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Clyde Lewis | July 27, 2020
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Tonight, what I am about to report may sound like an urban legend, but let me assure you it isn’t. Sometimes strangeness is not always something cosmic or paranormal. Sometimes it is subtle and unless someone doesn’t pick up on it – you may go about you common everyday life without knowing that you can be the unknowing victim of simple sabotage.

Tonight there are a number of anomalies that are happening that may be indicators that there may be a war coming – or at least a point in time where we will be close to a war footing with a foreign adversary that can and will take over because we are too distracted and are weakening ourselves with all of the shutdowns and civil upheaval.

For over a month, the United Nations has been carrying out a ‘human rights investigation’ against the United States. First, they were investigating the US over “systemic racism.” They ordered the United States to crack down on police officers, otherwise the UN would mount an intervention. Yes, this is really what the UN Human Rights Council said last month.

When they learned that only 9 unarmed black people were shot by police last year, and of them, only two were not in the process of attacking a police officer or bystander, the UN shifted their strategy. They realized that they cannot launch a blue-helmet intervention with police brutality probes that need further investigation.

So, they shifted to investigating the Trump administration’s handling of “protesters.” There were plenty of peaceful protesters marching in early and mid-June. But these “protests” stopped being peaceful and stopped being about George Floyd a long time ago.

If you feel that this is an insensitive racist statement, then perhaps you may have not heard what the President of the Oregon Chapter of the NAACP said about the protests in Portland.

E.D. Mondainé wrote an Op-ed piece for the Washington Post where he stated “Portland’s protests were supposed to be about black lives. Now, they’re white spectacle.” He adds  “As the demonstrations continue every night in Portland, many people with their own agendas are co-opting, and distracting attention from, what should be our central concern: the Black Lives Matter movement.”

He is actually encouraging members of the movement to pull out of the protests because their work would be better served in the public school system, and city council meetings and other places where there cause can be heard instead of buries in he noise of what he calls “white co-optation.”

Nevertheless, the UN believes they have an opening to intervene in our country’s affairs. The United Nations delivered a formal stand down order to the Trump administration this week, ordering the President to stop Federal officers from using non-lethal force against “peaceful protesters” in Portland.

For now, there are no UN agents on the ground in Portland – at least as far as we know.

Horror stories about shootings, fatalities, even unknown assailants blockading agents in the federal building as they attempt to set it on fire all splashed in the news but were immediately covered up by the mainstream corporate media.

Meanwhile there have been indicators that there are other enemies of our country mounting simple sabotage, something that is a very old tactic of using mundane objects as tools of war or sabotage.

For the last several months, strange packages that appear to be from China are being delivered via the US Postal Service (USPS) to Americans all across the country, hitting people in at least six states so far.

These packages often contain seeds of unknown origin, but several packages are described as containing counterfeit US currency or pandemic protective equipment such as masks or latex gloves.

The packages, all of which contain a return address of “China Post,” are untraceable under USPS tracking systems and are labeled as containing “jewelry” or “earrings.”

The packages are being shipped to specific individuals in the United States, using their names, addresses and phone numbers. Yet none of these people have placed orders of such products, according to dozens of complaints that have been filed with the US Postal Service and USDA.

Similar advisories have been issued in Virginia, Utah, Kansas, Arizona and Louisiana. Some fear that the seeds are an invasive species of plant –while others believe they might be a form of biological warfare. Citizens in Utah have been told not to open the packages or throw them away as they could plant themselves and create an invasive species of plant life.

Agriculture officials are taking the seeds seriously too and not because conspiracy theorists on the Internet are claiming that this is insidious invasion of America by the People’s Republic of China. Rather, the seeds sent for whatever reason could pose a danger to American plant life.

Sometimes species of plants grow prolifically in their new environs and crowd out native species.

Think kudzu, which is an ornamental Asian vine that ended up killing shrubs and trees by covering them up and retarding access to sunlight and water. And Louisiana fishermen are well acquainted with canals and lakes choked with water hyacinth. Though very pretty, hyacinth not only ties up outboard motors but changes water flows, blocks sunlight and starves fish and plant life. All that hyacinth, or so the accepted story goes, are descendants of plants given away as gifts by the Japanese exhibitors at the 1884 World Cotton Centennial, which took place at what became Audubon Park and the Audubon Zoo in uptown New Orleans.

Plant and insect-based biological warfare is a real phenomenon. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc states accused the CIA of deliberately introducing the invasive Colorado potato beetle in Eastern Europe in a bid to undermine the region’s food security. North Korea and China similarly claimed that the US engaged in insect-based biological warfare during the Korean War of 1950-1953, although US officials have contested those allegations. The US is also known to have conducted experiments in the air-dropping fleas and mosquitos to determine if they could serve as an effective spreader of disease. The USSR had its own entomological warfare program concentrated around ticks.

Authorities are thinking that this may be a part of what is called a brushing scam where Chinese cyber spies have all of the information they need to target you. They send the seeds and then they make up some story about how Americans are enjoying and using the seeds in their gardens – authorities call that “brushing.”

However, authorities are not ruling out that perhaps a small operation is sending seeds out to the United States in hopes that someone plants them and destroys our nation’s crops.

Some people have also received packaged containing fake 100 dollar bills and another package contained face masks.

All unsolicited with a return address being somewhere in China.

This is something that is called Simple Sabotage, a very popular way of disrupting normal operations of an adversary made very popular during World War II. The Office of Strategic Services which was the predecessor of the CIA would provide agents a field manual they could use to operate under the radar and create small acts of sabotage against an enemy.

The manual would instruct people in enemy-occupied territory that they could make life just as hard as possible for their occupiers and do their small part to defeat the Axis powers, according to an extraordinary declassified document called the Simple Sabotage Field Manual. The document was declassified in 2008 but recently highlighted by the CIA as it discussed the “rascally spies” of the OSS.

They were instructed to use whatever simple things they could to locate potions and to commit acts of sabotage that would give them an alibi for plausible deniability.

One of their biggest assets was a radio that could pick up shortwave transmissions.

This excited me because I have been very interested in numbers stations because recently there was a story that was released that claimed that just recently the Russian Buzzer—a strange broadcast coming out of Russia abruptly stopped its continuous buzzing and then a Russian woman started counting off numbers.

This is rare as the so-called Buzzer has been broadcasting a constant buzz since the 1980’s and many believe it is connected to the Russian arsenal of nuclear weapons. The buzzer allegedly indicates that all of the missiles are on line and if it ever shuts down in means that the system has gone off line which could activate a Dead Man’s Switch and send nukes to various areas around the world.

Just yesterday I was reading about how there has been an insurmountable amount of radio chatter on shortwave stations. Many of the signals that have been picked up are reminiscent of the numbers stations that were used in the Cold War that broadcast random numbers and letters that spies use to get messages about what they next mission is.

Numbers stations usually remain quiet until there is an indication that something big is about to go down, whether it be war, an act of espionage, terrorism or a cyber-attack.

Since World War I it is believed that the numbers being broadcast are secret codes that are sent to agents who are told to listen to a frequency to get their orders. When traffic is especially heavy on the radios, it is believed that some major event is about to take place whether it be a coup or a full on war.

In June of 2010, the FBI arrested 10 people for allegedly serving for years as secret agents of Russia’s intelligence with the goal of penetrating U.S. government policy-making circles. People I am sure were shocked about this. It sounds like something straight out of a cold war blockbuster.

They were asked by Russian intelligence to learn all they could about our nuclear weapons and where they are positioned, policies about Iran, White House rumors, CIA leadership turnover, the last presidential election, and the Congress and political parties.

What was the tool they used to receive their orders? It was a short wave radio. It wasn’t sophisticated or high tech it was just a simple 1920’s era technology. The spies would sit down in front of their radios with spiral notebooks and write down a series of numbers.

The most important thing to remember is that these numbers can be heard by anyone in the United States. All they have to do is find the frequency in the spectrum that according to a report was somewhere near the BBC reports and Radio France broadcast. You just wait for a beep, buzz, tone or music indicator and jumping from one continent to another is your home of smooth classic espionage without any commercial interruption. Spies don’t even have to be caller 9 to get their prize. The information they get is in numbers, dots and dashes. All they need to do is decode it.

A lot of people may say that the Russian technology is way behind if their spies are forced to sit around a stone-age shortwave radio to get their information. However the Russians are not the only ones sending out numbers codes. MI6 in the United Kingdom has number stations relays all over the world. Israel has been known to use the some methods and the United Sates does as well.

What better way to get intelligence? You need technology that doesn’t leave an electronic footprint. We all know that phone calls can be traced; Internet IP addresses can also be located. Numbers stations give some anonymity and they can easily be picked up and decoded. Those who hear the numbers don’t have a clue as to what they mean and what they are for, so it is a brilliant concept. Radio enthusiasts call the broadcasts Spook communications or Spook broadcasts They hunt up and down the dial to find numbers stations and some try to crack the number codes.

The numbers stations are eerie. They have a paranormal nature about them. They play a signature music selection, a few beeps and then the monotone voice of a person counting.

One thing that these numbers stations do is allow spies or agents blend in with the average person. This means that agents can be dispatched to all parts of the world to create chaos; in fact, there may be agents planting simple seeds of sabotage at all of the peaceful protests around the country.

The fact is we are being watched, studied, and, at times, manipulated by skilled foreign operatives, and U.S. counterintelligence efforts face serious challenges in keeping up with the spy threat. Agent’s provocateur can be dispatched to disrupt and create spectacle to weaken the people and spread police forces and even military forces to allow an army to attack.

There is so much radio chatter now as many countries are making new overtures to possible war.

Taiwan has become an official defense client of the United States, with Washington promising to defend the island from the People’s Republic of China. And the threat is real. Earlier this month Taiwan’s Foreign minister Joseph Wu warned that “for China, Taiwan would be an extremely convenient sacrificial lamb.” He worried that “The threat is on the rise.”

If the U.S. guarantees Taipei’s security the danger of war will be great. The question is how many American lives might be sacrificed in another people’s fight that could go nuclear?

Active radar systems that send bizarre sounds, across the horizon and strange chatter could mean that agents are everywhere; even on American soil and perhaps even in the midst of all of the chaos in our major cities.

The Western media is ignoring that fact that the Chinese are taking a deeper look into why these mass protests fueled by anger toward the murder of George Floyd by US police. A word of warning and speculation has been reported in news websites across the world that China sees a window of opportunity to deepen their understanding regarding the “true face” of the United States of America and how they are easily manipulated in times of crisis.

Some Western media have ignored a rapidly changing collective mind-set characterized by growing criticism over American democracy, a realistic view on US-China relations and more balanced assessments of the escalating rivalry between the two nations, observers said. 

While we are fighting amongst ourselves China sees vulnerabilities that lead to opportunities.

Some of the Chinese netizens began closely watching the George Floyd protests on the same day when the US government announced to impose sanctions over China’s upcoming national security legislation for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The US announcement sparked outrage among the Chinese public as it is seen as blatant foreign interference in China’s domestic affairs.

The keywords “US social unrest” were ranked the No.1 topic on the Chinese Twitter-like Weibo platform—and still trends form time to time now that places like Portland Oregon continue to see night after night of peaceful protesting turn into violence.

Social movements and conflicts in American society have been serving a window of opportunity for Chinese observers on US studies to understand the country’s political spectrum, controversial social issues including racial and gender discrimination, unaddressed long-standing problems and increased political polarization. 

This is leaving us wide open for a hostile takeover from an outside bad actor.

Democrats have fully pivoted on the nightly Portland riots. They’ve gone all-in on blaming the riots on President Trump. They are going as far as to hiring agents to post on the Facebook that all of what you are hearing about the riots and the destruction are overblown myths created by the conservative rightwing.

New York Rep. Jerry Nadler is shown in a new online clip calling violence in Portland by Antifa a “myth,” after protests were declared a riot on Sunday morning.

Nadler was approached by writer-producer Austen Fletcher, who said he asked him to disavow the rioting going on in Portland.

Before getting into his car, Nadler tells Fletcher that it’s a “myth that’s being spread only in Washington DC.”

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler allowed the riots to go on in a section of downtown for six weeks before the Trump administration came in to protect its own buildings and roll up the bad guys attacking them.

Perhaps with all of the radio chatter and the possibility of agents sowing the seeds of violence is revenge from the Chinese.

It is there way of having us be divided over the encroaching police state.

The bottom line is that no matter where you stand on this issue we are all being subjected to what looks like the Orwellian police state.

The official propaganda could not be more Orwellian, nor could people’s willingness to go along with it. It doesn’t even have to appear to make sense. Doublethink has taken over. Like it or not, we are in some form of totalitarian lockdown, and subjected to other police-state measures like being beaten and arrested for not wearing a mask, for no justifiable reason whatsoever, for going on the last five months, but, according to the corporate media and the millions of people they have apparently brainwashed, it’s only now that Trump has sent his Homeland Security goons into Portland that, suddenly, “democracy is under attack!”

I am laughing awkwardly over how anyone can take sides in a police state.

The cry rises from the ashes “Something has to be done.” This includes not only burning down a city but burning the constitution to get rid of the scourge that has mounted a revolution against the Republic.

But I am told that I have to pick a side or else my loyalties are up for interpretation, if you remain in the middle trying to be objective – you are called a racist, a Nazi and a threat to public health.

I am seeing on social media that calling riots “riots” is racist, insensitive nationalist and extreme right wing. Silence is racist – it is complacency and we all have to care about Black Lives Matter or else. Free speech is racist. Refusing to wear a mask is racist or anti science or you are called a maskhole. Miraculously, the BLM protesters (Which are being called white opportunists by outspoken Black leaders) are immune to the virus, but other large gatherings which, it goes without saying, are probably dangerous and negligence all have to be banned.

Normality, as Americans knew it, is over, and it is never, ever, coming back, because white supremacy, Trump, his tyranny, police brutality, the goon squads, and Russian Meddling caused the pandemic.

No one suspects the Chinese – they have not dog in the hunt according to the media.

Not even the mention of their “revenge operations” that may be the reason why we are in this whole mess to begin with.

We have reached a point where talking on public transportation is deadly. Interacting with children is potentially deadly, as are most other forms of human interaction … unless you’re tearing down a statue, or burning down a local family business, while wearing a designer anti-racism mask.

If you’re still deluding yourself into believing that this thinly-veiled exercise in martial law is anything other than an attempt to bulldoze what remains of the Constitution and reinforce the iron-fisted rule of the police state, you need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

This is no longer about partisan politics or civil unrest or even authoritarian impulses.

This is a turning point.

Perhaps the old adage of “by their fruits ye shall know them” rings true as the seeds have already been planted for the surrender of our republic to the ideologies of the Chinese.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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