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Clyde Lewis | July 22, 2021
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The conditions in Cuba continue to be a cause for concern as people are fed up with the way the Communists are running the country. Cuba is ruin by a government that uses terror and propaganda to repress its people. It locks down citizens, strips them of the most basic human rights, silences them, and confronts families using extortion and threats.

The regime’s constant practices of illegal detention, the personal ruin of political dissidents, and limitation of fundamental rights is sounding way to familiar as Americans themselves are seeing the same treatment being handed down because divisive government control.

Anyone who travels to Cuba has reported that the often-repeated “non-existence of child malnutrition” that some say UNICEF shows, is a lie and only masks a regime that still uses ration cards and misery as tools to keep the population under its boot.

The actual data on infant mortality is twice the official figure and much worse than in countries such as Chile or Costa Rica, according to studies.

Cuba’s international trade over GDP was 27% of GDP in 2020, compared, for example, with Brazil, which is 32%. Its exports are 14.5% of GDP compared to 16% in Brazil.

What has destroyed Cuba is Communism. A destructive and wasteful dictatorial regime.

Cuba has a poverty level that, calculated independently, reaches 50%. According to figures from the ONEI, 35.6% of the working-age population is unemployed or unemployed. The monetary and economic disaster would lower the Human Development Index for Cuba, from position 73 to the last places among the countries of the world.

The Soviet collapse in 1991 cut Russia’s main ties to Cuba, a longtime ally just 90 miles from the United States. The shaky economy forced Moscow to stop providing Havana with large amounts of oil and other aid.

Vladimir Putin, as Russia’s president and prime minister, sought to recover the economic, political and strategic clout that the Soviets had lost. In December 2000, months after the start of his first presidential term, Mr. Putin flew to the island nation. It was the first visit by a Soviet or Russian leader since the Cold War.

He also sought to resurrect Soviet work on psychoactive arms. In 2012, he declared that Russia would pursue “new instruments for achieving political and strategic goals,” including psychophysical weapons.

In July 2014, Mr. Putin again visited Cuba. This time he brought a gift — the cancellation of some $30 billion in Cuban debt. The two nations signed a dozen accords.

A Russian spy ship, Viktor Leonov, docked in Havana on the eve of the beginning of reconciliation talks between Cuba and the United States in early 2015, and did so again in subsequent years. Moscow and Havana grew so close that in late 2016, the two nations signed a sweeping pact on defense and technology cooperation.

As a candidate, Donald Trump faulted the Obama administration’s normalization policy as “a very weak agreement” and threatened to scrap it on reaching the White House. Weeks after he won the election, in late November 2016, the American embassy in Havana found itself battling a mysterious crisis.

Diplomats and their families recounted high-pitched sounds in homes and hotel rooms at times intense enough to incapacitate. Long-term, the symptoms included nausea, crushing headaches, fatigue, dizziness, sleep problems and hearing loss.What Is Havana Syndrome? US Personnel Sickened By Mysterious Illness |

The State Department filed diplomatic protests, and the Cuban government denied involvement. In May, the F.B.I. opened an investigation and its agents began visiting Havana a half year after the incidents began. The last major one hit that summer, in August, giving the agents relatively little time to gather clues.

In September 2017, the Trump administration warned travelers away from Cuba and ordered home roughly half the diplomatic personnel.

Rex W. Tillerson, who was then the secretary of state, said the embassy’s staff had been targeted deliberately. But he refrained from blaming Cuba, and federal officials held out the possibility that a third party may have been responsible.

In early October, President Trump expelled 15 Cuban diplomats, producing a chill between the nations. Administration critics said the White House was using the health issue as a pretext to end President Barack Obama’s reconciliation policy.

The day after the expulsions, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a closed, top secret hearing on the Cuba situation. Three State Department officials testified, as did an unnamed senior official of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Early this year, in January, the spooky impact of microwaves on the human brain never came up during an open Senate hearing on the Cuba crisis.

But in a scientific paper that same month, James C. Lin of the University of Illinois, a leading investigator looked into something called The Frey Effect.Synthetic Telepathy: The Microwave Auditory Effect - samim

In 1960, Allan H. Frey stumbled on an acoustic effect of microwaves that was eventually named after him. Frey concluded that dimensions of the human head, make it a fairly good antenna for picking up microwave signals.

Mr. Frey’s resulting papers, reporting that even deaf people could hear these sounds — Frey founded a new field of study on radiation’s neural impacts. Mr. Frey’s first paper, in 1961, reported that power densities 160 times lower than “the standard maximum safe level for continuous exposure” could induce the sonic delusions.

His second paper, in 1962, pinpointed the brain’s receptor site as the temporal lobes, which extend beneath the temples. Each lobe bears a small region — the auditory cortex — that processes nerve signals from the outer and inner ears.

Investigators raced to confirm and extend Mr. Frey’s findings. At first they named the phenomenon after him, but eventually called it the microwave auditory effect and, in time, more generally, radio-frequency hearing.

The Soviets took notice. Not long after his initial discoveries, Mr. Frey said, he was invited by the Soviet Academy of Sciences to visit and lecture. Toward the end, in a surprise, he was taken outside Moscow to a military base surrounded by armed guards and barbed-wire fences.

Moscow was so intrigued by the prospect of mind control that it adopted a special terminology for the overall class of envisioned arms, calling them psychophysical and psychotronic.

Soviet research on microwaves for “internal sound perception,” the Defense Intelligence Agency warned in 1976, showed great promise for “disrupting the behavior patterns of military or diplomatic personnel.”

Furtively, globally, the threat grew.

The National Security Agency gave Mark S. Zaid, a Washington lawyer who routinely gets security clearances to discuss classified matters, a statement on how a foreign power built a weapon “designed to bathe a target’s living quarters in microwaves, causing numerous physical effects, including a damaged nervous system.”

Mr. Zaid said a NSA client of his who traveled there watched in disbelief as his nervous system later unraveled, starting with control of his fingers.

Washington, too, foresaw new kinds of arms.

In Albuquerque, NM, Air Force scientists sought to beam comprehensible speech into the heads of adversaries. Their novel approach won a patent in 2002, and an update in 2003. Both were assigned to the Air Force secretary, helping limit the idea’s dissemination.

The lead inventor said the research team had “experimentally demonstrated” that the “signal is intelligible.” As for the invention’s uses, an Air Force disclosure form listed the first application as “Psychological Warfare.”

The Navy sought to paralyze. The Frey Effect was to induce sounds powerful enough to cause painful discomfort and, if needed, leave targets unable to move. The weapon, the Navy noted, would have a “low probability of fatalities or permanent injuries.”

In a twist, the 2003 contract was awarded to microwave experts who had emigrated to the United States from Russia and Ukraine.

It is unknown if Washington deploys such arms. But the Pentagon built a related weapon known as the Active Denial System.Raytheon Non-Lethal Heat Beam Tackles New Missions - Breaking Defense Breaking Defense - Defense industry news, analysis and commentary

From the 1960’s to today there are many people who claim that they are being targeted by these types of weapons. That they hear voices and feel pressure in their heads.

The weapons are quiet, invisible and are certainly being used against diplomats and agents. There are many people who are being targeted that are afraid to speak up and others who sit in isolation hoping someone would investigate and reveal that this is a sick and twisted for of mind control.

It is not a conspiracy theory as the attacks in Cuba and elsewhere are now becoming common.

About two dozen mysterious health incidents similar to the “Havana Syndrome” have been reported among U.S. government personnel in Vienna since the beginning of the year. CNN reports the incidents include U.S. diplomats, intelligence officials and other government personnel, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

The new reports show that the illness incidents are ongoing, despite commitments from the Biden administration’s top national security team to double down its investigation into previous related incidents.

The New Yorker initially reported on Vienna being “the new Havana syndrome hot spot” in relation to the rising cases last week.Havana Syndrome reported among US diplomats in Vienna - CNN

Several of the government personnel impacted by the illness were airlifted back to the United States and have undergone treatment, the sources confirmed.

The State Department has established a team of medical experts that can respond to reports of possible events globally and created an inter-agency triage tool that standardizes the assessments of these

The news comes amid several past incidents of mysterious illnesses to U.S. government officials in recent months.

In May, the U.S. launched an investigation into two reported cases of government officials contacting a mysterious illness near the White House in November 2020.US investigating possible mysterious directed energy attack near White House - CNNPolitics

In April, multiple federal agencies, including the CIA, State Department and Defense Department, were reported to be investigating potential directed energy attacks in the United States.

In February, ProPublica in a lengthy investigation mentioned that federal investigators were weighing the microwave theory. Separately, it told of an intriguing find. The wife of a member of the embassy staff, it reported, had looked outside her home after hearing the disturbing sounds and seen a van speeding away.

A dish antenna could fit easily into a small van.

The medical team that studied the Cuba diplomats ascribed the symptoms in the March JAMA study to “an unknown energy source” that was highly directional. Some personnel, it noted, had covered their ears and heads but experienced no sound reduction. The team said the diplomats appeared to have developed signs of concussion without having received any blows to the head.

Reports emerged that American diplomats in China had suffered similar traumas. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the medical details of the two groups “very similar” and “entirely consistent” with one another. By late June, the State Department had evacuated at least 11 Americans from China.

To date, the most detailed medical case for microwave strikes has been made by Beatrice A. Golomb, a medical doctor and professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego. In a forthcoming paper to be published in October in Neural Computation, a peer-reviewed journal of the MIT Press, she lays out potential medical evidence for Cuban microwave strikes.

She compared the symptoms of the diplomats in Cuba to those reported for individuals said to be suffering from radio-frequency sickness. The health responses of the two groups, Dr. Golomb wrote, “conform closely.”

In closing, she argued that “numerous highly specific features” of the diplomatic incidents “fit the hypothesis” of a microwave attack, including the Frey-type production of disturbing sounds.

Jesus Mendoza from Texas, a targeted individual who has appeared on Ground Zero several times, recently filed several lawsuits trying to get the U.S. government to cease and desist from using electronic weaponry on innocent citizens.Jesus Mendoza | Targeted Individuals Canada

Mendoza has uncovered shocking evidence in a lawsuit he recently filed that the CIA and NSA are authorizing the use of this weaponry against innocent Americans, including Mendoza.

Mendoza has filed three lawsuits against the federal government to cease and desist with the use of such weapons, two of the cases being dismissed while the third is still pending.

Of course, the the government and scientists are disagreeing on what this so called Havana Syndrome is and whether it exists at all.

Last month, JAMA ran four letters critical of the in depth study, some faulting the report for ruling out mass hysteria.

Meanwhile, the Havana Syndrome may be manifesting in many forms across the country as many people are complaining of issues that are not related to COVID-19. Google trends is indicated that people are searching online for remedies that can combat or cure increased Candida, unexplained head aches, pressure in the brain, anxiety, panic attacks, and treatments for panic attacks.

Could people be suffering from radio-frequency sickness as we are being exposed daily to 5G and WiFi radiation? Or is it a weapon being used against the American people for psychological warfare?5G networks: Are they dangerous to our health? | Science| In-depth reporting on science and technology | DW | 19.03.2019

This may be the price we are paying for the continued bombardment of electric influence that pushes us in directions that not only affect us psychologically but as we learn more and more about the effects of technology, we are learning that it is affecting us on a genetic level.

What is most disturbing is that this type of electronic bombardment is now being weaponized and there have been several stories lately that are beginning to acknowledge the possibility that the voices people are hearing, the anxiety they are having, and the rage they are feeling is quite possibly a result of the use of a weapon of warfare.

Microwave radiation has always been a concern for those who are sensitive to what is called electromagnetic smog. Microwaves are ubiquitous in our modern lives. The short radio waves power radars, cook foods, relay messages and link cellphones to antenna towers. They’re a form of electromagnetic radiation on the same spectrum as light and X-rays, only at the opposite end.

While radio broadcasting can employ waves a mile or more in length, microwaves range in size from roughly a foot to a tiny fraction of an inch. They’re seen as harmless in such everyday uses as microwaving foods. But their diminutive size also enables tight focusing, as when dish antennas turn disorganized rays into concentrated beams.

There is also concern over radio smog about 5G and how it is able to use the human body as a transmitter of these waves.Is 5G Harmful to People? Separating Facts from Myths

We are in a world that is constantly changing and is constantly manipulated. These manipulations and changes are being made by very powerful people who are twisted enough to warn you when you are in the cross-hairs of one of their diabolical agendas.

Using what intuitive skills, we have, we can tap into the storehouse of information we have accumulated over time and understand that there are many things that go one that are not by accident.

Things happen for a reason, and there are things that I have reported for you to prepare for that may not be as immediate as you would like but there really is no statute of limitations on predictions that urge preparedness.

Clearly, there are manipulators that continually try to cover up and obfuscate their machinations. The more we are aware of them, the more we should feel obligated to expose them.

What was once conspiracy theory is now being exposed with proof –and for now at least the government is taking some of this seriously.,

Written by Clyde Lewis

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