on Russia and they are certainly being strident and no one is noticing.

When our DARPA whistleblower “Sam” called in to give us information about a possible attack on a diplomat during the Trump summit – he said that he believed the Chinese are responsible for using the secret Medusa weapon. A listener from Florida called the show to say that he was a Cuban who claimed to have been a witness to the mysterious cases of the diplomats who were victims of mind control and sonic torture.

He stated that he believed that the Chinese were involved in the Cuban, Chinese Embassy and Singapore Summit attacks.

Now new revelations again create a compelling conspiracy that needs to be addressed.

According to Patrick Tucker of Defense One, four days before U.S. and Russian leaders met in Helsinki, hackers from China launched a wave of brute-force attacks on internet-connected devices in Finland, seeking to gain control of gear that could collect audio or visual intelligence.

Traffic aimed at remote command-and-control features for Finnish internet-connected devices began to spike July 12, according to a July 19 report by Seattle-based cybersecurity company, F5.

Finland is not typically a top attacked country; it receives a small number of attacks on a regular basis,” the report says.

China generally originates the largest chunk of such attacks; in May, Chinese attacks accounted for 29 percent of the total. But as attacks began to spike on July 12, China’s share rose to 34 percent, the report said. Attacks jumped 2,800 percent.

The China-based hackers’ primary target was SSH (or Secure Shell) Port 22 — not a physical destination but a specific set of instructions for routing a message to the right destination when the message hits the server.

It’s the sort of attack that’s easier for actors with lots of human and computer power to throw at the problem, but hardly exclusive to them.

The attackers also heavily targeted Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP, Port 5060, used by teleconferencing software and internet-based phone apps.

China wasn’t alone in trying to gain access to Helsinki’s internet-connected devices in the lead-up to the July 16 summit. Attack traffic came from the U.S., France, and Italy as well, in that order. But the U.S. and French traffic was in keeping with averages. Russian attack traffic dropped considerably from third, its usual spot, to fifth. German attack traffic jumped.

Speaking at the Aspen Security Forum on Wednesday evening, FBI director Christopher Wray commented that “China from a counterintelligence perspective represents the broadest, most pervasive, most threatening challenge we face as a country.”


We are focusing on Russia meddling when we should be keeping our eyes on China, which last time I checked is a Communist country.

At the beginning of July, China’s military reforms were revealed by leaked internal documents, which indicate that Beijing intends to expand its military might offshore so that the country will be allowed to “manage a crisis, contain a conflict, win a war” and overtake the United States in military strength.

This information allegedly was drawn up in February of this year just prior to China’s annual meeting where they declared that China is now ready to be the world leader including internet infrastructure, and global leadership.

If the reforms go ahead, they will lead to heightened tensions with China’s neighboring countries, including Japan, in the East and South China Seas and the US.

The documents read: “As we open up and expand our national interests beyond borders, we desperately need a comprehensive protection of our own security around the globe.”

The report adds a military expansion will allow China to “more effectively create a situation, manage a crisis, contain a conflict, win a war, defend the expansion of our country’s strategic interests in an all-round fashion and realize the goals set by the party and Chairman Xi”.

It also makes clear from the start that the People’s Liberation Army is in line with the “core” leader Xi Jinping and agrees and adheres to his thought on socialism for a new era.

According to Newsweek, the authors argue a “strong military might is important for a country to grow from being big to being strong,” indicating that the US, Russia and Japan are the example of it.

There are no hard and fast rules as to what makes a state a superpower, but there are some defining characteristics that most pundits agree are necessary to earn the title. Since World War II, only three world powers have been referred to as “superpowers” – the Soviet Union, the British Empire and the United States. The first two have since lost that distinction, leaving America as the world’s only true superpower, according to most history experts.

Arguably, we are seeing deterioration in our superpower status, but this is not the fault of the current administration. This has been a growing concern as there seem to be vultures circling and one of them is said to be China.

China is now generally seen as the next candidate for the superpower distinction, with some actually asserting that China has aims to take over the world.

I really do not see China taking over the world but I have always worried that their form of government is the model being sought after by globalists who see the China as an example of how a world government could operate efficiently.

Most Ground Zero listeners remember back in 2009, I conducted a series of lectures and shows where I predicted that if a global government or a new order was established on a global scale it would be patterned after the state Socialism that the Chinese have adopted.

From Agenda 21 models to the Model at the Rio Summit, it was becoming quite clear that the Chinese Model of Government would be used by the globalists in order to being equilibrium to the planet.

After the Summit 2030 meetings and the political messages that were delivered it was becoming clearer that the Chinese Model of Climate Change efforts were being praised by the committees.

After the Rio +20 Summit, a Chinese government planner named Sha Zukang spoke about what plans can be utilized for a global government. He outlined future goals for the committee, which would help governments of the world in the global pursuit of “sustainable development.”


Zukang had encouraged speeding the process to require the creation of an “institutional framework”; otherwise, known as the global enforcement bureaucracy to mandate compliance by the world’s national governments and populations.

For your own research on the conference you can read the 204 page document of the agenda entitled, “Working Towards a Balanced and Inclusive Green Economy, A United Nations System-Wide Perspective,” which of course is detailed as “the green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication.” This of course is crucial in setting the foundation for global environmental governance. This is of course the cornerstone for the New World Order globalist agenda.

Among other countries, the report particularly praises China as “a good example of combining investments and public policy incentives to encourage major advances in the development of cleaner technologies.”

The Rio+20 proposals were first detailed in the year 2012. Further meetings like the 2030 Summit again spoke of worldwide political moves for global sustainability which includes secret police forces that would enforce the new strategies for the goals of the United Nations.

One of them included a global “framework” for censoring the internet, as well as for using government propaganda to “counter” what its thought police call “online propaganda,” “hateful ideologies,” and “digital terrorism.”

Another strategy was smart neighborhoods monitored by advanced AI using powerful speeds to maintain security and function on a global scale.

The models discussed were the precursors to 5G technology and the Internet of things, which China claims is working quite well as they see themselves as the heartbeat of all things connected from smart neighborhoods to social credit as a means to keep citizens policing themselves.

The old adage “whoever dies with the most toys wins” is a joke, but the idea could apply to the battle being waged between the United States and China. China not only wants the toys, they want the resources and they are also bidding for being the model government for the United Nations and their political plans for 2030.

The new United Nations reports on global sustainability include adopting a series of political philosophies that most people compare to those of Marx and Engel’s “Communist Manifesto,” wherein it’s organizational and operational structure appears to largely be a paraphrasical equivalent to the 10 short-term demands Marx prescribed in section II, “Proletarians and Communists.”

However, instead of the UN overthrowing the capitalist system, it simply wants to tie it to a leash and be subject to the UN’s ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ to redistribute wealth around the world to “magically elevate the poverty class to the middle class.

Last March, Chinese leader Xi Jinping declared to the world that China is ready to lead on issues like free trade and climate change. Now, he’s ready to extend his leadership to political parties everywhere.

At the big annual gathering of Chinese lawmakers and political advisors, Xi said that China is offering a “new type of political party system” — a Chinese solution that contributes to the development of political parties around the world.

Xi is now saying that the Chinese model of government sought after for the New World Order has been perfected and is now ready to be implemented across the board and is now being proposed to other governments and political parties for consideration.

The Chinese Communist Party has always said the country will never copy the political systems of other countries; in particular, the Western notion of democracy. But under Xi, the most powerful Chinese leader in four decades, China’s own one-party system is one that is ready to be exported to regimes everywhere.

The term “new type of political party system” was first put forward by Xi when he delivered a speech to his non-party political advisors. It’s not the first time that Xi has floated the idea that China’s political model can make a contribution to the world. This time, however, Chinese state media churned out a wave of articles to underscore the significance of this new phrase.

The system called, “multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the Chinese Communist party’s leadership” has been used as evidence that China is also a democracy, albeit a democracy that is on a leash. A so-called democracy that is just enough to mask the true underhanded nature of their State Socialist ideologies.

In the leaked documents released a few days ago it reads that direct confrontation with the US is referred to as “a slower vehicle on a curve”, which means it is in decline but it also claims the aim of the reforms is to surpass the American military might.

We have to ask how they will surpass our military in order to take over.

It appears that we are being distracted by Russian meddling and should be concerned with Chinese meddling, cyber attacks, and a virtual government take over.

The new documents were leaked, as the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy launched two advanced warships designed for surface warfare, long-range air defense and anti-submarine operations, as the country’s naval modernization continues.

In May, the United States raised concerns with China about its latest militarization of the South China Sea and claimed there will be short-term and long-term consequences.

I say again – the focus on Russia is a distraction and China, a communist nation is making their moves with their technological expertise.

Russia now is nowhere near the strategic or global threat the Communist Soviet Union presented. It is a poorly educated America that clings to the idea the Russia is still a communist state.

Russia’s form of government now is not being considered for the global model of the New World Order. But China’s form of government is.

Yet, all we seem to hear from our elite is endless whining that Putin has not been sanctioned enough for desecrating “our democracy.”

Written by Ron Patton

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