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Clyde Lewis | July 21, 2021
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The internet again is buzzing about the confrontations that have been going on between Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci regarding the alleged funding of a Gain of Function exercise at the Wuhan lab.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, angrily confronted Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul in testimony on Capitol Hill, rejecting Paul’s insinuation that the U.S. helped fund research at a Chinese lab that could have sparked the COVID-19 outbreak.Fauci and Rand Paul have terse exchange: 'You do not know what you are talking about' - CNNPolitics

Sen. Paul suggested that Dr. Fauci had lied before Congress when in May he denied that the National Institutes of Health funded so-called “Gain of Function” research — the practice of enhancing a virus in a lab to study its potential impact in the real world — at a Wuhan virology lab. U.S. intelligence agencies are currently exploring theories that an accidental leak from that lab could have led to the global pandemic.

“I have not lied before Congress. I have never lied. Certainly not before Congress. Case closed,” Dr. Fauci told Sen. Paul before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, saying a study the senator mentioned referenced a different sort of virus entirely from the one responsible for the coronavirus outbreak.

“Senator Paul, you do not know what you’re talking about, quite frankly,” Dr. Fauci said. “And I want to say that officially. You do not know what you’re talking about.”

He added, “If anybody is lying here, senator, it is you.”

Fauci gets a little irate when someone decides to get in his face about how the so called science overreach has never matched the intensity in which the media has pushed the scare stories about COVID-19 and social media has censored contrasting points of view about it.

People are fed up and Rand Paul is their only representative that speaks about the public’s disgust about how they have been lied to over and over again.

COVID-19 has been headlining news for over a year now. Although the virus is still out there and new cases come in every day, a new study finds the public is starting to tune out coronavirus updates. Researchers from the University of California-Davis say society is becoming desensitized to the health crisis, especially when it comes to following pandemic-era safety measures.

Their study looked at both COVID-19 new articles and reaction to these updates on Twitter to see how the public’s attitudes are changing since early 2020. Researchers say that despite the death toll continuing to increase, people are generally showing less concern about COVID-related news.

It is a drastic change from where the world was just over a year ago. In the Spring of 2020, many people started to hoard essential supplies like toilet paper, panic-buying whatever items they could find, and generally reacting with extreme anxiety on social media.

So as the public looks at COVID now with the proverbial yawn — the variant scare is in full swing.

As we reported in the beginning of the pandemic, did you really believe that the powers that be would let go of their power without a fight or a new bogeyman that they can grasp out of thin air to scare the public into getting the vaccine?

Did we learn our lesson after 9/11 when the Patriot Act was introduced and how the media kept reporting that another major terror attack was coming –and we waited and waited and waited and nothing?

It was a matter of reinforcing the propaganda when the people lost interest because as we all know Americans eventually get on with their lives until another scary thing comes along that government can use as a tool to take away your human dignity and human rights.

The technocrats are saying that Americans are going back to what they call “risky behavior” as if people never even considered that living life has its risks.

Communications doctoral student Hannah Stevens says that’s no longer the case. In fact, the findings reveal people are now shifting back to risky social behavior and are less fearful of ignoring pandemic measures like social distancing.

Oh, perish the thought that we as human beings want to shake hands, hug and kiss again. Show that we care for one another rather than acting like machines.

The technocrats are baffled as to why with all the variant scare tactics Americans are trying to get back to normal.

This is the statement I read from California Davis:

“COVID-19 has made an indelible mark on history, and now it’s time to consider what went wrong so we can do better in communicating more effectively during future health crises, and even now, as the delta variant becomes more widespread. First and foremost, we need to understand how and why scary health news lost impact over time, despite the rapidly increasing death toll.”

So, let me get this straight — they are concerned because Americans have now rejected the flimsy misinformation that has been given to them and in their words “scary health news” lost its impact?

Is this a serious question?

This is ludicrous.

News overload has taken its toll –when people were not dropping dead in the streets and vomiting blood like what was going around the net from China, we should have realized then that we were being sold a horror story for a virus that has a recovery rate of 98%.

Americans take chances with their health every day — but when faced with a death report daily in all media — people at first will do things to avoid getting sick and later they think of whether or not that sneeze, or sniffle is going to kill them.

I read this “Covid doesn’t scare people anymore study” and noticed that the effect of early fear-based health messages in the news motivated many people to change their behavior to help curb COVID’s spread. That includes social distancing and quarantining indoors. However, researchers also find over-exposure to the constant stream of fear-based reporting is desensitizing people to the message.

Using computer programs to analyze the language people are using on Twitter, researchers measured the anxiety levels the public has been displaying throughout the crisis. They also compared those results to the overall COVID death toll in the United States. The results show that as the months go on, the anxiety in Twitter reaction to new coronavirus news simply isn’t there.

In fact, the results show that the majority of people were perplexed as to how a virus that had a huge recovery rate and a low mortality rate created so much chaos. The majority of Americans did not and do not trust the so-called experts like Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci and Leana Wen.

While many people have made a Pascals Wager with the vaccine, some have had buyers remorse because of the side effects and others fear that they were pressured into getting it to save their jobs and to participate in normal everyday events.

This indicates that people want the whole affair to go away but the media continues to use scary stories that many see as fraudulent or overly exaggerated.

Furthermore, the report states:

“Our study shows a need to delve deeper into how to re-sensitize the public and motivate them to take action in the face of an ongoing emergency. Testing the effectiveness of various health-risk communication strategies could quite possibly mean the difference between life and death in the future.”

In other words — their strategy is to scare people again –and they are doing it by encouraging people to go back to social distancing reporting caseloads and death tolls.

The truth is they can’t kill enough to scare Americans into caring for their health.

So the process includes going back to re-reporting “infection rates” or “positive test rates” and focus on the change in hospitalizations/deaths.

Forget about reporting that age is a factor in recovery – also ignore that deaths can happen with people who have comorbidities. Forget that COVID-19 can affect people mildly and that cases of death are actually due to a certain demographic.

We need to push scare tactics to get what we want.

This is exactly what I was trying to tell you when I was talking about how using death is a great tool for getting what you want. Propaganda has been used in the same way a terrorist puts a gun to your head to get you to do what you wouldn’t normally do.

It is now hard to determine what is fraud and what is fact.

If you mention immune systems these days, the die-hard Covid restriction prefects will look at you like you don’t understand the power of plexiglass. Immune systems are now just primitive things from the old days that don’t work without Dr Fauci giving his approval.

We find social isolation and an irrational fear of other people without masks to be a lot more efficient. This is what they’ve done to people.

This passes for science.

It is social engineering — not science, but to say so makes you a heretic.

We’re being played like most people literally wouldn’t believe. It’s an inconvenient truth, but no number of drugs, jabs or insane, futile, war-like rampages to obliterate germs is ever going to result in improved health.

People do a lot of things that are inherently unhealthy — but give them the death report every day and they will wear the mask and then socially distance while they are inhaling that Tar and nicotine from Marlboro pack — or have a few too many before they get into that car and drive home. Or reach for that Big Mac and fried before they even consider Wheat Grass and that Kale smoothie.

Every year there is more fear surrounding health and germs. Every year there are more drugs and vaccines. Every year there are more ‘vulnerable’ people and increased ill health.

We were not designed to live like this.

Psychologically we are a mess. A lot of people have been afraid of their own shadows, but it doesn’t stop them from living a little dangerously.

This is what toughens you up– and the reality is that every acute illness toughens the body up. The old saying whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger– but not according to Dr. Fauci — even if you got Covid and have the antibodies you should go ahead and pollute yourself with more poison — your body is now a chemistry set — see how far you get before you take the wrong thing and be an Iatrogenic statistic.

Not only is it completely unnecessary but it’s causing a mass weakening of the human body. Acute childhood illnesses are the body’s opportunity to burn off inherited toxicity. Acute adult illnesses work similarly – burning off accumulated toxins.

Stopping them with drugs and known carcinogens in a vaccine does nothing but add to the toxic load and create deeper, chronic illness.

Yet we wonder why it’s normal & expected for 50% of humans to get cancer now? But we don’t seem to wonder why the more research Cancer Research does, the more cancer there is, as we continue to line their pockets.

But forget cancer — it isn’t scary anymore — heart disease not scary anymore  but COVID-19 is terrifying, and we need to continue to say so because people are desensitizing themselves and that doesn’t sit right with sadistic technocrats and billionaires.

What a job they’ve done on us. They burn the witches, hijack health and replace healing for a merry go round of poison-illness-medicine.


Oh and this will not end and it is obvious that these money changers want more.

George Soros and Bill Gates are part of a group that is buying a company that makes rapid COVID-19 tests.

Open Society Foundations a company that Soros founded made the announcement that he and Bill gates are purchasing Mologic Ltd.

A release on the foundation’s website said the purchase creates “Global Access Health, a social enterprise that will seek to expand access to affordable state-of-the-art medical technology through decentralized research, development, and manufacturing in and for the Global South.

About $41 million will be ponied up by the buyers, which include the Soros Economic Development Fund and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The release said that the company’s technology can be used to address tropical diseases such as dengue, bilharzia and river blindness in addition to COVID-19.

The statement said the purchase “transitions a world-class for-profit company into a social enterprise and allows it to entirely reinvest its profits in pursuing these goals. This transformation will give it the ability to address gaps in the provision of global diagnostics in low-income communities and regions that profit-focused business has failed to address.

Again we see what makes money — those who are sick and desperate and these low life’s know exactly what buttons to push and how diseases and death can be exploited for profit.

And to think Bill Gates had his face on every news show when the pandemic at its peak and now we learn that he would also show his face on Jeffery Epstein’s plane and at his home from time to time.

What a darling of the scare committee he was –and some people bought it and now we are learning that a lot of people didn’t and eventually the people started to realize just how bought and sold they were.

Vaccine Hesitancy and the so called conspiracy theorist campaign to malign the vaccine did not necessarily come from some guy in his boxers reading Qanon Reddit conspiracies.

It came from people like Kamala Harris, and Andrew Cuomo even Joe Biden himself.

Back in 2020, Kamala Harris said that President Donald Trump’s word alone on any potential coronavirus vaccine is not enough.Kamala Harris says she won't trust Trump's word alone on a vaccine - CNN Video

Asked by CNN’s Dana Bash whether she would get a vaccine that was approved and distributed before the election, Harris replied, “Well, I think that’s going to be an issue for all of us.”

“I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump and it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he’s talking about.

Andrew Cuomo also made comments of questionable wisdom about the safety of the then-impending vaccines. He indicated that he didn’t fully trust the Trump administration to oversee the process.Cuomo: Won't Trust Trump Administration's Opinion on Vaccine - Bloomberg

Joe Biden said during the campaign that while he trusts what scientists say about a potential coronavirus vaccine, he doesn’t trust President Donald Trump and wouldn’t trust the vaccine if it were encouraged by Donald Trump.US prez elections: Biden says he trusts vaccines and scientists, not Trump | Business Standard News

Well, it was Donald Trump that started the warp speed process and he stands by his accomplishment.

So – now why has all of these efficacy questions being suppressed?

CNN now says that conspiracy theorists and White trump supporters are responsible for vaccine hesitancy – but the hesitancy was encouraged by our elected leaders.

Big talk combined with lazy and predictable propaganda.

Are Americans that oblivious?

Do you think CNN is going to apologize for this? Do you think that the hesitancy in people taking the vaccine wasn’t caused by President Biden and Kamala Harris when they said during the campaign that they would not trust a vaccine that was being produced by Trump’s warp speed campaign– now it is expedient and is being encouraged?

Will CNN or MSNBC acknowledge this mixed message?

Even Fox News has a problem with their message.

On Fox News Channel on Monday, host Sean Hannity looked straight into the camera to deliver a clear message: “It absolutely makes sense for many Americans to get vaccinated. I believe in science. I believe in the science of vaccinations.”Conservative media offers mixed messages on COVID-19 vaccine

Yet, Hannity followed up his statement by interviewing a woman protesting her college’s requirement that students be vaccinated, a segment appealing to people skeptical of the immunization push. His prime-time colleagues, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, opened their own programs by questioning vaccination efforts.

Why can’t we just say that it should be a personal choice to get a vaccine — that has been my message — and again, the choice you make has repercussions for your health.

The bottom line is taking the vaccine is just as risky as getting COVID-19 — vaccines are just something you get for peace of mind. If people need that — then so be it.

The mandates and the threats for not getting a vaccine is the equivalent of holding someone down and making them drink poison — can you imagine taking a person who is an alcoholic and has been sober for 20 years and holding him down and forcing him to take a tequila shot?

This is what we are dealing with here — it is not that people concerned are not anti-vaxxers they just don’t see the need –and it should, most definitely be their choice.

However, with enough scare tactics and political bullying compliance is inevitable.

Today the vast majority of people are not only sold but supporting and defending the very industries that farm them into an early grave on a daily basis, hell-bent on taking away our ability to thrive, leaving us to merely exist & survive in some dumbed down state of dependency, compliance and complicity.

The denial surrounding the power, control, greed and the evil mockery we’re seeing today is understandable.

Cognitive dissonance in the extreme.

I get it — we were convinced to surrender our integrity and to suffer to show that we really cared about other people.

But come on — this sweet endearment is as silly as it is improbable — it was political and solely about peer pressure and scare tactics, just like it is now with the Delta Variant story.

But the Southern states are not buying it.

Federal and state officials have made vaccines available at community health centers and pharmacies and added mobile units to expand access to the shots. But vaccination rates continue to lag in rural Southern states such as Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi, which rank near the bottom in the country for vaccine uptake.Poll: Only 42% of Black People Say They Will Get The COVID-19 Vaccine

I mean, does anyone understand that a lot the vaccine hesitancy in the Southern states is from the black community? They won’t say it in the media, and they won’t even say why. The reason is that they would have to go back in history and talk about the syphilis tests on black soldiers in Alabama and the stealing of the super cells from a black woman named Henrietta Lacks.

Instead, they blame it on white Trump supporters. See how easy that is?

They won’t talk about the sinister histories that involve black Americans being Guinea pigs in the past — just blame it on Trump supporters.

The media is lazy and pushes propaganda in order to build their team and fortify their tribe. If it isn’t adversarial propaganda it won’t work.

If the propaganda engine of the United States stopped actively deceiving the public about the world, it would collapse immediately. There would be mass unrest at home and abroad, status quo politics would be abandoned, alliances and coalitions would crumble, leaders official and unofficial would be ousted–you know, pandemonium.

The media knows that scare stories and smoke and mirrors are what make people do really stupid things and to have delusions about what is freedom and what is a democracy.

Getting people believing they control the fate of their nation via the democratic process, when in reality all large-scale politics are scripted puppet shows controlled by a plutocratic class who owns both the politicians and the media outlets which report on them.

Getting people believing they are part of a virtuous rules-based international order which opposes totalitarian regimes to spread freedom and democracy, instead of a tyrannical empire that works to destroy any nation which disobeys its dictates.

And above all, manufacturing the illusion that if they just comply with these silly COVID mandates that everyone will live happily ever after — I have a bill of sale from Soros, Zuckerberg and Gates that say it is not going away — you don’t invest in COVID tests without getting a profit.

Back when Climate Change was the big doom bogeyman the media pulled the same tactics of the self-hatred, the anti-human, guilt, shame and look what you’ve done you awful beings, you cannot be trusted programming was all about.

What they wanted was to require a level of submission to government control as we’ve never seen before.

It’s said that fear is the easiest way to control the masses but add to that a prelude of emotional battering resulting in low-self-worth and we’re putty in their hands.

There are so many people going against their integrity now to show they care.

We know the rules make no sense, but we can’t take anymore blame, shame and guilt.

We will do anything to make it stop.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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