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Ron Patton | July 24, 2018
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There have been many times on this program that we have questioned the very nature and structure of reality. There have been many writers, both fictional and non fictional that have shown us that at times it is not always wise to count on reality. At times reality cannot be trusted.

Conventional wisdom says that you should bank on your normalcy bias because odds are things will loll back into their stage of normal and the skeptics will once again use that space to inform you that all of the spiritual and paranormal things you have experienced are the result of some psychotic break.

Truth be known that there are far more causal engineers or alchemists in this world that have written about the human experience that goes far beyond the imaginary matrix we have constructed for ourselves.

There is a Robert Frost poem that I read that was referred to in a story about our turbulent planet that really got my mind thinking about the entire end of the world speculation of the times.

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great And would suffice.
For the moment – it looks like we are in the midst of a trial by fire.

Today, that is what I was hearing in the newsroom.

Between the heat wave in the Southwest to the various fires that have reignited there are those that are worried that the power grid could shut down, while others see all this as normal for a summer, but it appears that the mainstream narrative wishes to roll with some pretty apocalyptic reports about temperatures and weather.

We begin with the bizarre report that the areas in the Arctic and northern Europe reached a temperature of 86 degrees, Fahrenheit.

According to local media, at least 40 fires were burning in parts of Sweden, which have prompted evacuations from three Swedish counties. Eleven of the fires are inside the Arctic Circle.

There was actually a science article that said we have officially arrived at the Twilight Zone as what we are hearing from up north is similar to a story from the TV series called, the Midnight Sun, where Earth finds itself falling towards the Sun.

Rod Serling begins his narration by saying the Earth suddenly changed its elliptical orbit and in doing so began to follow a path which gradually, moment by moment, day by day, took it closer to the Sun.

It is policy in most newsrooms that stories such as these must be footnoted with the observation that no one weather event can be definitively attributed to climate change. However, it is done and it appears that the heat they have been talking about will be certainly linked to it in some roundabout way, but there are some other more peculiar things happening with the planet that go way beyond Climate Change speculation and Global Warming.

The Earth has reached a point in time where it once again is going through a traumatic catastrophic paradigm, where everything around us can be seen as reaction to even greater turmoil in the environment that has a massive Butterfly Effect that brings forth many anomalies that can be and will be called, biblical in nature.

The planet has been poisoned by radiation, its inner core rocked by powerful magnets from a quark Cannon in Switzerland, and its weather has been manipulated through geo-engineering.

For most of this year we have heard reports of a magnetic shift on our world. The planet’s magnetic field is becoming less stable. In the distant past it reversed direction and it is estimated that we have a shift every 5 million years.

Scientists are still waiting for the new shift to occur, and that it won’t be long before we start seeing magnetic effects on the planet. Even the possibility of huge magnetic vortices forming in the atmosphere is not out of the question.

You might assume that compasses will always point North, but in fact the magnetic poles have swapped places many times in the Earth’s history. Earth scientists have long suspected that these flips are becoming more frequent, and that the magnetic field was less prone to pole reversals in the distant past.

Now the most detailed analysis of the geological evidence to date suggests that the field really is slowly destabilizing. It is also interesting to note that there have been many accounts of odd anomalies taking place on the planet that are almost reported in Fortean columns and strange science blogs.

There have been reports of anomalous booms being heard all over the United States, Canada and England. Most of these sound very much like thunder. However, in most cases there are no clouds to be seen, and the booms are accompanied by what can be seen as rainbow beams, or beams of light that look very much like a vortex or a column, appearing similar to the aurora borealis.

Scientists and journalists make the simplest of scientific concepts sound incredibly complicated. They have also set agendas that approximate the arguments for climate change and hope that you forget that it was once called Global Warming. The media is also banking on the ignorance of the populace when they try and blame earthquakes and volcanic activity on climate.

Simple differences between climate, weather, geophysical studies and seismology have been blurred in a way that there should be a new scientific nomenclature where we can lump it all together.

Well, there are two terms that come to mind – that is catastrophism and neoctastrophism.

Neocatastrophism is the hypothesis that life-exterminating events such as gamma-ray bursts have acted as a galactic regulation mechanism — it is where the Universe sends signals like fast bursts as warning shots before it sends its biggest waves that affect all the planets in its way.

We recently were fascinated by the signals that were sent from Saturn to Enceledus and whether or not these were intelligent signals from aliens or some other source.

Someone sent an email asking if the Earth has ever had this happen, so I decided to do my own homework to find out. I surprised to find that yes, it has happened in fact, it has happened recently.

Just this week, physicists studying cosmic rays in Antarctica have uncovered a strange radio signal that appears to have a mysterious origin. The physicists are part of the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) program, a project which uses balloons to locate and identify signals produced by strange particles travelling from deep space as they collide with the Earth. However, this latest signal appears to originate from deep within the Earth itself.

I know that this would be an opportunity to say that there may be an alien race that is living under the ice and believe me, I get asked all the time about the reports of Corey Goode and David Wilcock and I often say that there research is their own and really can’t comment on it because I have not seen proof of intelligent alien life living below the surface. I am sure there could be such things – there would be no way to prove it only that now under the Earth at the South Pole a message is being sent.

According to a press release issued by Physics World, the strange radio signal is likely the product of neutrinos colluding with atomic nuclei deep within Antarctic ice sheets.

These collisions produce explosions of charged particles which emit radio waves that then bounce through 7,000 kilometers of ice and the Earth’s crust and into the air where ANITA balloons detect them. Neutrinos are a little-understood cousin of the other subatomic particles which don’t seem to interact with other particles and fields as much as other elementary particles do. Scientists believe neutrinos might someday be used in deep space communications, as they are capable of travelling through matter and across long distances unscathed.

It appears that scientific ghost particles are sending waves through the crust into space. The message of course is natural, but what does it mean? Who or what is supposed to receive the message and what is the reply?

Well, it really chills the blood when you realize that the planets are all stringing together in alignment and that the Moon is about turn to blood for one of the longest times in 60,000 years.

The supposition that planet alignment of any kind has of any effect on Earth is s seen as pseudoscience, but circumstances are a bit different now and many events that are occurring give us pause to reflect on the sequences leading up to the Eschaton.

Ever since the Blood Moon Tetrad in 2014 to the solar eclipse, the bibles have been open and the hell fire preachers are now turning the heat up as again we white knuckle the roller coaster ride to the end of the world.

Arguably, things have been dicey and anyone with knowledge of the Bible will tell you that we live in times of fire from heaven, stars falling into to seas and bottomless pits opening up with great earthquakes and thunders.

Eleven earthquakes ranging from 2.8 to 5.6 magnitudes were reported off Oregon’s southern coast in the morning hours on July 23rd 2018, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The quakes, on average, were clustered about 126 miles west of Crescent City, California. No tsunami warnings were announced.

While quakes are normal in the region, they progressed up to the moderate 5.6, obviously the impact would have been more significant of the quake progressed inland.

Meanwhile, just days before a fissure opened up near Yellowstone stoking fears that the large Caldera would explode causing a catastrophic chain reaction that would make the entire Midwest and east coast unlivable.

While experts stated that the fissure was not linked to the caldera, that didn’t stop irresponsible individuals from promoting the event with footage of smoke coming out of a pit declaring that the entire area has been declared a disaster, while some were left speculating just what this pit is and whether or not it is a metaphor for prophecy.

After reading all of the reports, I saw the fissure as a simple crack in the earth that really isn’t as dramatic as to what we are seeing on the African continent as a fissure located near the North Atlantic Magnetic anomaly is literally ripping the continent in half.

Magnetic vortexes are forming all over the Earth right now—some of them are collapsing while others are getting more powerful.

Back in April we reported in the show Dagon’s Fall Researchers at Switzerland’s ETH Zurich and the University of Miami claim that oceanic “Black Holes,” or massive eddies, exist in the southern Atlantic Ocean.

An eddy is defined as “a current at variance with the main current in a stream of liquid or gas, especially one having a rotary or whirling motion.” The maelstroms are reportedly bigger than cities and are to water what Black Holes are to light. They have magnetic influence over the areas they exist and are quiet fascinating since there are an estimated 7 known anomalies all over the planet in remote areas of the ocean.

These scientists have used to the term black hole to describe them when really they are water fissures that whirl and gain power and grow. They reach into the bottomless reaches of the planet where old legends speak of sea monsters and where writers like H.P. Lovecraft illustrated a world of alien beings that came from the bottomless pits to terrify human kind.

Geordie Rose founder and creator of the D-wave computer system—the same system used at CERN and the system that many hope will be the computer to foster the birth of super intelligent Artificial Intelligence has claimed that we here in earth are right on the verge of a transition.

Rose commented about how Elon Musk was warning everyone about how creating A.I. was like summoning a demon. He did not disagree in principle only that the power of the new computers would be able to open up portals and bring through what could be seen as aliens.

He said a tech conference in Vancouver Canada “Yes, there are these massively intelligent entities out there, but they’re not good, they’re not evil, they just don’t give a shit about you, even in the slightest. The same way that you don’t care about an ant, is the same way they’re not gonna care about you.”

And these things that we’re summoning into the world now are not demons, they’re not evil, but they’re more like the Lovecraftian “Great Old Ones.”

There are entities that are not necessarily going to be aligned with what we want.

Similar stories come from the Bible as the bottomless pit is opened by the King of Destruction and from out of the earth’s core come creatures that we have only heard about in mythology.

This brings us back to that fissure that opened up in the Yellowstone-Grand Teton National Park.

Park rangers at The Grand Teton National Park have closed until further notice the area around a mysterious and growing 100-foot-long crack in a rock buttress above the Hidden Falls viewing area near Jenny Lake.

However, there is yet another report that has park rangers baffled. A strange colorful bird has been spotted on the Grand Teton National Park live webcam. People are speculating as to what species this very large orange bird is.

Its wings look like they are on fire and so it has been called a firebird for lack of a better explanation.

The firebird is also known as a Phoenix and is a sacred firebird found in the mythologies of many cultures and described as a large magical glowing bird with majestic plumage that glows brightly emitting red, orange, and yellow light, like a bonfire that is just past the turbulent flame.

This bird actually is definitely appearing to have plumage that looks like it is on fire.

In mythology, the Phoenix is a bird that is associated with the sun and can be reborn. Every five hundred years, according to some popular legends, it dies in flames and is reborn out of its own ashes.

It is an omen of things that are about to be destroyed in fiery ashes and then reborn.

In fact, biblically, the Phoenix and even dragons are interchangeable metaphors.

The opening of a fissure would also be analogous to opening the bottomless pit and releasing of the creatures that are spoken of in the Bible. They would certainly be ultra-terrestrials and would change the course of human history.

We are moving in a timeline of extremes from calm to calamity.

Most of the time, what we feel as a sudden catastrophe is merely the breaking point of disaster, easily seen and easily foretold by those who have witnessed the patterns and have noted the steps that have been carried out in order for the chaos to transpire. It is wise to take a deep breath and try and understand just what the universe is trying to tell you when some crisis happens.

But of course there will be many people who will see these changes and catastrophes as signs that something miraculous is about to happen. The mixture of religion, politics and science is all in the plan to develop an umbrella of belief, a universal construct for whatever new plans are lurking in the shadows. Plans that are meant to lead you into making choices you would not normally make.

Doomsday opportunists use eschatology and the threat of final judgment as a weapon to further their control over a world that does not take the time to uncover the conspiracy that hides the keys to occult or hidden knowledge.

Most people seem to think that they know when they are being manipulated even though the lines have blurred and our satisfaction wanes. We seem to want something more; we lack contentedness and wonder if we are truly living in the End Times.

But these times are the interesting times. They are the times to learn new things and above all live as of every day as if it were your last.

Written by Ron Patton

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