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Clyde Lewis | July 20, 2020
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As Portland slips further into chaos amid the seventh week of nightly protests, local and state officials have slammed the Trump administration for sending Homeland Security agents to perform crowd control and arrest what DHS Secretary Chad Wolf described last week as “lawless anarchists.”

The media, mostly CNN have been disingenuous calling all of the gatherings near the federal building peaceful when they are absolutely not. There may be a few well-meaning protesters in the mix but the majority are demonstrators that wish to destroy property.

What the media will not tell you is that most of the peaceful protesters and those who support Black Lives Matter have avoided the downtown war zone and have opted to convene in parks in the north and eastern neighborhoods to hear inspirational speakers and work on solutions to improve equality in the community.

This should be commended and yet the media fails to focus on what is right about the peaceful gatherings.

What is being seen downtown is quite chilling, as troops have amassed downtown making the area look like Kandahar. Through clouds of teargas you see men dressed in camouflage randomly apprehending people and taking them away.

President Trump described the situation in Portland as “worse than Afghanistan,” adding “we’re going to have more federal law enforcement.” Moreover, there are now plans to send law enforcement personnel to some major US cities.

“We can’t let this happen to the cities,” Trump told reporters at the White House, adding “The politicians out there are afraid of these people.”

The politicians in question are Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Oregon Governor Kate Brown. Both appeared on CNN saying that what is happening is political theater and is contributing to the violence.

However, if both think that it is political theater then perhaps they should show up at these rallies and then they can decide if they really want to call this political theater.

Both of them would not last a minute if they were among the crowds that they so willingly defend. Then they would learn that what is happening is not just peaceful protests – there is more than meets the eye and what is happening is what is to be expected.

Organized insurrection is most definitely used in order to get governments to change their policies and to become less about law and order and more about bringing order to chaos by whatever means necessary even if it is not constitutional.

This is above all of the political grandstanding provided by both sides – but the deceit is an interesting development as no politician or leader wishes to stand in those crowds and defend what little of the constitution we have.

Both Wheeler and Brown said on CNN that “this needs to stop or it can happen in your city” but what they don’t tell you is that it can happen in your city if your leaders fail to stop the utter disregard for law and order.

This has been happening in Portland for 50 days –and every night it seems to be getting worse.

The Catch 22 is that this is a dry run for general urban mobilization that conspiracy theorist feared would go down before the fall of the United States.

One of the most outspoken conspiracy theorists on this topic was the late Jack McLamb, a military veteran, and retired Phoenix police officer who was a frequent guest of Ground Zero. On many occasions until his death in 2014 McLamb had predicted that the United States was being groomed for a race war and that deep state operatives were smuggling drugs, guns and ammo into the United States in order to create a war between the police and minority groups.

This was similar to what Charles Manson described was Helter Skelter.

Following his retirement from the Phoenix Police Department in 1986, McLamb became active on the Patriot circuit, speaking at various events often wearing his police uniform and running a shortwave radio show where he often railed against the “New World Order.”

He produced a periodical called Aid & Abet Police Newsletter and, most famously, a 75-page document titled Operation Vampire Killer 2000: American Police Action Plan for Stopping World Government Rule, written in 1992.

In that year, the state of Alaska hosted “Police 2000” with participating military and police personnel from the United States, Canada, and Russia, all merging together towards a transnational police organization for the coming global village.

It was there that law enforcement was actually told that if the United States was to fall into chaos there were already camps that were on the ready authorized by President Ronald Reagan.

This was part of the REX 84 program that was capable of detaining anywhere from 32 to 40,000 people.

On May 3, 1994, President Clinton signed a Presidential Decision Directive allowed for unprecedented intervention in any insurrection by U.N. troops within the borders of the United States where the United States Military would have to serve under foreign commanders.

This has been in cards for many years and no one has had the reason to utilize part of the plan until now.

It is beginning to look bad for this country as the Deep State has declared war on the Trump Administration and he has declared war on them. It is like a political King Kong vs. Godzilla where we are rooting for one or the other despite the fact that it is doing damage to our national security and domestic tranquility.

This is how civil wars get started.

I know our image and action parameters tell us that civil wars are where people find and open field somewhere in the middle of nowhere, wear blue and gray suits and have a shootout, but let’s face it we are in the 21st century and we have become more sophisticated than that.

Our first Civil War did officially end slavery, and affirm to some extent the supremacy of the Federal government – we never stopped fighting political, legal and cultural battles over the fundamental issues of states’ rights and just exactly who was, and who was not, entitled to the full benefits of citizenship.

It has taken a century and a half to go full circle.

Some of the issues of today were not even on the proverbial radar during the first Civil War, but almost all of the arguments today have a linear connection to issues of civil rights, rural vs. urban economies, and the power of the federal government over states.

I know that makes it all sound so simple, but it is one way to make it so even though we are seeing more complex tensions strategies being used to create more and more chaos in our country.

The media, both the nonfiction and fictional factions have created the “what if…” scenarios of disruption, meaning what if there is a coup? What if there is an assassination attempt, or a decapitation exercise where many authorities are unable to continue to serve the nation.

It can be argued that what is happening right now is not just a gathering of peaceful protesters but a well-funded color revolution that is going unopposed.

The various components of this operation are carefully coordinated. It can be said that all the essential features of an American-style “color revolution” with the intent to destabilize the Trump administration is in play.

The “color revolution” is a US intelligence operation which consists in covertly supporting as well as infiltrating protest movements with a view to triggering “regime change” under the banner of a pro-democracy template. The objective of a “color revolution” is to delegitimize elections, create violence, foment social unrest and use the protest movement to topple an existing government.

The ultimate goal is to create a Deep State compliant government.

Engineered protest movements are carefully planned. They are intelligence ops. They use non-governmental organizations to recruit protesters.

Revolution and civil war like anything else nowadays is a business.

Has anyone noticed how what is happening in Portland, Oregon looks like what happened in the Ukraine, or Venezuela?

I have always pointed out that we are seeing the essence of Operation Condor where a South American experiment that began in 1973 was able to make an extreme exchange of power from one regime to another.

During the power exchange, the economic power of the people was devalued to a forced scarcity economy. Union organizations became militant and average citizens attempted unsuccessfully to arrest government officials.

They were met with lethal force. Many of those who rebelled were rounded up and placed in camps. The first to go were journalists, whistleblowers, and artists. There were also religious figures that were either blackmailed or exposed with manufactured stories of corruption. This caused hysteria and many unfortunate victims became known as the disappeared. Those that escaped their own dictatorship’s security services were often captured and tortured in other Condor countries and eventually returned from where they fled to be executed. Condor agents also located and killed dissidents in operations outside Latin America, in several European nations and the United States.

It is with this one event that the “terrorism card” was shuffled from the deck and, since it has been placed on the table, it has been an effective way of implementing governmental changes and power exchanges throughout history.

During the dirty war in Argentina, part of the Condor upheaval, people “disappeared” as they were taken away by paramilitary groups to black sites where they were tortured and killed.

In similar fashion we are told that Unmarked vehicles, disappearing people off the streets of Portland. What is also an interesting parallel is that in Argentina a group of mothers gathered together at Plaza de Mayo in front of the government buildings to protest the disappearing of their children in unmarked vans and police vehicles.

In Portland, Oregon, at least 30 mothers on Saturday gathered to form a barrier between federal agents who have descended on the city and protesters.

The women stood as part of a crowd of approximately 400 people at the federal courthouse in the city for hours, chanting “Feds stay clear! Moms are here!” before federal agents fired tear gas and flash bangs into the crowd.

When I saw this – It was like reliving a nightmare. It looks like what is happening is a Condor like color revolution that is devolving into a dirty war that is made in America.

It is marked by fundamental rivalries within the US establishment, namely the clash between competing corporate factions, each of which is intent upon exerting control over the government. The corporate factions are financing anarcho communist factions to disrupt peaceful protests and hijack many of the movements that seek to be heard by governments.

An aggravation strategy of tension has many Americans losing their cool. It is becoming so pervasive; there is some theorizing that this is an intentional psychological operation to harden the resolve of those wishing to implement the police state.

Portland, Oregon appears to be the place for the dress rehearsal of what is to come elsewhere in the nation.

In a letter Friday, Oregon’s two senators and two of its House members demanded that U.S. Attorney General William Barr and Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf immediately withdraw “these federal paramilitary forces from our state.”

The members of Congress also said they’ll be asking the DHS inspector general and the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the presence and actions of federal forces in Portland.

Welcome to the Helter Games.

I know that there are many people who will say that we can attribute all of this chaos to President Trump but this has obviously been building for some time.

The division has been fomented by deep state operatives to topple not only this administration – but the United States and its fundamental continuity in general.

We now see rogue troops in the streets disappearing people with questionable probable cause and no due process—are there arrests being made? Will there be trials? Are the suspects being brought to Black sites without any access to lawyers?

These are serious questions that should be asked… even if they are heading up an insurrection we should see the perpetrators tried in a court of law.

If we start to see extrajudicial executions in the streets of Portland, Oregon and elsewhere we can conclude that we are moving from a color revolution to a civil war.

The decimation and division threatens our way of life.

This division has been used as a political tool and when someone attempts to expose the conspiracy, many people see it as a political attack. But we now have to admit that chaos and conspiracy thrive, with manipulators and ideologues using the media to stir up a war of all against all and encouraging the worst behaviors in people, ostensibly to ‘express their individuality’, but really to euthanize their conscience and force their submission.

I have warned everyone that we must demand due process even if we believe that the suspects that have been captured are guilty. However, there are still many people out there that weigh in on the what ifs instead of what is and what happens to the people who are allegedly innocent until proven guilty.

It is well-known that in every despotic government all citizens are guilty until they can prove their innocence, that is if they get a fair trial by their peers, In many cases this doesn’t happen and people find themselves dead or disappeared and families have to try and recover their losses.

The media has created a court of public opinion, that act upon and behalf of an unseen “cult of public safety” that mandates that in most cases police are justified in killing a suspect without a trial.

The militarized police become in essence the “death squads” that unwittingly work for a “system of shadows.”

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that one political party holds wisdom over another in matters that we are facing now – not one politician especially Oregon Governor Kate Brown and Mayor Ted Wheeler would last 5 minutes if they stood in front of these so called peaceful crowds to ask for order.

In the Argentine Dirty War, authorities and police agencies would carry out illegal activities that were fully visible to the public but denied or covered up by the media because of statements of disinformation given by authorities.

People were facing brutality on a day to day basis. Many faced the constant danger of out of control attacks from ‘”death squads” or “gangs” that were used for strategic targeting of whistleblowers and political opponents.

Places of education were also targets, where children were killed and teachers were also kidnapped and disappeared.

These events were used as political fodder as those in power were enabled them to deliver an extremely clear message to their political opponents about policies that needed to be overturned, many of them were policies that secured civil rights and privileges provided by their constitution.

Which by the way was an exact copy of our constitution.

Look at all of the other countries that we have had a hand in creating a color revolution. Look at Ukraine, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina – read about what happened to their countries and from there you can tell what will happen to ours.

These examples are the standard by which the pattern can be revealed and all we have to do is identify the puppet masters.

It is obvious that the same puppet masters are pulling the strings and that we really need to pay attention to how these power exchanges begin.

You can’t have a reset without a reason to prove that people who are sick and divided are simply ungovernable. You can’t offer a sleek new government without demonstrating that local officials are unable to control their people, forcing the hand of a President that feels he has no other alternative than to implement martial law.

Before we start pointing fingers as to who is making things worse, keep in mind that these protests that seemed to sprinkled with mob violence, rampant incivility, intolerance, and an arrogant disdain for how an open marketplace of ideas can advance freedom have politicized what should never have been politicized: police brutality and the government’s ongoing assaults on our freedoms.

Every button has been pushed to force some individuals into revolution – the revolutionaries are seen setting fires in police precincts and destroying public property soliciting a response.

The response is storm troopers in the streets if anyone else cares to defend what is theirs – the other response will lead to civil war.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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